Carboneras Almeria: Quick Essential Tourist Guide From Locals

Enjoy our quick guide to Carboneras, one of the Spanish towns in Almeria which is a perfect tourist destination for those who enjoy nature.

Nestled in the famous Nature Reserve of Cabo de Gata-Nijar, Carboneras was named after the word “charcoal” which the town used to produce in the past being its main industry.

Carboneras also boasts of exquisite delicacies and seafood dishes such as smoked tuna, rabbit cooked in garlic and Sea Bass which is the town’s speciality.


Photo by Images of Andalucia

Below we feature an expat interview with Diana Williams of Images of Andalucia who covers the Carboneras area.

Specifically, we wanted to learn from Diana the many reasons why people should consider moving to this area and the value for money they can get once they decide to stay permanently.

Diana, thanks for helping our readers. I guess we should start off by asking what would you say would be the advantages to living in Carboneras compared to other Costa Almeria towns?

The town is extremely friendly and welcomes foreigners for holidays and living. There are some excellent restaurants, hotels and lots of bars for tapas. The beach is superb, wide sandy beach with long promenade which is dog friendly. Lots of small shops along with supermarkets.

Would the area not suit certain types of people, i.e. are there any possible downsides?

None that l can think of.

What proportion of the local population are Spanish?

The majority are Spanish, around 900 foreigners are registered with Town Hall.


Los Muertos beach – Photo by Images of Andalucia

What are your favourite things to do in the area?

The beaches are super for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. The famous Cabo de Gata National Park has coves and quaint bars/restaurants along with small hamlets on the coast and inland. The inland takes you into the Tabernas Desert where some famous films such as Lawrence of Arabia were filmed. There is a western town with movie set.

Can you give us some insider tips to the best bars or restaurants?

Too many excellent ones to name just one, very Cosmopolitan.

Are there many facilities such as doctors and dentists, shops etc?

Excellent services of all kinds.

Are there smaller villages nearby that you might also recommend?

Many small villages such as Agua Amarga.

What are the nearest international schools and how good are they?

Sorry cannot answer that one.

Is crime an issue for expats?


Coming onto buying property, what is the market like now in terms of prices going up, or down or staying the same?

Prices are steady at the moment.


Tabernas desert – Photo by Images of Andalucia

Is this a good time to buy and are there any repossessions or very cheap properties still available to buy?

Yes an excellent time to buy, not many cheap properties or repossessions around.

What urbanisations are there and can you describe each one and how they might differ from each other?

Cannot answer this one.

How much are the typical property prices in Carboneras for apartments, villas etc?

Prices vary. There are some good properties under 200.000 euros.

Any tips and advice to people looking to buy in Carboneras or surrounding area?

Not really, it is a lovely place to retire to with lots to do, friendly people who welcome foreigners.

Diana, thank you so much for taking the time to help our readers with your experiences in Spain. If you want to contact her, you can find her details below.

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Cortijo del Roble
Carboneras, Villanueva del Rosario
29312 Malaga, Spain
Tel. +34 603 424 175
Skype: imagesofandalucia

Here is an interesting tourist video on Carboneras.

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