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Albox is a good place for kids to grow up…safe and with a good community feel.

The way of life in Spain is laid back and easy going, although it can be somewhat disorganized and frustrating at times.


There is not a lot of expat families left in the area as jobs are hard to find. There is still quite a big ex pat community of retirement age. They have quite a lot of social activities which you can find information on in the free english papers like The Sol Times and the Euro Weekly.

There are some English speaking doctors and dentists in the area although if you can’t speak Spanish you should take an interpreter. The area is now attracting people of other nationalities and there are French Belgian Dutch who own homes here and also Indian pakistanis Argentinians Romanians etc

Albox is a quiet town which has most amenities.  For major shopping you would go to Murcia or Almeria.

Nearest Beaches

The beaches are 45 mins or so away and are very busy in July and august and very quiet the rest of the year. Vera, Villaricos, San Juan de los Terreros, Mojacar….. It is not well known as a tourist area for non Spanish holidaymakers although some people make a good living from doing private villa holiday rentals.400 +€ a week

Cost of Living in Albox

All year round rentals would average 300 -400 euros a month.

The cost of living is relatively cheap still although electricity prices are about the same as UK.

Coastal properties are mostly apartments and you should be able to get one for around 100k as they have overdeveloped the area and there are lots of apartments.  Inland you get a lot more for your money and can buy a villa with pool  for 120k.

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Interview with an Albox Expert…

We asked a leading estate agent some frequently asked questions about Albox…

Can you recommend nearby better areas than Albox and why?

Personally I like Albox. We came here a number of years ago as it was central to all the areas that we were considering settling in, and are still here.

It´s a welcoming town and we´ve been made to feel very welcome by both Brits and Spanish alike. Indeed, one of the things in it´s favour is that there´s a good mix of Spanish and English.

Also, property here is very reasonably priced – nearer the coast and the price goes up, further inland becomes much more Spanish and if you don´t have a reasonable command of the language you may well struggle until you do.

Finally, it´s geographically in a great location – an hour from the cities of Murcia or Almeria, both with International airports, and half an hour from the beaches of Vera and the resorts of Garrucha and Mojacar.

Which are the best urbanisations or developments to buy in Albox and surrounding area?

Arboleas and La Alfoquia are always popular, as is Limaria, Almanzora, Las Labores and there´s currently high demand for Los Patricios. However, its impossible to say which is better than the others as it´s really a matter of personal preference.

What is the average cost for a 2-bed apartment/villa?

We have a new two bed apartment on the market for 49.000 euros, we´ve just taken a deposit on a two bed villa for 49.995, (although this was a quick cash sale due to the owners circumstances… we would normally have expected this property to achieve in the region of 65.000) and have recently been selling three bed, two bath villas for between 70.000 and 120.000.

However it must be stressed that there are decreasing numbers of properties available in this price bracket – sensibly priced properties are now selling like hot cakes, and vendors with new listings are trying the market a little higher now.

Can I rent it long-term and if so how much would I get (approx.)

Rents vary according to a number of points: location, pool, furnished or un-, but you should expect to achieve between 300pcm and 450pcm.

Is Albox a good place to live?

Personally, I wouldn´t be anywhere else. It´s central for beaches, airports etc, friendly, clean BUT, as I said at the start it depends on the individual and their requirements.

Should I move to Albox?

See above!!

Is there crime in Albox?

No more than anywhere else and a good deal less than you´re probably used to hearing about in the UK. I´ve lived in London and spent six years in Turkey and I think I feel safer here than in either of those.

Are there English-speaking dentists and doctors nearby?

Yes, many. English speaking staff in town halls and most banks also. One of the great things about Albox is that because of the high number of English residents most businesses have had the foresight to employ at least one dedicated English speaker.

Do many expats live here already?


Where are the nearest beaches?

Vera Playa is 15-25mins, Garrucha 25-30 and Mojacar 35-40

What is there to do in the Albox area?

Loads. A different market every day within 5-20mins, football stadium, regular craft fairs and markets, shops, bull ring at Vera (15mins) with regular concerts, golf societies, bowls, bowling alley, loads of clubs and societies, Lions and British legion charity work, shops, bars and restaurants and for about seven months of the year there are different town fiestas every weekend

Are there International schools in Albox?


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Tel: 0034 634 345 257

Address: Avenida Puente, no.11, Albox 04800

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  1. Your comments have nearly confirmed why I should look to retire to Albox- I can’t seem to find any info about public transport which is a crucial factor as I’m sure at some point we may not be fit or able to drive anymore, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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