Buying a B&B – Steve & Judith Buy a Bed and Breakfast in Spain…

Our Offer is Accepted! (Part 2)

Our offer on our Spanish dream property was accepted today.

After a sleepless night while the vendors considered (and refused) our first offer and a tense morning while they considered and refused our second, we found common ground and our third offer was accepted at lunchtime.

Teresa, our wonderful Caudete based estate agent telephoned us with the good news and we celebrated with a restrained glass of Sauvignon Blanc from the bottle that happened to be both open and in the fridge.

We skyped, telephoned and texted around family and friends and then scuttled to the vet’s to get the dog micro-chipped and rabies vaccinated in order to get her pet passport.

Ermita de Caudete

Ermita de Caudete

The last few weeks have proved an emotional roller coaster as Steve’s elderly mother died after a short period of hospitalisation following a long decline, Steve retired from his job at a school for children with dyslexia, I left my part time job as a school nurse at a local boarding school and started to bid farewell to the members of my Rosemary Conley franchise which I have been running for the past twelve and a half years.

Tomorrow morning Steve will take his last tennis coaching sessions in our local park and later we will travel down to Sussex to finish clearing his mother’s home of the accumulated possessions of the past 53 years.

In the last few months, Steve and I have experienced some of the top ten life stressors and so far have avoided divorce – one of the others.  We attribute this to a) the strength of our relationship and b) the strength of our belief in our dream of making a life in Spain.

From the beginning of this process Steve and I have talked endlessly about how our lives will be in Spain, how we will make a living and how we will spend our leisure hours.

We have spent time on internet research, networking contacts and reading everything about Spain we possibly could.

Despite the current financial crisis in Spain we are confident that we can have a lifestyle business – one that gives us enough money to live on comfortably and one that also provides us with time to enjoy everything that Spain offers for free – sunshine, scenery and sociability.

With a completion date just three weeks from today we need to arrange all the legalities of our Spanish purchase (thank goodness for the wonderful Teresa who will guide us through the minefield), pack up our house and home as well as complete the clearing and handover of Steve’s childhood home, close my business and deal with the associated admin, visit my mother who is doing her very best to be positive and enthusiastic despite her misgivings, have a goodbye party, book a van and a ferry crossing and drive ourselves to Spain.

My next instalment will be from our Spanish terrace – the one that was ours from the moment I saw it.

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  1. We’re considering buying a property in Spain and running a BnB. How expensive is domestic help near Barcelona for e.g?

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