Compare Telephone Calls In Spain: Who is Cheapest?

In the article below we provide help and information on telephone calls, call rates and providers of cheap phone calls within Spain.

We have identified a need for information on cheap telephone calls for these three different scenarios:

1. Mostly our information covers people living in spain who want to know all about the telecom providers in Spain that you can join. People living in Spain want to know who provides the cheapest phone calls from Spain to the UK.

In other words which company offers the lowest prices for making telephone calls within Spain and internationally to the UK and the rest of Europe as well as the USA and the rest of the world?

The good news is that although typically you will have a land line with Telefonica there are many other options and we compare the market and provide different tariffs and rates for your information.

We especially compare rates for making cheap mobile phone calls from Spain to the UK should it not be possible to get a Spanish land line which is quite common in rural areas.

2. We are often being asked by people who are coming on holiday to Spain how they can make cheap telephone calls back to the UK or United Kingdom. Most people visiting Spain for a short period will have a mobile telephone therefore we concentrate on making cheap mobile calls from Spain to the UK as well is looking at other options such as phone cards you can buy at kiosks and shops.

3. We also provide help if you are looking to make cheap phone calls to Spain from the United Kingdom. We assume you have relatives and friends in Spain and you wish to make cheap telephone calls to Spain without it costing you a small fortune.

For everyone who has moved from the U.K. to Spain it comes of something as a shock that although we earn a lot less making a living, the cost of living in everyday life can be a lot more. There is no SKY TV here where you can get a package with internet, phone calls and digital TV for €19 monthly but in this article we will try to look at some alternatives to get people cheap phone calls in Spain and cheap international calls.

If you live in Spain the bad news is that you can only get a land line installed or provided by Telefonica.

However the good news is that you don’t have to use Telefonica for your telephone calls. Now Telefonica no longer has a monopoly there are a number of competing cheap telephone call companies you can use and in doing so you will save yourself a small fortune on your Spanish telephone bills.

Most people who have moved to Spain will want cheap telephone calls back to their home country. Therefore most people living in Spain will want to know who provides the cheapest telephone rates to the United Kingdom (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) or the cheapest phone calls to Europe or the USA.

We live in Spain too and so we researched all the low cost phone companies. Being English we were especially keen on the rates to phone England from Spain although obviously we also make a lot of phone calls within Spain so it was important to look at the rates for local and national calls in Spain too.

+34 is the country calling code (also known as dialing code) assigned to Spain by the International Telecommunication Union. All of the country’s telephone numbers are also designated under the Telecommunications Act 9/2014, created by the Comisión Nacional de la Competencia (CNMC). You can also dial 0034 for calls to Spain.

Europa Network

Our favourite provider of cheap and low-cost telephone calls in Spain (we are customers ourselves) Europa Network provide:

The cheapest and lowest phone calls in Spain – and that’s guaranteed.

LogoEuropa In other words, the call charges and rates are currently the cheapest in Spain. If later on someone else undercuts the price then they will beat it.

We believe Europa to be the best deal for prices for cheap landline phone calls for people in Spain. We have been customers ourselves for years.

If you are an existing customer of Europa Network then we would love your Europa reviews, comments and opinions of their service in order to help people who are considering joining Europa.

Europa Network has mobile packages from 6,90€/month with no fixed contract to tie you down.

How much are calls with Europa Network?

The mobile packages includes unlimited calls national to Spain and international to the UK and other countries like Germany, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden,
Norway, the United States, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina,
Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Paraguay, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra, Costa Rica, Slovenia, Estonia, India, New Zealand, Peru, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela and Morocco (fixed destinations only).

In addition, the mobile packages do not have fixed contracts, so we can enjoy the best Internet connection without a commitment.

Europa_tarifas MOV

What about fibre?

The fibre is one of the fastest of Spain and is very cheap! Only 29,90€ month / including IVA for 300Mb. You can check your coverage here.

The fibre and mobile packages include the following:

§ FREE fibre router
§ FREE installation
§ FREE unlimited calls to Span and internationally (including UK)
§ FREE landline with unlimited calls to national landlines, and 60 minutes to national mobiles.

In other words, everything you need in one package and at the best price!

Europa_tarifas FYM

Of course, if you need more speed, you can upgrade your fibre package just for 10€/month.

Start saving today with Europa Network while you enjoy the best Internet connection in Spain.


Telefonica-logo Spain’s main provider is Telefonica. Line rental starts at €13.97 per month. There are many kinds of packages available. 3MB lite package has 3 MB download speed, includes free router and unlimited downloads will cost €29.99 a month. 8MB Europe package has a 8MB download speed, unlimited phone calls, 300 free minutes to the U.K. per month and a free wireless router.

This package costs €40.99 a month. The 20 MB Europe package has a download speed of 20MB, free phone calls, 300 free minutes a month plus a wireless router. This package costs €44.99.

You can call the U.K. for 3 cents a minute and demand itemised billing. For further information please have a look at their website

Telefonica also run the popular Movistar mobile phone network in Spain.



New to the game is a service called Vonage. Heavily advertised on Bay Radio this new service is popular with expats as you can keep your U.K. telephone number. This is good especially for businesses as people in the U.K. do not want to pay for expensive international calls and people in Spain want to make cheap calls to the U.K.

This works with any normal landline and you can make unlimited calls over any existing broadband connection. There are two packages available. For €8.99 a month you can expect unlimited calls to landlines in fifteen different countries including the U.K. Spain and Portugal, unlimited calls to mobile phones in two countries including the U.S.A. and Canada as well as cheap international rates for calls to mobiles and landlines and unlimited calls between Vonage users.

The second package only costs €5.99 a month and includes unlimited calls to U.K. landlines and cheap international rates for calls to mobiles and landlines as well free calls between Vonage users.

For more details you can visit their site


Telitec is the fourth option and is currently the fastest growing network. Line rental costs €12.99 a month. Phone calls to the U.K. start at one cent a minute. 3MB ASDL plus landline rental costs €39.99 with no minimum spend and free router. Wireless internet is available for €24.99 and Telefonica connection is not necessary.


There are also deals available for mobiles which start at 7 cents a minute for calls in Spain and 5.3 cents to U.K. landlines. For more information you can visit the Telitec website or call 902 889 070.

If you are an existing customer of Telitec then we would love your Telitec reviews, comments and opinions of their service in order to help people who are considering joining Telitec.

Aeromax The Wireless Company

Aeromax Spain Business Address:
Partida del Boch, 03330

Telephone: 694425939


Type of Business: Telecommunications

Towns or Areas Covered: Costa Blanca and Costa Calida

Best Features:

Wireless Internet for rural areas
Internet for holidays (pay as you go)
Mobile Telephony

Main Description:

The best internet provider on la Costa Blanca and la Costa. For more than thirteen years this company has been dedicated to providing Internet in rural areas and villages. High Speed Internet Services

Cocoon Telecom

The authorized dealer in Spain for British Telecom is Cocoon Telecom.

Apparently British Telecom have been established in Spain for 20 years and they have their own fibre optic networks which means they can offer very competitive call charges because many of the other cheap telephone call companies are buying airtime directly from BT. In common with other cheap call companies you can keep your Telefonica landline and ADSL connection if you have one and just make your cheap calls via BT.

Here in Spain, BT offer both ADSL & Voice packages, prices starting from €13.97 per month. The basic package is BT voice + line rental, in this package European and USA calls are 3.2 cents per minute, Spanish land line calls are 3 cents per minute and calls to Spanish mobiles are 10 cents per minute with no connection charges. There are also ADSL packages which include a free wireless router together with free calls to the UK. Ireland & Europe, starting from €25.90 per month. Call them free on 900 814 812

Bay Connect

Business Address:

Muelle De Poniente S/N ( Antigua Casa Del Mar ) Alicante

Telephone: 96642152


Type of Business: We supply internet and TV

Towns or Areas Covered: We cover the whole of Spain

Best Features:

If you’re not getting the internet speed you want then talk to us. We have a state of the art WiMAX and ADSL network to give you what you need at the most competitive prices available.

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  1. I’m less interested in cheap phone calls than I am in having unlimited fast broadband. Anyone advise?

  2. Incomunicado says

    In rural areas wimax has a monopoly. In the vega Baja this means dealing with telecolor. They offer a €20 deal but that’s useless. 1mg. They also charge for the installation of the receiving equipment and its throwaway stuff. Cheapest link router, cheapest Cisco SPA in the world – the Cisco SPA 122, which you will need if you want to watch TV on a smart tv or a smart box. You need a 6 mg connection to eatch tv and run a phone. Suddenly your bill is €40 a month. The system doesn’t work. We are always losing our signal or its buffering- despite living only 250 metres from the broadcast Ariel.We have had no tv or telephone for 3 days. It’s always going to be fixed today ( you get the picture – we don’t! ) Have a look at their website.You can contact them by phone. No one answers. Or you can contact them directly from their website. But you can’t because none of the menu buttons work. There is no separate email address,,,,,These guys don’t even employ the usual first line flak catchers! They just ignore everything. They are economical with the the truth of their download speeds. I pay for 6 mbps and get 4. At the moment we have had no telephone and no tv for 3 dayd. Despite being told that someone will come and fix it. Avoid these guys like the plague. They could be good if they were organised, but they are the absolute worst company I Have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I mean shockingly awful. They lie. They refuse to send itemised bills, they leave you without a service and make it impossible for you to contact them.I try believe these are the WORST company you will ever come accross. Go find someone else.

  3. Lynne Speed says

    Last month,as usual,our calls between Europa clients were free.On this month’s bill,we’ve been charged 3.3cents per minute.
    We queried this with Europa yesterday and they informed us there are now no free calls between Europa clients.What a pity they did not see fit to inform us of this change before implementing it!
    We also had to complain to them last year when they attempted to take over the line rental from Telefonica without informing us. When we spoke to them about it,they said they’d emailed us. Really? We had no computer or email address last year!!
    We have lost faith with them and are moving to a new provider asap!

  4. I have been with Europa Network for a number of years for cheap rate calls to the UK but have my line contracted with telefonica(movistar) which is included within an internet package(at a good rate). By luck I checked my yahoo email(I rarely do) and had a mail from Europa telling me they were taking over my line from telefonica and I has 14 days to tell them otherwise. If I hadn’t read the email then I would have lost the package I was on with telefonica. After trying to get hold of them for 3 days(always busy) they simply said ‘ah well’ at least you told us. Needless to say I cancelled but still got a couldn’t care less attitude. Shame as they used to be customer friendly, now they don’t care.

    • S Le Cornu says

      We were also with Europa for several years. I was in the UK when “the email” regarding transfer of line was sent, hence I never replied. Our line was taken by Europa, it went wrong, and they couldn’t repair it as it was a Track phone!, they already knew this from earlier conversations two years previous when a discount was offered on line rental. My husband was left without a landline, several calls later to Telefonica was told they no longer held the line & couldn’t help until I returned because the account was in my name. Europa have a lot to answer for. We have at this point lost all cheaper calls to the UK (Europa say calls are still routed through themselves) but our Telefonica bill proves otherwise. Yes Peter is correct, courtesy & friendly they used to be, now you are lucky if you get a reply and if you do the answers they provide are not accurate. We are still on their case.

  5. Unfortunately the reality of Europa Network is very different. They offer NO customer support and are very frugal with the truth when trying to sell you a package. I ended up with a 6 month telefonica network, no internet and over €156 in bills that Europa takes no responsibility for even though they never told me I would be stuck with telefonica, they told me installation would be free (it was €30) and on top there is a disconnection fee €80 to stop the useless telefonica line. In addition they have not given me my money back for the returned router plus postage as promised (€56). If you want ADSL in spain, this company will disappoint tremendously and leave you out of pocket and in their words ‘take no further action’. Without a fast internet package (which they could not get for me but Jazztel could) there is no chance for the telephone and TV deals.

  6. Carrie Wriglesworth says

    Hi My self and my partner are movong to benidorm, but my partner needs fast broadband connection to skype for conference calls. Please can you give us some advice on which is the bext broadband connection to buy. many thanks

  7. Matthew Robertson says

    I read somewhere that it is possible to have Sky satellite TV in Spain so long as you maintain a UK Bank account. So do Sky do Full packages i.e. TV,Phone,Line Rental & Broadband in Andalusia. Any info would be much appreciated.

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