Franchising in Spain: What Franchises in Spain Are There?

Buying into a success franchise can be a smart financial option for people looking to move to Spain or for people already living in Spain.

Franchising in Spain offers a much safer way to make a living in Spain when compared to starting your own business in Spain.

A franchise is a business concept that you buy into as opposed to starting your own business.

Perhaps the best know example is McDonalds. Sure you could start your own fast food restaurant but when you pay to buy a McDonalds you have an edge as you are buying a brand that instantly attracts customers. Not only that but your on-going franchise fee is partly reinvested in national advertising to continually draw in custom.

In addition with a franchise in Spain you are buying (or should be buying) a proven business idea, mistakes have been ironed out so that you are trained in how to run a successful business operation with on-going support and backup from the franchisor, who ideally is also based in Spain.

Possibly with a franchise in Spain you will have access to goods at wholesale prices – with a few franchisees there is bigger buying power as compared to your lowly buying power as a single unit operation.

Starting a business in Spain has a high failure rate – apparently 8 out of 10 businesses fail within 3 years whereas with franchises in Spain, 8 out of 10 are still running after 3 years. Therefore buying a franchise in Spain can give you an essential head start in business. Yes you are running your own business but you are not alone.


Buying a franchise in Spain is not just about buying a fast food franchise. In Spain you can buy a franchise in almost every business area that you can think of. Of course if your Spanish is limited your choice of franchises in Spain is also limited. Also if you are limited to an expat area maybe the franchise of your choice has already been taken.

A word of warning when considering buying a franchise opportunity in Spain – just because a concept is advertised as a franchise doesn’t mean success is guaranteed. Do your research and check out every fact that the franchisor in Spain gives you. In particular talk to as many of the other franchisees already up and running in Spain as possible.

Another note of caution concerns the fact that many franchises in Spain are merely people who have started their own one unit business and then think of expanding as a franchise. While there is nothing wrong with this, especially if that person has come up with a winning money-making formula, you do need to realise that the risks are greater.

If the business is not an established and known brand then what exactly are you getting for your initial franchise fee? Also what do you get for your on-going franchise fee?


TIP 1 – Buy into a franchise in Spain that is up and running and proven – not new on the block. Ask how long the franchise in Spain has been in business and look at how many other franchisees in Spain there are.

TIP 2 – Talk to as many franchisees in Spain as possible before you make your decision. Many people looking into buying a franchise in Spain get so carried away with enthusiasm that they neglect to listen to the existing franchisees as they are convinced it will be a success regardless of what they are told.

TIP 3 – Try find out if there have been many franchises in Spain that have failed – don’t necessarily let this put you off – but find out the reasons why the franchises have stopped and look for warning signals.

TIP 4 – Try buy a franchise with a international brand name or at least with a brand that is recognised in Spain – this is one of the key reasons for buying a franchise in Spain as opposed to just starting your own business in the same trade or line of business.

TIP 5 – Buy a franchise in Spain that fires you up with enthusiasm. If the franchise idea in Spain does not excite you, you will soon fail no matter how good the franchise concept.

TIP 6 – Make sure the franchise in Spain offers good backup and support. As you will be paying on-going franchise fees you need to know what you are getting for your money. Support and help when required is important but also find out if part of the franchise fee goes into marketing for the franchise. This is another good reason for joining or buying a franchise opportunity in Spain.

TIP 7 – Consider the potential profit (and losses) of the franchise in Spain. Consider whether the risk is worth it. You may be better off starting your own business or getting a job in Spain whereby you can switch off at the end of the day and relax, something that is unlikely when you run a franchise in Spain.


“I have been running since 1988 in the Barcelona area of Spain. We are a re-registration service for ex pats moving to Spain and also a full import service for clients who have brought their own car to Spain from outside the EU. Over the last five years we have received an increasing amount of inquiries from the Marbella, Alicante area. Unfortunately, we are only able to operate in the Barcelona area of Spain as the final registration of the car must take place in the province of registration of the owner.

To this end we have decided to offer for sale 4 Franchise opportunities in the Marbella, Alicante and Valencia areas. The cost of the Franchise will be 20,000 euros each. Full training will be given to the successful applicants who will need to speak at least working Spanish and who will need to have an understanding of local government offices, ITV testing and form filling. The earning potential is high. We are currently running at 4 to 5 vehicles per week and we can expect to see a net profit of between 500 to 700 euros per unit. For more information call 689178319 or 977 260470.”

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