Treatment for Allergies & Food Intolerances on the Costa del Sol

Bioresonance is a biofeedback therapy which can target, stimulate and boost the various bioelectrical signature patterns produced by the body to combat allergies, food intolerances, and illness result in the patients’ restored health.

Classic allergy testing which predominantly seeks out the inhalation allergens such as house dust mites, moulds, animal hair, pollen and fragrances. Using the BICOM device, Bioresonance testing and screening will not only search for the allergens triggering these symptoms, but will also seek out and treat fundamental energetic disorders such as chronic food allergies, chronic toxic contamination and blockage.

Some of the many advantages of Bioresonance:

– Rebalancing human electrophysiology by treating it’s causative factors
– Provides a valuable treatment at the bio-energetic level of biological function
– Identifies subtle but cumulative environmental factors of some illnesses

Bioresonance therapy is non-invasive and can be safely used in patients of all ages without any consequential side-effects.

bioresonance_logoFrom: Michel Roodenburg

Business Name: Bioresonance

Business Address:
Pasaje Victoria 3
29680 Estepona

Telephone: 609664013


Type of Business: Naturopath

happypatientTowns or Areas Covered: Gibraltar

Best Features:

Respiratory allergies
Food Intolerances
Low Immune system
Sleeping Disorders
Skin Disorders
Lyme Disease
Hormonal Imbalance
Menopause Discomforts
Bacteria or Virus Related Disease

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