English Speaking Psychiatrists & Psychologists in Costa del Sol

Listing doctors who are English-speaking psychiatrists and psychotherapists based in the Costa del Sol region of Spain.

Help for anxiety, depression, alcohol issues, OCD and many other mental health challenges that you need help with.

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We also list psychotherapists in Madrid as well as psychiatrists speaking English in Barcelona.

Psychiatrists & Psychologists in Costa del Sol who Speak English

Clearvision Psychotherapy Mijas


Business Address:
Fuengirola And Mijas

Telephone: 711004946

Email: hitchcocksimon109@gmail.com

Type of Business: Counselling, Psychotherapy

Towns or Areas Covered: Global

Best Features:

Online Integrative therapy, multi modal: Attachment, Jungian, Gestalt, Existential etc

Equine assisted therapy in Mijas for adults and children with various issues including: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Bereavement.

Main Description:

Hello, I am Simon Hitchcock, and for over 10 years now I have been working as an integrative psychotherapist as well as developing teaching courses both here in Spain and in the UK to help train student psychologists and therapists.

Using a variety of approaches such as Jungian, Gestalt, psychodynamic, transactional analysis as well as the more philosophical approaches such as Existential psychotherapy, I have been able to work successfully with a multitude of issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, grief and bereavement, as well as into the deeper issues such as attachment and relational issues, dysfunction and emotional regulation.

I also specialise in working with male survivors of childhood sexual abuse having previously worked with the justice system in the UK with males struggling with this history.

More recently my work has bought me more and more into mentoring young adults and people struggling with their life path or being unable to break free of destructive patterns and cycles.

We also offer an Equine assisted therapy service based in Mijas working in conjunction with a children’s and family psychologist from a clinic in Marbella. This service caters for children, families and individual adults struggling with a range of issues from Autism to ADHD, to emotional control, bereavement, anxiety and much more. Programmes and assessments are also available within this service.

Having an integrative approach allows for the therapeutic process and approach  to be fluid and adaptable to the needs and preferences of the client in a way that allows the client to be fully engaged in the process that they understand and relate, giving the room for personal growth, understanding and strengthening.


Dr Javier Aparicio – Psychiatrist Malaga

Business Name: Psychiatric Clinic

Business Address:
Armengual de la Mota 30, 3rd floor, 2.
MALAGA 29007

Telephone: 660110635

Email: javi5152@gmail.com

Type of Business: Medical

Towns or Areas Covered: MALAGA

Best Features:

Treatment of main psychiatric disorders.

English is spoken -British trained psychiatrist, ten years of work experience in the UK-

Main Description:

Treatment of main psychiatric disorders, from milder anxiety-related disorders and depression, to bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and other psychoses.

English is spoken -British trained psychiatrist, ten years of work experience in Yorkshire UK, from basic psychiatric training to the Consultant level- Three further years of work in bilingual Gibraltar, as Consultant Psychiatrist.
Well acquainted with the particular presentation and needs of British patients.

Evening consultations -by appointment- 6pm-9pm in Malaga.
Home visits within Malaga Province, at an extra charge depending on distance, covered

Inmaculada Rodriguez

Inmaculada Rodríguez Business Name: Psychology in Málaga

Business Address:

Avenida de Andalucía 25, office 12.

Málaga 29006

Telephone: 722 25 48 48

Type of Business: psychology treatment

Towns or Areas Covered: Málaga

Best Features:

Families and couples

Main Description:

Wide clinical experience with anxiety, depresión, eating disorders, mental health, adiccions, alcoholism, TDAH…


FOTO-DRA-HALLIN Business Address:

Telephone: 952771197

Email: consulta@hallinmentalcare.com



Best Features:

Hallin mental Care health center, Psychiatrist Psychologist Marbella, Málaga, Sotogrande, Cadiz and Gibraltar, with more than 27 years experience in psychiatry and psychology, both for adults, children and adolescents.

Our psychiatrist and psychologists, are constantly training and updating their knowledge of the latest therapies and treatments of recent advances. All of professional therapists have experience in treatments and therapies against anxiety, depression, addictions, problems of family and couple.

As for mental problems in children and adolescents, Dr Alejandra Halllin is a child psychiatrist at Harvard University, we have a psychologist specializing in mental disorders in children and adolescents.

Main Description:

Hallin mental Care health center, Psychiatrist Psychologist Marbella, Málaga, Sotogrande, Cadiz and Gibraltar, with more than 27 years experience in psychiatry and psychology, both for adults, children and adolescents.

Our psychiatrist and psychologists, are constantly training and updating their knowledge of the latest therapies and treatments of recent advances. All of professional therapists have experience in treatments and therapies against anxiety, depression, addictions, problems of family and couple.


Gerlinda Smit

Business Address:

Telephone: 669579996

Email: gerlinda.smit@live.nl

Type of Business: counselling and psychotherapy

Towns or Areas Covered: Costa del Sol (from Málaga – Almuñecar)

Best Features:

solution-oriented, open minded, serious, positive, practical approach with humor and compassion.

Main Description:

Dutch psychologist and NLP master practitioner, living and working in Spain. Almost 20 years of experience working as a psychologist and counsellor. Providing help for people with depression, relationship problems, life issues, (social) anxiety, stress-related problems. Using techniques from NLP, energetic psychology, EFT, cognitive (behavioral) psychology, occupational psychology.

Cristina Gradillas – English Speaking Consultant Psychiatrist in Marbella & Malaga

Psychiatrist in Marbella Malaga Business Name: Consultant Psychiatrist

Business Address:
Alameda de Colon 34, Málaga 29001

Telephone: 952 214389

Email: meruphoes@hotmail.com

Type of Business: Psychiatrist

Towns or Areas Covered: Marbella

Best Features:

Dr Gradillas provides an exclusively private outpatient service for adult patients and over the age of 12 years, with extensive experience assessing and treating the particular needs of patients with a wide variety of mental health issues. She specialises in anxiety disorders, depression and treatment-resistant depression, bipolar spectrum disorders, suicidal thoughts, psychoses and schizophrenia, stress, sleep disorders, dysthymia and alcohol dependence.

Main Description:

Dr Gradillas trained as a Doctor at the University of Malaga, Spain. She then spent 11 years in the NHS, gaining full membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (2008) and accreditation with the General Medical Council (GMC) as a Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult Psychiatry.

Dr Gradillas has offered training for medical students and postgraduates in the UK and Spain. She is currently involved in teaching a Masters degree in the Department of Criminology, University of Malaga for the second year running. She is also the co-author of Clinical Suicidology “Suiciciología Clínica” published in 2018.

I offer flexible daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

Centros EQ Málaga – English Speaking Psychologist in Malaga

Centros EQ Málaga Business Address:
C/ Villanueva de Tapia 14
29004 Málaga

Telephone: 678263983

Email: admin2@centroseq.com

Type of Business: Mental health service

Towns or Areas Covered: Benalmádena, Fuengirola

Best Features:

Speech Therapists
Online therapy

Main Description:

EQ is multidisciplinary centres that gather a team of psychologists, psychiatrists and speech therapists widely trained in emotional intelligence to effectively help children, teenagers and adults, as well as teachers and companies.

At Centros EQ we are known for delivering a quick response to your concerns, because we understand that your priorities should be our priorities, guiding you in a practical way from the first meeting towards that goal.

Dr Jaime L. Galan – Psychiatrist in Marbella and Malaga

Dr Jaime L. Galan - Psychiatrist in Marbella and Malaga Business Address:
Calle El Califa, 8, Marbella (Málaga)
Avenida de Manuel Agustin Heredia, 12, Malaga

Telephone: 0034663362080

Email: DrJaimeLGalan@gmail.com

Type of Business: Psychiatrist

Towns or Areas Covered: Malaga state

Best Features:

Adult Psychiatrist.
Main areas of expertise:
– Adult ADHD
– Dual diagnosis
– Psicosis
– Depression and bipolar disorder
– Anxiety disorder
Training in Spain and US.
Expertise in research activities.
Head of mental health department in private inpatient psychiatric hospital. And outpatient private practice for international patients.

Main Description:

I am an adult psychiatrist and I am qualified to treat any psychiatric disorder. Trained as a psychiatrist in Spain and New York University. Since 2004, visiting outpatients in private practice since 2004 and working as head of multidisciplinary mental health teams. Currently working as head of the mental health area in a private psychiatric hospital. And visiting international outpatients in private practice in Marbella and Malaga. I take a very personal and individual approach. I am required, frequently, for a second opinion in difficult clinical cases.

Long experience and training in clinical research. Principal investigator in clinical trials for new treatments and investigational studies about mental health disorders. Master (4 years) in clinical research methodology. Expertise in the design, analysis and publication of clinical studies with 17 original publications in international journals.

Speaker and trainer in medical programs and congress.


Tatiana Gil Novak – Neuropsychologist

Business Address:

Telephone: 675576668

Email: tatianagilnovak@yahoo.es

Type of Business: Psychology

Towns or Areas Covered: Marbella-Málaga

Best Features:

Traumatic brain injury
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Functional neurological symptoms

Main Description:

As a Neuropsychologists I’m specially trained to understand the relationship between brain and neuropsychological function. It requires not only knowledge of the broad range of mental health problems, but also specialist knowledge in the neurosciences.

Brain injuries and neurological illnesses can affect the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. Our job is to assess and help to treat the effects of these problems.

Malaga Therapy – Catherine Ndong

Logo-Centre-de-Therapie Business Address:
Calle Mallarmé, 4
Portal 2 – Escalera A
Primero A
29010 Malaga

Telephone: +34634482022

Email: contact@malagatherapy.com

Type of Business: Psychotherapy

Towns or Areas Covered: From Nerja to Marbella, online services all of Spain

Best Features:

Spanish, English or French-speaking counseling In-person or online counseling available Focus on cross-cultural living and transition Specialty in work with couples, adults, teens, and children.

Main Description:

My name is Catherine and I am a qualified therapist with 15 years of experience. I provide a private and confidential counselling service for individuals, couples, and families. I am French and I abide by the Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et de Psychanalyse (FF2P). In addition to this, I am always committed to the highest standards of professional development.

At Malaga Therapy, I offer different options to work on different parts of your life. I work with all ages, from childhood (around 4 years old) upwards dealing with all different issues, helping you to find the life that you want and deserve.

I work with individuals on a variety of issues including:
– Depression
– Drug problems and substance abuse
– Domestic violence
– Low confidence
– Bereavement
– Stress
– Financial difficulties
– Grief and Loss
– Domestic abuse
– Domestic violence
– Divorce
– Child or Adolescent
– Parenting
– Life change
– Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
– Relationship issues
I have a passion for humanitarian work. I am the program director at the NGO Action dans le Monde where I oversee the training of the people volunteering abroad.

I like to work in a holistic way and incorporate mindfulness into therapy as well as creative work, such as art therapy or music therapy. I offer face-to-face counseling and therapy sessions in Malaga Capital. I also offer online sessions across the Costa del Sol and worldwide online and counseling with 1-on-1, couples, and group sessions.

I am fluent in French, English, and Spanish.

Want to know more? Contact me to arrange a free 30-minute online or phone interview.

Wendy Andersen, Ph.D. Cadiz Therapy

Wendy Andersen, Ph.D. Cadiz Therapy Business Address:
post house 127, Ctra La Barrosa, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain

Telephone: 647454304

Email: dr.wendy.andersen@gmail.com

Type of Business: Psychotherapy – counselling

Towns or Areas Covered: Chiclana, Cadiz, Jerez

Best Features:

I am a British trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist working with people who live away from their country of birth.

I have been an “expat” myself for most of my life, and have dedicated my practice to the particular needs of people in this situation.

Therapy in person or online.

Because CBT is focused largely on present problems that are causing distress – in tends to be a short term therapy

Collaborative (client and therapist work together to find solutions)

Main Description:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, problem-focused therapy, which has been successfully used with a number of psychological and emotional problems, including depression, anxiety and addictive behaviours, over the last 20-30 years. CBT aims to help clients identify and change thinking and behaviour patterns that cause distress.

The CBT approach suggests that:
Thoughts play a major role in the emotional and behavioural problems experienced by individuals. While situations (a friend not returning a telephone call) can elicit some feelings (irritation or anxiety), the way we think about this situation (“Something is wrong” or “This person doesn’t care”) can make the emotional reaction more severe or intense.
Behaviours can also be part of the problem. For example, if the individual, who is feeling badly waiting for a return call from a friend, calls repeatedly leaving angry messages for the other person, it is likely the situation will be made worse.
Exploring the connection between situations, thoughts, feelings and behaviour will be helpful in revealing maladaptive thinking or behavioural patterns, which can then be changed leading to less emotional distress.

Godino Psicologos

Godino Psicologos Business Address:
C/ Granados 8 3ºC CP 29008 Malaga

Telephone: 951 104 757

Email: Aronf0637@gmail.com

Type of Business:

Towns or Areas Covered: malaga, Spain

Best Features:

Throughout all these years of experience, we have had the opportunity to work with many people who have trusted us to treat their problems.

We have learned something from each and every one of them and for that we feel deeply grateful. If you are looking for therapy and psychological help, do not hesitate to contact us, you will be assisted by a specialist from the first call.

Elisa Godino Doncel
Couples Therapist and Family Mediator

Godino Psicologos-officina

Main Description:

The team at the Godino Psicólogos Psychology Center offers you a comprehensive intervention, attending to each person with their different needs.

The treatment is aimed at people of any age , from children to the elderly, and to families or couples, who are going through moments of difficulty and suffering or who are concerned about growing or improving in some aspect of their lives.

Our work is based on a comprehensive approach to the person, promoting an improvement in their quality of life and mental health. For this we apply the most innovative and effective psychotherapist techniques and tools from different psychological orientations.

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