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In Spain, no one speaks Spanish. Castellano refers to what most of us think of as Spanish, while more than five other languages flourish across the rest of Spain.

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Life After Brexit – Thinking of Moving to Spain?

The UK national newspaper The Daily Express has just published a fairly shocking article using excerpts from our exclusive piece from Nick Anders, an expat based in Nerja (or at least he was).

The headline read: ‘Horrendous!’ British expat shares why he ‘hates’ living in Spain – ‘wish I never moved’

Now clearly the opinions were those of Nick’s – NOT OURS and a lot has changed in Spain since he wrote that piece for us – for the better obviously!

Perhaps you want to read the article and add your thoughts and comments at the bottom of the page to balance the negative views of Nick?

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I HATE SPAIN! 7 Shocking Secret Truths of Living in Spain (2022)

Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

It DOES rain in Spain. Especially in Asturias and the Basque Country in the north.


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Reader Letters

Richard Writes:

Spain, like almost every country, has its pros and cons. If you have a poor attitude you are going to be met with problems in every single country, even your home country.

If you are sad and depressed and moaning about life in one country, after the novelty of somewhere new wears off, your inner depression will make you hate the next country.

I’m from the UK and lived in the Canary Islands for 4 years, then moved to Ireland where I’ve been for just over a decade. Now about to move to mainland Spain and very much looking forward to it.

The one thing I disliked the most about living in Spain previously, was the negativity of a lot of depressed British immigrants who would love spending hour after hour complaining about how much better it was back home. My advice to anyone moving to any country, avoid negative people from all nations and surround yourself with positive people. Your experience will be greatly enriched as a result.

Dan Writes:

Well I’ve been in Spain now for 18 years and still enjoy my life here it’s not easy and if it was then everyone would be moving from the UK to here.

I agree with some of the points in this review but you know what the Sunsets the amazing people from all over the world the parties and not to mention the amazing selection of bars and restaurants offering good quality food and drinks at amazing prices and recently my little boy came of his bike and the medical care here was amazing so good in fact I cancelled my private insurance.

I know a lot of people come and go from Spain but believe me life is what you make it and Spain is a magical place …. you only live once and once is enough. My personal experience of Spain has been great and the people are amazing … if eventually I do have to go back to the UK I will always look back and think it’s been a great adventure rather than focusing on the negative as the reason why I had to leave.

My advice better to regret the things you have done than wonder if only … ☀️

Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

Not everyone eats paella. It’s a Valencia-based dish which, if properly done, takes all day to make.


Want to try it at home? Here’s a video showing how it is cooked.

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Latest Jobs in Spain

Working summer in Majorca. We are looking for all restaurant staff (kitchen too), from April till November. People who are team workers, offer friendly service, are responsible and able to multi task – all are welcome. We provide all the papers and accommodation. Please get in touch with an up to date CV and photo. Send it to

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  1. Rosario Catalina says

    If I hadn’t subscribed to your newsletter, I would have never seen this erroneous comment:
    “If done right, paella takes all day to make.” I hate to contradict whoever said that, but it’s
    just not true!!
    My native Spain friends taught me how to make paella from scratch. Each person was from
    a different city or region in Spain. So, each person had her own tips or customs. Bomba
    rice or a similar rice is essential. But aside from that, a paella can include diverse ingredients.
    I’ve been making paella from scratch for many, many years. And I assure anyone who wants
    to learn how to make it, that it does not take all day!

  2. Rosario Catalina says

    Excuse me, but I think your Headline is way off! While it is true that you’ll find many people in Spain say
    they speak Castellano, this word is used interchangeably to say they speak Spanish. And yes, while I have discovered that many “Nationalities” have converged on Spain since Francisco Franco died, that does not mean that Spanish is NOT the main language!
    As a former journalist who traveled and wrote about Spain for more than 40 years, I can attest to the fact that Spanish is most assuredly spoken across that country. Nevertheless, upon arriving in Galicia, Basque and Catalonia regions, and even Valencia, you will still find residents have retained their native language.
    Furthermore, even though the Brits & Germans love Spain and invest in its Real Estate, they may resist Learning Castellano-Spanish. That’s the reality of this country I Love! It’s not the same country since joining the European Union. Certainly not the same country when Franco ruled.
    That said, I would say that people need to travel across Spain and learn the language so they can decide for themselves whether or not Spanish/Castellano is spoken nationwide. From person experience, work, friendships, research and education I assure you the Spanish language–spoken by 500 million people worldwide is not dead in España!

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