Newsletter 15 June 2016

Welcome to our latest newsletter with plenty of job vacancies in Spain, news updates and opinions from expats... In today’s newsletter we interview Richard Gibson-Brown from GeeBee Properties who covers the Barx area - in particular we wanted to find out from him why people might consider moving to this area of Spain and what they could get for their money. Richard thanks … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 24 May 2018

Did You Know? More bizarre facts about how life in Spain is, different... Do not be alarmed by a dirty floor in a bar in Spain. It is completely acceptable and normal to throw things on the ground in bars. Most of the time a dirty floor means a good bar! Read on to know more interesting facts about Spain.  Reader Letters - Thank you Alan for emailing … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 27 October 2017

The last newsletter I was asking for any advice on where best to take my two teenage daughters for a roadtrip. Well thank you because we had a blast!!!  Here are some of the highlights: The girls had lots of chances to practice their Spanish as we frequently got lost and we stayed in AirBnB's every night - I really recommend using … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 21 July 2017

Welcome to the newsletter and unusually, today I ask YOU for some help and advice regarding Spain!!! I've booked from the 12th to the 25th of August off and I am taking my two daughters (ages 17 and 14) on a 'road trip' anywhere they want to go in Spain. I'd like them to properly meet Spanish people to accelerate their Spanish - my eldest is half-way through her A level … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 30 June 2017

Welcome back to the newsletter, it has been some time, we took a break to concentrate on the website and some new projects so we have been a little distracted but we are back and enjoying this glorious summer weather. Did you know? Traditionally, you have two surnames in Spain – the first surname from your father, and the second from your mother. Read on to know more … [Read more...]