Spain Made Simple Newsletter 1st June 2022

Welcome to our latest newsletter with job vacancies in Spain, news updates and opinions from expats…

Todays newsletter is a little different in light of the rapidly changing world we live in.

As well as the Spain Made Simple newsletter we also have business interests in property, shares, crypto and publishing.

Put simply, we are good at managing our money and to do this requires a positive mind – not always easy to do!

In this and future editions we are going to expand the website to include ways of making money in Spain and improving your life.

Your mental state plays a massive part in this so we will have tips and advice that you can implement straight away to start making small differences which add up to huge changes over time.

Control your MIND. Control your life. Believe good things are going to happen.

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To get the debit card you have to open a current account with them but it is free. The card is fee-free so you can use it in Spain (or anywhere in the world) and you won’t be charged any fees including for cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Example, you pay for a meal at a Spanish restaurant for 50 Euros using your debit card – Chase deduct pounds from your current account at the commercial EURO-GBP bank rates, so you are not getting ripped off with fees and poor exchange rates.

And you are getting 1% of that back as cashback.

This is a no-brainer!

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Open a Chase Account

Chase are owed by JP Morgan one of the world’s largest financial companies and Chase come under the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) so up to £85,000 is covered for your peace of mind. If you have more than £85,000 we recommend opening another bank account that comes under the FSCS scheme so all your cash is protected.


Exclusive Discounted Currency Rates For Our Readers

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Smart Currency Exchange which enables readers of Spain Made Simple to get a better rate on your currency transfers.

Whether a one-off to purchase a house, or a regular transfer from your home country to your Spanish bank account, we can help save you money:


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If you’re a regular sending money to Spain or need to plan a transfer, speak to our partner Smart Currency.

The Spanish banks can charge you for receiving payments leaving you out of pocket and frustrated.

Exchange rate movements can also impact your ability to budget correctly.

Smart Currency are experts in international payments and will provide you with a dedicated currency account manager to help avoid unnecessary costs.

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currency tips guide

Why Not Consider Contributing?

We would love to receive either short articles or some some quick tips and advice so we can add them to the website and help others.

It might be something like, what is it like to live in your village or what things are there to do and see locally?

Maybe some helpful tips and advice concerning moving to and living in Spain?

We will publish any answers on the website (and perhaps the next newsletter) with your quote, crediting your name as the source as if it would be published in a newspaper.

Email us here –

Mark’s 7 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

1. Make a start by concentrating on forming habits by taking small steps forward everyday.

If you want to finish a 1000 page book, start by reading 10 pages daily, not 100 pages daily.

2. Force yourself to start and to make the first step.

The HARDEST step is always the FIRST step. Once you take the first step you will most likely forget about procrastination and wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

3. Consider your energy levels.

Take regular breaks throughout the day as rewards for being productive (i.e. walk, stretch, eat, water, take a nap).

Find your peak productive hours and push forwards when you get in that flow state that just seems to happen naturally.

When your energy is getting low take those breaks and come back stronger.

4. Find ways to have more energy.

Get enough rest (7 – 8 hours), eat a healthy diet, exercise a few times a week, drink enough water, etc.

Low energy typically leads us to doubt ourselves and procrastination usually results.

5. Overcome the fear of failure.

The fear of failure can lead to procrastination.

Although, failure is a key component of success you can’t have one without the other.

You only fail if you do nothing and give up.

The more you ‘fail’ the faster you will succeed.

Learn from those failures, readjust your strategy and try again.

Never give up and success is guaranteed.

6. Make sure perfectionism isn’t holding you back.

Trying to get it perfect will lead to procrastination, and understanding that nothing will ever be perfect will help you beat procrastination.

By breaking the habit you will go to places you would have never imagined before.

7. Create a to do list.

Lists will help you feel like you’re doing something, and crossing something off as “DONE” will keep you motivated.

Momentum is everything and once you are are a roll you won’t want to stop:)

Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

Madrid is in the physical center of the country and the Plaza Puerta del Sol, in Madrid, is the exact center of the country!

Puerta del Sol in Madrid

More surprising facts to be revealed in the next newsletter. Be sure not to miss any of it!

Latest Jobs in Spain


Hi everyone,

My company is looking for support in our Customer Service Team. We are a holiday rental company and are looking for GERMAN speakers who can help us manage the high season enquiries in our Contact Centre in Málaga. We can offer you part time or fulltime, great discounts on our houses and the opportunity to gain some experience and transferrable skills. This is perfect for somebody who is looking for a summer job or wants to get started in the job world.

We are a team full of energy and a passion for what we do. We will provide you with the necessary training to be successful in this role. If you love helping people and are able to talk on the phone, we are looking for you! You will help our customers to amend their bookings, add extras if they ask for it, make a new booking and in general just assist with any enquiry they have.

If that sounds just like you or you know anybody who could be interested, please message us or send your CV to: with the Subject: Service Advisors Málaga

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Team Novasol 🙂

Hello reaching out to any expats or English speakers looking for a job in Benalmadena, Malaga in the hospitality sector, for public relations / front of house and barista/waiter/waitress.
Looking for passionate, movitated and flexible individuals to assist in a busy Marina based restaurant

Hi, I work for a global intelligent engagement company called Tenerity. We provide global clients with engagement solutions that give customers reasons to connect with their brand and we regularly hire people in Madrid. Please feel free to send me your CV at

I look forward speaking with you.

Regards, Andrea

Thank you everyone and we look forward to receiving any contributions towards the next newsletter.


Mark Eastwood – Spain Made Simple –



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