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Do you need to urgently find an English-speaking dentist in the wonderful Spanish city of Barcelona?

This page specifically lists practices, surgeries and clinics with English speaking staff and dentists.

Perhaps you are on holiday in Barcelona and you need emergency treatment?

There is basically no “free” dental care in Spain.

The EU card only covers medical emergencies , not dental. What is covered on travel insurance can vary from company to company , This is something between the patient and the insurance company. Normally bills are settled directly with the local dentist and a claim is then made from which the client receives a refund from the insurance company.

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If you are staying elsewhere in Spain, we have other helpful pages if you happen to need a emergency dentist in Benidorm and good dentists in Malaga.

If the clinics below are unable to help you could drive to the Spanish capital for dentists in Madrid speaking English or the beach resort of Sitges is the closest option to Barcelona.

Smalia Dental (English Spoken)

dentist barcelona Business Address:
ronda del general mitre, 136.

Telephone: 931774566

Email: smaliadental@gmail.com

Type of Business: English speaking dental clinic

Towns or Areas Covered: Barcelona

Best Features:

At Clinica Dental Smalia in Barcelona, Spain, our english speaking team is committed to uncovering the smile that defines you and offer a range of treatments that are focused on you – and your family.

Main Description:

Our treatments for your smile include:

We offer a smile design service using digital aesthetics to analyse your smile and face. You can see how your smile will look before treatment starts. If you’re happy we can use veneers, whitening and other treatments to rejuvenate your smile and give your face a new lease of life.

Dental Implants
If you have lost teeth implants can offer a natural, permanent way of replacing them. From single implants to replacing all your teeth, we can place your implants and teeth in a single day.

Using orthodontic treatments like braces (both lingual and invisible), your teeth can be moved to their correct position, which is not only better for your overall oral health, but also for your smile.

smalia dental barcelona

Restorative Dentistry
Restoring teeth due to decay or wear with metal free materials.

Oral Surgery
Wisodom teeth removal and other surgery inside the mouth.

Treatment of diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis to keep your gums healthy.

Root canal treatments to save an infected tooth.

Pediatric Dentistry
Children’s dentistry for your kids that will help them forget any fears of the dentist.

We also offer other treatments, including hyaluronic fillers to rejuvenate the face without surgery. We offer affordable services to international patients, so speak to Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team to find out more.

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