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Record Rent a Car is a Spanish car hire company providing rentals throughout Spain that most notably from the major airports of Alicante, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Record Rent a Car and Record Go Rent a Car are one and the same just in case you are confused!

Although you may not choose to rent a car directly from Record Rent a Car, you may be indirectly making a booking with them through the many price comparison websites which allocate you to a particular local company upon arrival.

So if you’ve searched for cheap car hire from Alicante airport you may well be assigned a car from Record.

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Record-Go desk at Alicante Airport.

Contact Details for Record


If you need to make a complaint or just ask general questions regarding a reservation or booking this is the e-mail address to use:


+34 902 123 002


Company Name Record-go Alquiler Vacacional S.A.
Address: Avda. Hermanos Bou 16, 2da planta Castellón. C.P.:12003
Contact: Telf: 902 123 002   Fax: +34 964 34 30 50
Registration data: Registro Mercantil de la localidad de Castellón, inscripción 1.ª, hoja: CS 19086, folio 194, tomo 1115, libro 679, sección 8.ª, 14 de Junio de 2002
C.I.F.: A-12584470

Record Go Rent a Car Reviews

record-go-rent-a-car-logoWe have set up this page to provide reviews so that you can decide whether you wish to use the company or not.

Unfortunately many car hire companies in Spain suffer from very poor customer service and high complaints.

Find out below if Record falls into this category or whether they are a reputable and reliable company!

Please use the comments box at the bottom of the page to fill out your review.

Please help us by also saying if you had a good experience using Record, so that we can counterbalance the inevitable negative reviews which might only be from a handful of dissatisfied customers.

About the Company

“ National leading car rental company. Record Rent a Car is the number one Spanish car hire company. Founded in 1966 in Castellon, with its great national implantation, Record has become through the years one of the top 5 companies in the sector in Spain, obtaining the reliance of renowned investors such as Mercapital, who have placed their trust in us .

Thanks to our reduced prices philosophy, careful customer assistance and “All-Inclusive” rates policy, we have more than 120.000 satisfied customers who rent with us every time they need the best car hire service in Spain.

Nowadays, we have a fleet of over 30.000 vehicles delivered throughout the Spanish geography and at the airport of Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Malaga, Barcelona and Alicante. The fleet of our own, the absence of intermediaries, our reduced marketing policy and the best management, allows us to offer you prices without competition and a direct and efficient service. A direct service that suits you better: Internet, phone or at our offices in the most important airports.

As an organization, we have an important eagerness for improvement. Our goal is working day by day to maintain a faultless image to our customers and suppliers and maintain market leadership.”


  1. Email chain below sums this company up. Warn all of your family and friends. Email anonymised.

    Case number: XXXXX

    Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX,

    We hereby would like to inform you that, due to your customer profile and/or to a breach of contract, our company will no longer rent vehicles to you.


    Customer Service – Record go

    “Dear Sir / Madam,

    I write to complain about the way I was treated and the manner in which my reservation noted above was cancelled.

    I am a record club member, email address xxxxxxxxxxxx.

    This was meant to be my first of many reservations as we have purchased a new holiday house in Malaga. However, I have and will not make any further reservations until I feel this has been resolved.

    I showed up with my wife and children all set with a confirmed reservation that I had already paid in advance. When a problem showed up, the lady at the desk refused to even deal with me! She told me to go away and phone customer services ! This took time, only for me to be told there was no vehicle for us. No apology. My family and I were then stranded at the airport for a long time until we managed to find a company that could rent us an appropriate vehicle. Being last minute, it cost a lot more than the reservation I THOUGHT I had with Record.

    I have now been refunded but would appreciate a voucher to go towards my next Record booking given how badly we have been treated and how much it cost us in the end.

    Please can you respond and let me know if this is possible.

    Kind Regards”


    Terrible bait and switch. Their low prices are false as the force you to do insurance or set 1600 against your card. Hertz sets off $400 – they said “we aren’t hertz” and I said they will never be

  3. Luis Marti says

    Avoid this car rental company at all costs. I see many have suffered fates perhaps more than mine.
    On June 17, 2022 I rented a car in Barcelona for 1 week. They charged me 85 Euros for a full tank of gas. I signed, jumped into the car and departed. After some time down the road to my hotel I noticed the car had 1/4 tank full, not completely full as they stated in the contract. I was exhausted from traveling from the US, so I chose to see them the next day. I had taken pics of the dashboard instruments that showed I had only drive a few kilometers and there was no way I should have 1/4 tank of gas. The agent who checked me in the previous day, Paula, agreed they were in the wrong and she “Corrected” it in their computer. She stated there will be no problems. When I turned in the car, the young man taking the car told me there was no charges. . . all was fine. It was not.
    Upon my return I notice 2 charges on my credit card:
    1. The approx. $90 USD (85 Euros) they charged at time of rental
    2. An approx. $22 USD charge at time of rental.
    I was told by Paula that since I received the car with only 1/4 tank of gas, I need only turn it in the same way. I did. Even though she input that info into her computer it meant nothing to customer service. Since I turned it in with only a quarter tank, they were going by the original incorrectly written contract that I had signed that stated I was given a full tank.


  5. Worst company ever. They tried to make me pay for a pre existing damage. If your are considering this company, please, don’t do it. Avoid headaches.

    • Jana Aßmann says

      Here is really ATTENTION required, because the way of proceeding and handling feels like fraud to us.
      We were after delivery of the car from Record Go (Palma de Mallorca Airport) written by e-mail and informed that due to damage to the car an amount of about 500.00 € is retained.
      However, all the damage indicated by Record Go were already present and not caused by us. At the handover, despite asking, no employee was available to us to record the condition of the vehicle. Instead, we were instructed to inspect the car ourselves and to photograph any damage we found. There we had already no good feeling, since so some at dents and scratches already came together. And as feared, this damage was then charged to us.
      Now we have the trouble and have to prove that not we have caused this damage and e-mail / document battle goes off. Just what you want to have after the vacation.
      For us, this car rental is NOT SERIOUS. Hands off!

  6. Eric Cormouls-Houles says

    Worst rental car company I dealt with in over 50 years of travelling! Counter lady got upset due to the fact that I did not want to take their insurance coverage, she told me I would probably regret it…..I did when I returned the car (I have to mentioned the car was not very clean and in pretty bad shape with scratches, body damages…). At the time of return, three different employees came to search for damages to the car and all three of them said the car was damaged underneath the front bumper, one said it was to the left, the other one to the right…they were obviously looking for something that was not there!!! They never checked the inside of the car including the mileage and gas tank gage they only checked the under part of the front bumper! (By the way I was asked to bring the receipt for the fill up of the tank from a gas station less than 6 kilometers away…..first time ever!!)
    Record Go is definitely no a trustworthy company, the way they conduct their business is extremely poor and very unprofessional! Do not rent vehicles from them!!!

    • I agree with Eric. Same happened to me. Worst company ever. They tried to make me pay for a pre existing damage. If your are considering this company, please, don’t do it. Avoid headaches.

  7. I rented a car from Recod
    they required to pay additional fees ” 100 euro” insurance costs , except during the reservation, I have already paid within doyouspain platform a platinum insurance, why i pay double insurance it is foolish!! and and now I have been waiting for their refund of the (fuel tank deposit) for 45 days, we send two email no response from them.

  8. jose aviles says

    Hired cars, various times from Record Go in Alicante, this year, upon returning it, the attendant took a flashlight to the car and in less than 5 seconds found an insignificant ,less than 3/4 inch, mark on my driver side mirror cover. The attachment to the email shows a bill for 37 euros, they took 187 euros from my credit card, and to date I have not received the gas charge. I believe this is robbery because when you take the car, it is parked at the darkest area of the parking, though when you return it , they use flashlights to check for the most insignificant reason to scam you. I concur with the above customer, I will never use this company again and would suggest others don’t either.

  9. Andy Wicks says

    Hired a car from record go in Feb this year from Malaga Airport. Good start with easy car collection but on returning the car and getting an approved stamp stating that all was well with the car, on returning home found that a further 94 euros had been taken from my card without authorisation or explanation. I finally got in touch by phone and found the charge was for interior cleaning and after further coaxing they produced some grainy photos showing minor stains in the boot and on the back seat. I’m pretty sure they were there before but I only checked the car exterior. This amounts to robbery and I would never ever use this company again and would suggest others don’t either.

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