Dickmanns Car Hire – Real Reviews & Contact Details

If you have used one of the websites that give you the cheapest car hire rates then you might find that they have allocated you to use Dickmanns car hire.

Naturally you might be concerned that when you get to Spain you may encounter problems.

Just how reputable are Dickmanns?

Will your car be there at the airport or will they try give you a different make and model?

Perhaps you want to read some reviews from previous customers?

You will find out everything you need to know below. Dickmanns have a long-established track record having operated for over 10 years now sadly as our comments section shows, they are picking up a number of complaints from customers. Perhaps this is a tiny minority of customers and maybe most are happy satisfied customers, bear that in mind?

They keep their cars up-to-date and have a number of offices as well as pick up points at the major airports of El Altet (Alicante), Manises (Valencia) and San Javier (Murcia).

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“Dickmanns Rent a Car is one of the market leader in their sector, specialized in the foreign tourism. Since more than 10 years we take a personal interest in our clients. We will be there for you in your language (English, German, French & Spanish) at any time.

We offer very economic prices for every season and have special discounts for long term rentals.

We own various cars, from small useful automatic cars up to large volume 7 and 9 seaters, with diesel or petrol. All cars with the maximum equipment (airconditioning, electric window control, central door locking, etc.) and most of the cars are also equipped with ABS and radio CD.

Each year we replace our fleet, so that you always can delight in new cars in an excellent status.

Our main office can be found in Torrevieja (to the south of Alicante), in addition to that we have offices in Los Alcazares (Mar Menor of Murcia) and in Moraira (to the north of Alicante).

We also offer our service at the airport of Alicante (El Altet), Murcia (San Javier) and Valencia (Manises).

On this website you can find all our addresses and telephone numbers, as well as a map of our locations.

Since 1992 we are an official agency of Allianz Insurance, which enables us to offer each kind of service regarding insurance. Ask for a proposal for your house, car, health or live insurance or a savings agreement – we will inform you with pleasure.”

Contact Details

If you are visiting Spain then consider using the services of Dickmanns car hire from one of the locations at Alicante airport, Murcia airport or in the town of Moraira.

Below you will find all the contact details for each of the different Dickman’s offices, including the address, telephone number, e-mail and the official website.


C/ Granados, 1 – Local nº 1, Urb.
La Siesta – 03184 Torrevieja, Alicante
Reservierungen / Bookings
Telephone: 96 678 50 21 – Fax: 96 678 46 61
Email: info@dickmannsrentacar.com


Avda. Cartagena, 876
30710 Los Alcázares (Murcia)
Reservierungen / Bookings
Telephone: 968 583 160 – Fax: 968 574 757
Email: losalcazares@dickmannsrentacar.com


C.C. Los Pinos – Ctra. Moraira . Benitachell
C/ Pintor El Greco, 36
03724 Moraira (Alicante)
Telephone: 965 745 075 – Fax: 965 745 001
Email: alpha@dickmannsrentacar.com

We would also like you to submit your personal reviews of Dickmann’s car hire so that should other people rethinking of using them, they can see what sort of service you received on whether you would recommend not.

It is an unfortunate fact that service in Spain is extremely poor and many of the major car hire companies based at Alicante airport are renowned for problems and difficulties. Therefore we wish to be able to tell you which companies to avoid and which companies will give you the best price per car hire.

Arriving at Alicante Airport

If you have booked car hire through Dickmanns then when you get to Alicante airport you need to get on the courtesy bus to be taken to their car hire office which is obviously not inside the main airport terminal.

If you have any problems telephone +34 607 333 380 or 669 565 177



Arriving at Murcia Airport

There is a Meet & Greet service:

Desk telephone number:

(+34) 629 360 226 /690 845 848

Directions to desk:

Please exit the terminal and cross the street to the public car parking. At the taxi-stands turn to the left and continue straight on until the end of the street. Here you will find the Dickmanns Office Van.

Reviews of Dickmanns

We would love to hear from you if you have hired a car from Dickmann’s. All you need to do is fill out the comments box at the bottom of the page.

As a result of feedback received from previous customers, we wish to urge that you thoroughly check the car before you leave the compound.

Get a member of staff to mark on your rental agreement where any scratches, marks and dents are, on your vehicle, so that there is no possibility of these being attributed to you upon your return!

This advice doesn’t just apply to Dickmann’s  – most Spanish car hire companies suffer from high levels of complaints and poor customer service.


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  1. mr paul brown says

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER just used them by mistake it cost me 340 for week that was supposed to be 140 all extras crap service then they had the cheek to take 340 day after i flew out home it seems this happens a lot read all reviews this site trip adviser site and others all bad people cant get money back over charging charging for damage not done any way they can then not answer when you try to phone Well just phone your credit card up tell them what has gone on they will put money back on your card in 24 working hour then take up dispute on your behalf i did this result got my 340 back unfortuntly cant get money for hire back . i urge you to contact card company and tell them to stop this company using there payment type again dont use DICK MANNS apt name dont you think cos they are a big one

  2. David Haggis says

    Dickmanns Do Not Use Them

    Dickmanns advertise unlimited mileage But its seems unlimited is not the same in spain as I have just had £926.85 taken from my debit card for extra mileage! It was in November and I have throne away my contract which I signed. they are still advertising unlimited mileage. (I mist my flight looking for there office as there was no address was nowhere on the paper work or in the car(they said it should have been) It cost me another £500 as all airlines were full for a week.

  3. Patrick Davis says

    Paid a deposit to Dickmans at murcia of 950 euro when hiring the car and returned it on 26 June 2017 and I am still waiting for return of my deposit . I have sent them at least 10 emails usually answered within a week telling me they have passed it on to accounts for payment but alas nothing comes of it. I would never hire from these rouges again. Have another e mail gone to them and I’m waiting for a reply. It will be 6 months on Boxing Day and I think I will take the legal route with These rogues..

  4. Worst car hire company and worst customer service ever!! They charge much more than they initially tell you!! Staff is totally unprofessional and rude. Customer service literally insults you in their email responses. Bosses should be aware of how the customers are being treated! Couldn´t be more disappointed. And they take months to return the 950€ deposit!!

    • Brian Powell says

      These people should not be in business. Can we crowdfund a campaign to get them shut down? I would certainly chip in.

  5. Brian Powell says

    Waiting for Halifax/Mastercard after lodging a formal complaint to refund me after a month. They also charge for “damage” that you do not do. Totally disreputable.

    • Just to let you know I had to raise a complaint with Halifax/MasterCard to receive my 950euro deposit. The bank was very accommodating and paid me in full within 2 days. I left them to fight with company on my behalf.

  6. Carol & John Dugmore says

    Having booked a car on 18/06/17 & which was returned on12/07/17, on our return to the UK we checked our credit card statement & DICKMANNS had debited 950 euros. We have our own Annual insurance policy so hopefully we should be able to claim our deposit back. DICKMANNS ARE NOT RESPONDING TO ANY OF OUR EMAILS.
    We initially booked the car through DOYOUSPAIN.COM WHO ARE FULLY AWARE OF CUSTOMERS COMPLAINTS but have not also been very helpful with trying to assist us with this problem. We sent 2 emails before we received a reply from them.

    • Hi,

      Exactly the same issue, i returned my car on 13/7/17. Have you had a refund yet? I haven’t.

      Outrageous that things like this can still happen.

      • Carol Dugmore says

        Hi Carl
        Yes, we have got our money back in full thankfully, it was sorted by our Credit Card team, they were extremely helpful. (It took 73 days in total). We tried to get assistance from our ins company here as we had took out an Annual Worldwide policy. We didn’t find them very helpful at all.

        We contacted our credit card team & they asked us to send any info that would assist them e.g. photo’s of damage to the car, correspondence re: our insurance com, whom we hired the car from etc. Luckily we had the full amount put back into our acct 5 days later. We hope that they had as big a shock as we’d had when they noticed the money was gone from their acct.

        We had phoned DICKMANNS twice & sent a number of emails, they stated it was their policy to keep our money for a total of 40 days but when my husband said you’ve now had ours 60 days, the lady said we’ll get it sorted a.s.a.p. We also received a letter from them stating no damage had actually been reported concerning our car, so there was absolutely no reason for them to have stolen our money.

        We hope you have by now received your money back?

  7. Weeks after my return from Spain this company phoned me and asked for passport number, driving license number, home address etc with no reason given for requiring this info. I refused to give info over the phone due to it being a possible scam. They then started emailing me still failing to advise why info required. I was suspicious that this was a scam and so didn’t supply the info. They then took an unauthorised payment of €300 from my credit card without prior notification/warning and without giving me a deadline for supplying the info. They said this is a penalty for failing to give info. I did give info but they failed to retain it their error/mistake! Told me it’s illegal to hire a car without supplying details. If they didn’t take my details they wouldn’t have allowed me to take the car. I am taking legal action against them for taking money from my account without authority which must be illegal surely. This is all due to an error on their part because they failed to retain/lost my info when I collected and returned the hire vehicle which I will add was in perfect condition on return.

  8. STAY AWAY!! If you carry your own insurance and decide not to hire the insurance offered by Dickmanns reps try to fear-sell you their insurance by stating that yours is probably no good. They go in detail on how recovering your money will be a nightmare and in many cases impossible. They also note that cars always come back with costly damage even for the tiniest scratches (normal wear and tear is considered a damage by Dickmanns). When you return your car they will go out of their way to find the finest scratches (even those that are simply not noticeable when a car polish / cleaner is used) and report as actual damage to the car. They calculate the damage and charge your credit card directly even without your signature or authorization. In my case they gave me a dirty car and the damage they claim (rather normal wear and tear of any vehicle) was probably already there and simply could not be appreciated due to the dirt. This is a company I would never recommend but rather warn about. I will never use again.

    My experience is exactly the same as most of the above. In our case we waited over 3 months for 2 separate deposits of 950 euros to be returned from November 2016, Finally I had to use my solicitors to contact them and hey presto the money was returned immediately.
    This web page must be brought to the attention of more people. I also think some of the responsibility must lie with the agencies such as DoYouSpain, Booking Centre Online etc.who promote the cheap rentals. Prices shown for Dickmanns should automatically include the “additional insurance ” ripoff since it is too risky to give Dichmanns unlimited time benefit of customers’ money and there are concerns that the company could fold at any stage. They appear to be a company working on cash flow rather than rental income.
    I am not naive enough to expect cheap rentals without some caveats but these people should not be in business. Can anyone suggest ways of reporting/denouncing them officially. Most of the users are foreigners and feel unable to take action when we go home.

    • Dear mr Finn,

      I have had a similar experience with this company. Hired the car on 27th December and returned it on 31st.
      My €950 deposit was kept by the company for 6 weeks. It took several emails and tweets (telephone calls were never answered) to eventually refund me. It is explained that it can take up to a month to return your refund but they don’t explain it is 30 working days! This is obviously for the interest they receive from everyone’s deposits in their bank! It is very unfortunate that they trade this way because I can’t fault anything else in hiring the car.
      P.s. I informed my credit card company, who refunded me and were going to fight them on my behalf – and then I miraculously received my deposit back!

      • Thanks Lorraine,
        I could have written the script for your message. I never thought about using my credit card company (VISA) to put pressure on them. Good idea.

  10. Ian Glover

    Horrific is all that can be said about this company. I took out independent insurance which I will probably now have to claim on.
    Picked up the car after getting the “courtesy” bus (filthy inside) the 4 miles to their off site office. Javier the customer service man (one of the least courteous people you will ever meet) was fine at first but became angry and aggressive when I said I wasn’t talking their insurance. My wife was upset and distressed by his aggressive behaviour.
    I took photos of all chips and scratches and immediately emailed them to myself.
    On returning the car javier was true to form and almost crawled under the car to find an old scrape on the front skirt. Obviously an old trick of his and despite me getting under the car and photographing said scrape and showing him how old it was he says I will be charged for it.
    DO NOT GO NEAR Dickmans they are rude nasty and aggressive. If you do photograph every blemish on the car and email it to yourself proving when you took them. The poor couple who were in front of me were charged a full day rent €35 for being 1/2 an hour late. Dickmans you are a DISGRACE.

  11. Dickmanns , no no no don’t rent from Dickmanns. They know every trick in the book to fleece you.. If you don’t take their top up insurance, they insist on taking 950 Euros from your credit card, yes they actually take it. They say they refund between 21 & 28 days after the safe return. THIS IS A LIE. They have still got my money after 50 + days after I returned their undamaged car. I have read hundreds of identical bad reviews where renters have not had this large deposit returned although they are quick enough to take. The only chance you have of seeing your money returned is to contact your back, they will either use “Charge Back” or Section 75 of The Finance Act. When I am next out in Spain, in March 2017, I intend to Denounce Them with the Guardian Civil.

    • I, too am now waiting for €950 deposit to be returned to me and want to know how to get in touch with them. It’s now been 4 weeks since they took my money.

      • Dear Lorraine, you are one of many who have been conned by Dickmanns. If you look at this and other review sites, i.e. Trustpilot.com, and read some of the bad reviews on there you can see how many have been ripped off by them. They had my deposit from early October to Christmas Eve. You can email them at info@dickmannsrentacar.com but don’t hold your breath. I emailed 7 times, tweeted 5 times and lost count of how many times I rang. Most times they simply ignored me, then when they got fed up with me, they started replying their favourite saying ” We have passed this on to our accounts department” You should contact the bank that your Credit Card is with. Enquire about Sec 75 of The Consumer Credit Act and they can put pressure on Dickmanns under their Charge Back scheme. Dickmanns bank balance must be very healthy, mainly from non returned deposits. I wish you the very best of luck and hope this I reply is helpful.

        • Thanks JB. I have contacted the Halifax and awaiting their response. I simply cannot afford to lose this amount of money. I only used this company to hire a car for 4 days as I was going to Alicante for my stepfather’s funeral and this nightmare, I can do without. Thanks for your response.

    • Dickmanns took my Deposit of €950 on 7th October 2016, I returned their car on 3rd November and finally received the return of my Deposit on 24th December. Many others waited much longer. Use Setion 75 of The Consumer Credit Act through your bank, that costs them extra due to Bank Charges.

    Here is the Dickmanns Deal. On picking up your vehicle you will be asked to identify any damage on the contract. I had a car with multiple scratches and I thought I was being thorough but didnt include the touch up scrapes.
    On return they find a mark that you didnt record ( that includes area of touch up or respray ) and your account will be debited on your return. The scam is not complicated but common. I lost €200 and about to raise the matter with Spanish Trading Standards.
    Do a search on this company and its hard to believe that they are getting away with it.

    • Shirley Moore says

      I do now but not before it was too late and I had already rented the car. In all the years of renting cars I have always been pleased of all the companies I used but NOT THIS one. The guy when he checked the car when I returned said all was ok but who knows they may find something else to try and blame me for . There was so many scratches and marks on the car when I rented it as depicted on the rental form there would not be room for any more.

      • Mark Flower says

        Having the same horror storey. I have report this to me credit card company and just hope they can sort y refund out as I cant afford to lose 950 euros. I am also now paying interest on it. Such lax business practices yet aren’t Spain supposed to me a member of the EU – glad we are out of it

  13. Beware
    Dickmanns hold on to your 950 euros deposit even though they check, sign and agree there is no damage. They will not respond to you once you are back in UK.

    • Dickmanns have confirmed on 17th August that they are repaying the deposit in full ASAP. see below:

      Dear Mr Smith
      The pending refund has been handed over to the accountant to be refunded asap
      Un saludo cordial,
      Kind Regards,
      Mit freundlichen Gruessen

      This was over 2 weeks ago and surprise surprise they have not done so yet.!

  14. Michael Edlin says

    Please do not use this company for hiring a vehicle.

    I hired a car from the Alicante Airport via Atlas Choice – They charged €98.00 for a full tank of fuel – I returned the car full which was signed off by the staff but have only recieved €64.00 in refund.

    I finally spoke to a staff member after no email response and the “Contact Us” part of the website not working – Also option 1 during the phone call cut me off and the other enquires number loops back to the menu after a minute or two.

    The extra not refunded was a service charge for a member of staff to fill the car – I explained that the car was full when returned which was signed off. They explained that during the booking process through Atlas Choice I selected Full to Empty (there is no option for this) and therefore they have to charge the service cost in case the car needs filling up (non-refundable).

    I’ve selected no stars because I would have got a better service hitch hiking and buried alive somewhere.

    I will be letting everyone I know never to use this company and I hope they die a slow death.

  15. Lynne Edwards says

    I strongly advise that you do not use Dickmanns car hire. I paid a deposit of 950 euros to them on 16th December 2015 and have just received it back today 17.3.16, which means I have had to pay interest on the balance since then. Also when I hired the car it came up on the form to add insurance so I took out the platinum insurance thinking it would cover me for everything. When I got to Dickmanns office I was told this insurance had nothing to do with them even though I only made one payment for car hire and insurance combined. They initially tried to say the car was damaged when we took it back and then said it didn’t matter when challenged, so be sure to take before and after photos with all car hire. will not be using this company again. !!

  16. Robert Bell says

    Hired a car from this group DICKMANNS CAR HIRE Alicanti in December Paid €1,000 deposit plus fuel. Returned the car in 10th January just now received my Deposit back 10 March T and C say it can take 4 – 6 weeks to return, however they don’t tell you it is working days. When I asked for compensation for back charges to told me to check T and C never going to happen as it not their fault that the money got stuck in the bank. It took several calls and Emails to finally get the money returned. They Said “Dickmanns rent a car, is not responsible for the fees charged by your bank on the return of the franchise”

  17. This is unbelievable, I also wished I had seen your comments before. I rented a car the 21st of December at Dickmanns. Had to pay the deposit of 950€ and they promised me that it would be refunded after 20-28 days latest when I dropped of the car. It is now the 23rd of feb, more than 2 months later and still no refund. I have mailed Dickmanns several times now and called them and they keep on telling me that my file is at the accountant already over 11 days now. Conclusion: don’t ever rent at Dickmanns again.

    • Same for us!!! We have to take legal action to get our money back, so please please all you people out there: DON’T EVER USE DICKMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Had the same problems with DICKMANNS taking 1059euros off of our credit card. Many phone calls and e mails latter I eventually contacted a solicitors who threatened legal action. The money was returned the next day but nog before they had it for 6 weeks Do not use

  19. I hired a car 27 th November 2015 returned car 4th Dec, I too am still waiting my €950 deposit.

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