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Enjoy our quick guide to Tinajo, one of the municipalities located right in the heart of Lanzarote.

Occupying a total land area of 136 square kilometers, the town has so much to offer to curious visitors such as the stunning scenery, picturesque villages, incredible history and an annual fiesta.

While evidence of Canarian architecture is seen in the main town of Tinajo, its greatest attraction by far is the impressive Museo Agricola El Patio. Visitors at the museum can explore a historical flour mill, meet a camel and other farm animals and sample the estate’s own wine at the farm’s bodega.


Mancha Blanca, Tinajo – Photo by Patrice, Wikimedia Commons

Below we feature an expat interview with Roger Herbert of Volcanica Properties who covers the Tinajo area.

Specifically, we wanted to learn from Roger the many reasons why people should consider moving to this area and the value for money they can get once they decide to stay permanently.

Roger, thanks for helping our readers. I guess we should start off by asking what would you say would be the advantages to living in Tinajo compared to other Lanzarote towns?

Tinajo is on the lovely north-west side of the island and is a small town with a relaxed atmosphere with a Lanzarotean local culture. It has several shops and some good restaurants, is a short drive from Famara and San Bartolome, and only 25 minutes from Arrecife.

La Santa, Tinajo’s coastal neighbour, is an unspoilt village very popular with surfers, and home to a famous sporting complex Club La Santa (www.clublasanta.com) where athletes from around the world come to train.

Would the area not suit certain types of people, i.e. are there any possible downsides?

If you are looking for night-life, clubs or Irish pubs, this is not the place for you!


Museo Agricola el Patio – Photo by H. Zell, Wikimedia Commons

What proportion of the local population are Spanish?


What are your favourite things to do in the area?

Play tennis, swim, walk the many trails in the area or stroll on the amazing beach at Famara.

Can you give us some insider tips to the best bars or restaurants?

The area is spoilt for choice with a number of top-class restaurants, ranging from local tapas bars to fine dining international cuisine.

Are there many facilities such as doctors and dentists, shops etc?

Tinajo has a doctors surgery, a dentist (you would normally need to speak some Spanish) and a few shops.

Are there smaller villages nearby that you might also recommend?

El Cuchillo, La Santa, La Vegueta and Mancha Blanca are all close by and attract housebuyers looking for a genuine Spanish environment in which to live.

What are the nearest international schools and how good are they?

The nearest international school is 25 mins away, close to Puerto Del Carmen. Most expat children in the Tinajo area go to the local Spanish school and become totally bilingual as a result.

Is crime an issue for expats?

The crime rate is low.


Lugar La Santa La Santa, Tinajo – Photo by GFDL, Wikimedia Commons

Coming onto buying property, what is the market like now in terms of prices going up, or down or staying the same?

Prices are stable but there are currently a lot of buyers looking to buy realistically-priced, well-maintained properties.

Is this a good time to buy and are there any repossessions or very cheap properties still available to buy?

There are very few “cheap” properties now available. British owners looking to move back to the UK are often happy to reduce prices, due to the advantageous exchange rate.

What urbanisations are there and can you describe each one and how they might differ from each other?

There aren’t any as such!

How much are the typical property prices in Tinajo for apartments, villas etc?

There are very few apartments in the area. Prices would be from around 90,000 euros for a 1-bedroom apartment. Villas are available from around 180,000 to 600,000 for a really nice one.

Any tips and advice to people looking to buy in Tinajo or surrounding area?

Get to know the area well before making any decisions and maybe rent somewhere for a few months first.

Roger, thank you so much for taking the time to help our readers with your experiences in Spain. If you want to contact him, you can find his details below.

volcanica-properties Volcanica Properties

Tinajo, Lanzarote
Tel. +34 928 988 013
Email: sales@volcanicaproperties.com
Website: www.volcanicaproperties.com


Here is an interesting tourist video on Tinajo.

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