Moving to Es Castell Menorca Spain

We list opinions and comments from people who have moved to the town of Es Castell on Menorca, Spain.

I moved to the town of Es Castell on the beautiful Balearic island of Menorca in 1999.

The island is a Biosphere Reserve and is smaller than Majorca.

There are no massive shopping centres but breath taking beaches and hidden coves.

The local hospital is incredible and the locals are always welcoming.

Andy Tysoe
Property Menorca Estate Agents

Crime in Es Castell, Menorca Spain Questionaire:

From: Andy Tysoe

Where do you live in Spain?

Es Castell, Menorca

Is there crime in your town?


What type of crimes have you heard about?


Do you feel safe in Es Castell, Menorca?


Is the area safe for children?


Is crime more or less in Es Castell, Menorca compared to the UK (or wherever you lived before)?


If someone was thinking about moving to Es Castell, Menorca, would you recommend they move?


Favourite thing about living in your town/area?

Free of crime. Families living without fear or worry

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