Alcudia, Mallorca: Quick Essential Tourist Guide From Locals

Enjoy our quick guide to Alcudia, one of the most attractive areas in the island of Mallorca.

With its soft sandy beach that stretches up to 10km, Alcudia has a coastline that’s perfect for sailing and nautical sports. These include diving, water skiing, windsurfing and fishing.

Alcudia is only 62km north of Palma, the capital of the island. Apart from hiring a car to get to the area, you can also use a coach transfer wherein travel time is around 1 and a half hours; or you can opt for a taxi transfer wherein taxi drivers would usually charge a fixed price.

Below we feature an expat interview with Pedro Payeras of Inmobiliaria Alcanada who covers the Alcudia area.Specifically, we wanted to learn from Pedro the many reasons why people should consider moving to this area and the value for money they can get once they decide to stay permanently.

Pedro, thanks for helping our readers. I guess we should start off by asking what would you say would be the advantages to living in Alcudia compared to other Mallorca towns?

foto-pedroAlcudia is a town located between two bays, a tourist resort very well-known not only in Spain but also in Europe due to the large number of visitor it has. Alcudia is Mallorca’s traditions and its flair for food. Here, the family atmosphere makes sense. In the last 30 years, it has been reaching people of all nationalities and they coexist amicably. Alcudia is everything you are looking for in a single destination. Therefore, each day, more people decide to establish and live in our town.

Would the area not suit certain types of people, i.e. are there any possible downsides?

Alcudia it is an idyllic area. Blue flagged beaches, the Albufera Natural Park or large services offered, are some of the most important reasons for choosing us as destination and even more, as a place to live beautifully. In Alcudia, from the first of May until the 31st of October are the crowdest months of the year. Thousands of people are coming over from Britain, Germany, France and so on; many of them, decide to spend their holidays here for several days or months, in their second or third homes. Others take advantage and come to work. The rest of the year has a different, more sedate air. It’s a time when the local people get on with their everyday lives.

What proportion of the local population are Spanish?

Alcudia with the marina, now has reached 19,800 habitants and has become one of the poles of greater urban development after Palma, as a result of the important economic activity it generates. A 65 per cent of the local population is made up of Spanish nationals.

What are your favorite things to do in the area?

Summer is a wonderful time with sunny days that allow us to do more things outside without an excessive cost. But in Alcudia you can feel fulfilled all year. It’s easy to follow a plan. I play beach volleyball, tennis, go to the gym, any water sports, cook great food and from time to time do some work!


Albufera Natural Park – Photo by MsLids, Wikimedia Commons

Can you give us some insider tips to the best bars or restaurants?

We have many great places to eat depending on the circumstance. In the port, you can also enjoy beautiful views.

Bistro Mar Restaurant, in the heart of the marina Alcudia Mar, has a fresh seasonal produce which are able to please the most discerning palates.

Then, there is Miramar Restaurant, that has become a landmark which stands out for an excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

Also for “tapas” in Ca’n Punyetes or Ramon’s Bar, where the service is fast and friendly.


Porta Principal, Alcudia – Photo by H. Zell, Wikimedia Commons

Bellavista Club and Restaurant by Giuseppe – a touch of Italian and Mediterranean food.

La Cabaña and its typical “Paellas”.

Naturally, it is impossible not to mention the Alcanada Golf Restaurant, with pleasant views to the Alcanada bay, which rounds off a gastronomic experience based on taste, quality, simplicity and a friendly service.

Another restaurant with Michelin star, El Jadín, for an exclusive dinner made by chef Macarena de Castro.

In general, you can eat in a large range type of restaurants, also Chinese, Italian, Japanese. Finally, try a cocktail or a gin tonic at Cafè Milano, Shamrock Pub or enjoy in Banana’s Club Disco.


Alcudia City Walls – Photo by Marc Ryckaert, Wikimedia Commons

Are there many facilities such as doctors and dentists, shops, etc…?

There is a hospital for any common health issues and private doctors for non-residents. The main hospital is 45 minutes driving. Shopping is a pleasure here, with so many small independent shops and shopping centres and famous brands.

Are there smaller villages nearby that you might also recommend?

Inland there are small villages famous for the street markets and restaurants with Mallorcan food called “celler”. I especially recommend Sa Pobla, Petra, Sineu, Selva, Consell, Binissalem.

What are the nearest international schools and how good are they?

Mallorca offers a great selection of international schools. Amongst them there are British, French, Swedish and German schools, teaching in their native language but incorporating Spanish and in most cases additional languages. We talk about Bellver International College, Ágora Portals, Queen’s College… but these ones are located near Palma.

In the North, we have the Mallorca International School Crestatx, between Pollensa and Sa Pobla, and located just 25 minutes from Alcudia. On the other hand, there is the Rafa Nadal Academy, in Manacor, that has partnerships with American universities. It is 55 minutes from Alcudia.


St. James Church, Alcudia – Photo by Marc Ryckaert, Wikimedia Commons

Is crime an issue for expats?

Not at all.

Coming onto buying property, what is the market like now in terms of prices going up, or down or staying the same?

It is true that we came from a crisis and that sales were paralyzed. People buy here because they choose a lifestyle or also, to invest. Right now, we are in a situation where prices are maintained, they are quite consistent. Nowadays, the problem is that the owner is not willing to receive less for its property.

Is this a good time to buy and are there any repossessions or very cheap properties still available to buy?

Yes, although the economy is rising up since 2013 there are still bargains available.

For example, a 2-bed apartment 5 minutes away to the beach starts from €115,000. A 110 sqm detached house with pool from €245,000. Properties by the coast are always more expensive than those found inland. A 2-bed apartment 15 minutes driving to the beach has an average discount of 25 percent.

Bank repossessions obtain better financial terms for a loan which make it even more attractive for investors or private buyers who are looking for the best value for the money.


Alcudia City Walls – Photo by Marc Ryckaert, Wikimedia Commons

What urbanisations are there and can you describe each one and how they might differ from each other?

We can say that there are three residential areas that complement the town centre. They are necessary to distribute better the population. These areas are fitting into a particular lifestyle. And sometimes offer more tranquility, no crowded beaches, in a family atmosphere and newly built villas.

We are talking about Bonaire, with its exclusive and small harbor; Alcanada, with one of the most beautiful golf courses of the island; Puerto de Alcudia and its sandy beach.

How much are the typical property prices in Alcudia for apartments, villas etc?

It depends on the characteristics of the property and its location – proximity to the sea. In this way, we find apartments from 60-150.000 euros. Townhouse from 90 – 250.000 euros. A villa with pool and garden from 240.000 euros. Plots from 110.000 euros and country houses/fincas with lots of land, pools and fruit trees from 170.000 euros.

Any tips and advice to people looking to buy in Alcudia or surrounding area?

Go to a local Real Estate Agency with experience, like us. We guide the client from the beginning of his search to help him to make the best decision according to the needs at the time of his purchase, rental and/or construction of a new property. Before choosing a property make sure the area offers everything for you. Check that it is legal and that all is in order.

Pedro, thank you so much for taking the time to help our readers with your experiences in Spain. If you want to contact him, you can find his details below.


Carretera Alcudia – Artá, 38
Local 1. 07400
Puerto de Alcudia. Islas Baleares.
Tel.  +34 971 548 090

Here’s an interesting tourist video on Alcudia.

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