Spanish Driving Test: How to Get Your Spanish Driving License

Spanish Driving Test

There are two stages of the Spanish driving test:

1. Theoretical Driving Test

This theoretical exam test takes place in the Traffic Department offices.

It is a 30 multiple choice question exam from which at least 27 questions must be answered correctly.

You can apply and get more info on the dates and on how to register at your city’s/locality’s traffic department office.

The major requisite to take the examination is to be a Spanish resident and have a NIE/TIE card.

Study Materials to get prepare for the DGT Theory Test are:

– Driving Theory Manual (16 Chapter Driving Theory Book).
– Thematic driving tests for every chapter of the book.
– DGT theory exam style test. (This is the major element of the preparation; more test practice you have more knowledgeable you become. The exam questions will be from this driving test database.
– You may also be interested to attend intensive course with a tutor. Nowadays there are both option of physical courses and also the video format online courses

2. Practical Driving Exam
A practical driving exam that is a 30 minutes’ drive following instructions of the Traffic Department official(examiner). This driving test takes place on the same exact vehicle on which you had your practical classes. During the driving exam you will accompanied by your driving instructor that can help with translations of the examiner’s directions in case you need help with that. This exam can be taken on automatic transmission vehicle (in this case driving license only allows to drive automatic transmission vehicles).

Requirements to process the class B Spanish drivers license

– Be a Spanish resident.
– Be of the required age (the minimum age to obtain the card is 18 years old; however, at 17 years old you can start the process with theoretical and practical classes and, three months before turning 18 years old, it is possible to take the exam driving theory of the DGT).
– Have the required psychophysical skills.
– Be declared fit by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of the town where it is examined in the theoretical and practical tests.

It is important to know that the total process to obtain a Spanish drivers license will take approximately 3-4 months. So you have to have enough time for preparation.

DGT Test in English

The Spanish Traffic Department (DGT – Dirección General de Tráfico) gives a chance to take the Spanish driving test in English. Each expat living in Spain has a choice to take the driving theory test in several other languages other than Spanish, one of the choices is to take the DGT test in English.

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