Security Work – Door Supervisor & Security Guard Jobs in Spain

Spain certainly has many opportunities to find security jobs because of the huge number of bars and clubs requiring security staff.

On this page we will list actual vacancies for security jobs and work in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

If you are a job seeker you also have the opportunity to leave your contact details and positions that you seek in the security sector, also at the bottom of the page.

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Door Supervisor Jobs (DS) – Bouncers & Door Men

If you are an English-speaking person looking for security work in Spain then becoming a door supervisor (DS) is the most popular way of finding work. A door supervisor used to be more commonly known as a bouncer or doorman.

A door supervisor is responsible for the safety of customers in venues such as bars, pubs and clubs.

job-spain-graphicOf course not every bar in Spain requires a DS, far from it!

However the busier bars in the popular tourist destinations do require securitystaff.

Every nightclub will certainly require at least one or two door supervisors who decide who to admit and who to not allow entrance to.

Door supervisors must also eject any customers being aggressive or abusive in the bar or nightclub.

Although you’re looking to get a job in Spain it does help to have a professional licence which is recognised such as an SIA licence which looks good and helps get you a position over other applicants.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK.

Other Spanish Security Work

Most other security work will be as a security guard. There are some other vacancies in retail security, chauffeur, CCTV, alarms, intruder, security systems, engineering, fire, health and safety, audit, fraud and investigation.

Where Can I Get Security Jobs in Spain?

Any large tourist resort will have many bars and clubs requiring security staff.

If you don’t speak Spanish and you are an English-speaking person then look to the popular resorts for international tourists.

Marbella is probably the best place to look on mainland Spain because it attracts very wealthy people who require security such as close protection and bodyguards.

There are also lots of bars and clubs in Marbella and neighbouring Puerto Banus for door supervisor work.

Other busy tourist resorts on mainland Spain which would be good for door supervisor jobs would be Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Lloret de Mar and Benidorm.

Most door supervisor jobs would be found on the Spanish islands in the peak of summer in popular tourist destinations such as Lanzarote, Tenerife, Ibiza and Majorca (Magaluf).

Some good information here from ‘Close Protection World’ from a former security worker in Spain – “I’ve been working mainland Spain for a couple of years…..vowed that last season would be my last !!

A lot of the door work out here is not what you know but who you know and you get used to being shunted from club to club – you can work 5 different doors in any 7 nights.

Contracts are rare, most of the work is cash in hand, bone up on your language skills as I’ve worked with Spanish, Poles, Russians, Germans… you name it, they’re all working the doors out here!!!

Make sure you have a cash reserve to get you home if it doesn’t work out for you. Spain is no longer a cheap holiday destination and the clubs and bars are quieter because of this.

Some places are only paying €9 an hour but it’s been as low as €6.50… don’t rely on your earnings to get you home if things go wrong !!!

Not trying to put you off but so many Brits are selling up and going back because of the cost of living out here now……it is dearer than the U.K. in many ways.”

Tips To Find Security Work

  • Most door supervisor jobs can be found by word of mouth in the resorts.
  • You won’t need a visa if you are an EU citizen.
  • Bring enough savings to last one month.
  • Go to the nearest police station to get your N.I.E. number which you will need to work.
  • To rent a one bed apartment costs around €400 a month without bills.
  • Most door supervisor jobs will be for the summer only.
  • An SIA licence will greatly enhance your job prospects.
  • Get a free EHIC card which will prove that you are entitled to emergency medical treatment in Spain.

In the comments box below we list any available security jobs in Spain.

Employers if you’re looking for security staff, please list your vacancies below, it’s free.

If you are looking for security jobs you can describe your security jobs that you want below for free.

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  1. Aaron schofield says

    Looking for door work. My dad run the doors in London for years in racquels nightclub and ministry of sound with the likes of Bernard Mahoney etc.

    Born and raised in Essex.
    Been taught the old school way of respect, looking for someone to give me a Chance on the doors and work my way up, I know how the game works and I respect that. Please email me for any further conversation Thankyou.

  2. Benjamin r ambridge says

    Hello my name is Benjamin Richard ambridge. I’m 31 years of age, live I england. Looking at a career in the private security industry, I hold a d.s sia badge. Former martial arts instructor and wiling to learn aswel as travelling for work.

  3. Musawenkosi says

    hi my name is Musawenkosi Nkosi I leave in South Africa’ I’m working as a security officer more that 6 years
    working in control room dealing with cctv camera, monitoring the hub, I’m looking forward to live my country to work abroad as a similar job, any security jobs available in your country I will be much appreciated to have that.

  4. Tracey Wait says

    Hi….my son has recently move here to Spain and had a job opportunity as a door supervisor if he gets a badge/ licence to do this. Where does he apply to get one?

  5. Maurizio Provvisionato says

    Hi,my name is Maurizio. I’m actually working abroad for security industry, but I moved here in Costa del Sol few months ago and I’m looking for a similar job in clubs or as PSD or other. I have SIA licence and FPOS certificate.
    I look forward to hearing from you

  6. I’m 32, I have 5 years experience in clubs and at events. I am great at conflict resolution and can speak enough spanish to work effectively in spain. I live in Barcelona and am looking for any work. My old Australian licence has expired.

  7. Sorin Simionescu says

    Hi, my Name is Sorin S. from Romania and I am qualified as Close Protection Officer, Security Guard , and I am looking for a job in Marbella, Spain .

  8. Hi my name is Ryan Hopkins, 24 years old been working in the security industry for 6.5 years now have worked various types of clubs and bars, looking to do a season in spain working the doors, currently holding a valid SIA licence also.
    ready to move when requested.

  9. Ian McAllister says

    33 Year old, Ex Royal Marine, now living in Spain,highly experienced in all aspects of maritime activities including Deckhand, navigation, and security duties. Looking for advice or contact information with a view to finding employment within this skill set.
    Telephone Ian on 622728922

  10. Hello , My name is Peter – Former Security Director of a major Hotel Chain – Belgian Citizen – +25 years in the Security . Residential & Executive Protection specialist – Lic. Security consultant in Belgium. NL, FR, GER, ENG – looking for an opportunity within the Marballa / Banus area –

  11. steve lomas says

    hi my names steve lomas
    I served in the armed forces for 15yrs and am looking for security work in Benidorm
    I do have my SIA front line badge . and am also UKSV cleared . along with my CRB
    if there is anything would appreciate

  12. mark nesbitt says

    hi my name is mark I have my ds and cp badges I’m ex forces
    I am looking at locating to spain soon if any job vacancys are available please can you drop a email thanks

  13. MUHAMMAD ASAD says

    Hey I’m Asad age 25 i have EU citizen card I work 5 year in Iraq as a personal security Defence with x British Army i do speak Arabic English Hindi and Afghanistan language and now i like to work in spian .my email

  14. Andrew Illston says

    Hi my name is Andy worked in security for over 20 years am currently a security manager in a music museum. Looking to work the doors again a family have moved to Spain. Ex forces for 5 years. Copleted sia management course level 2. 6 foot tall and 19 stone.

  15. Richard rowles says

    Hi my name is Ricky I’m looking to move to Tenerife with my family I have a door supervisor badge and I’m looking for door work or security work I have worked in security for nearly 20 years so I have alot of knowledge and experience.

  16. Hi i am 37 year old male.6 foot tall big build. I worked as a doorman many years ago begore you needed a licence in many bars and clubs.i have also worked in security and worked close protection with some celebs and also carried out undercover work within the security industry. 07554-940208

  17. russel greer says

    hi my name is russ, I am looking for security employment in benidorm .I live in England I am looking to move as I have friends in alicante. I have worked in retail and hospitality .I have been learning Spanish for a while. I have sai door supervisor licence plus cctv.
    For anymore information please email me. Many thanks russ

  18. Tony bloom says

    Hi work as a head door man also 5 year’s doing various events and festivals looking for door work for myself and team of three 07958118697

  19. Ali Raza Chauhan says

    Hi My name is Ali Raza I am 27 years old,Pakistani Nationality,Residence in UAE, working as a security supervisor in worlds luxury hotel Name Burj Al Arab.
    I would like to start my career in Spain.
    Regards Thanks

  20. Muntean Iosif says

    Hi my name is Muntean Iosif, I 40 years, I have dual citizenship Romanian and Hungarian. I worked as security in Germany, I would like to find work as a porter hotel bell boy speak Italian, English, Hungarian, Romanian and German tad want to work in the hotel and that bagajioner or lifter. that’s my phone number 0040744814937 Romania

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