Security Work – Door Supervisor & Security Guard Jobs in Spain

Spain certainly has many opportunities to find security jobs because of the huge number of bars and clubs requiring security staff.

On this page we will list actual vacancies for security jobs and work in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

If you are a job seeker you also have the opportunity to leave your contact details and positions that you seek in the security sector, also at the bottom of the page.

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Door Supervisor Jobs (DS) – Bouncers & Door Men

If you are an English-speaking person looking for security work in Spain then becoming a door supervisor (DS) is the most popular way of finding work. A door supervisor used to be more commonly known as a bouncer or doorman.

A door supervisor is responsible for the safety of customers in venues such as bars, pubs and clubs.

job-spain-graphicOf course not every bar in Spain requires a DS, far from it!

However the busier bars in the popular tourist destinations do require securitystaff.

Every nightclub will certainly require at least one or two door supervisors who decide who to admit and who to not allow entrance to.

Door supervisors must also eject any customers being aggressive or abusive in the bar or nightclub.

Although you’re looking to get a job in Spain it does help to have a professional licence which is recognised such as an SIA licence which looks good and helps get you a position over other applicants.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK.

Other Spanish Security Work

Most other security work will be as a security guard. There are some other vacancies in retail security, chauffeur, CCTV, alarms, intruder, security systems, engineering, fire, health and safety, audit, fraud and investigation.

Where Can I Get Security Jobs in Spain?

Any large tourist resort will have many bars and clubs requiring security staff.

If you don’t speak Spanish and you are an English-speaking person then look to the popular resorts for international tourists.

Marbella is probably the best place to look on mainland Spain because it attracts very wealthy people who require security such as close protection and bodyguards.

There are also lots of bars and clubs in Marbella and neighbouring Puerto Banus for door supervisor work.

Other busy tourist resorts on mainland Spain which would be good for door supervisor jobs would be Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Lloret de Mar and Benidorm.

Most door supervisor jobs would be found on the Spanish islands in the peak of summer in popular tourist destinations such as Lanzarote, Tenerife, Ibiza and Majorca (Magaluf).

Some good information here from ‘Close Protection World’ from a former security worker in Spain – “I’ve been working mainland Spain for a couple of years…..vowed that last season would be my last !!

A lot of the door work out here is not what you know but who you know and you get used to being shunted from club to club – you can work 5 different doors in any 7 nights.

Contracts are rare, most of the work is cash in hand, bone up on your language skills as I’ve worked with Spanish, Poles, Russians, Germans… you name it, they’re all working the doors out here!!!

Make sure you have a cash reserve to get you home if it doesn’t work out for you. Spain is no longer a cheap holiday destination and the clubs and bars are quieter because of this.

Some places are only paying €9 an hour but it’s been as low as €6.50… don’t rely on your earnings to get you home if things go wrong !!!

Not trying to put you off but so many Brits are selling up and going back because of the cost of living out here now……it is dearer than the U.K. in many ways.”

Tips To Find Security Work

  • Most door supervisor jobs can be found by word of mouth in the resorts.
  • You won’t need a visa if you are an EU citizen.
  • Bring enough savings to last one month.
  • Go to the nearest police station to get your N.I.E. number which you will need to work.
  • To rent a one bed apartment costs around €400 a month without bills.
  • Most door supervisor jobs will be for the summer only.
  • An SIA licence will greatly enhance your job prospects.
  • Get a free EHIC card which will prove that you are entitled to emergency medical treatment in Spain.

In the comments box below we list any available security jobs in Spain.

Employers if you’re looking for security staff, please list your vacancies below, it’s free.

If you are looking for security jobs you can describe your security jobs that you want below for free.

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  1. Muntean Iosif says

    Hi my name is Muntean Iosif, I 40 years, I have dual citizenship Romanian and Hungarian. I worked as security in Germany, I would like to find work as a porter hotel bell boy speak Italian, English, Hungarian, Romanian and German tad want to work in the hotel and that elevator man or lifter. that’s my phone number 0040744814937 Romania In Marbella

  2. Dan Frimpong Manso says

    Am Dan and I have ten years experience in the military. I have worked with the presidency as an Escort. I have also worked with the military high commands. Am available for any immediate security guard job.can contact me on 0034612278677.

  3. Gary Prescott says

    Hi, my name is Gary & I have recently moved to Villamartin, Orihuela Costa and I am looking for any type of security position.
    I have held my SIA licence in the UK for 9 years and my roles have covered everything from door supervisor to retail to site security. I can work just as well on my own or as part of a team and I have worked for companies including Nationwide, VSG and First Response.
    I am available for an immediate start and can also work at short notice.
    Thank you in advance
    Gary Prescott

  4. Andy Roberts says

    I am a very experienced door supervisor, I have a current SIA Door supervisor licence, NVQ Level2 spectator safety, I’ve worked large and small football grounds 30,000+ festivals and I have worked red carpet events and with such prominant people as ambassadors. I’m looking for any security work in mainland Spain.

  5. Simon walsh says

    Highly motivated and enthusiastic, with smart appearance front line DS
    looking for work either static guarding, door supervision. Worked a lot of football matches, doors and various venues across the UK including new year’s eve firework event London, some commercial film sets, gate-house control have at least 3 years security experience from leaving school until SIA came in
    Took the course and obtained the certificate and badge and worked for a high profile security firm and currently employed by a local firm on a casual basis working door supervision some CCTV monitoring (in house training ) as well as static security. Skill sets are, manned gaurding, door supervision, gate house control, basic cyber security, penetration testing, have a foundation degree at the end of the month in networking technologies, conflict management, disengagement techniques, Has keen eye to detail and works well as part of a team. If you have a position available plz do not hesitate to contact me you will not be disappointed with the device you receive.

  6. Jason Dade says

    My name is Jason Dade I am ex army off 10 years,at present I am a armed contractor for the last 8 years, I hope a sia co licence ,when not working in the high risk areas I do cp and security at events and festivals. I also hold a EMT and frec 3 .I would like a break from the contractor work this summer and looking to work in security in spain,if any body is interested please do not hesitate to contact me. Jason Dade

  7. tika prasad sharma says

    I am from Nepal . I was serving with the Indian Army science last twenty six year Experience job . Looking for a hotel or club security jobs in Spain .

  8. Hi I will have my s.i.a card end of the month and looking for summer or longer work in Spain as I’m moving out there with the Missis I’m 22 and no criminal record any help much appreciated … thanks liam

  9. Harvey Boutilier says

    I am looking for security work in Ibiza for the whole summer. I have over 14 years of experience working in bars and clubs in Toronto Canada. I am reliable, hardworking,a team player and very level headed.
    I have all the skills and attributes to be a valuable asset to your Security team.
    I look forward to hearing from someone in the near future.

  10. Ryan royle says

    Hi I’m looking for door supervisor work in Ibiza or the surrounding areas, I hold a door supervisor badge and a driving license. I’m 28 educated and smart from England, I have various customer service experience and door supervisor too. It would be nice to hear of any opportunities available.

  11. claire ingram says

    VERY PROFESSIONAL (on day of enjoy local culture, beaches, music and enjoy Ibiza)
    DEGREE IN SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT (searches, reports, door policy, laws)
    INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK GOOD TIME KEEPER OVER 35 English speaking healthy and happy

  12. Close Protection wanted for 3-4 days in Pamploma, Spain; June 14-17th 2017. Approximate 6-8 hours per day. Must have certification, be good with kids, active, provide transportation, security clearance preferred and provide documentation. English speaking.
    If your able and interested, please contact me at:
    In the subject line please write: Assistance in Spain
    Many email get blocked from overseas, this will aid me in finding your email
    Please tell me what your fee would be, your work experience and if you have any connections at certain hotels for references. If you would be willing to tell me if you have children and your hobbies, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you kindly!

  13. peter carter says

    Hi to whom it may concern

    I have 8 years security experience in the security industry 4 of them as a head doorman i am currentley trained in the following i also hold a close protection badge and door supervisor badge aswell

    FPOS – I am competent in the administering of medical aid to massive trauma injuries or those suffering from a medical emergency and arranging onward movement to medical facilities.

    Physical Intervention (Diploma Level 3) – Competent in the use of unarmed self-defence techniques, hostile situation avoidance and the use of force / de-escalation.

  14. Oliver Jones says


    My name is Oliver Jones, my family and I are looking to relocate to Mallorca permanently in July 2017 ,We have found a property in Sa Coma area. I am looking for any close protection/security work. I have a vast amount of experience from my time in the military and the police.
    I am fully qualified in close protection and licensed by the SIA, my skills/training have covered First responder, weapons training, covert/overt surveillance. I have my Enhanced CRB
    I have worked in various countries including Bermuda, Iraq, Norway, so have a respect for different cultures.
    My family and I have been coming to Majorca for many years now and want to make our new life there.
    Our estate agent is in the process of getting our NIE number ready for the move and purchase of the house.
    I am also in the process of improving my Spanish.
    When I work I do so with respect, professionalism, integrity and alway work hard, with a keen eye for detail to make every job I do run smoothly assisting in great customer service.
    Should you have any opportunitys please contact me via email on
    Thank you for taking the time to read my advert
    Oliver Jones

  15. Amber Olson says

    My name is Amber and I will be relocating to Marbella in May 2018 to further my studies. I am in search of a part time security job. I have 12 years experience in law enforcement, security, CCTV, emergency dispatch, crisis management, weapons training, first responder/first-aid training, management/supervision, etc. I have worked in various countries to include South Korea, Turkey, the Netherlands, Spain, England and the United States. I am in possession of a current Secret Security Clearance. I am open to any jobs in which I can take advantage of my expertise. I am currently working with a Spanish language trainer to increase my skillsets prior to the move. Please contact me at for further questions.
    Looking forward to your response.

  16. I am looking for security job. I am martial arts coch. And I in self-defense skills.
    I am coch in Judo, Boxing, Wusho and Wing Chun ( Kung Fu ).
    Warm regarfs
    My phone : 651730589

  17. Richard Mitchell says

    Hi, I am looking for security work anywhere in spain. I have a DS SIA licence and have worked as a door supervisour for two years as well as a security officer in stores and as an events security officer at festivals.

  18. Joanna priest says

    Me and my partner are looking to move to Spain either Marbella or Alicante im a security officer working at a ferry port at the moment I have a S.I.A license and cctv is there any full time work in this field in these areas I don’t speak Spanish but I am learning

  19. I am seeking Security Officer/Door Supervisor work in any area of mainland Spain or the islands. I have an SIA badge and have 12 years of experience behind me. I am trained and qualified to use handcuffs and in arrest procedures. I also have a high competency in the Spanish language.

  20. Hello!
    My Name is David. I have 12 Years of military background. I did CP jobs in Afghanistan, Kosovo. I was door supervisor in Ireland. As a well trained security officer I’m looking for Close protection or door supervisor job between Gibraltar and Marbella.
    If interested, tel: +34 600 37 57 16, email:

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