Work as a DJ in Ibiza Spain

Welcome to our guide on getting a job in Ibiza as a DJ in one of the many clubs, bars and pubs on the island.

Unless you are one of the world’s top DJs you’re likely to struggle to find a job on the island.

Becoming a DJ (deejay) in one of the major clubs such as Pacha, Eden, Amnesia, Es Paradis, Privilege, Amnesia and Space is virtually impossible unless you are a well-known name in the industry.

Famous DJ’s working the turntables in Ibiza nightclubs include David Guetta, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren.

We also have some advice on moving to Ibiza.

DJ Jobs in Spain 2020

If you are looking for a DJ job in Spain then without doubt you should be looking at Ibiza first and foremost. As discussed above it is very difficult to find work here in one of the superclubs but there are are plenty of other smaller venues.

The positive news is that there are lots of bars, pubs, discos and smaller clubs that also require DJs to cater for the thousands of dance-mad tourists who come to Ibiza (Eivissa) every year.

Some of the other Spanish islands also had some good clubs and work opportunities where you won’t need to be a superstar internationally famous DJ unlike Ibiza!

There are some good clubs and opportunities to be a DJ in Tenerife and Marbella.

Majorca also has a thriving club scene especially in the resort of Magaluf with the BCM Club.

Any DJ (disc jockey) jobs available that we have will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Employers and clubs – list your DJ job vacancies for free.

If you’re looking for work as a DJ in Ibiza, please also leave your details at the bottom of the page so that you can be contacted directly.

There are plenty of alternative employment opportunities to work in Ibiza and some of the other types of jobs are very much easier to find, for example, bar jobs, PR jobs, hotel jobs, holiday rep jobs and dancer jobs.

To be honest what you might need to do is put your disc jockey ambitions on hold and just get any type of club job just to work the summer season and then you can seek out gigs and search for vacancies when you’re actually there once you get to know people.

Start by going into workers bars such as the Ship Inn. Some of these workers bars will let you play free on their decks and you can play some mixes and maybe get discovered?

Ibiza DJ Jobs

Becoming a DJ in Ibiza is much harder than it looks. This island may be famous as a magnet for clubbers all over the world but there are still only a limited amount of clubs and you are competing against world famous names.

The most likely way to get a DJ job is in one of the small bars and pubs in the West End area of San Antonio.

Even there, many of the bars and clubs have resident DJs who return every single year.

You just have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Unless you have a name then you will also have to be aware that you can’t turn up play your mixes and favourite tracks.

The bars and nightclubs in the West End will expect you to play the most commercial dance and pop music regardless of your taste or abilities as that is what their customers want.

Here is a good article about DJ Sam, AKA Miss Divine who has been fortunate enough to gain a residency at Hush in Ibiza.

Most DJ jobs will be located in the busy resort of San Antonio but around the island are other major resorts such as Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa.At least as a DJ you are actually working in the clubs themselves with the bonus of free drinks included.

Can’t get work as a DJ? – you can buy Pacha tickets here.

Where Can I Get DJ Jobs?

Any vacancies that we are aware of will be listed at the bottom of this page, you can also contact the major clubs directly. These clubs hold their opening parties from mid-May going through to the closing parties mid-September.

Page Summary

We hope the article above helps you in your quest to work as a DJ in Spain and in particular in Ibiza in the Balearics which is the best place to work as a DJ as it has the best dance clubs in Spain. Some of the questions we get asked:

  • Can I get a deejay (DJ) job in Space/Pacha/Eden/Amnesia/Es Paradis/Privilege?
  • Where is the best place in Spain to get work as a DJ?
  • DJ jobs wanted Ibiza?
  • Am I allowed to work as a DJ in Spain?
  • I want to DJ in Spain.

All disc jockey jobs in Ibiza are listed below in the comments box.

Employers – please list your job vacancies below for free.

If you are looking for a job as a DJ in Ibiza you can leave your details below for free.

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  1. DJ From Northern Ireland Resident DJ at KICK(Belfast)
    Have Supported Acts Such as
    Dance System
    Dallas DSNT

    Insta: fergalmcguigz

    I would like the opportunity to build my DJ experience further and working Ibiza will be my opportunity to do this.

  2. Looking For a Club, The DJ Work that I’m looking for. In Spain, Ibiza.

  3. Hello people.My name is Kostas and I’ve been djing for the past 3 years.I do mainly spin techno and tech-house.However,I build my sets in regards to the time and the mood of the day.Any decent dj is dependable on the good ear,on the musical taste and the ability to assess the evening properly.As a raver for many years,I am aware of what most of the ravers are seeking in a party,especially when we talking about Ibiza.Haven’t got much experience in big rooms,but my knowledge in electronic music and the spiritual connection with the crowd and the tunes are two imperatives that one should own.Looking forward to coming to Ibiza this summer 2020 and hopefully something good this way comes.Peace and Love!!

  4. HI,

    Looking for dj jobs for 2020 – in Balearic islands & Spains mainland.

    For extra info / CV & music links please contact me :

    Muchas Gracias

  5. Hello my name is DJ Brumo. I am old school DJ with over 25 years of DJ experience. In the start I’d like to try to play in the short term. Mostly I play retro disco 70 ‘- 90’ ( rock, pop,disco ) . I also like to play Nu Disco, Funky House, Disco House music this is. Music that would go great for a beach bar, restaurant, or club. My music mix you can find in my home page MIX and find Brumo Paradise Garage mix.
    If you have a problem and frequent receive complaints about loud music, I can help resolve this problem. I own a Brumo Silent Disco business in Northern Europe. Our clients are hotels, restaurants, cruise ships. More info about this opportunity

  6. Sebastian Boboutanu says

    Hello, my name is Sebastian, a 24y old open format dj with a 7 years of experience. Looking for a serious and well paid DJ job in Ibiza because I considered that is a good destination for making the big step in my career.
    Usually I don’t say so much things about me, cause music speaks for me in most of cases. I am a humble man who wants and thinks he deserves more from life.
    Here is my Mixcloud link :
    Email :

  7. Disco Kitty says

    Looking for free love and good house music – look no further…
    Great energy, great talent.
    Traditionally a vinyl junkie but can go digital with own equipment.
    Over 15+ experience, call the Disco HQ now

  8. Pranav Pathak says

    Iam a DJ / percussionist from India
    Coming to Ibiza on 29 the Sept to 14 the Sept , looking for few gigs in Ibiza , have been playing from last 10 years and have played at various clubs in India , looking for to play in Ibiza , contact no 8600122812
    Email –

    Thank you

  9. Hi I’m a dj and wanna work in ibiza next summer I play house trance and rnb and reggae

  10. Vera Suhova says

    Hi, Im looking for a DJ job in Spain preferably Balearic Islands.
    The link for my fresh mixtapes:

  11. Fatema Hakim says


    I’m Fatema Hakim, I am a Disco DJ hailing from the Eastern lands of India.
    I have been playing since 5 years now and have seen myself grow as an artist, even through the music I play and listen to.

    Please do hit me up for my presskit and more info.
    It’d be thrilling to host some crazy disco parties in Ibiza.


  12. Constantin Wittgenstein says

    I am writing you regarding a role as a DJ in Ibiza. I find that my academic accomplishments will improve since I study Creative Music Technology in London and I am preparing my thesis on the History of House Music and the Art of mixing/DJ especially. I am seeking a challenging but rewarding internship, which is why I am writing you.

    However I don’t have skills in PR or advertising skills but I do believe that I have a good ear and taste and can therefore research more in depth and play good and honest music. It is also a chance for me to get to know the Producers and DJs since I make music on my own and play music as well. While I was in school as a Junior and Junior High at Munich International School I had several internships with great music producers such as Eberhardt Schöner and Harold Faltermeyer (Top Gun, Axel F, Donna Summer, Partri LaBelle and many more).

    As Student in my 6th year at the London Metropolitan we cover:

    Critical and Contextual Music Studies
    Creative Studio Practice
    Media Skills and Practice
    Interactive Arts
    Applied Music Technology
    Composition and Live Electronics
    Music/Media Context and Cultural Musicology


    Music programming and coding
    Psycho Acoustics
    Instrument Building and Designing Electronic Synthesizers
    Sound-speaker Analysis and Design

    Using my knowledge above and listening to music my whole life. I produced, composed music and DJ at several great places such as Brilliant Corners, London UK and Underground Clubs in Germany (Bob Beaman), UK, Spain and Switzerland)

    I would be delighted to have an opportunity to get this chance. Please accept the enclosed resume and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your time and consideration.

    yours sincerely,

    Constantin Wittgenstein

    – Music for your mind, body and soul –

  13. Emilian Slabutu says

    Hi, Im lloking for a job as a dj in Ibiza. I have good culture in house music and I know what people like to listen in Ibiza. I begin to djing in 1997 when I had 15 years old at small parties. I play deep house, chicago house, minimal tech house and techno. I play also retro house from 90s with different styles of house, chicago and breaks. My dj name is River Thinman , my phone number is 0032493821262.

  14. DJ Beetz says

    Hi I’m DJ Beetz from South Africa, looking for a good vibe to showcase my talent. I’m a Deep House – Afro – Tech – Soulful House DJ versatile and a crowd shaker. Ibiza is the one place I’d like touch souls at through my music, I’m will to travel and gain more experience in a more wider atmosphere and of course make new friends along the journey and boost my DJ career. Direct line +27788826715

  15. Juan Carlos B says

    Hello , im Juan Carlos B Dj/Producer I’ve-signed with 4 international record label such as Transpecta records.
    Im coming to ibiza in August 15 till 21, and im looking for a gig, that would be amazing, you can check my music and projects

    Thank you

    My latest release with transpecta records:




  16. Jon Vickers says

    Hi, my names Jon Vickers and I’m a prog/electro/tech house dj and I’ve been djing since 2002! I’ve played all over the uk at bars/small clubs and bigger clubs such as escape Swansea and ministry of sound London! I’d love to come to Ibiza and play gigs all over the island! If there’s any chance please call me on 07481515771! You can see me playing at ministry on youtube! Just search for Jon Vickers ministry of sound! Thanks!!!!

  17. DJ Unleash says

    Hi From DJ Unleash (London,UK)
    I would love to go to Ibiza to DJ for a week or two.
    See my soundcloud profile for the range of Dance/House/Techno music I play and you can drop me a email message there as well.

  18. H killer says

    Hi, iam Dj HKiller from Lebanon, been djing over 7 years, mostly played all genre but mainly deep, tech house.

    Did many events and been to different countries as well, and now iam looking for I place where I can find my self more with my music to show it to others and it would be a great chance to dj in ibiza.

    My facebook: Deejay hkiller

  19. James Raymond says

    Manchester based DJ and Producer, looking for some DJ work abroad in the summer. I have supported the likes of Mele at Elrow, Solardo, Dixon and Mella Dee (Garden Party – Leeds). I dj with a Leeds based collective called North Sessions as a resident and have two residencies in Manchester at Bloc North and Polarity. I want to push my DJ career forwards as much as possible and will take any DJ work going!

  20. Hixel Perez says

    House Dj from Madrid, producer student and looking for to play in Ibiza.
    Resident as a revelation dj in La Kama Weekend weekly sesión.

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