Get a Job in Spain as an Au Pair or Nanny – Want to Find a Nanny or Au Pair?

If you have been searching for work for some time you would have realised that it can be quite difficult to find work without actually being in Spain itself.

One of the very best ways of finding work and jobs in Spain in advance of moving to Spain is getting a position as an au pair or nanny.

Certainly if you are a young female who likes children this represents a fantastic job opportunity for you. This article will answer all your questions about working in Spain as well as helping you to find work itself.

The advice and tips on this page would also apply if you are looking for childminding and childcare work in Spain, work as a housekeeper or babysitter in Spain.

Employing a Nanny or Au Pair in Spain 2019 & 2020

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  • Your vacancy or position must be in Spain.
  • Please provide as much information and details as possible in order to help the applicants, be clear on what you are looking for and expect.
  • In addition to wages you are normally expected to accommodate your nanny/au pair as well as provide meals.
  • Be clear if you wish your nanny or au pair to perform any other duties other than looking after the children, for example housekeeping chores.

What is a Nanny or Au Pair?

An au pair or nanny is a girl or woman who helps and assists a family by looking after their children.

Although this is primarily a childcare role it can also involve an element of housekeeping or housework.

It is also normal to board or live with the family you are working for.

In most cases you will be treated as one of the family.

If you are searching for work as a housekeeper in Spain then typically this would just involve a position whereby you were looking after a house in terms of maintenance and cleaning as opposed to actually looking after children.

In some countries the term nanny (or nannie) is defined differently to au pair in that a nanny is someone who has professional childcare qualifications as opposed to an au pair who doesn’t have any qualifications.

For the sakes of this article we don’t distinguish between the two but if you are a responding to a job advertisement then you should be aware of this.

Spanish Nanny Jobs – What Qualifications Do I Need?

No formal qualifications are necessary and you will not need a visa if you are an EU citizen. In this instance, you will be allowed to be employed for as long as you or your host family wish to employ you.

Non-EU citizens will need a visa and depending on what nationality you are, you will need to check the current regulations with your embassy or consulate. The standard regulation is that you will be allowed to stay up to 3 months in Spain and you will need to enrol in a course to learn Spanish before arrival.

Tips and Advice to Getting a Job as an Au Pair or Nanny

It is important that you realise there is a lot of competition for each position that is advertised by a family in Spain. Therefore how do you give yourself the advantage over other people who also seek the same position you do?

The most important aspect you can focus on is the family’s concerns about the well-being of their children. Their kids are their most precious thing in the world and they will be very concerned or worried about who they are entrusting their child’s safety to.

If you can reassure the host family of your reliability and trustworthiness, you will be in a good position to get the job.

So how do you do this?

Clearly, references would play a large part in establishing your credibility and reliability from previous employment with other families. Of course, if this is your first job as a nanny or au pair you are at an immediate disadvantage over others with more experience.

Providing as much information about you and your interests as well as photos will give a better overall picture of you and your personality to the host family.

In addition, it would also help you to gain an advantage if you speak fluent Spanish or at least conversational Spanish. Most families looking to employee nannies and au pairs in Spain will be Spanish but there will also be a number of expat families where you won’t necessarily need to speak any Spanish.

Summer Jobs Working as a Nanny/Au Pair/Childminder

Working for a family usually involves a relatively short-term contract for just a few months.

Often this is so the family can get to know you without being overly committed in case they change their mind.

In many cases as you become part of the family and the children become more and more attached to you, the family typically will want to extend your contract and keep hold of you for as long as they can!

If you are happy you could even continue working for the same family for years although after some time it is likely that you will want to move on. Let us not forget that you will generally be living with the family and will want to move on and have your freedom.

It is clearly very difficult to start long-term relationships when you are working as a nanny and au pair. These types of positions are best viewed as a great working/life experience and opportunity to travel the world while getting paid at the same time.

If you are really lucky and you are a student looking for nanny/au pair work for the summer, you may just find a vacancy for the period which coincides with your summer holidays. Even better, you might just find a family who vacation each year for the summer in Spain!

Believe it or not this does happen because many wealthy families like to spend their summers in Spain but they want to relax and have somebody to look after their children so that this is possible.

How Much Can I Earn as an Au Pair or Nanny in Spain?

The question of how much you will be paid to work in Spain as an au pair or nanny is the question most frequently asked of us.

Of course there is no one answer but we certainly can give you a guide, which is on average €200 per week.

Although it looks like you are very lowly paid, these types of positions to come with a lot of living expenses included.

If you were to looking for other work in Spain such as bar work or teaching jobs in Spain then you would also be very poorly paid but you would then need to find accommodation which certainly won’t be cheap, whereas when you work as a nanny or au pair you are usually living with your host family and so you don’t have any rent, utility bills or food bills.

Your family will also usually ensure you have private medical care whilst in their employment. If you are a United Kingdom citizen you should certainly apply for the EHIC card which will entitle you to emergency medical treatment while in Spain.

Although you will be getting paid for the work you do, you may wish to also take additional spending money for any time off that you have from the family although this is usually very rare. Obviously your host family will not be expected to pay for your personal spending when in Spain.

What Do I Have to do as a Nanny or Au Pair?

This is very much an individual question and will vary from family to family. Most jobs will be live-in but some jobs will involve you just working from Monday to Friday while the mother and father are both at work.

Some families would employ you only to look after the children while someone else does the housework. Other families would expect the nanny and au pair to perform other duties in between looking after the children. Typically these would include cleaning, chores, schooling, looking after pets and doing the shopping.

Most problems or misunderstandings that arise can be avoided in our experience by making absolutely clear what your duties are to be. If in doubt talk to the family so you know exactly what is expected of you. Try to get this in writing to avoid any disputes in the future.

Do I Need an Employment Contract With My Host Family?

Having a written agreement between the two parties is not only common sense but highly recommended to avoid any misunderstandings. Items that would be in the contract would be the length of employment, your salary, your duties, your weekly working hours and a notice period for both parties.

Who Pays for My Travel?

This is a very difficult subject because of the potential of fraud and being scammed. It makes sense that the family do not send any money in advance for travel costs in case they are being scammed. Therefore you should be paying for your travel costs and then when you arrive in Spain the normal procedure would be for the family to reimburse you by adding your travel costs to your wages.

Where Can I Find Job Vacancies in Spain?

Obviously you will find on the Internet a number of nanny and au pair agencies who specialise in introducing potential nannies to families who live in Spain.

We also offer a free listing service below at the bottom of this page where potential employees and employers can contact each other.

Other situations vacant can be found in the classified advertisement sections in Spanish national and local newspapers.

Vacancies may be in any parts of Spain you are more likely to find vacancies in the major cities of Spain where often both parents go to work. These cities would include Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Malaga.

Other popular areas of Spain tend to be the areas that have attracted the most expat families such as the Costa Del Sol where many wealthy families live in towns and cities such as Marbella and Puerto Banus. Costa Blanca is another popular region with many expatriates as are islands such as Ibiza, Tenerife and Mallorca.

Spain Job Resources: “Our aim is simple: to provide the best choice for host families looking for help with childcare services in your home – wherever you live in the World.”

Easy Au Pair – International Au Pair And Nanny Job Site.

Great Au Pair – “GreatAuPair is the leading international online job matching service used by families to find affordable, trustworthy caregivers, providing a safe place to easily connect, get advice and hire with confidence. Since 2001, GreatAuPair has helped over 1,000,000 families and care providers safely connect online for local and international care jobs.”

Hola AuPair

Business Address:
Calle Estambul 22
28922 Alcorcón

Telephone: +34669496925


Type of Business: Au Pairs agency

Towns or Areas Covered: All regions of Spain

Best Features:

Being Au Pair in Spain is a great opportunity for young people between 18 and 30 years old to improve their Spanish whilst living with a Spanish family in Spain and helping out in looking after their children.

We offer stays during summertime and school year.

No Spanish skills are required.

Main Description:

Working as an Au Pair is the best way to discover Spain and learn their culture and language. During your stay, you will have time to attend Spanish classes and practise Spanish with native speakers. Your main responsibilities as an Au Pair are to care for children and play a tutor role, speaking and playing with them in English. In return you will receive full board lodgings and a weekly allowance as pocket money.

The weekly salary will be agreed depending on the number of working hours. As per reference, Au Pairs in Spain are normally paid a minimum of 70 Euros a week when working a 30 hour week plus full board lodging.

Au Pair placements start from as little as 1 month, but the length of stay is flexible and depends on yours and family preferences.

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  1. Steven Smith says


    I’m a 30 year old English-speaking male childminder. I have experience working with all age groups from babies and toddlers, up to teenagers. I have worked in schools and clubs, and come from a youth work background. Currently living in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria and available for any babysitting and childminding duties. I have my own bungalow here, so not looking for any live-in work, just to give some parents a bit of time to enjoy the sunshine or nightlife!

    Please drop me a line at if you are interested.

    All the best,


  2. adam mackenzie says

    In search of a live in nanny / auPair for our family in Spain

    we are expecting a newborn in april and have a 1 year old now.

    -live in
    -all expenses paid
    -Alicante/Benidorm area
    -own room and board paid
    -long term if wanted
    -car provided
    -weekly pay
    -learn Spanish, we are a multinational family
    -female applicants only
    If this seems like something you are looking for and you are looking to start soon then please contact us.
    We can start to talk about bringing you to our loving home.

    please send your C/V resume to us at :

    we are looking to have you start after christmas 2017 -if you want before we can arrange-
    a contract will be provided clearly outlining responsibilities and free time (we are very easy going and want no confusion)

    Thank you and looking forward to meeting you
    Adam and Estela

    • carol vrouwes says

      Hello , Could you please tell me if the vacancy you have for a nanny within your family is still available. I am a 56 year old Scottish lady who has been nannying for years of and on and i have worked abroad before in Italy, Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca as an aupair and Nanny. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Irish family who moved to Madrid need an 1.occasional baby sitter and 2. Live in au pair or nanny from Jan 2018.
    One child ave 5 years. Must have experience and speak English!

  4. Randolf Roda says

    I am interested to be au pair/nanny in Spain. I am now looking for a family to live and work with. I was an aupair in Denmark and now aupair in Belgium. I can send you recommendation letters from my host families in Denmark and Belgium if you need. You can also get in touch with me through this email:

    Best wishes

  5. Randolf Roda says

    I am currently an aupair here in Belgium and been aupair in Denmark before Belgium. I have experience in looking after with kids. I also have recommendation letters from host in Denmark and Belgium. Right now, I am looking for a host family in Spain.
    You can contact me on gmail:

  6. Hola

    Hi im looking for a job in spain as nanny i am 29 years old i love kids and pets i am very hardworking person and i am willing to learn about your culture i recently work her in hongkong as a full time nanny the i taking care 10mos baby i was the who taking care here with she was newborn i love her very much so much

  7. Hello,

    I am a single Mum ready to travel to Spain with my 5 year old little girl whose first 2 native languages are English and Italian. We decided to spend this jolly year 2017 to earn a memorable life experience in Spain by working and living in with a Spanish family with children. We are of Vietnamese origins with Italian citizenship, have lived in Malta and England for some years.
    I am a teacher of science subjects (Math, Physics,…), I love teaching and taking care of children. I also have an excellent knowledge of healthy nutrition, being myself a good cook (Italian, Vietnamese cuisines…and, in addition, I am a sushi chef 🙂
    I am growing up my daughter multilingual (she speaks 4 languages actually) and would like to find open minded parents who would like us to help their children pick up English/ Italian…in a natural and spontaneous way while playing and living with us, and not merely to take care of them.
    If you are looking for something much better than a simple nanny, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

    My email :
    Whatsapp :+356.99106698

  8. Zilma Adriana Osle says

    My name is Zilma. I’m a 35 yr old female from Miami, Florida. I speak english, spanish, and a little bit of french. I recently moved to Javea/Xabia Spain with my parents. We are now trying to get our residency here in Spain. I have over 15 years experience taking care of children ages 6 weeks to about 14 yrs old. I live in the urbanization called Villes de Vents. Which is 9 minutes from the Arenal Beach area. The only thing that I can’t do is drive the children or pick up the children anywhere. Sorry. Please (if interested) send an e-mail to Thanks.

  9. David Villanueva says


    A responsible babysitter is needed to care for our 5 year Old son.
    if interested kindly contact

    • Hello David,

      Are you still looking for child care for your 5year old son? Can I email you directly?

      Many Thanks


  10. Marissa Martinez says

    My name is Marissa Martinez from Philippines, can speak English too. If anybody could select me, I vouch myself as honest and hardworking. Thank you.

    feel free to contact/email me

  11. yela serge says

    To whom it may concern
    Hello sir ,madam
    My name is yela,i currently live in Barcelona spain,i am perfectly bilingual and will wish to have a care job any where in Europe. I kindly wish ill be considered if any case arises.Ill send full application and details upon request.I am a male of 34 years old,hardworking and determined.

  12. yasmin ibrahim says

    my name is yasmin
    I currently live in sitges Barcelona,English speaking and I am looking for au pair or nanny work.
    please feel free to email me

  13. kellie russell says

    I am moving to Albatera near Alicante Spain in September and I am looking for a nanny or Au pair to help me look after my two beautiful children. I am a professional teacher and I have alot to give to somebody who wants to learn childcare and enhance their skills. I have a 14 month old daughter and a 10 year old son. We are moving to a mobile home site in Albatera until we buy our house. I can arrange for someone to live with us if they can not travel everyday.
    I am looking for someone to have my daughter from around 10:30/10:45am until around 10pm Monday – Thursday and the occasional Friday afternoon when I have to do staff training. My son will need collecting from the village at around 6pm and bringing home so I will need somebody who is able to drive. Both children will need their tea cooking for them and putting to bed at night time.
    I am looking for a very special person who is easy to get on with and truly cares for my children. I would prefer someone who can speak Spanish as they will be able to help my children learn.
    the initial contract will be from 01/09/16 – 30/06/17 then with a possibility of renewal in Sept 2017.
    I do not work school holidays so a weeks holiday will be given at Christmas and Easter if you want to return home etc.
    To apply please send a CV to

  14. Zilma Adriana Osle says

    My name is ZIlma Adriana Osle. I’m a 34 yr old, 6’1 female. I was born in Miami, Florida. About 8 months a go my parents and I moved to France. We are now going to move to Javea, I speak fluent English, a bit of French, and conversational Spanish (since my mom is Cuban and I was born in Miami.) We should be moving sometime in September to Javea. I wanted to start looking for work now. My e-mail is

  15. Diala Boulos says

    I am planning on moving to Barcelona end of June, 2016, to work as an english private tutor or babysitting job. i am currently working as a preschool english teacher, and i have 5 years of experience as an english teacher. i also have plenty of babysitting experiences.

    I will be creating lots of fun and educational activities for children between the ages of 2 years old up to 12 years old.

    if you are interested, please contact me via email:

    thank you

  16. Kayleigh says

    Hi we are moving to costa del sol area (no specific town as of yet, keeping options open) at the beginning of April 2016. I am looking for work as a nanny full or part time. I am 28 my partner is 32 and we have a 5 month old daughter who I will need to bring to work with me. If you or anyone you know are looking please contact me at

  17. Christine Thomas says


    My name is Christine. I am a single, mature lady experienced in housekeeping and childcare. I have a Masters degree in Children and Young People and I’m a qualified Playworker. I’m also a tutor, being TEFL qualified and hold a Basic Skills (Literacy) Teaching Certificate. I’m currently working as a Manager but am about to be made redundant. I am looking for a live-in position in Andalucia where I can help you look after your children or your home or teach your family English.

  18. Charlotte Taylor says

    Hi my name is Charlotte, I have recently been working in Egypt for 6 months as a kids club rep and a crèche nanny. I am a professional childcare practitioner with over 8 years experience within very different settings such as nursery work, live in nanny, volunteering in India, working in Egypt as stated and I am currently working as a teaching assistant, I am looking for work ASAP as I am ready to embark on a new adventure. I am fully qualified with my NVQ level 3 and am a hard working individual who aims to be the best. I love working with children and watching them grow, if you are interested let me know, I have a up to date cv which I can send over via email for more information if needed. Thanks for reading I hope to hear from you soon Charlotte.

  19. Bea Larrington-Spencer says

    I am an 18 year old female from England currently studying French and Spanish at University. I am looking for an Au Pair opportunity in Spain for a couple of months in the summer of 2016. I am very responsible and have had previous experience looking after children. I would love to spend some time in Spain, getting to know the country and practicing the language, whilst also helping a host family out.



  20. we are a happy family from USA and we are looking for an au pair to join us for around 3- 12 months. Your responsibilities will include helping to care for our 2 children. If you would like to come to USA and join our family for a couple of months send us a message {rosemorgan505 |at| gmail dot com} and introduce yourself and let us know when you will be available to pick up the position in my family…Hope to read from you soon.

    • Charlotte Taylor says

      Hi Rose did you ever get anybody to come and care for your 2 children? I have only just found this website and I know it was posted a good few months back just wondering whether you have had any luck or if you are still seeking help. Thanks Charlotte

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