The Post Brexit Apocalypse

Well, the 21st June came and went, and apart from a large amount of posturing by every politician with an opinion, as well as many who haven’t, we are all still here and absolutely none the wiser as to what the future of Europe holds.

So, do we listen to the harbingers of doom, or look to the many positive aspects that may be lurking just around the corner. Of course, when you look at the negatives of the so-called status quo of the EU as we knew it, and the ridiculous posturing of Jean-Claude Juncker and his merry band of wizards, perhaps there may be a view that the gathering of mainly unelected, or unelectable may have been failing, or doomed to failure many years before the arrival of the UK referendum. Of course they have to talk it down, to do otherwise would be the good old Turkey voting for Christmas.


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But lets just take a step back, and look at what the EU was originally formed to be. The idea of continental neighbours, linked together by trade without boundaries, but not some form of dictatorial legislative body, forcing people from wildly differing cultures to behave in some regulated way. We are British, personally I am quite proud to be so, my friends in Spain are proud to be Spanish, but are we ever going to hold the same values, and feel happy to obey the same rules?

Of course, as a fledgling property agent, I am duty bound to look at the positives, and as far as I can see there are many. The UK economy is still forecast for significant growth, the Euro is approaching the level of 2014, and to be brutally honest, are the governments of the Eurozone Countries going to outwardly oppose the further settlement of UK citizens in their countries, and turn their backs on the revenue streams that come with it? A strong UK economy coupled with the low cost of living in many areas of Spain will still represent great value, and there are still unlikely to be significant price rises in the property markets. Uncertainty works both ways.

Every country has its own products to trade, so what better than a return to the concept of a trading block without the misguided plan of us all being one ‘Federal State’. Spain, France, Italy, Greece all have a vested interest in the British pound, be it from the pocket of a holiday maker, or from the pocket of the ex-pat looking for retirement in the sun, with a significantly smoother pace of life, and the lower cost of living that is on offer.

The sound of hooves may be those of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, but perhaps they are sounding the death knell of the EU, and announcing a less regulated Europe with more opportunities for us and our neighbours, and less of the restricted micro-management that we have been forced to accept.

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