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Welcome to our latest newsletter with plenty of job vacancies in Spain, house price updates and opinions from expats…

Oh and the story about the charging to access the beaches, well that was an April Fool’s hoax but one day it probably will come true so enjoy it now while you can.

Home Sales in Spain Climbed by 9.8% in 2015

Sales of homes in Spain increased by 9.8% during 2015, reaching a total of 401,281 transactions. According to the latest statistics published by the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Public Works, this represents the third consecutive year of increases in home sales and the greatest volume of transactions since 2010.

The Ministry’s data shows that the growth is mainly due to the second hand housing market, which accounted for 340,753 of the transactions (89%), and is 13.4% more than the figure for 2014. In contrast, sales of new homes, which represented 11% of the total, dropped by 10.6% over the previous year, to 41,938 transactions.

Looking at only the data for the fourth quarter of 2015, El Mundo reported that a total of 114,598 homes were sold, which represents an increase of 2.4% compared to the fourth quarter of 2014. Moreover, to find a fourth quarter with more transactions one must go back to 2010, when 150,494 transactions were registered.

So which areas showed rises and house prices – and which areas went down in value?

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House Prices in Spain 2016

Thank You Claudia Torres For Writing In

Where Do You Live in Spain? Ingenio Carrizal

Why do you like/dislike it: the weather is amazing ,and the people are more friendly here, there is much more to look at, and to do, in England the weather is almost cloudy and cold every day of year…

We moved to Spain because of the weather, me and my family are Portuguese, we’ve lived in England for 8 years, and being there wasn’t pleasant, for a start racism was a big problem not to mention the amount of foreign people there with the same problem.

Walking around isn’t the most exciting thing, because most places aren’t clean and the people don’t take care of the places.

Ingenio Carrizal

England has many jobs available which is good and also their pay check is great, and you don’t have to work your body to its full potential to earn little money… But on the other hand there is not a lot you can do when you are in England because the shops close at around 4 or 5 and in winter it’s even worst… the shops close at 3-4…and there isn’t big shopping centres, only in the main cities… You cant have a bright full life, when every day you wake up, you look out of the window and all you see is dark, damp and coldness…

What made me move to Spain is the fact that i suffer from vitamin D which is lack of sunlight. Moving from Portugal to England wasn’t such a good idea when in Portugal its sunny but the jobs don’t give you enough money to pay everything, and have enough left over for yourself, the country itself is beautiful and amazing but you only get the best of it when you have enough money to enjoy it.

Money is a problem but that’s not the biggest problem. Me and my family’s health is what’s important, the quality of life in Spain is better, There is beaches, there is a lot of celebration days, and you don’t have to pay to take part of it and enjoy it…Where as in England you have to pay for almost EVERYTHING…

Talking about bills, payments and money, in England you have to pay at least 500 pounds for a house with 3 bedrooms… In Spain its 300 Euros… In England you have to pay to the Council… and the money that you give them goes to the people who are too lazy to work so they go on benefits… You are basically paying the council for collecting the bins in my opinion… In Spain the people here are willing to work because they know that they are better off working so they can enjoy as much of their life as they can. In England you have to pay masses amount on heating for your house because of the coldness there, in Spain you are better off opening the window to let some cold air in because it gets so hot here..

The atmosphere around you is much more enjoying, you go out, you feel the hotness, the sunshine and when you look at people they are happy… even without much money they are happy, the people here are much much friendlier, they help you out and i see English people who moved here and they are happier than they were in England, they say people aren’t not happy with their lives in England that’s why they don’t look happy…

I hope to find a job quickly because i only just recently moved here, and in Spain its a bit harder to get a job but if you try and find one they will give you a chance i think…

Thank you for your time and i hope this will give you a slight view on the ups and downs of both countries 🙂

The Rise of the Resale

• 76% of Spanish home sales are now resale properties (Ideal Homes International)
• Overseas buyers steadily accounting for 17-19% of transactions (Ministry of Development)
• Spanish property market growth up 1.8% year on year (Knight Frank)

Market intelligence gathered by boutique overseas real estate agency Ideal Homes International has revealed an interesting trend when it comes to Spanish second homes. It seems that Brits are turning their backs on new build properties, in favour of older, resale homes.

Chris White, Founding Director of Ideal Homes International, explains,

“We’re seeing a trend in Spain right now for British buyers opting for resale properties instead of new builds. Resale properties now account for 76% of sales, compared with just 24% for new builds. While there is still interest in new build developments from Scandinavian and Belgian buyers, the Brits are all about the resales right now.”


Many British buyers are looking for dual purpose properties when it comes to purchases in Spain. In the immediate term, they want a great holiday home that also has the potential to earn income as a holiday let. In the longer term, they want somewhere that can act as investment for their golden years, either as somewhere to escape to for a life in the sunshine or as somewhere that will grow their capital so that they can sell it to fund their retirement.

The jitters about buying second homes overseas, caused by the financial crisis of the late 2000s, seem finally to have been put to bed. Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index increased by 3% in 2015, with buyer confidence keeping both domestic and overseas property markets alive and well. Spain’s year on year growth stood at 1.8%, according to the report, with overseas purchasers accounting for between 17% and 19% of transactions since the start of 2015 (based on Ministry of Development data).

“There was a time when British buyers flocked to new build developments in Spain,” continues Ideal Homes International’s Chris White, “But the financial turbulence of the past decade has had an interesting impact on British property purchases in Spain. Confidence is back and the market is growing at a healthy pace, but the type of property that buyers are seeking has definitely shifted. The attractions of sparklingly brand new homes have given way to the warmer appeal of more homely properties. Location is key too – buyers are focused on the closest airport and beach, the nearest shops and other local amenities.”

This two bedroom apartment in La Zenia, for example, priced at €115,000, is located close to the La Zenia shopping centre, offering spacious, fully furnished and comfortable living accommodation in a great position, with the added benefit of an on-site swimming pool.


Of course, a homely property doesn’t have to mean a small property, as this five bedroom detached villa with pool and panoramic sea views shows. Just 300 m from Cabo Cervera beach and 800 m from La Mata beach, the extensive family home is split across three storeys and includes a huge solarium, TV and music room, large living room with fireplace, five bedrooms, three bathrooms (one with Jacuzzi bath), garden, two car garage and plentiful terraces. The villa is available for €790,000.

For further details call Ideal Homes International on 0800 133 7644 or +351 289 513 434, email or visit

Euro close to 15-month high versus pound, as Eurozone bounces back


Peter Lavelle

Welcome to Pure FX’s latest update of the foreign exchange rate.

The euro flies high!

The common currency has hit 0.7902 against the pound this week, extremely close to its strongest in 15 months, or since December 12th 2014.

By contrast, the euro was as low as 0.7544 on February 1st this year. Hence, it’s since strengthened by +3.5 cents, or +4.74%.

To put this into context, a €250,000 transfer to the UK would hence be worth +£8,950 more than back at the start of February.

(Please bear in mind, these are the interbank rates at the time of writing. This means the exchange rate may have changed since then.)

Euro could rise further, as Eurozone economy revives

Moreover, the common currency could soon exceed its 15-month high versus the pound. This is because:

  1. The euro could strengthen, because the Eurozone economy picked up in March, according to economics watchdog Markit.
  1. The pound may weaken, because Tory in-fighting following Ian Duncan Smith’s resignation this weekend could create political instability in the UK.
  1. Sterling could lose out, because recent polls show 50/50 odds that the UK will vote to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum on June 23rd.

With this in mind, the euro to pound exchange rate could continue to rise!

Latest Jobs in Spain

1. Looking for a head chef for summer 2016 in Costa Dorada Salou.

Job:  Head Chef
Location:  Salou Spain
Contract: 6 months. May To November
Salary: 1600€ per month
Shifts: 8 hours.
Days: 6 day week.

We are a small restaurant in the heart of the tourist area of Salou we open for the summer season only.
This is our 16th year in Salou and out 5th in this restaurant.

We are looking for a chef that can lead and motivate our team.  we are looking for a chef who works well under pressure and is a team player. Must have a minimum of 3 years experience at a high level.
This job has to be filled by 1 May .

Must be over 21 and be legaly work and live in spain – email

2. Our sales office in San Fernando, Gran Canaria is currently recruiting motivated professionals for a number of positions within our company. We offer high rates of commission along with the opportunity to develop your sales career within a vibrant sales team. We require people from all nationalities with diverse language skills to market our products all across Europe and beyond. This is a full-time position working Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm. See our website for more info.

3. Busy high paced bar and restaurant in Palma looking for English & Spanish speaking staff, German would also be an advantage. Managers, Chef, bar and waitstaff needed. Send CV to

4. Hello! We are looking for dynamic, experienced property consultants in Costa Blanca (South & North) with high/native English and Intermediate Spanish. French also of interest. To work as self-employed.

We are offering a fix salary+commissions.

Please send CV to

Thank you 🙂

5. We are looking to recruit an experienced Chef to work full time in our busy Bistro Bar/Restaurant in Ayamonte, Spain. The menu is very much international and includes fish, seafood, meat, fresh pasta dishes and tapas. You will need to have a passion for food, a keen eye for presentation and quality, and have ideas on how to enhance the menu to ensure that this 30-40 cover restaurant is busy morning till night.

Hours and pay will be discussed at interview stage, and whilst there is no live-in accommodation available with the job, we can assist you in finding somewhere suitable to live.

Ideally it would be beneficial if you have an intermediate level of Spanish.

If this is of interest please forward your CV to

6. Hola, due to increased business we are looking to expand our team. we are looking for a experienced chef, sous chef and pot washers who are keen to learn and improve and join our team. We are located 40 minutes east of malaga in a town called Nerja. For the right canditates the jobs are full time as we operate 12 months a year. We have been established for almost 12 years now and due to continued thriving business we are looking to expand our team. Looking forward to hearing from you. please email us your CVs to

Thank you everyone and we look forward to receiving any contributions towards the next newsletter.


Mark Eastwood Editor of Spain Made Simple



  1. Christine Martinet says

    Hi there, as a Canadian, married to a Frenchman, we are looking at options for the next phase in our life, as our kids move on with their lives, not necessarily focused around us. I found this site very insightful and am look forward to utilizing it as we make decisions moving forward. We are very interested in moving to Europe within the next 5-10 years (working for another 10, and hopefully retire from there). Community culture and active outdoor lifestyle are very important to us. I look forward to reading more, and learning what might be a good fit for us.

  2. Here here Thomas too, thank god she moved to Spain, I wouldn’t want her living near me, why not go back to Where to came from, and enjoy the sunshine. With love from a very happy English Lady.

  3. Thomas Limb says

    Thankyou Claudia Torres for moving to Spain from the UK. I’m sure we’re much better off without you living here. I hope Spain appreciates you………

  4. John D'arby says

    Nice April Fool there!

    Spanish Beaches etc.

    Thanks for the letter.

  5. Absolutely loved this newsletter, light, informative – just what I needed to start my job search today And great April fools joke too!!!

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