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In case you didn’t know…

Spain is the birthplace of Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes who wrote the world’s “first true novel” called Don Quixote. Cervantes, whose life is often argued to show a number of similarities with his most famous work, achieved fame in 1605 after publishing Don Quixote which became a best seller and a source of inspiration for many artists coming from various fields.

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The Expat Interview – Thinking of Moving to Almeria City, Spain?

This week’s newsletter features Britt Nicolaisen of Almeria Spanish Properties who shared with us the several reasons why Almeria City is a great choice for anyone who is thinking about a place in Spain for moving in. Britt also revealed a number of valuable insights on the current property market which is perfect for those who are interested in buying a property in the area.

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Almeria City- The Essential Guide from Local Residents…

This Week’s Featured Town in Spain – Mijas

Mijas is a lovely town and municipality nestled in Spain’s Malaga province on the South-Eastern coast. Boasting a coastline that stretches up to 12 kilometers, this “white village” is known for its narrow winding streets with cobbled steps, postcard-perfect whitewashed walls and spectacular sceneries.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

Spain is probably the world’s most festive nation. There are actually more festivals in Spain than there are days in a year.


“Las Fallas,” Valencia Spain Spring Festival – Photo by Keith Ellwood, Wikimedia Commons

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Spanish Province Alicante Becomes The Third Best Province For Purchasing A Property In Spain

The recently concluded Q2 2016 placed Alicante province as the third best province in Spain when it comes to purchasing a property. Total sales record reached up to 7,906 which is higher than the number that was recorded in the same period of last year by a percentage of almost 21.

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Spanish Province Alicante Becomes The Third Best Province For Purchasing A Property In Spain

Help Required – Do you Live in Spain?

Can we ask you a question or two via email to help get some local tips and advice that would help others?

It might be something like, what is it like to live in your village or what things are there to do and see locally?

We will publish any answers on the website (and perhaps the next newsletter) with your quote, crediting your name as the source as if it would be published in a newspaper.

Readers Letter of the Week

Today we feature some inspiring comments from readers which we’re truly grateful of.

“As I am planning to come and live in Spain, I look forward to reading your news letter, and it keeps me well informed what is going on in Spain, knowledge is power, thank you so much, keep up the good work. Kind Regards, Mr.N. Galea.”

Here’s another one from Alan Reynolds.

“Thank you for another interesting and entertaining newsletter. From Alan Reynolds (comment on the newsletter of 23 September).”

Euro Hits 5-Year High Versus Pound, as Merkel Toughens Brexit Stance

Peter Lavelle

Welcome to Pure FX’s latest outlook for the euro to pound interbank exchange rate.

The common currency flies higher versus sterling! The euro to pound interbank exchange rate has reached 0.8815 today, its strongest in 5 years, or since August 26th 2011.

Furthermore, the euro could continue to rise against the pound, looking ahead. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Sterling may fall, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel has toughened her stance over Brexit, now calling for “full access to the single market only in exchange for [free movement of people]”.

2. The pound could drop, as Joseph Muscat, the prime minister of Malta, recently said that the UK’s Brexit deal must be “fair, but it has to be inferior” to full EU membership.

3. Sterling may slide, as Markus Kerber, head of the BDI, Germany’s biggest industry group recently said that the “political ill-will [toward the UK is] much, much bigger than economic rationality”.

4. The pound could dip, as Samuel Tombs, economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics said yesterday that “Any revival in [UK] construction activity likely will run into labour shortages again before long.”

5. Sterling may plummet, as the International Monetary Fund has downgrade its forecast for UK economic growth in 2017 for the 2nd time since the vote for Brexit in late June, to just +1.1%.

With all this in mind, the euro to pound interbank exchange rate could exceed its 5-year high!

Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

Craving for something sweet? Spain has a famous snack called Chocolate con Churros (or Churros con Chocolate) which, as the name implies, is a hot and very rich chocolate drink served in a cup along with a strip of pastry that is sweet and fried.


Churros con Chocolate – Photo by i21Travel, YouTube

It’s also quite easy to make! Just watch the video and you can have this popular snack anytime you want.

More surprising facts to be revealed in the next newsletter. Be sure not to miss any of it!

Latest Jobs in Spain

I work for The Good Care Group here in Spain. We are looking for live-in carers to work in the UK on a shift pattern such as 2 weeks on/ 2 off. This enables people who live in Spain to have regular work, a permanent work contract and the flexibility to still enjoy their lifestyle here. If you would like further information please email me on: or telephone on: 622047351 or 951507423. Many Thanks, Tracy.

Thank you everyone and we look forward to receiving any contributions towards the next newsletter.


Mark Eastwood – Spain Made Simple


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