Newsletter 29 July 2016

Welcome to our latest newsletter with plenty of job vacancies in Spain, news updates and opinions from expats…

Happy Parents Across The UK Are Enjoying The Sunshine With Their Families

Across the United Kingdom, parents are enjoying their summer holidays and marching into the sunshine with their families. The news on how 10 councils have dropped cases against parents who went on a holiday with their children while on their term-time have spread quickly.

Also in the news:

House prices in Spain are set to hike by 5 percent this year
– Bargain purchases across top Spanish locations are available but not for long!

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Happy Parents Across The UK Are Enjoying The Sunshine With Their Families

The Expat Interview – Thinking of Moving to Zafra, Spain?

This week’s newsletter features another great interview from an expat in Zafra. Vicki Blaylock tells us how she has travelled several times to India and the Far East but it was in Zafra where she found her ideal place to stay which she now calls “home.”

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Moving to Zafra in Extremadura

This Week’s Featured Town in Spain – Sotogrande

We highlight another popular town in the Costa del Sol and this time, we’ll take you to Sotogrande. One of the most touristy areas in the southern part of the Costa, Sotogrande boasts a pretty marina, stretches of beaches, golf courses, five star hotels and several bars and restaurants for a unique gastronomic adventure!

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Sotogrande Tourist Information – Things To Do and See When on Holiday

Help Required – Do you Live in Spain?

Can we ask you a question or two via email to help get some local tips and advice that would help others?

It might be something like, what is it like to live in your village or what things are there to do and see locally?

We will publish any answers on the website (and perhaps the next newsletter) with your quote, crediting your name as the source as if it would be if it was published in a newspaper.

Email Menchie, tell us your name, where you live and we can go from there –

Readers Letter of the Week

Today we feature a comment from Patsy giving their  thoughts about living in Spain

“I have lived in the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Spain and Goa and the UK. The UK rocks, it’s the very best country to live in. Spain is ok depends on whereabouts you live in Spain. I lived in BCN for a time and then moved further south, not so good.

The Spanish, generally speaking do not like the Brits. OK so the Brits have behaved badly with booze etc over the years, but look at the money they have brought into the country. It is not a good idea to live in Spain if you don’t speak the language, and their bureaucratic system moves at a snails pace, and is very ineffective.

The costas are generally full of ill bred Brits with no work and no money, and depression is rife. Generally speaking they are low lifes looking to make a swift euro to drink more. They spend their lives drinking mostly in the cheap bars. What a life in the sun 🙁 It is truly awful to witness.

The more “switched on” Brits live fairly well inland in their nice villas. The UK will do better now they’re out of the EU and a bunch of self appointed crooks running it. I now live and work in London and love it. The night life is second to none, the people are very friendly and there’s a great buzz about the place now.”

Thank you also to Tevor and Sonia Webb for sending us this:

Hi Mark just to say how much we look forward to receiving your newspaper my Son lived in Benidorm, and still wants to go back should a job become available that suits him, but we think you are doing a great job and as I say we love the newspaper keep up the good work.

Euro Nears 3-Year High Versus Pound, as Eurozone Economy Strengthens


Peter Lavelle

Welcome to Pure FX’s latest update of the euro to pound exchange rate.

The common currency continues to strengthen versus sterling!

The euro has hit 0.8440 against the pound this week, just –1.5 cents below its highest in almost 3 years, or since October 2013.

What’s more, looking ahead, the euro to pound exchange rate looks set to rise further. This is because:

  1. The euro may strengthen, because Germany’s unemployment fell –7,000 in July, according to the German Statistics Office, exceeding forecasts for a –3,000 drop.
  1. The euro could climb, because Spain’s jobless rate declined –0.4% to 20.0% in Q2, said Spain’s National Institute of Statistics this week, the lowest since Summer 2010.
  1. The euro may pick up, because Eurozone economic sentiment unexpectedly jumped +0.2 to 104.6 this month, according to the European Commission, in spite of Brexit.
  1. The euro could rise, because the European Central Bank looks unlikely to further cut interest rates, or extend its quantitative easing scheme, for the foreseeable future.
  1. The pound may fall, because the UK might fall into recession, as a result of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union a month ago.

With this in mind, look for the euro to rise above its 3-year high versus the pound!

Latest Jobs in Spain

We are looking to expand our team of dedicated and hard-working associates/shoppers throughout Spain, including the Canary Islands to help with on-going projects.

No previous experience required as you will be trained but must speak Spanish and English.
If you are interested please send an email to

We have need for cleaner for apartments and some cooking part time for single woman. The situation could include private housing. Please contact me. Sandra

Hello. We have a school in Cartagena to teach English. We are looking for native teachers. We have few native teachers now but need more in the new school year in September. Please send out the word we are looking for teachers. We pay good wages and great staff to work with. Here is my email and telephone number., 868-066271. My mobile number is 645-406227. We have two schools. The numbers are 868-066146 and 868-063587. Thank you. Martin Poropat of Think English School.

Thank you everyone and we look forward to receiving any contributions towards the next newsletter.


Mark Eastwood – Spain Made Simple




  1. Chrissy Matthews says

    Hi Mark having read your readers comments. I have to say I am not the only to take offence at the comments therein. I am not a “low life ” and do not drink alcohol. We have a lovely detached villa with apartment owned outright and live comfortably between our two homes in Spain and UK but also nightlife theatres etc of London. I think your reader should apologise to like minded decent people like us.

    • Charles P. Davies says

      Hi Mark, Chrissy is right! An apology is needed here. I enjoy your NewsLetter but to fake up space with this sort of one sided nonsense is wrong.Globe Trotting Patsy has a very jaundiced view of ex pats. For the most part we live and work quietly in Spain and retirees enjoy spending their twilight years in the sun, many doing volunteer work or belonging to local clubs or organisations. Come on Patsy give us an apology.

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