Entertainment and News Update 27 October 2017

The last newsletter I was asking for any advice on where best to take my two teenage daughters for a roadtrip. Well thank you because we had a blast!!!  Here are some of the highlights: The girls had lots of chances to practice their Spanish as we frequently got lost and we stayed in AirBnB's every night - I really recommend using … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 21 July 2017

Welcome to the newsletter and unusually, today I ask YOU for some help and advice regarding Spain!!! I've booked from the 12th to the 25th of August off and I am taking my two daughters (ages 17 and 14) on a 'road trip' anywhere they want to go in Spain. I'd like them to properly meet Spanish people to accelerate their Spanish - my eldest is half-way through her A level … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 30 June 2017

Welcome back to the newsletter, it has been some time, we took a break to concentrate on the website and some new projects so we have been a little distracted but we are back and enjoying this glorious summer weather. Did you know? Traditionally, you have two surnames in Spain – the first surname from your father, and the second from your mother. Read on to know more … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 24 March 2017

Did you know? Portal de l’Angel in Barcelona is a pedestrian street with more than 3,000 pedestrians strolling every hour of every day, making it one of the city’s most visited streets all year round. It is also recognized as the most expensive street in Spain with rental prices reaching an average of 265 euros per square meter (2013). Read on to know more interesting … [Read more...]

Entertainment and News Update 24 February 2017

Welcome to our latest newsletter with plenty of job vacancies in Spain, news updates and opinions from expats... Did you know? The Alhambra Castle was originally built for military purposes and has been in existence since the 9th century. The name Alhambra has an Arabic source which is said to mean “red” or “crimson” castle. It became a Christian court in 1492 as a … [Read more...]