Moving to Pego, Costa Blanca

Expats tell us about their move to Pego, Costa Blanca, Spain – including what they have experienced about living in Pego.

We moved to Spain 7 years ago (our seventh anniversary falls next month).

Do we like it?

Well, put it this way – we haven´t been back to the UK in the last 7 years ….. friends and relatives come to us, and never seem to want to go back home!

We live near Pego, which is situated equidistant between Alicante and Valencia.

Our nearest big towns are Denia and Javea.

Pego is a small, market town but has everything we need for day to day living – banks, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, good local shops, a good health centre and an excellent vet.

Because it is small, we find it more than useful to have a reasonable grasp of Spanish – or at least I do; my husband tends to get by with a ready smile, which appears to work perfectly well.

Pego itself is surrounded by numerous small villages, most of which have glorious restaurants selling fabulous, fresh, locally produced food.

We can get a 3 course menu del dia at our local Piscina bar for 8€, including half a bottle of wine, bread and aliolli and coffee.

We have good weather, good neighbours, good food – what else does anybody want?

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