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Linea Directa Aseguradora are a market leader in direct car, motor and home insurance in Spain.

Linea Directa are in fact the Spanish Direct Line insurance operation which you may be familiar with from the United Kingdom.

If you are searching for Linea Directa in English you are in the right place because Linea Directa have English-speaking staff and policies worded in English.

Please note any reference to the word seguros is a reference to the Spanish word for insurance.

Linea Directa began in 1995 in Spain through the joint agreement between Spanish bank, BankInter and Direct Line Insurance, a market leader in telephone sales of car insurance in the UK since 1985.

Linea Directa logo - image hosted by lineadirecta.comThe unique formula of Direct Line was to have a telephone call centre instead of a national branch network of offices.

Despite the initial reluctance of customers in Spain, Linea Directa experienced success due to its cheap quotations for car insurance in Spain – often beating competitors by up to 50 percent and a massive exposure via television advertising extolling the advantages of using the popular red phone which is part of the logo.

Led by Maria Dolores Dancausa who was awarded in 2007 by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Madrid (ASEME) in recognition of her career and commitment to equality for women, today the company ranks sixth in terms of turnover, with a market share of 5.1 percent.

Although at its inception it only sold car insurance, now you can also take out motorcycle insurance, quad insurance, comprehensive medical treatment and since 2007, home insurance.

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Are you searching for Linea Directa car insurance in Spain or Direct Line car insurance Spain?

Linea Directa are the Spanish equivalent of United Kingdom based Direct Line Insurance and are 100 percent owned by Bank Inter.

Linea Directa has a commitment to a strong quality of service and personal customer attention and care.

Linea Directa Aseguradora offers English and German speaking support staff and policy documents in English and German which is why they attract so much business from expatriates in Spain.

At the time of writing it is not possible to take out pet insurance, life insurance, marine insurance or travel insurance.

Services from Linea Directa include:

  • Fully comprehensive car insurance from just €299.
  • Moped insurance.
  • Motorbike insurance.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
  • Van insurance
  • Scooter insurance.
  • Mountain bike insurance.
  • SME motor policy (fleet insurance).
  • Home insurance.
  • House insurance.
  • Quad bike insurance.

The familiar brand name is a reassurance to people who know that in the event of a problem such as needing help with repairs and claims in the event of an accident in Spain, they know help will be on hand at the end of a phone.

They operate in a similar manner to Direct Line Insurance in the UK in that they specialise in competitive low-cost cover over the telephone. They don’t have offices in Spain nor do they use brokers or agents, this usually means their overheads are low and this is usually reflected in their quotes.

Línea Directa has grown its customer base to over 1.7 million customers and it offers a range of products and services that include car and motorbike insurance, as well as extensive and exclusive home insurance, specially designed to satisfy all the personal requirements of expatriates.

Car and motorbike insurance Spain customers have access to unique services which are not available from other insurance companies, these include night-time assistance and for medical treatment in the event of accidents.

However there is also the possibility to find them on price comparison websites such as These price comparison websites are a new development in Spain but clearly major companies such as Linea Directa have to adapt their business model or get left behind.

These would include contacting local insurance agents and brokers. Brokers such as Knight Insurance are very good in providing English-speaking service and being able to compare prices from many different Spanish insurance companies.

Spend a little bit of time yourself searching the Internet on the price comparison websites and then you will be able to definitively know which company is offering you the cheapest car insurance.

In making your choice don’t forget that support and service are very important. Unfortunately the probability of having a car accident in Spain is relatively high so being able to contact a large company with plenty of customer service staff is important.

Do note that Linea Directa will not insure a car in Spain unless it is registered in Spain and on Spanish license plates. This means that taking your car from the United Kingdom to Spain is not an option unless you re-register it in Spain.


Although primarily known for offering competitive car insurance in Spain, since 2008 Línea Directa Aseguradora has now branched off into the very popular home insurance market.

Why not give them a call to get a quote for home insurance. After all – with over 100,000 customers in Spain they must be doing something right!

They offer competitive prices and coupled with a commitment to customer service you know you will be able to go back to them and speak with somebody in English or German if there’s a problem with your home insurance.


Below are contact details if you need to cancel your policy or make amendments.

We get many e-mails and phone calls from people who are incredibly frustrated at trying to find the e-mail address or phone number for Linea Directa. It does seem they have made it very difficult to get in contact!

Postal Address:

Línea Directa Aseguradora Ronda de Europa, nº 7, C.P. 28760 Tres Cantos. Madrid.

Business Apartado de Correos 151, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Claims Apartado de Correos 83, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Customer Service Apartado de Correos 68, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Motorbikes Apartado de Correos 68, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Home Apartado de Correos 68, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Breakdown Assistance Invoices LÍNEA DIRECTA ASISTENCIA S.L.U. Parque Empresarial Cerro de los Gamos. Camino Cerro de los Gamos, 1 Edificio 5-6, Planta 3. C.P. 29224 Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid

Linea Directa Telephone: +34 902 123 148
Fax: +34 902 123 237

From this main page of the website you will see an option for Linea Directa in English if your Spanish is not so good.


Linea Directa has a 24 hour service on its website (see above) where you can go online and modify your policy, ask for documents and make a claim etc.

To telephone and speak to an agent or customer service representative, opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Below we have a TV commercial from Linea Directa:

If you have any experience of using Linea Directa in Spain, please help us by making comments below in order to help other people searching for insurance in Spain.

Linea Directa are a popular choice for expats looking for insurance in Spain because the company are a very established brand name and expats are familiar with Direct Line insurance in the United Kingdom.

They know that they are dealing with an established and professional company who will be able to help them should they need to make a claim on their insurance policy.

Linea Directa in English

Linea Directa have English speaking support staff and policy documents in English. They operate in a similar manner to Direct Line Insurance in the United Kingdom in that they specialise in competitive low-cost cover over the telephone.

Linea Directa in English is also possible online via their website which has a specific English language section.

Linea Directa don’t have offices in Spain nor do they use brokers or agents, this usually means their overheads are low and this is usually reflected in their quotes which are normally amongst the cheapest insurance available in Spain.

Page Summary: Linea Directa Aseguradora are a Spanish insurance company offering low-cost and cheap car insurance for vehicles based and registered in Spain.


  1. Terrible, unable to contact anyone, Twitter, e mail, Facebook, useless, insurance due in 24 hrs and cannot get anyone to respond, cannot use the phone, so they are unwilling to deal in any other way, no CEO listed and reading other reviews sounds like I have had a lucky escape.

  2. Margaret Mcluskey says

    My husband had an accident almost six weeks ago when police diverted him and he got stuck in such a narrow street he was unable to move the vehicle without damage. This is a man who I have been with for 25 years and never had an accident before. We had just changed the car three weeks before upgrading to a newer model. We called Linea Directa who asked me to find a garage to do the repairs as they did not know one in our area. After asking around a garage was recommended so we informed the insurance company and took it there. The garage actually warned us that Linea Directa have a reputation for charging more than one excess which is 300 Euros which we had never heard of and sure enough they said they are going to charge at least two. On the policy it says one accident in one location is one claim. Because both sides of the car was damaged they said two claims and two loss of no claims bonus. Then they told us the garage was too expensive and we needed to move the car to another garage (a lot of distance between the two). We moved it and finally after a lot of expensive calls to the insurance company when we realised that their numbers are 901/02 numbers that are I believe around a Euro a minute we decided to pay for the remaining damage ourselves. We had a Hire car from them for three weeks which ran out more than ten days ago but they refused to give us another even though they moved the garage and held it up. My husband called the garage last Thursday as they said it may be ready Friday. When he called they told him that the spare part was sent from Madrid so the car would not be ready for another week plus the holiday this week would hold it up. I called the insurance and asked for another car because of the hold up with the part. They asked me to hold while they called he garage and then said that the garage said that their is no problem with the part the hold up is because we want extra work doing! I was shocked and asked them if they were calling my husband a liar. Their logic is beyond me! They should be paying for the rest of the work not us. I have never known such appalling service or heard of an insurance company charging twice for the same accident. They are very keen to keep calling me about moving my house insurance with them but I am done with them. So be aware.

  3. >Gillian Soar says

    Have just tried to claim for a burnt out submersible pump which among many other things was affected when lightning hit my house on 24th Sept 2016. A technician was sent to my house to examine the pump which I had replaced. He agreed with me about the lightning, saying it was one of the most common things he saw and that, being immersed in water, pumps were always vulnerable to lightning strikes. Linea Directa refused my claim saying that the report they had from the technician stated that the pump did not work due to wear and tear. I explained to them that it had also blown all my internet kit but I had claimed nothing as it had been replaced by the internet company and that it had also burst a hot water pipe which I had not claimed as the plumber told me it would not be covered by the policy, being external rather than within the wall. Despite all my explanations they say they can do nothing. I will now get an independent report on the pump and send that in, but am not holding my breath. If all else fails I will take them to court. It is the injustice which makes me push forward. If I was in any doubt about the claim I would leave it but I was in the house when it happened and I am 100% sure of my case. Regardless of whether they eventually pay out, I am now disgusted with their so called service.

  4. We recently suffered a burglary where all Sue’s Jewellery was stolen along with 3 of my watches and a few cufflinks. They broke in through the back link fencing then breaking the security lights around the back of the house. They broke in through a small window which did not have the lockable shutters down. I forgot, so my fault we are not getting paid out on the theft of Sue’s jewellery etc. However, when I queried why we would not have the fence & lights repaired under the insurance, I was told because I was negligent in not securing the house, these items were not covered. Obviously I have contested this without success – at the moment.
    I would like to make friends and others aware, that to ensure you are covered by this insurance company and it’s Terms & Conditions you secure your house completely if all inhabitants are leaving the property even for only a short while. The name of the company is: Linea Directa

  5. If you take out insurance with linea direct read the small print they riggle out of everything
    will not renew with them again, 2 claims got nothing

  6. I thought this company had good rates but there are a couple of things that are putting me off continuing with them after using them for a couple of years:

    1) I find it deceitful that they charge you for phoning them, they not only just charge you for the call but they actually make money from your call… not what I expect when I phone my insurance company or any company I would be considering giving my business to. I noticed a couple of expensive phone calls on my bill and traced the numbers back to calls I made to them, I also see they use a charge number on various web sites including their own and do not tell you that you will be charged ‘and charged a lot’ for calling them!

    2) Every time you take a policy out with them they ask you to sign and return paperwork, that paperwork states that you allow them to auto renew the policy. I have never signed this paperwork and they have just charged to renew the policy at a higher rate than last year when I think they should be actually be charging less but at least call me to confirm the price, the reason they do not speak to you or want to is so you will just brush off the charged policy rate.

    Conclusion: I try to avoid using a company that tries to con me and that is exactly the way I feel when dealing with Linea directa, it might be the norm for Spanish people to accept having the wool pulled over their eyes but I am not Spanish and I find their business practices to be deceitful and I certainly do not want to use a company who operates in a deceitful manner for my insurances.

  7. David Plant says

    I had car insurance with them for a couple of years then I got a better quote from another company in Spain. I emailed them to tell them I was not renewing. They phoned me and after a long discussion, which was very argumentative, they agreed to not renew. Guess what, they debited my bank with the next years payment. I stopped the payment and never heard from them again.

    Contacting them was always a problem and they used a premiur line number which cost a fortune to use. My new insurance company has a local office which is convenient if I have an issue.

  8. Tony Webster says

    We insured our car and motorcycle with linea directa because we had experienced wonderful service with Direct Line in the UK. Please note that they ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY! And boy does it show.

    We have just given up on them as they get everything wrong and have processes that make British Leyland look good.

    We recently sold our motorbike and called to inform them. They emailed me a form to sign and send back, which I did immediately. This was then followed by three requests over three months for the same information. Eventually after 4 hours of wasted time it was sorted. They wanted me to send the document to a different email which they hadnt told me about. They agreed to give me a refund of 140 euros against my car insurance.

    In the end in trying to upgrade the insurance of the car for 60 euros they wanted me to give them my credit card. I pointed out that they owed me 140 euros. But no this was not allowed by their processes. Having been given 3 different excuses I eventually spoke to a supervisor.

    She assured me that their process was that I had to pay the 60 euros now, then when my car insurance was renewed in November i again had to pay the full amount and then finally a few weeks after that they would refund the 140 to my account! She seemed surprised that I notified her that I would be changing insurance companies in November as I had lost all faith in them!

    What a contrast to their namesake (but not the same company as we had assumed) in the UK. A broken window making our house unsafe was fixed in under an hour from when I called them. They took care of everything. So don’t be fooled Linea Directa is NOT Direct Line!

  9. Pamela de Jager says

    I have tried to cancel my policy and there is No e mail address and when I try to phone them it is a 902 number that no one answers untill all air time is used up! Great if you have had an accident and need help quickly!! It seems a direct debit will go through on a car I no longer have as I cannot contact them!!

  10. why not show a emailadress for contacting in case of an accident
    so it is easyer to send the papers to the assurance by email

  11. colin mac gregor says

    dear sirs,i have had the same problem with linea directa rude staff unable to contact with email trying to top up the charges for suposeidly not replying but i have to say i olso have exsperianced very helpfull staff profesional in their manner and adjusting the price quite fareley,the one comment i would say is true they dont like people who complane but overall the good is better than the bad,i think to improve their image they need to become contactible on email,

  12. Been with Linea Directa with car insurance for 10 years. Negotiation on renewal knocked off €120. Then I asked for Home Insurance quote. Came out at €211, less 40% for present car policy so paid €169 by credit card. One month later €211 taken from my bank account. Telephoned to be told it was my problem to sort out with the bank. Wonderful service.
    Regarding the e mail address. I have had e mails from the company but when you try to reply it fails

  13. all i want is an email address to contact and cancel my policy!!!!!!!! can any one help

  14. Janet Hedditch says

    I agree with Eileen Myers. We too in Malaga Province just below the Zaffara Gap the winds funneled through at 120 k/hr. on the 19th January. We too have lost roof tiles, guttering, fencing and pots. We have been advised that the wind was not strong enough because they went by wind speeds in Alcaucin which is 7k from us, the next station in Granada is 100k from us so is discounted, however they should have been here, trees up rooted, road signs flattened and neighbours also experiencing structural damage. We also want the e-mail address for Linea Directa which we cannot seem to find – anyone that can help please e-mail me. We have asked to make a complaint but have heard nothing. Is it because Linea Directa is connected to Bankia – who are in trouble – trying to put off claims. Nowhere in our policy does it states that the wind has to be a certain speed. I thought insuring through them would be the same as the UK, it seems in Spain it’s what suits at the time! However, I am sending a registered letter to Miguel Angel Merino the Managing Director in Madrid before putting in the hands of our solicitor to give them a chance to rectify the situation. We too will not renewing our house/contents/2 car insurances should this is not be rectified. Can anyone suggest a decent insurance company who are not going to put wind speeds etc as an excuse?

  15. I have dealt with LD for 6 years and just made a claim, not the first for this family! One year they came out with a grua ( recovey tow vehicle) at least 4 times for a Renault that was just full of electrical faults and so refused to move at times and would block roundabouts etc! Not really a service that we expected from a cheap insurance company. This company is good and better than the ones I have dealt with in other EU countries. LD found a friend’s stolen car when the police had given up they carried on investigating. I recommend them.

  16. Eileen Myers says

    We had a terrible storm here on the Northern costa blanca, tuesday 13 th november,and there was a lot of damage was done, and we lost roof tiles we contacted Linea directa confident that we could make a claim.the claims department said they would telephone us on the thursday when they had checked out the wind speed etc,they did not! We rang them friday and we were told there was only one place that was recorded as having bad weather this month and that was Pego,so no payout for repairs,Our neighbour who lost his conservatory roof has the asessors coming tuesday.All the local paper have headlines “Storms Iashes the Costas” and winds of 98kph so what are LInea directa up to? any way we have made a complaint but we wont hold our breath waiting for a reply and we wont also be renewing our house or car insurance.

    • Ditto experience.Mains interruption caused damage to electrical appliances, they will not pay, then they said they would as a quality initiative ? Then they wanted a quote, then they still refused to pay saying I had to purchase repair and claim back. Changed rules all the time.At this point I said that I had no faith in them to honor there statement. Now they are trying to get next years renewal even though I had agreed with customers services that I would not renew. Bloody awful company.

  17. Gary Franklin says

    Trying to contact Linea Direct re my car policy, every contact number on their website and stationary is unavailable and “Server Problems” are preventing any contact by email.

    Whats going on???

  18. David McMillan says

    I have tried using their website to modify my home insurance policy but it does not seem to work. I have gone through the procedure several times but there has been no acknowledgement and the details of my policy as shown on-line have not changed.

  19. As we are about to purchase a Spanish registered car here in the UK, and take it down to our holiday home in Spain, and as Linea Directa seem to avertise so heavily eveywhere, we thought that we would get a quote from them, using the Skype phone service we use every day for our business (We can ring any landline in Europe 24/7 for £5 per month) in Europe.
    However, it transpires that Linea Directa have blocked calls using Skype! Why? For some reason, the first thing they ask for is your NIE (National Inurance) number. From what it says above, we’ll look at the alternatives, as maybe paying extra, and having an office where you can go if you have problems, would seem to be the best bet.

  20. Robert Goulden says

    Sir / Madam,
    I’ll be looking for a new car insurer in December: Linea Directa are impossible to contact; their website has not got the option to translate; even your comment does not show telephone numbers or their email !
    I wanted a green card – their web-site said try again later… try again later… try again later…
    NOPE – I want an insurer who not only takes my money but provides a valued service.
    ps. I had the same trouble last year.
    kind regards,
    Robert Goulden,
    lives in the UK but has a car and a holiday home in Spain.

    • Mark (SpainMadeSimple Support) says

      Robert, we do agree that the Linea Directa website could be a whole lot better – however we DO actually mention the telephone number in the article, it is +34 902 123 148.

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