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It has been a bit cold here, did you think it was always warm in Spain, here is my house last week…

snow in spain

Did you know?

The Tower of Hercules, located in Corunna, Galicia, Spain, is the oldest existing lighthouse in the world. This famed 187 ft lighthouse is still operational and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tower of Hercules – Photo by Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias, Wikimedia Commons

yellow-happyRead on to know more interesting facts about Spain. 

The Expat Interview – Thinking of Moving to Costa Teguise, Spain?

This week’s newsletter features an interview with Sue Cox of ¡ESTUPENDO! who shared with us the many advantages to living in Costa Teguise among other towns in Lanzarote, Spain. Sue also gave us a number of useful tips and advice when searching for the best location in buying a property.

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Costa Teguise, Lanzarote – The Essential Guide from Local Residents…

This Week’s Featured Town in Spain – La Herradura

La Herradura is a seaside town that lies to the east of Almuñecar. The name, which is translated as “horseshoe,” is inspired by the fact that it has a lovely bay which follows such shape. The place is also popular for its breathtaking view of the sunset which exudes Instagram-worthy hues that include deep oranges, purples and majestic lavenders.

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La Herradura, Costa Tropical – Quick Essential Tourist Guide From Locals

Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

In Spain, weddings are considered as huge affairs with most starting late (around 7 p.m. onwards) and ending really, really late. According to tradition, the bridegroom, on the night before marriage, must serenade his bride who would be standing by her window. Did you know that the Spanish also wear their alianza (wedding ring) on the ring finger of their right hand? Well, at least it’s still on a hand (not on a foot!).


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Help Required – Do you Live in Spain?

Can we ask you a question or two via email to help get some local tips and advice that would help others?


It might be something like, what is it like to live in your village or what things are there to do and see locally?

We will publish any answers on the website (and perhaps the next newsletter) with your quote, crediting your name as the source as if it would be published in a newspaper.

Email Menchie, tell us your name, where you live and we can go from there – menchie@spainmadesimple.com

Readers Letter of the Week

Today we feature not just one but two interesting comments from our readers. First off, let’s hear what Torvic had to say about Spain and its culture.

Both cultures have their own good things. I am a Spanish businessman in the UK I have my own company in London trading with all UK & Ireland. I do find business here is easier to conduct I do prefer protestant mentality and dealing with English customers.

I never had a problem with anyone in London, although I felt that sometimes some brits did like my products but not dealing with a Spaniard so I did transfer the business relationship to my fellow brit employees

I like it here but I miss Spain because the weather and the food, I am from Barcelona, and I need sun and proper gastronomy so I will move back in 2 years max spending 10 days in Uk and rest of month in Spain.

After all i am Mediterranean and is tough for me to live without sun.

Since the moment I arrived and I guess for me it was easier because my status of investor creating jobs for British people everyone treated me with respect and I have never complained about some aspects of British culture I find a very uncivilised.

The world is facing a major issue with a hostile culture towards the western world, whose immigration is really a problem, the Islamic one, all issues here described by both sides are petty issues, as brit and spanish immigration do give positive things to their resident countries.

We are allies, not enemies, hate is a very strong word, I only hate totalitarian ideologies, and if shit hits the fan, I will stand with my British brothers always.

Next, let’s get to know Kevin and his ideas on the pluses and minuses about living in spain.

Doing some research about returning to Spain so couldn’t help myself but add my 2p. Nick seems to have had an extraordinarily bad experience, quite different to my own in Barcelona from 2006 – 2009. I’m from Northampton (England), my wife from Barcelona and two of our children were born in Vall d’Hedron, Barcelona. We currently live in Northampton and own our house.

First off, stop it with the vitriol. Both countries, like all countries, have pluses and minuses. And here is my take on some of those:

work: never had a problem even without fluent Spanish (at the time). Everything depends on your work type. It is true, however, that the pay is low even in Barcelona. The UK wins on the career side and Spanish youth unemployment is astronomical. Check out infojobs.net for research. I’ll be taking my job with me if we go so not a consideration.

food: no contest, Spain wins hands down. I love some of our British cuisines but for 10€ you can dine like a king in Spain. Restaurant owners also really appreciate your business and the service is always with a smile. The UK does have greater variety in our super-super markets, though.

language: speak Spanish if you go to Spain! Not just Spanish but Catalan as well if you go to Catalunya! The UK is totally deficient at languages.

culture: this can be quite subjective but Spain, as Italy and other med countries, have an extremely tight family culture. This is probably their greatest strength and something I admire hugely. Spanish people have always been welcoming and are very “warm”. The UK, in my opinion, has a broader worldview. However, many British people also genuinely believe themselves to be superior (especially to Eastern Europeans), something I hate about our culture. Brexit has also brought the worst out in some people.

housing: UK has slightly better housing quality in my opinion although I’ve seen some fantastic properties near Barcelona. Check out idealista.com for research. Both are expensive and over priced.

weather: I love the unpredictability of the UK weather! Spains weather is predictable and boring – 300 days or more of solid, hot sun. However, our miserable, cold and wet winters really limit your options for doing anything outdoors.

roads & driving: Spain’s roads are better and driving quality is about equal (at least in and around Barcelona).

health: the Spanish “NHS” is absolutely brilliant, one of the best in the world. So is the UK’s NHS though so equally matched really.

bureaucracy: Never really experienced a problem in either country although Spain is perhaps a little “paper heavy”.

cost of living: probably slightly lower overall in Spain and food is certainly cheaper.

TV/Cinema: I don’t like the habit of dubbing in Spain, very off putting. UK TV has got more variety. I recommend original language cinemas because of dubbing.

Well, I’ve written more than I expected. Both countries have a lot to offer and we will decide within a few months whether to move to Catalunya (buy or rent?) or not. Both countries are our home and I look forward to the challenge of learning Catalan if we do go. Try and see the positives of your experience Nick, living in Spain will have been an excellent life experience for you just as it was for me.

Pound Hits 5-Week High Versus Euro, as MPs to Get Brexit Vote

Peter Lavelle

Welcome to Pure FX’s latest update of the pound to euro exchange rate.

The pound bounces back versus the euro! Sterling has hit 1.1788 against the common currency today, its highest since December 21st, or 5 weeks.

By contrast, sterling was as low as 1.1365 against the euro on January 16th. Hence, it’s since risen by +3.72%, or +4 cents.

To put this into context, a £250,000 to Spain to buy a property would now get you +€10,525 more than 10 days ago.

(Please bear in mind, these are the interbank rates at the time of writing. This means that the exchange rate may have changed since then.)

Sterling could strengthen further versus euro, as Parliament to trigger Brexit

What’s more, looking ahead, the pound could rise higher against the common currency. Here’s why:

1. The pound could strengthen, because the UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that only Parliament has the authority to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU, which could lead to a ‘softer’ Brexit.

2. Sterling may climb, because the UK’s manufacturing sector expanded strongly in January, according to the Confederation of British Industry, with domestic orders at a 30-month high.

3. The euro could weaken, because the latest opinion polls show that National Front leader Marine La Pen stands a respectable chance of winning France’s presidential election, in April.

4. The common currency may fall, because German business sentiment unexpectedly fell to a 4-month low of 109.8 in January, according to IFO.

With all this in mind, the pound could rise above its 5-week high versus the euro!

Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

If people in Korea eat raw octopus, Spanish people prefer to eat it cooked! The dish, known as Pulpo A La Gallega, uses octopus which has been consumed in Spain’s autonomous region of Galicia for years longer than we can ever imagine. Its ingredients include: pulpo (octopus), potatotes, salt, paprika and olive oil.

Pulpo a la Gallega

Pulpo a la Gallega – Photo by Cocina con Carmen, YouTube

It’s also very easy to cook! Learn how to cook this tasty dish by watching the video below.

More surprising facts to be revealed in the next newsletter. Be sure not to miss any of it!

Latest Jobs in Spain

Hi my name is Kevin and I have an exciting new business about to launch in the Marbella area.
I am looking for well presented lady 40+ who is interested in becoming part of this business NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED. Equity participation will be offered to the right person after a trial period.
This opportunity would suit you if you are outgoing and enjoy dealing with clients one-on-one.
Please take a look at my website and if you are interested contact me by email kevinwlumb@hotmail.com or call 604 287 441. Sent by Kevin Lumb.

Dear All,
I am currently in the process of finding a candidate who would be able to do recruitment of Spanish care and support workers to come and work in UK. The candidate would need to speak English and Spanish. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you would like to get some more info. Thank you, Anna.

Sent by Anna (anna.whiteside@caremarklimited.co.uk).

Hi we are looking for a head chef for a busy restaurant on the beach in Nerja, accommodation possibilities, please write to dani_carvajal@hotmail.com.  Sent by Daniela.

——————IBIZA SUMMER 2017—————————–
To all motivated people who want to spend an amazing summer in Ibiza.
Ibiza Sea Party is currently looking for its new promoters for the season 2017.
If you want to change your life and to have unbalievable summer please fee freel to write me! I need energetic , charismatic and motivated boys and girls who will join my team in May till October 2017 ( you can join our team depending on your free time). If you are between 20 and 35 years old , you know at least 2 different languages ( fluent english is a must ) and you have some experience in sales and PR please send us your CV with actual picture to iskro@mail.bg. An additional information will be provide to all who wants to know more about the job and the salary.
Dont wait too much for your dreams…… live your dreams now.
Good luck to ALL.  Sent by Iskren Lozanov.

Hi I am looking for smooth talking sales people to get advertising slots on my Spanish websites filled by local business owners . If you would like to do this type of work please fill in your cv on the link https://www.whatsoningroup.net/cv-majorca/
Many thanks.  Sent by Ian Graham.

I’m looking for full or part time Nanny/Teaching English to children work in the matbella/fuengirola area. Over 10 years experience as a Nanny and 10 years experience as a Teaching Assistant.
Please feel free to email me with further questions.
mortimer.sharon@yahoo.com.  Sent by Sharon.


Would you like to spend the time of your life?

OCEANBEAT is looking for highly motivated sales promoters from May-October in Ibiza 2017!

Ready to forget your routine?

OCEANBEAT IBIZA offers all-inclusive packages for a competitive price to the tourist market! We offer the biggest and legendary all-inclusive BOAT PARTIES. Besides this we offer all-inclusive POOL PARTIES, OFFICIAL PRE-, AND AFTER PARTIES in cooperation with all the biggest and famous clubs (Privilege, Amnesia, Pacha, Ushuaia, DC-10, Zoo Project, Oceanbeach and many others)

What will be your job as a SALES PROMOTER?

To invite tourists on the beach, streets, bars, hotels to OCEANBEATS events.

What do we offer:

• A team with highly motivated colleagues and a great working environment with an excellent training adjustment to the job with a 2-3 days „Sales Workshop“.

• A wide range of top quality products of the company itself and the established partners like: Privilege, Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, SWAG, Ushuaia, DC10, Es Paradis and more.

• Weekly professional workshops and single training sessions in „direct sales“

Top commission levels and incentives

Cheap staff accommodation

• Spectacular and unforgettable team events

Club passes and discounts (free entrances) to the biggest clubs of Ibiza

• Sales certification for further references

Recommendation letter for further references

Job requirements / qualification

• High flexibility in the field of working hours and changes of working areas

Strong communication and language skills (very good English or at least two different European languages)

• Advanced customer service skills and a friendly and appealing appearance

• Having enthusiasm and always open to get motivated

• High level of self-motivation and independent working moral

• Interpersonal skills and target-oriented

• A special talent to reach people’s attention

• At least 6 WEEKS availability to work (May-October)

How to Apply:

TO APPLY send us your CV with two pictures (portrait and full body), questionnaire (see below), motivation letter why you are the right one for this job and send it to the following email address: casting@oceanbeat.es


How many languages do you speak and how well do you speak them?
How would you describe your personality?
What are your professional experiences and what is your profession at the moment?
What qualifications do you have for this job?
Why do you want to do this job?
How did you hear about this job?
How long would you like to work with us?
What other positions are interesting to you?
And how much would you like to earn?

Do not hesitate and go for your IBIZA JOB 2017. We are looking forward to receiving your application and to see you on OCEANBEAT board.

Check out this casting video on Oceanbeat Ibiza!

Chef wanted for busy beach restaurant 40 minutes east of Malaga, Spain. Email me @ bakersbar@hotmail.com for more information.

-Must be fluent in English & Spanish
-Must have good numeracy and organistation skills
-Financial background preferred but not essential
-Working for Property Finance Brokerage in Marbella Area with offices in the UK
-Please send CV to sales@fastpropertyfinance.co.uk

Thank you everyone and we look forward to receiving any contributions towards the next newsletter.


Mark Eastwood – Spain Made Simple


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