Entertainment and News Update 24 May 2018

Did You Know?

More bizarre facts about how life in Spain is, different…

Do not be alarmed by a dirty floor in a bar in Spain.

It is completely acceptable and normal to throw things on the ground in bars.

Most of the time a dirty floor means a good bar!

yellow-happyRead on to know more interesting facts about Spain. 

Reader Letters – Thank you Alan for emailing us.

“We have lived in Spain for 22 years and never had any regrets, the people are warm, friendly and kind, and are always there to help when you need it. You do need to be able to speak the language to be able to be a part of life here and not live as an expat foreigner.

We do not drink or smoke but still enjoy the life here with our Spanish friends, we do not have any English friends at all, we have friends from all nationalities except England. English people try and reinvent themselves when they come here, can’t find any work and drink to the point of ending up alcoholic, they do not understand the differences in the culture and expect Spain to be England in the Sun.

We live in Alicante City which has many visitors from all over the world. No way would be ever go back to the UK and leave Spain, it is our home.”

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The Expat Interview – Perfect Second-Home Destination?

If you are thinking of moving to Spain, then you must read our expat interview with Tracy Thomson of TMT Spain Real Estate below:

Click the image below or on this link…

San Pablo de Buceite Guide

Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Spain!

Madrid is in the physical center of the country and the plaza Puerta del Sol, in Madrid, is the exact center of the country.

Recipe of the Week – How To Make Spanish Paella

“Ok before you shout at us, recipes for paella differ from region to region, and this seafood-free version is Omar Allibhoy’s take on the classic Paella Valenciana”

Jobs in Spain

  1. Staff required for summer season. Waitress and cook. we are based in Nerja. Please send cvs to bakersbar@hotmail.com

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Mark Eastwood – Spain Made Simple


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