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Record Rent a Car is a Spanish car hire company providing rentals throughout Spain that most notably from the major airports of Alicante, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Record Rent a Car and Record Go Rent a Car are one and the same just in case you are confused!

Although you may not choose to rent a car directly from Record Rent a Car, you may be indirectly making a booking with them through the many price comparison websites which allocate you to a particular local company upon arrival.

So if you’ve searched for cheap car hire from Alicante airport you may well be assigned a car from Record.

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Record-Go desk at Alicante Airport.

Contact Details for Record


If you need to make a complaint or just ask general questions regarding a reservation or booking this is the e-mail address to use:


+34 902 123 002


Company Name Record-go Alquiler Vacacional S.A.
Address: Avda. Hermanos Bou 16, 2da planta Castellón. C.P.:12003
Contact: Telf: 902 123 002   Fax: +34 964 34 30 50
Registration data: Registro Mercantil de la localidad de Castellón, inscripción 1.ª, hoja: CS 19086, folio 194, tomo 1115, libro 679, sección 8.ª, 14 de Junio de 2002
C.I.F.: A-12584470

Record Go Rent a Car Reviews

record-go-rent-a-car-logoWe have set up this page to provide reviews so that you can decide whether you wish to use the company or not.

Unfortunately many car hire companies in Spain suffer from very poor customer service and high complaints.

Find out below if Record falls into this category or whether they are a reputable and reliable company!

Please use the comments box at the bottom of the page to fill out your review.

Please help us by also saying if you had a good experience using Record, so that we can counterbalance the inevitable negative reviews which might only be from a handful of dissatisfied customers.

About the Company

“ National leading car rental company. Record Rent a Car is the number one Spanish car hire company. Founded in 1966 in Castellon, with its great national implantation, Record has become through the years one of the top 5 companies in the sector in Spain, obtaining the reliance of renowned investors such as Mercapital, who have placed their trust in us .

Thanks to our reduced prices philosophy, careful customer assistance and “All-Inclusive” rates policy, we have more than 120.000 satisfied customers who rent with us every time they need the best car hire service in Spain.

Nowadays, we have a fleet of over 30.000 vehicles delivered throughout the Spanish geography and at the airport of Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Malaga, Barcelona and Alicante. The fleet of our own, the absence of intermediaries, our reduced marketing policy and the best management, allows us to offer you prices without competition and a direct and efficient service. A direct service that suits you better: Internet, phone or at our offices in the most important airports.

As an organization, we have an important eagerness for improvement. Our goal is working day by day to maintain a faultless image to our customers and suppliers and maintain market leadership.”


  1. Paul Pasalic says

    Similar to other reviews, I’d strongly recommend staying away. We were ripped off to the tune of £220 for an internal “tray” which they said was missing when we returned the car. We brought the car back in the exact same condition we received it. We did the external damage inspection (which was fine) but not quite sure how one is meant to identify missing pieces of a vehicle you’ve never been in – this is inappropriate and plain unfair. I can’t help but notice from all the reviews that there seems to be a theme here of this company systemically ripping off customers for this sort of thing.

    Steer clear or you too will be scammed

  2. Horrified. Lovely car and great holiday then they charged us 650€ for damages that were there before we had the car. Still trying to claim the money back. They still have not sent evidence and will not reply to our requests!

  3. Atrocious experience. Incorrect fuel refund. Additional €95 charged after return. No invoice or explanation. Contacted 6 times now and still without an explanation or resolution.
    Worst car rental experience ever!

  4. unbelieveble RIP OFF !!! after I return my car and drop the keys to the mail box they send me picture about my car hit and charge me 310,55 for it. I am positive – this scratch wasnt there before. White car in drop off area was next to mine. that mean that their employee hit both cars – probably for the purpose to make an extra money and charge both of us. crazy right? I found out when I see scratch on the car was white colour + there was also scratch on the wheel on the same position as a scratch on the rear bumper – which proove that car was hit when parked already…. I ask them for security camera from the parking lot – either video or picture – they didnt send me anything – dont want to talk to me – their english is the real basement – I feel like talking to Afghan sheep shepherd – they are dumb, that is too much.

    • gareth owen says

      Hi M,
      I too have been a victim of exactly the same scam. Dropped car off at Alicante airport on Sept 8th at 21.15, and was told everything was OK, by 21.45 I received an email stating that they where billing me for damages to the car, attached was an invoice for €310.55. I dare bet that your invoice is exactly the same as mine (spoiler, fog light, paint work and labour etc). If it is, then you are the third person to have been sent the same invoice that I have been able to confirm. I managed to contact a reviewer from Trust Pilot when I saw that she was complaining about been charged €310.55 for damages. She sent me a copy of her invoice and I did the same to her, they where a match! Please also note that your rental agreement number will probably not match the one on the invoice. I have reported it to my credit card company and also ‘Uk European Consumer Centre’ 01268 886690. They have both opened a case. The lady who I have been in touch with has also done the same, I would advise to do the same also. They have to be stopped, if everyone keeps claiming through their insurance company, they are getting away with theft!

  5. Mallorca. End of July. 246 Eur. Probably parcel shelf. Still no answer, no comments, no the photographic evidence…

  6. Linda Dowdall says

    I am horrified by our experience of car hire from Record Go. We experienced a one hour plus wait at Alicante airport to collect the car. It was only half full of petrol which we let them know when we returned it on Saturday morning – of which we had used about half by then. They said at the desk you should have let us know at the time – but having walked a long way to actually collect the car by then and it being very late at night , no we didn’t! We requested a refund – which are still waiting for.
    We returned the car this morning in EXACTLY the same condition as we received it. I took some pictures of the car when we collected it which corresponded with the various Xs on their diagram that we had to sign for without having seen the car at that stage
    By Saturday evening we had an email invoice IN SPANISH for 310 euros for DAMAGE to the car – WHAT DAMAGE??!!!
    We replied straight away to dispute this and to ask for the details IN ENGLISH so are waiting to find out what happens next but, having now read the complaints on here and on other forums, quite frankly, I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole EVER AGAIN!!!

  7. BAD BAD BAD BAD!!! This company had developed it’s underperformance into a new business model. Make the waiting time so long that in the end everybody is paying additional money to get into the priority line, causing other waiting people to wait longer and finally finding themselves also paying, resulting in even higher waiting times for other people. Second; the Insurance issue. I was not forced to pay the additional Insurance, but the maximum risk was increased from 950 mentioned in the confirmation mail to 1200 at the desk. Refusal to sign was countered with ‘ok, so you don’t want to hire the car’? I hired through DoYouSpain, already mentioned it to them. First reply; “yes ques can be long…”. Well; There were about 15 desks of different companies at Mallorca Airport. The only one with ques was Record…

  8. We were pressured into taking out the overpriced insurance but was assured that this covered everything and we had nothing to worry about so we agreed. We returned the car (no damage) at the end of the holiday and was told everything was fine with the car. Once we returned to the UK, we realised that Record Go had charged our credit card €246. We obviously questioned this and was told it was because the parcel shelf was missing. We noticed it was missing when we picked the car up but didn’t worry as the car was covered in dents and scratches and we had been told that because we had taken out the insurance we didn’t need to worry. A missing parcel shelf didn’t seem like a big deal considering the state the car was in anyway!

    Numerous emails, tweets, Facebook messages, etc later and still no further explanation. I’m not going to let this drop!

    There seems to be a suspiciously similar story on Trust Pilot (, which eventually was resolved so we will keep trying!

    • This is exactly what happened to us in April in Mallorca. Car in poor state no parcel shelf we have photographs to prove it . 260 euros taken from our deposit. We are fighting it but hitting a brick wall.That wont stop us though . This is a disgrace.

    • Brigitte squire says

      I wish I had read these comments before I hired from this company last month as they also charged me minutes after returning the car with a bill of £281 for so called damages after having taken their forced full comprehensive insurance.
      If anybody is taken legal action against them, I would like to hear as they don’t reply to any emails.

  9. We booked a car for 262 euros to date it’s cost us 1103 euros. They removed most of this monew without my permission the rest was for insurance that they make you take out even if you already have some, they give you no choice, this was over 290 euros. They have done this to me before and it took ages to get the money back, this time they are refusing. The customer service department are very patronising and unhelpful. Even if they look cheaper than another company, do nkthey be fooled it wI’ll cost you more than anot her more expensive reputable company in the long run.

  10. I’ve rented a car there in September. First, they tried to for extra insurance on me. Then, they charged me for the full tank, a first (at rentals through Sunny Cars I’ve never had to pay for the full tank) and finally they gave me a scratched and dented car (take pictures of every angle to prevent hassle!).
    I returned the car with a full tank, as I had a full-full contract. It won’t surprise most that I didn’t get a full refund. I’ve been corresponding three months now, and each time it takes them ages to respond, they circumvent the question or they’re finding yet another argument not to repay me my 15 euros. If they pull that stunt on every customer, they’re making a lot of money. As far as I’m concerned, they’re a bunch of thieves. So stay away from them and believe all the negative reviews you find and don’t be penny wise.

  11. I hired a car from Recordgo in Alicante airport. Having queued for 90 minutes I was given the hard sell about extra insurance. I declined as I already had my own excess cover. I was given a schematic of the car showing 13 areas of existing damage. The car itself was dirty and the seats were covered in huge sweat stains. With hindsight I should have declined but at the time I just wanted to crack on with my journey.

    On returning the car I asked that it be inspected. The staff were very flippant and dismissive but in the end agreed to inspect. It was agreed that there was no new damage.

    Whilst waiting in the departure lounge I received via email invoices for over 800 euro for damages to the car. these detailed invoices must have been pre-prepared.

    This is how these companies make their money- they charge for damage but do not carry out repairs. Then the next sucker gets charged again for the same damage. It’s a cut throat business and the bottom feeders rely on fleecing customers who have left the country. this is not a sustainable business model but they don’t worry about things like repeat business and reputation.

    The excess insurance proved to be useless because the insurance company will only pay out for damage when an actual repair invoice is produced, and that’s not going to happen.

    I did eventually get a refund from the credit card co but it was a lot of aggravation. I would advise sticking with the bona fide rental companies, they cost more but it’s worth paying the extra for the peace of mind.

  12. Hired a car from Record Go at Alicante Airport on 3rd September 2016. Horrendous wait at the counter, everything seemed Ok and went to Javea,approx 65km away. returned the car on time on 15th September with a FULL tank of petrol. Handed the keys back together with the petrol receipt and was told we would be getting a petrol supplement refund. When the credit card bill came in found they had charged us 457euro extra and no refund. Eventually got through by phone to be told the charge was because we had exceeded the 2000km limit. Pointed out that Javea was only 50+km away and I doubted we had done over 200km let alone 2000. Eventually rep admitted it was a mistake but when I asked her to refund the money apparently they only deal with E mails and I needed a customer services reference number. Two emails later and still no acknowledgement or contact and now try getting through on any of the phone numbers, all automated systems. Have reported this as an unauthorised transaction to the credit card company. They say it goes on ALL the time with the Spanish car hire companies, they try it on.

  13. jason shaw says

    We hired a car from record go solely in my name, my wife paid for the hire and the fuel on her credit card.
    We took out the total comfort package to avoid any issues and excess.

    On returning the car we where advised all was okay and to leave the keys, within 9 minutes of leaving we retrieved an email for chargers of £606. we went back to the desk and they pointed out marks on the alloys, tyre and bumper, these marks where already there and we even showed photos to prove this, they agreed.

    They then said in order to have the chargers removed we must admit to crashing and fill out a form in Spanish, which we refused. I have photos of the car before and after, video of the man behind the desk being aggressive and trying to snatch my phone.

    After returning to the UK they charged my wife’s card who had nothing to do with the hire nor have her name on the agreement £800.

    We are now taking legal action against Record Go, needless to say they are ignoring all emails from us.

  14. Balor Knight says

    Be very careful if you use Record Go. I’ve used them for many years and they used to be good, but about a year ago they changed their basic insurance to no longer cover body & wheels, and now try hard to push their expensive fully comp “comfort cover” on you. I recently refused it, and they fabricated wheel damage I know I didn’t do and charged me 100 euros. The car was covered in damage, making it impossible to know if it was all covered by the damage list, and the photo of wheel damage they sent me is clearly very old, A quick Google shows how many others have had similar experiences. I’ll be avoiding them in future and I suggest you do the same.

  15. Michael Sadler says

    I hired a car for 17 days with our own insurance. On our return the lady could not be bothered to check the car and since I had had no problems I was not immediately concerned. I was debited nearly £200 from my credit card for ‘automotive repair ‘ . After several emails I don’t know what this was for. I am fighting this and will not give up. A total ripoff.

  16. Don’t hire from this company! We’ve used them a few times but the last 2 times they were really poor at customer services. One time we left a very expensive camera in the car. We alerted them immediately. We went to Alicante and they told us to write an email. They emailed back to say they will investigate. Never heard from them again!! It may not be management fault but they hire staff not trustworthy…so if you forget something in the car, you’ll definitely not get it back. Just recently, we hired a car again from them. We received the reservation via email. We went to pick up the car but were told the reservation was blocked. We asked why. They said we had far too many miles on previous hire car. Now, we don’t mind mileage restrictions but this was never specified on the contract. Why don’t they specify this on their site?? It would not have been a problem.Secondly, they didn’t even bother to tell us they were blocking our reservation. They could have sent an email or call. Instead we ended up having no car. Our families and friends will be coming this Christmas and will be needing a few cars. I will certainly tell them not to book with this company. The service is very incompetent and unprofessional. I have always recommended this company and our friends have used their service via our recommendations. Now no more! There wasn’t an apology or a call to say anything about our lost camera nor my husband being stranded with no car. Thank you for nothing Recorgo.

  17. Hired a nice car with a full tank of petrol. We were charged 127 euros for the petrol and told to return with full tank. We filled the tank the night before at 10 pm to the point that the car would not accept any more fuel for which we have the receipt. We then drove to the airport the next morning which is approximatley 15 miles and dropped the car off at 6am when the office was closed. We could not get any confimation from a member of staff that the tank was full as the office was not open. When we got home we were chared on our credit card £46 for petrol. DO NOT USE THEM.

  18. Hired a car in Palma, Mallorca and had a horrible experience with Record Go car rental. I have rented many cars but never seen anything like this. They know that you cannot cancel the booking once at their reception desk and that you have no option than to pay whatever they tell you to, so they pressure and extort without even trying to disguise it.

    I have never received more rude and unhelpful service already from the offset, making it clear that this is a everyday hustle and that they are used to and expecting customers questioning their methods. When getting the car the service was if possible even worse and they did not even want to answer simple and polite questions. They were the only company with stationed security guards outside their car retrieval/return office and there were several unhappy customers trying to get some kind of respons while we picked up our cars, so I guess they need the security guards.

    All in all I would never ever recommend anyone renting from Record Car Rental. The initial hiring price was cheap but ended up more expensive than reputable firms like Hertz or Europecar. Its not worth the health risks, money, time and horrible experience.

  19. My family and I booked a holiday to Spain for September 13th-20th 2014, flying to Malaga airport.

    There were eight of us in total and so we decided to book two, medium-sized cars. My parents sorted one car out, and me and my partner sorted out the other, and without knowing it we both ended up with Record Go cars.

    After reading so many poor reviews of nearly ALL car rental companies in Malaga airport (and cancelling one booking originally made with Goldcar) I was extremely worried we would a) be ripped off at the pick-up desk, b) be ripped off when we returned the car and c) ripped off when we returned home via our credit card.

    I am glad to say all our fears, although rational, were completely unnecessary.

    We chose a 5-door, manual, medium-sized car with pick up full and return empty (with reimbursement for remaining fuel) for about £30 for 7 days rental.

    When we arrived they offered us an alternative fuel package which we didn’t really understand so we stuck with what we had booked (and paid around £75 for the fuel). There was about a 40 minute wait to pick-up the car (which meant we were 30 minutes behind the time we said we would pick the car up) but the man behind the desk was lovely, patient and explained things clearly. There was NO irrational ‘late pick up charge’ (which had read about previously) and there was NO hard sell on insurance, although we were offered it and chose not to take it, opting instead to pay a £600 deposit by credit card. We went to pick up the car, which granted had seen better days – there were bumps and scratches all over it – however these were all clearly recorded on the documents we had been given. And we were off.

    We spent a bump and scratch free week in Spain and upon return to Record Go, we handed the keys to the same man we had dealt with when we picked the car up. The return queue was large so the man just took everyone’s keys off of them. I was immediately concerned they would then claim scratches/bumps etc. after we had returned home.

    This was not the case. In fact, the £600 credit-card deposit we had initially paid had not even taken money off the credit card (I think they had just authorised a transaction in case we needed to pay), and Record Go reimbursed us with just over £20 worth of fuel.

    All in all I was highly impressed with their customer service, efficiency and price. It cost us around £85 for the car rental for one week.


    – Affordable

    – Efficient service

    – No hard sell

    – No rip off

    – Easy to find/clear directions


    – There will be a wait for the car

    – Car was not high-end (it was bumped and scratched and the seats had scratches in them) although it was clean


    My parents booked a pre-paid fuel, 5-door, 4-wheel drive, car and paid for full insurance, so their car hire cost about £150 in total. My Dad is a worrier and the extra insurance eased his mind.

    It must be noted that although my parents had a similar experience to us in terms of ease of service/car quality, they had pre-paid for insurance and were made to take out what they were led to believe was another type of insurance when they arrived. As it turned out, they had already paid for this service when pre-booking. Upon return home, my Dad complained and has since been reimbursed for their error. This affirms in my mind that they are a good quality company.


    I would definitely recommend booking with them if you want an affordable deal and do not expect too much of the car quality.

  20. We hired a car at Palma Airport for 3 days and the staff at the pickup counter was extremely unfriendly.
    They pushed and pushed for additional insurance even though we already had additional insurance.
    And finally they overcharges us claiming there is 30 Euros Petrol Tax (Next to the amount of Petrol used) Handling Fees (even though we bought a car hire voucher and were promised everything is already paid for. The overcharges added up to about 100Euros.
    I then contacted recordGo and was told to send an email.
    After multiple emails to the customer care team I have not had a single reply.
    I have not even been send the invoice for the charges.
    I would never rent from them again and would not recommend to anyone doing so.
    I don’t know how they are still in business with such staff and all these hidden charges.

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