Dickmanns Car Hire – Real Reviews & Contact Details

If you have used one of the websites that give you the cheapest car hire rates then you might find that they have allocated you to use Dickmanns car hire.

Naturally you might be concerned that when you get to Spain you may encounter problems.

Just how reputable are Dickmanns?

Will your car be there at the airport or will they try give you a different make and model?

Perhaps you want to read some reviews from previous customers?

You will find out everything you need to know below. Dickmanns have a long-established track record having operated for over 10 years now sadly as our comments section shows, they are picking up a number of complaints from customers. Perhaps this is a tiny minority of customers and maybe most are happy satisfied customers, bear that in mind?

They keep their cars up-to-date and have a number of offices as well as pick up points at the major airports of El Altet (Alicante), Manises (Valencia) and San Javier (Murcia).

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“Dickmanns Rent a Car is one of the market leader in their sector, specialized in the foreign tourism. Since more than 10 years we take a personal interest in our clients. We will be there for you in your language (English, German, French & Spanish) at any time.

We offer very economic prices for every season and have special discounts for long term rentals.

We own various cars, from small useful automatic cars up to large volume 7 and 9 seaters, with diesel or petrol. All cars with the maximum equipment (airconditioning, electric window control, central door locking, etc.) and most of the cars are also equipped with ABS and radio CD.

Each year we replace our fleet, so that you always can delight in new cars in an excellent status.

Our main office can be found in Torrevieja (to the south of Alicante), in addition to that we have offices in Los Alcazares (Mar Menor of Murcia) and in Moraira (to the north of Alicante).

We also offer our service at the airport of Alicante (El Altet), Murcia (San Javier) and Valencia (Manises).

On this website you can find all our addresses and telephone numbers, as well as a map of our locations.

Since 1992 we are an official agency of Allianz Insurance, which enables us to offer each kind of service regarding insurance. Ask for a proposal for your house, car, health or live insurance or a savings agreement – we will inform you with pleasure.”

Contact Details

If you are visiting Spain then consider using the services of Dickmanns car hire from one of the locations at Alicante airport, Murcia airport or in the town of Moraira.

Below you will find all the contact details for each of the different Dickman’s offices, including the address, telephone number, e-mail and the official website.


C/ Granados, 1 – Local nº 1, Urb.
La Siesta – 03184 Torrevieja, Alicante
Reservierungen / Bookings
Telephone: 96 678 50 21 – Fax: 96 678 46 61
Email: info@dickmannsrentacar.com


Avda. Cartagena, 876
30710 Los Alcázares (Murcia)
Reservierungen / Bookings
Telephone: 968 583 160 – Fax: 968 574 757
Email: losalcazares@dickmannsrentacar.com


C.C. Los Pinos – Ctra. Moraira . Benitachell
C/ Pintor El Greco, 36
03724 Moraira (Alicante)
Telephone: 965 745 075 – Fax: 965 745 001
Email: alpha@dickmannsrentacar.com

We would also like you to submit your personal reviews of Dickmann’s car hire so that should other people rethinking of using them, they can see what sort of service you received on whether you would recommend not.

It is an unfortunate fact that service in Spain is extremely poor and many of the major car hire companies based at Alicante airport are renowned for problems and difficulties. Therefore we wish to be able to tell you which companies to avoid and which companies will give you the best price per car hire.

Arriving at Alicante Airport

If you have booked car hire through Dickmanns then when you get to Alicante airport you need to get on the courtesy bus to be taken to their car hire office which is obviously not inside the main airport terminal.

If you have any problems telephone +34 607 333 380 or 669 565 177



Arriving at Murcia Airport

There is a Meet & Greet service:

Desk telephone number:

(+34) 629 360 226 /690 845 848

Directions to desk:

Please exit the terminal and cross the street to the public car parking. At the taxi-stands turn to the left and continue straight on until the end of the street. Here you will find the Dickmanns Office Van.

Reviews of Dickmanns

We would love to hear from you if you have hired a car from Dickmann’s. All you need to do is fill out the comments box at the bottom of the page.

As a result of feedback received from previous customers, we wish to urge that you thoroughly check the car before you leave the compound.

Get a member of staff to mark on your rental agreement where any scratches, marks and dents are, on your vehicle, so that there is no possibility of these being attributed to you upon your return!

This advice doesn’t just apply to Dickmann’s  – most Spanish car hire companies suffer from high levels of complaints and poor customer service.


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  1. I am a regular visitor to Alicante and rent a carS 8/9 times a year and as such previously bought an annual fully inclusive car hire insurance. In August it was necessary to visit Spain for 4 days and went to DICKMANNS for my carhire, never used them before but they seemed ok.On arrival at the airport it was necessary to get a transfer bus to dickmanns office ,the transfer took 30mins before I got to their office. .When I arrived there was a further 40mins in a queue. Finally with all papers in tact I was given the hard sell to take out their insuranse which I did not need, eventually they relented but charged me 95 euros for a tank of fuel EXPENSIVE BUT ok! and then took 950 euros deposit on my credit card which I later found out WAS ACTUALLY CHARGED. When I collected the car it was dirty and a strong unpleasent smell of body odour ,but by this time 2 hours after landing I did not feel like making a fuss.
    When I returned the car it was checked and ok,d . I then asked for the return of my 950 euros and was told it would be 3/4 weeks before it was returned ,I said that this was unacceptable and demanded the return but they refused, telling me it was company policy. I left very unhappy MY ADVICE , BEWARE!! BEFORE YOU HIRE FROM DICKMANNS!!

  2. Do not use them! Got a very good quote, then bought myself car hire insurance for the year for 40 pounds. Got to their pick up point and was told I have to have their insurance which cost more than the hire of the car. Was not told this during booking. The other option was to put 950 euros deposit down on credit card which I never had, again if it told me whilst booking it would have be en easy, as I wouldn’t have booked. Any way couldn’t afford insurance so couldn’t take car, correct I did not receive my 150 pounds back…..

  3. william byrne says

    I hired car through vehiclerent and was directed to Dickmanns . Arrived on 6th May and collected not the car I ordered( a small car) but was given a Fiat Panda which was dented and with no hub caps! I complained but was informed it was the only car available. The car park was virtually full and a couple who arriced after me did get a fiat600. Should have canceled then and there! Had to pay 1000 euros deposit which was immediately taken off my credit card and was told it would be refunded 20days AFTER the car was returned.
    I returned the car on 20th May and it was inspected and I was told the deposit would be repaid the following week. After numerous phone calls to Dickmanns,Vehiclerent and CapitalOne part of my deposit was returned on 26th june.!!!(20days after return of car?????)
    Having read all the above comments I will be astounded if anyone hires from them. Wish I had read reviews before I had any dealings with these awful people!!

  4. David Young says

    I note several entries on this site advising “DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE. THEY ARE RIP OFF MERCHANTS” I advise you to read the following story (complete with my own mistakes) and form your own opinion.


    (3 months previous to hire):
    Booked car through DoYouSpain (DYS) because my usual hire company, Firefly, could not offer me a deal without loading because I am over 70. DYS offered me a reasonable deal and it was only when I had paid for the hire contract did DYS advise me that I would be met at the airport by Dickmans.

    Day 1:
    Arrived at Valencia Airport after flight delays . It was late and dark and by this time we were tired and hacked off. There was a queue for the car hire and a number of mutterings going on, mostly in Spanish. Came to our turn and the receptionist demanded 950€ deposit (refundable) to cover any damage costs and 96€ deposit for a full tank of petrol. When I argued that I thought I had paid an insurance premium to cover damage through DYS they said that that was nothing to do with them and became particularly aggressive in demanding the damage cover deposit when I protested. Too tired to argue so paid up.

    Was told car was 4th car in front row. Was in between two other cars. It was approaching 10pm, compound was not well lit so little opportunity to inspect. I had booked 5dr Clio or similar, what I got was an ageing Seat. (Should have refused the car but was getting desperate.)

    Day 2:

    Noticed “pea” size dent and scratch on rear passenger side door.

    Day 3:
    Called at Dickmans office to report the above. Receptionist checked their computer system and said they had no trace of this damage but as the car was normally based at Alicante she checked with that office. Was told that the only damage they knew about was underneath the car for which they had photographs therefore I was responsible for the dent on the door.
    Checked damage underneath and there was a significant creasing of the sill below the front passenger door, not visible unless you got on your hands and knees. (Should have got Dickmans to annotate this damage on contract documents and sign accordingly)

    Day 25:

    Returned car with full tank no mention of any damage so went on our way. Was told deposit would be returned in due course.

    Out of country again for essentially three weeks, checked on return but no sign of returned deposits. Rang Dickmans on Thursday and received apology for Spanish tardiness and promised for the following week. On Friday received e-mail from DYS attaching photograph of car, copy of contract and till receipt and three photographs of damaged sill and an invoice. Analysis of the digital signature on the photographs showed that they were taken Valencia after I had returned the car and not at Alicante prior to me taking up the hire.

    Attempted to contact DYS who do not publish any telephone numbers and do not reply to e-mails. My son and his partner who were in Valencia two weeks later visited Dickmans only to be told that the receptionist who had told me about the sill damage was not available but gave them names of contacts at Alicante to whom I should speak. It took 4 days to get someone to answer telephone calls to the Alicante main offices. When I challenged the above I was told that no photographs of the sill damage to the car existed at Alicante and I was being held responsible for the damage.

    Following angry words and threats my credit card was refunded in three days, with the fuel deposit and the damage deposit less a sum which was significantly less than the invoice had stated. I think in all I was out of pocket to the tune of £112 which, sadly, I am putting down to experience. My credit card company said they were unable to help under the circumstances.

  5. James W-T says

    All the things you read above about Dickman’s are true. I am still waiting for my deposit to be refunded from a January rental. Neither Dickman’s nor Do you spain are responding to my emails, and my credit card company deny any liability as it is over 120 days since I paid the deposit.
    I will be chasing them (Visa) for a refund under section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974 which covers you for up to 5 years. who knows, maybe a small guy will win for once!

  6. Ged McGuinness says

    I would never use Dickmanns again following the trouble I am still having with them in having my deposit refunded….. taken 17th April 2015 at Alicante airport, car returned 24th April and still no refund as of today, 15th June. Their customer service is appalling and I will be doing all I can to ensure potential customers are aware of their malpractice. I have printed a summary of my particular case and will be handing out to anybody I find at their shuttle stop when I return to Alicante next month.

  7. Janet davies says

    Picked up rental car from Dickmanns rentacar.com Alicante Airport 28th March 2015. Told credit card details would be held which we know is the usual practice. Returned car undamaged. On returning to UK, checked my credit card statement, Dickmanns had debited my account of 950€ the day we picked car up. Credit card charges on this amounted to £18.91. I have emailed them, their reply is the 950€ is held on deposit, I have emailed them with a copy of my bank statement to prove they took this ammount, I am still waiting for a reply. Avoid this car hire company.

  8. We hired a car from Dickmanns via Do you Spain over the Christmas period, returning the car on the 10th January 2015.This car was hired on a Full/Full for fuel and paid for in advance via Do You Spain.

    On arrival we had to pay 95.04 euro for fuel and 495.87 as a deposit as we did not take their additional insurance. Like others in stead of blocking the deposit on our credit card it was taken in full, a total of 730.01 euro with tax and a strange charge for “suplemento die” which no one can explain what this is for.

    Returning the car on to correct day and time we handed the keys back. The operator then went out to check the car and came back pointing out that there was damage to the front right hand wing. We agreed and explained we had a photo of this before we left the yard. He explained that this could have been taken at anytime but then found photo’s on his system showing the damage. Having spoken to Do You Spain even if we had done this it was covered under the normal insurance that comes with the car. Anyway I asked when will the money for the deposit and fuel be refunded and was told up to 20 days. I had also heard the guy in front of me being told the same thing. This I thought was a long time to wait but could not do anything about it.

    I checked with the credit card company up to and including the 20 days and no money was refunded. I then called Dickmanns head office and they said they could not understand why it was not refunded and would talk to Alicante and get it refunded with a promise to call me back, still waiting for this call. I then called the credit card company and put this amount of £574.22 in dispute. They took this off my card and sent me paper work to complete.

    Not satisfied with this I called Do You Spain on the 12th February 2015 and explained my situation and they said they would speak with Dickmanns and find out what is going on.

    Having heard nothing from any one on the 18th February 2015 I called Do You Spain again. They informed me Dickmanns had informed them that the money had been refunded 2 days ago!!! Well it had not as I found out by calling the Credit Card company. I then called Do You Spain back and told them of my findings. I was told someone would get back to me.

    Today, 23rd February 2015 I called the credit card company again and yes some money had been refunded, 620 Euro which exchanged at 1.36 euro to the pound making my refund only £455.33. As the euro is so weak we will loose money we know that but not as much if they had refunded on the correct day. I will still chase the 110.01 euro which has still not been refunded.

    My advise is do not use Dickmanns. There are plenty of other car hire companies at Alicante. We hire cars both from Murcia and Alicante throughout the year and have NEVER been treated like this before. We have lost time and money on all the phone calls to Spain plus I had to pay the full amount to the credit card company which now puts me in credit on my card. (The amount was disputed after we had to pay to stop interest costs.)

    Now they say the reason for the short fall in the refund was due to us returning the car 1/4 full. We have the receipt from a local Alicante Filling station minutes before we handed the car back. Waiting for their response.

  9. RossCawkwell says

    Kept our €400 rental deposit for a stone chip that was already on the car. we have had to involve the credit card company to try get the money back. whoever wrote this article clearly works for Dickmanns, also covered in the sunday times in an article titled “Do not use this Hire Company” says it all really doesnt it never again

  10. If I could I would not provide any stars at all, because this company does not deserve any.
    I have rented a car multiple times but this experience was something I could not imagine.
    We came to their Alicante office very late, at night. And it started, company representative started to lie about consequences of car damage when it has no full insurance. He stated that even for the smallest scratch whole deposit will be taken away. Although some poster in the office stated otherwise, that if car is not fully insured, in case of damage, only for repair required amount of money will be taken from the deposit. Not whole deposit as per employee. Who was not only lying to us but as well bullying (raised tone, pushy talks) us to take full insurance. My first though was, do all Spanish are so crazy… I am glad that during whole trip this was the only one!
    We rented car for three weeks and then returned it. Company employee check the car add said that everything is ok (he sat in the saloon as well). During whole rent we have not vacuumed the car so there was some sand in the saloon. As well we have left couple plastic bags, since in parking slot there was no visible trashcan. Due to this company charged us additionally 75 euros, for “excessive dirtiness”. My question how sand can be treated excessive dirtiness if it can be cleaned by vacuuming the car? And the same bill was present for all three cars we have rented.
    I suggest not to work with this company neither with Rhino broker, who is working with such reputation companies and do not assist his clients when some issues with car rental company appears.

  11. Paul Fowler says

    I Hired a car from Dickmanns Alicante on 13 April 2014, I only wanted a small car but they upgraded me to a larger Citroen for no extra charge (only the extortionate fuel charge for a tank of fuel 30% more that the forecourt price)) also had to leave a 400 credit card deposit.
    I returned the car with half a tank of fuel (bonus for them) upon returning home checked my credit card statement to see that they had only refunded 300 euros. After contacting the Alicante office I was told to email their customer services who advised that the vehicle was missing insurance documents from the glove box. After numerous emails back and forth they refused to refund the 100 euros insisting that I had lost the documents. After researching review on the internet I find this is a common scam that Dickmanns uses.

  12. We went to Murcia over Easter and hired a car from dickmanns. Not good service at all, an absolute nightmare to deal with and take money they are not supposed to. They took euro400 as security which is fine but didn’t return the same amount. Still awaiting response from car trawler/holiday autos who we originally booked through. Total rip off, beware, stay away.

  13. Barry Gray says

    Malcolm – The initial response form my credit card company was sympathetic but enquiries are still ongoing. My local Trading Standards and Citizens Advice were not particularly helpful, but there is an organisation, the UK European Consumer Centre, which can offer assistance and potential resolution. Find them at http://www.ukecc.net. I made my complaint by email to ecc@tsi.org.uk. The initial response was also encouraging, but still under investigation. My point is that, if more people who have been treated this way send a complaint to this organisation, the more chance they have of gathering evidence of a pattern of fraud. I will report the outcomes from both sources.

  14. Barry Gray says

    DON’T RENT FROM THIS FIRM. There must be plenty of more-reputable companies. Only now do I realise that there are too many cases like this in the reviews of Dickmanns to be coincidence.
    On the 16th February, a friend and I travelled at short notice for a two-day trip, to attend the funeral of a friend. We hired a car for two days via economyhirecar.com , who acted as agents for dickmannsrentacar at Alicante. The rental rate included one additional driver, and no excess for damage, but it did not include cover for damage to windscreen, wheels, keys etc.
    So, of course, Dickmanns made a holding charge of €360 to my credit card at the time of collecting the vehicle.
    On returning the car, a member of Dickmanns staff took the keys and my copy of the agreement, and went to where the car was parked. When he came back to us, I asked if everything was OK. He replied, “Yes. You can wait here for the bus back to the airport.” He signed/initialled the agreement at the place where the diagram should have showed if there was any damage, and handed it back. The damage chart was otherwise unmarked. We waited outside the office for some ten minutes or so until the transport arrived. At no point did any member of staff advise us of any problem with the returned car.
    I heard nothing more from Dickmanns, until I noticed a month later that they had returned €240 my credit card account on the 25th February – deducting €120, or approximately £100. I emailed both Dickmanns and Economy, asking for an explanation. Economy replied that damage had been allegedly found to one of the wheels, and that I could claim through the additional insurance that I had taken. Nevertheless, I had a complete lack of information or evidence to support such a claim, as I had no knowledge of how or when any such damage could have been made or found.
    I emailed Dickmanns, asking when and by whom the alleged damage had been found, the nature of the damage, and for an invoice to confirm the charge. Economy replied with an invoice that had been dated the 20th February, almost a month earlier. They also provided a photo of a scuffed wheel, which could have been on the car we used. Economy could not advise when it had been allegedly discovered, or who found it. I wrote twice to Dickmanns, and they have failed to correspond with me in any way since the time that I handed over the car-keys.
    I have made representations to my credit-card company, and to Trading Standards Dept to confer with their Spanish colleagues, but I’m not holding my breath. I wonder if any other victims have been successful with chargeback claims from their credit cards?

    • Malcolm Tite says

      In response to Barry Gray – if you do have any success in finding an in-road into dealing with these rogues, please let me know.

  15. andrew jones says

    Feeling totally let down by Car Trawler and Holiday Autos. Having used this company a number of times without problem, I noticed this year when booking that Cartrawler appeared in the search page. Not thinking anything had changed I continued to book a car.
    However the hire company chosen was not named until I paid with my credit card.
    Big mistake!

    To make sure that I was totally covered, I took out the recommended security deposit, insurance. This is with Allianz,
    So no worries then….
    Another Big mistake!!

    Arrived in Murcia to pick up my car from a company called Dickmans, should have realised, who on earth, would name their company, Dickmans!
    Their office is in a van, row three Murcia Airport.
    Trying not to pre judge the situation, I put my paranoia behind me and showed my Cartrawler pre-paid voucher. It was at this point that I started to feel uneasy. The agent took one look at my Allianz Insurance cover and laughed! He would not accept this and stated that I would either have to pay £300 deposit, directly into his bank account, returnable 3 to 4 days after return, or take out their own insurance at £130.
    Well common sense should have told me to walk away, but this being Murcia Airport, with few facilities, I was intimidated into accepting the situation or walking.
    Another Big mistake!!!

    Having paid up, stating I was not happy, an employee then took me to the car and in a whirlwind after making me sign an inspection form, made his exit. No real chance to establish the cars faults, I photographed each elevation of the car and drove some 130kms to our destination, upon which we found there was no Hi viz jacket, emergency triangles or first aid kit, which are all mandatory in Spain. I tried ringing the contact number on the paperwork, but no answer from the company.
    You’ve guessed it………….

    On return I again photographed all elevations and returned the keys to a hole in the back of the van, things were looking up, there were now 2 pallets stacked up, for customers to reach, the service window.
    I am still waiting for my deposit, to be returned, in the meantime I have contacted my credit card company, who will act for me and tried to contact Cartrawler through their complaints website, which allows you to upload your written complaint, but not supporting information, although it states the info, has been successfully updated!

    I have always used Holiday Autos in the past, but since Cartrawler have been involved, I believe you have little redress, the company clearly knows there are issues with Dickmans, (see Dickmans rent a car, reviews on Tripadvisor).
    Incidently, taking out the recommended extra security deposit insurance with Allianz, is a total waste of time, because unless Dickmans actually states the car is damaged Allianz will not want to know, best thing to do is crash the car into their van, you should then be able to claim!!!

    Its such a shame that a relatively reliable company should be let down by the antics of Cartrawler and its car hire partners. Will post again if I hear anything, positive or negative.

  16. Another negative DICKMANNS experience. Don’t touch them with a barge pole is what I’d say. Arranged the deal through HIRE CARS IN SPAIN on a full to half empty basis from Alicante Airport.. Thought this was a good arrangement for me as my trip in December was for only 4 days. Silly me;
    – got charged 45 euros for half tank for a very small Fiat on top of the rental.
    – they took a 300 euro plus deposit from my credit card although to be fair this was returned in a reasonable time. Nevertheless this makes you feel very uncomfortable to say the least.
    – they then charged me a surcharge of 20 euros as they claimed the car wasn’t half full on return. I’d ensured this was the case at a fuel station only 5 kilometres from the airport. A spanish attendant at the garage did this for me! They took this from my credit card account without even informing me.
    – I was left in a people carrier for 30-45 minutes at the off site Dickmanns Office waiting for a return lift to the airport and almost missed check in.

  17. Leo Millward says

    I rented from Dickmanns in July 2013 – NEVER AGAIN!!!

    They charged €84 for a tank of fuel when in fact the maximum it would take from empty is €50 – that’s a 68% overcharge and stinks of profiteering!

    I think they have a highly unethical approach and users should be very careful to use them with the current practice of charging what THEY choose for a full tank of fuel.

    its much safer to rent on the basis of pick up full and fill before returning or pick up empty and return empty – then you aren’t exposing yourself to a possible ripoff such as this.

  18. steve kain says

    have rented from dickmans meny times , found them very good , i even got a free upgrade ,
    i would use them all the time if they were the cheapest on 3 times they have been the chepest
    this was all done via carjet.com i found the starf were very helpful also , you only get what you pay
    for , when you get to the desk ask if you can take the car back with a full tank they can only say no but when i asked they said yes (this was in december 2012) i like dickmans car hire

  19. Peter Smith says

    Rented car at San Javier Airport on 17/03/2013 ( 13 days ) from Dickmanns. Car not presented to me for 2-3 mins. after completing contract. Paid for car hire plus full tank at very high rate ie 1.89 Euros per litre.
    When car presented, Drivers door pulled fully open thus blocking my view of damage over wheel arch. However, friends who came to airport to suprise my wife and I actually noticed this damage which was duly pointed out to Dickmanns rep. who took my PINK copy of contract and marked damage on car diagram plus her signature. On return to UK , my credit card statement showed that dickmanns had taken 300 Euros damage deposit at time of completing contract on 17/3/13. When E-Mailed for the return of the 300 Euroes, Dickmanns reply said they were keeping the deposit re. damage to car that existed when car presented to me. I have now informed my card provider of all correspondence with Dickmanns and am awaiting their assistance. I will never use Dickmanns again. Finally, Dickmanns do not provide Emergency Vests as required by law in Spain. When asked why ? they say customers steal them !!!!!

    • GLEN THOMAS says

      hi exactly the same to me 27th september -4 october 2013i am looking for anyone around that time that hired the same car a red kia picanto 3823 HLL

  20. peter lynn says

    Hired a car from Murcia SJV Airport 01/07/12.
    Car a Diesel was occasionly missing as you drove along but was ok.
    2 days later it wouldnt start.
    My wife contacted Dickmanns who agreed they would pick car up on a tow truck next day. we agreed to make our way to get a new car(petrol) from Airport all going well.
    When i got home found 300 euros taken from credit card on day they picked up car then 200 euros refunded day before we handed second car back.
    sent a number of emails via Dickmanns website without reply.
    Emailed them direct to receive following reply “We charged you €100 because we had to pick up the vehicle by our recovery Van and change you the Car because of wrong refill of petrol”.
    We asked for clarification of above as we didnt put any fuel in & also why should we pay to have a broken down vehicle taken away but they say that said that was all they would say & we should take it up with our credit card Company if I believe they have de-frauded me.
    Contacted my credit card company advised of above they asked for emails & said they would investigate.
    Amazingly ha ha within 90 minutes of contacting my credit card company Dickmanns agreed to refund 100 euros.
    It appears from looking at other reviews Dickmanns try to get away with “dodgy” charges but don’t give in push them & they will refund. Maybe they feel people are to idle or rich to complain over these rip offs don’t let them get away with it!

    • robert wall says

      Hi well what a surprise not think dickmanns have to stop these tricks. Do they repay deposits that is the question

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