Marbella Jobs – How to Really Find Work in Marbella in 2017

This page includes a list of any available job vacancies in Marbella as well as tips and advice on where to find Marbella jobs with a particular emphasis and focus on the year 2017.

We aim to answer your most popular questions such as:

What type of work is there in Marbella and Puerto Banus?

What jobs are there in Marbella for English-speakers?

At the bottom of the page you can fill out the comments box with a few sentences describing the type of jobs you would like to find in Marbella as well as why you would be a good employee.

job-spain-graphicBe sure to leave your email address or mobile telephone number for prospective employers to be able to contact you.

Alice contacted us to tell us she works in Puerto Banus as a receptionist earning €10 an hour.

Alan contacted us to tell us he is working in a bar in Puerto Banus for €7 an hour.

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  • Where to Find Jobs in Marbella
  • Popular Types of Work and Job Vacancies
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On this page we guide you on how to find work in Marbella and where to find jobs in Marbella. If there are no current listings try searching for nearby towns and cities or Costa del Sol jobs.

Below is a video showing off Marbella, Spain

If you are a company or employer who is searching for staff in Marbella then please list your job vacancies here for free. If you are looking for jobs in Marbella add your e-mail address to our mailing list so should any situations vacant arise, we can send you an e-mail job alert to let you know.

Jobs in Marbella can also be found by the usual means of internet, radio, newspaper, word of mouth, classified jobs section in expat newspapers and recruitment agencies.


When you are looking for jobs in Marbella you should also need to consider other factors apart from things such as working conditions and rates of pay, such as:

Is Marbella one of the best areas to move to in Spain?

What is the quality-of-life like living and working in Marbella?

Is working in Marbella as much fun compared to other places in Spain?

What is the cost of living like in Marbella?

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Marbella?

To get to Marbella you can fly into Malaga airport or Gibraltar airport.

Marbella on the Costa del Sol is one of the most luxurious resorts in Spain. Its reputation as a destination for the rich and famous. Marbella’s best beaches can be found to the west of the town centre in an area known as the ‘Golden Mile’. This section of coastline is home to some glamorous beachfront properties, luxury hotels, and the famous Marbella Club and Nikki Beach. In fact Nikki Beach are looking for the following positions: DJ Services, Entertainer, Hostess, Management, Restaurant, Marketing, Server waiter, Server waitress, Mixology (Bar Tending) – more details here Nikki Beach Employment.

Beautiful Marbella has gained a reputation as Spain’s answer to Saint-Tropez. The rich and famous jet-set come here to be seen and to party. A great area for recreation due to the fabulous climate and weather, Marbellas has world-class sailing, golf courses and tennis. Because of the many golf courses such as the Marbella Golf Resort you may be able to find golf jobs such as teaching people how to play golf (golf pro) or being a caddie or helping out in the clubhouse.

Similarly the Marina in Marbella gives scope to find many casual sailing jobs helping out such as crewing on the yachts or cleaning and maintaining the boats.

Make sure you visit “Orange Square” where the historic streets and buildings are full of boutiques, galleries, bars and restaurants.

The Avenida del Mar is also a great place to visit, a promenade by the Mediteranean lined with upmarket restaurants.

Consider also looking for jobs in Puerto Banus to the west of Marbella. It has a famous marina and is more commercial and modern with plenty of shops and a casino.

Marbella is very spread out along the coast. Heading west towards Puerto Banus you come across Guadalpin La Venta, Golf La Dama de Noche and then Nueva Andalucia. Heading east you come across Hacienda Cortes, Albarizas, Lomas de Pozuelo, Incosol, Marbella Golf, Los Monteros, Las Chapas, Costabella and then Elviria.

Marbella has many businesses and companies providing services to the many expatriates who now live in Marbella – good news if you’re looking for a job in the area because these expatriates or expats as they are commonly known prefer to deal with people in their native language. So if you are an English-speaker in Marbella Spain, you will find job opportunities in Spain despite your limited Spanish.

Marbella is situated 28 km west of Fuengirola. Marbella bus station is situated next to the bypass, about a mile from the town centre. There is a regular express service from here to Malaga airport which takes about 45 minutes. There are also buses from Marbella to many of the resorts along the Costa del Sol, as well as inland to the popular tourist destination of Ronda. Long distance services to Cadiz, Jerez, Granada and Almeria are also available.

For other nearby towns on the Costa del Sol look at Nerja, Benalmadena and Mijas.

We also have specific job guides to locations on southern Spain: Malaga, Seville and Gibraltar.


One of the best locations for summer jobs in Spain is definitely Marbella. As Marbella is a popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol in Spain you will find many job openings and vacancies in many tourism sectors.

MarbellaThe most obvious and easiest is finding bar work but there are plenty of other situations vacant in the summer. If you are considering working for the summer in Marbella you should start looking immediately well before the season starts in April.

If bar work is not your thing consider catering work such as working in a restaurant as a cook, chef, waiter, waitress or dishwasher.

A summer job in Marbella is ideal for students looking to seasonal work and to enjoy the experience of living and working in Spain. It is definitely not for the money or wages which often are just five euros an hour although if you’re are working as a waiter or waitress in Marbella you get tips on top as well as usually some free food and drink.

The tourist season in Marbella starts from late April through to the end of September. These jobs are very popular because only a limited knowledge of Spanish is all that is usually required. However, many of these jobs will be only available on a part-time basis.

It may be that you will need to take on about two or three part-time jobs in Marbella in order to a living wage. Other summer jobs could be working in a hotel such as working as a receptionist or cleaner.

Bar Jobs in Marbella

The easiest type of summer job in Marbella would be finding work in a bar, pub or nightclub because it doesn’t take much skill to serve drinks and most importantly you will not need to know much Spanish, so if you are an English speaking worker, this is the type of job you should look for if you want a seasonal job in Marbella.

You can get work as a bartender, bar maid, glass collector, dancer, PR, promotion, DJ and security jobs such as bouncers or door supervisors. These bar jobs are typically very low paid however they have the benefits of free drinks and working in a party environment where everybody is out for a good time so they are a lot of fun!

Pareja Bar Noble Fuerte MarbellaA PR job in Marbella involves promotion such as standing outside a bar or club and handing out flyers or vouchers to encourage people to come into the bar or club instead of just walking past.

It takes a great deal of confidence get the rewards can be quite good because as well as a basic salary you get paid good commission and often receive free drinks.

To help you in your search for bar jobs in Marbella for 2017 we have included a number of the most popular bars and clubs in Marbella and also Puerto Banus, which is only a short distance to the West of Marbella:

5th Avenue in Puerto Banus, Bacchus in Puerto Banus, Buddha Beach in Puerto Banus, Buddha Marbella, Charleys in Puerto Banus, Colonial Cafe Marbella, Desvan in Puerto Banus, Dreamers in Puerto Banus, Glam in Puerto Banus, La Sala Banus, Le Privé Olivia Valere, Linekers Bar in Puerto Banus, Lola Lounge Super VIP, Mansion Club Marbella, News Cafe in Puerto Banus, Nikki Beach Marbella, Old Joy’s Pub in Puerto Banus, Olivia Valere – Golden Mile, Palush Discothèque, Plato 68, Polo House – Golden Mile, Portside Bar – Puerto Banus, Puro Beach Marbella, Room 101 Puerto Banus, Seven – Puerto Banus, Studio 10 – Puerto Banus, Suite – Golden Mile, The Claddagh Bar, TIBU – Puerto Banus, Tribeca 12, Vanity Marbella and XS Bar in Puerto Banus.

Driving Jobs in Marbella

Marbella one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Naturally in summertime the population booms with the increase in tourist numbers. These tourists need to get around and so there are plenty of transportation and transport related jobs in Marbella and the surrounding area. This certainly is one of the best places to look for coach jobs in Spain.

To give you some examples: most commonly there are taxi driver jobs in Marbella which involves mostly airport transfers from Marbella to Malaga airport and back. Also there are coach driving jobs taking tourists on excursions as well as airport runs. Try Marbella Transfers who operate a taxi service to and from the airport.

There is also some demand for van drivers because there are many companies supplying goods such as food and drink to local restaurants and bars so these companies need van drivers for delivery jobs. There is also a small number of other related driving jobs such as HGV jobs, again in the transportation of goods usually back and forward to the United Kingdom.

Security Jobs in Marbella

Marbella is definitely one of the best locations in Spain for finding a security job. This is because Marbella attracts so many wealthy people from all over the world who come here in the summertime to party.

Many rich and famous people have homes here and the town also attracts wealthy Spanish people as well as celebrities from all over the world. There is a need for bodyguards and close protection work.

In addition the many bars and clubs require security staff on the door, known as door supervisors or bouncers. The role of the door supervisor in Marbella would be to vet the people entering the establishment and ensuring the safety of the customers and clients inside the bar or club.


Back to our expat theme, many jobs are also possible in the real estate or property area. There are good possibilities for finding jobs for property lettings and sales will grow increasingly you will need to be fluent in a number of different languages and of course many of these sales jobs are paid on a commission basis.

Cleaning jobs in Marbella are popular because they require no language skills, no training and of course there are many villas and apartments being let out to holidaymakers throughout the year. Another spin-off in this sector are supplying services to these properties such as swimming pool cleaning, gardening and general maintenance.

Another popular type of job are sales jobs in Marbella. These commission only type positions tend to be for timeshares, property sales, villa painting, selling advertising space and other sales services such as telemarketing.

Marbella has many rich and well-off families that have a need for childcare. If you are a young female this is probably the best place to find au-pair jobs in Spain.

Other typical jobs you are likely to find would be Marbella jobs that cater to the large expat population, these include: hairdressing jobs, shop jobs, driving jobs, removals, restaurant jobs, health fitness and beauty related jobs, pet care jobs, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, insurance sales positions and customer service jobs.

There are few management-type jobs in Marbella, few marketing jobs, IT jobs, legal jobs, education jobs, media jobs, office jobs or executive jobs for professional people although there are some secretarial and administrative positions working for companies such as legal and financial companies. You also won’t find many care or nursing jobs available in Marbella.


There are opportunities in Marbella teaching English to Spanish people who naturally see speaking English as an advantage with so many British people living in the area, so they can be able to speak some English for their businesses and trades.

This work naturally is pretty patchy will probably need to be supplemented by earnings elsewhere. It would also help if you have teaching qualifications such as the internationally recognised TEFL.


Construction and building jobs in Marbella are one of the best ways of being able to move to Spain and find a job. This is due to the large amount of expats who live in Marbella. People like to be able to clearly convey what work they want done on their apartment, townhouse or villa and so they prefer to deal with tradesmen who can speak English.

If you are a tradesmen such as a builder, electrician, plumber, painter, tiler, plasterer, bricklayer, labourer or another construction-type worker then you are likely to find jobs in Marbella although wages are fairly low compared to the UK salaries and wages.


Marbella is one of the best places in Spain to look for jobs if you are an English speaking person who does not speak much Spanish (if any). There are many expatriate residents and international tourists who prefer to deal with staff in the English language. For example there are many families who are looking for help with childcare. So if you are looking for a job as an au pair in Marbella or as a babysitter you will find plenty of positions vacant.

To give you an idea of the potential types of jobs that may become available we have listed them below:

Pool cleaners, translators, beauty therapists, interior designers, singers, dancers, entertainers, gardening jobs, villa cleaning jobs, bar jobs and bar work, hairdressing jobs, shop assistants, cashiers and retail work in English and British goods shops, graduate jobs, taxi service, driving jobs including removals, restaurant jobs such as chefs, waiters and waitresses, part-time jobs, fitness jobs, beautician jobs, pet care jobs, personal trainers, health care assistants, voluntary jobs at charity shops, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, contractors, babysitting, nanny jobs, child care jobs, carer jobs, housekeeping, finance jobs, security jobs, accounting jobs, mechanics, insurance sales positions, hospitality jobs, customer service jobs, there are many English newspaper and magazines requiring writers and sales jobs in Spain etc – we hope this list gives you some idea of the types of jobs in Marbella that are the most likely possibilities when you are job searching.

If you are an employer who is searching for staff, please contact us with any job vacancies you wish to fill in Marbella and we will list them for free.

Below is a video showing off Marbella, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain

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  1. Joshua Brown says:

    Hi I’m joshua I’m looking for bar pr or security work/ Doorman work because I have experience in all the above I think I would be good at any of the above because I’m confident and noticeable being 6,4 I’m not easy to miss ! My family also own a villa near marbella so acomidation will be no problem for me ! Thank you

    Joshua Brown

  2. Holly sharp says:

    Best jobs for Marbella summer 2013

  3. wayne cooper says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am currently seeking employment anywhere along the Costa Del Sol.
    I have many skills to offer such as painting/decorating,
    construction/garden maintenance

  4. Looking for outdoor work in Marbella ideally construction/garden maintenance regards

  5. I’m Rocío im 21 years old. Me and my boyfriend (23) are looking for work. I have a lot of experience in bar work and I’m currently working as a bar supervisor. My boyfriend was in the army for 5 years but is currently working as a doorman on bars/nightclubs in Sheffield. We are looking for work for the summer period then work depending, we are hoping to stay in Spain instead of returning to England. My Spanish is basic but we are both willing to make the effort to learn the language. If any jobs arise in bars/restaurants/hotels/nightclubs please email me
    Muchas Gracias!

  6. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am currently seeking employment anywhere along the Costa Del Sol.
    I have many skills to offer such as painting/decorating, administration, computer work, gardening, events organisation, sales, advertising, proof reading.
    I am native English with and English degree and basic level of Spanish.
    Please contact me if you have any work available.
    Kind regards
    Matt (

  7. Sherri Anne says:

    Hi everyone, my name is Sherri I’m 17 years old, although mature for my age, looking for a job as a babysitter or nanny 🙂 i have a passion for kids, have always looked after children and have two younger siblings. I’m fun, outgoing, bubbly and am very good with children, if you know of anyone who may need me let me know 🙂 635250216

  8. william martin ochieng says:

    HI ,i am a proffessional chef trainned in all aspects of the kitchen i can work in any department i dont speak spanish but my english is very good but very good in pastry i am currently loking for summer jobs 2013 in marbella ready to start immediatelly .my email is .hoping to hear from you soon thanks .

  9. Hi, just recently returned from Florida, where we worked in the bar and restaurant industry, swimming pool maintenance and property mangement and real estate. We also ran very popular musical quiz nights within our bars and are looking to relocate to Marbella this Spring, if anyone has any comments or opportunities they would be most welcome.
    Our business in the UK was childcare and we had over 30 children regsitered and our licenses are still active also, both willing to work hard and put the hours in, please email and we will reply.

  10. Rach knight says:

    Hi I am moving to marbella in April 2013 looking for work waitressing babysitting au pair nanny elderly care cleaner or hairdressing please Email me for rates. English and Spanish speaking x

  11. Sara Lindsey Gittins says:

    Hi my name is Sara

    I’m an EUREPS level 4 Personal Trainer, Nordic Walking Instructor, Boot Camp Trainer, Nutrition Consultant currently in Munich. I have been to Spain 5 times in the last year and this time ie 2013 I’m looking for a position with a contract in Marbella region. I don’t speak Spanish but i have a good knowledge of German. I am looking at a voluntary live in position as well as i will need accomodation to start with. I am lively, energetic , honest, reliable. I have a clean EU drivers licence, can provide references and a Police Clearance (if needed).

    I have also worked in kitchens, hostels, offices, waitressing, pet minding. I would also like to do pool cleaning, villa cleaning/minding.

    Contact me via email or sms me on +49 173 491 6861

    As i have lived in spain i have a Spanish bank account and Spanish mobile number so i’m ready to go apart from the NIE.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  12. Hi. My name is Toni.
    I am a female (haha) also English I am 23 years old with cleaning experience and bar maid/supervisor also even waitressing and kitchen staff. I and a friend who is 21 are both looking for summer jobs in marbella, we’re both bubbly out-going likable people who do like to enjoy ourselves. We are currently looking for accommodation but as its a while away we should be ok in time for 2013 season or before.
    Look forward to hearing from you yours lovingly Toni x.

  13. Hi Everyone My names Jake im 23 years old and have 8 years of sales experience in the electrical cable industry. I have done stores work, Telesales, Key account managing and product buying in the past with one company in the UK. Im hopefully moving to marbella in july 2013 and would love to do the same as im doing now if not i am a quick learner 😉 ive had enough of life in th UK and need a new challenge

    Thank you for reading I hope to hear from you soon

  14. Hello with smile on my face by the way my name is Maria 26 years old I live in San Pedro.i speak English and have a basic norsk language.i am filipina ,I have experience with in 4years to any kind of work specially I am flexible.if you want some references from my previous host family where I worked they are welcome to talk.thanks madam and sir.. Have a nice day to all..:)))))))

  15. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking for a job in Marbella
    I have many years of experiance of driving< coach, buses and 7.5ton lorries also private driver.
    I would like to work for you company as I am a very hard working, trustworthy and loyal person.
    I hope to be given a chance to show my ability to you.
    Kind Regards

  16. Molly Mary Simmons says:

    Hello there, my name is Molly, I’m twenty years of age and on the 15th Novenber this year I moved over to Marbella. I have accommodation sorted, all I need now is a job. I am looking for bar work, restaurant work, telesales, reception work, costume/fashion/styling work etc I would love advice, help or any suggestions anyone may have for me. Thank you!

  17. Ana Selina Haberbosch says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Ana Selina, I am 18 and just graduated this year from school.
    I am a dance teacher from Germany and moving to Marbella in two weeks.
    I speak english, french and german and have experience with entertainment, children and youth. I also worked in the service for 3 years beside school.

    As a dance teacher I have organized workshops, shows and gained lots of pedagogical experience.

    Hope to hear from you soon !
    Kind regards,
    Ana Selina

  18. Dear Sir/Madam
    I’m looking for a job in marbella, such as toilet attendant, kichen assistant, houeskeeping, dishwishers,
    cleaning, house made,elderly care, anything in particular and i have a good experience. i only speak english, and i live in san pedro. look forward to hear from u.
    yours faithfully charity

  19. Hi I am looking for a job in Marbella, not really anything in particular I have good experience with computers and telephones. I am also fully qualified in waxing and spray tanning, and have worked as an assistant manager. Only speak English and am looking to move over in January. Look forward to hearing from u. Bailey.

  20. Dear Sir/Madam!
    I’m looking for a Pilates and fitness instructor job, or Swedish masseus job in hotel wellness
    or fitness clubs.(I have a certificates).I have a good English knowledge, and Spanish beginner level.
    I can teach English for small kids as well.

    • Hello Perla!
      I saw your old advertisement for job. Maybe you need summer job and this year. I am Nikos, animation chief in Hotel Mitsis Faliraki Beach Rhodes- Greece and I am looking for fitness instructor for my team. We have a lot of Swedish guests during the summer and my wish is one Swedish girl in team. If you are interested for job, you can contact me at mail:

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