Marbella Jobs – How to Find Work in Marbella in 2016

This page includes a list of any available job vacancies in Marbella as well as tips and advice on where to find Marbella jobs with a particular emphasis and focus on the year 2016.

We aim to answer your most popular questions such as: What type of work is there in Marbella and Puerto Banus? and What jobs are there in Marbella for English-speakers?

At the bottom of the page you can fill out the comments box with a few sentences describing the type of jobs you would like to find in Marbella as well as why you would be a good employee.

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Alice contacted us to tell us she works in Puerto Banus as a receptionist earning €10 an hour.

Alan contacted us to tell us he is working in a bar in Puerto Banus for €7 an hour.

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  • Working in Marbella for English Speakers
  • Where to Find Jobs in Marbella
  • Popular Types of Work and Job Vacancies
  • Where to Find Jobs in Marbella 2016
  • Summer Jobs in Marbella/Sommer Jobs Marbella
  • Part-Time Work and Jobs Marbella

On this page we guide you on how to find work in Marbella and where to find jobs in Marbella. If there are no current listings try searching for nearby towns and cities or Costa del Sol jobs.

Below is a video showing off Marbella, Spain

If you are a company or employer who is searching for staff in Marbella then please list your job vacancies here for free. If you are looking for jobs in Marbella add your e-mail address to our mailing list so should any situations vacant arise, we can send you an e-mail job alert to let you know.

Jobs in Marbella can also be found by the usual means of internet, radio, newspaper, word of mouth, classified jobs section in expat newspapers and recruitment agencies.


When you are looking for jobs in Marbella you should also need to consider other factors apart from things such as working conditions and rates of pay, such as:

Is Marbella one of the best areas to move to in Spain?

What is the quality-of-life like living and working in Marbella?

Is working in Marbella as much fun compared to other places in Spain?

What is the cost of living like in Marbella?

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Marbella?

To get to Marbella you can fly into Malaga airport or Gibraltar airport.

Marbella on the Costa del Sol is one of the most luxurious resorts in Spain. Its reputation as a destination for the rich and famous. Marbella’s best beaches can be found to the west of the town centre in an area known as the ‘Golden Mile’. This section of coastline is home to some glamorous beachfront properties, luxury hotels, and the famous Marbella Club and Nikki Beach. In fact Nikki Beach are looking for the following positions: DJ Services, Entertainer, Hostess, Management, Restaurant, Marketing, Server waiter, Server waitress, Mixology (Bar Tending) – more details here Nikki Beach Employment.

Beautiful Marbella has gained a reputation as Spain’s answer to Saint-Tropez. The rich and famous jet-set come here to be seen and to party. A great area for recreation due to the fabulous climate and weather, Marbellas has world-class sailing, golf courses and tennis. Because of the many golf courses such as the Marbella Golf Resort you may be able to find golf jobs such as teaching people how to play golf (golf pro) or being a caddie or helping out in the clubhouse.

Similarly the Marina in Marbella gives scope to find many casual sailing jobs helping out such as crewing on the yachts or cleaning and maintaining the boats.

Make sure you visit “Orange Square” where the historic streets and buildings are full of boutiques, galleries, bars and restaurants.

The Avenida del Mar is also a great place to visit, a promenade by the Mediteranean lined with upmarket restaurants.

Consider also looking for jobs in Puerto Banus to the west of Marbella. It has a famous marina and is more commercial and modern with plenty of shops and a casino.

Marbella is very spread out along the coast. Heading west towards Puerto Banus you come across Guadalpin La Venta, Golf La Dama de Noche and then Nueva Andalucia. Heading east you come across Hacienda Cortes, Albarizas, Lomas de Pozuelo, Incosol, Marbella Golf, Los Monteros, Las Chapas, Costabella and then Elviria.

Marbella has many businesses and companies providing services to the many expatriates who now live in Marbella – good news if you’re looking for a job in the area because these expatriates or expats as they are commonly known prefer to deal with people in their native language. So if you are an English-speaker in Marbella Spain, you will find job opportunities in Spain despite your limited Spanish.

Marbella is situated 28 km west of Fuengirola. Marbella bus station is situated next to the bypass, about a mile from the town centre. There is a regular express service from here to Malaga airport which takes about 45 minutes. There are also buses from Marbella to many of the resorts along the Costa del Sol, as well as inland to the popular tourist destination of Ronda. Long distance services to Cadiz, Jerez, Granada and Almeria are also available.

For other nearby towns on the Costa del Sol look at Nerja, Benalmadena and Mijas.


One of the best locations for summer jobs in Spain is definitely Marbella. As Marbella is a popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol in Spain you will find many job openings and vacancies in many tourism sectors.

MarbellaThe most obvious and easiest is finding bar work but there are plenty of other situations vacant in the summer. If you are considering working for the summer in Marbella you should start looking immediately well before the season starts in April.

If bar work is not your thing consider catering work such as working in a restaurant as a cook, chef, waiter, waitress or dishwasher.

A summer job in Marbella is ideal for students looking to seasonal work and to enjoy the experience of living and working in Spain. It is definitely not for the money or wages which often are just five euros an hour although if you’re are working as a waiter or waitress in Marbella you get tips on top as well as usually some free food and drink.

The tourist season in Marbella starts from late April through to the end of September. These jobs are very popular because only a limited knowledge of Spanish is all that is usually required. However, many of these jobs will be only available on a part-time basis.

It may be that you will need to take on about two or three part-time jobs in Marbella in order to a living wage. Other summer jobs could be working in a hotel such as working as a receptionist or cleaner.

Bar Jobs in Marbella

The easiest type of summer job in Marbella would be finding work in a bar, pub or nightclub because it doesn’t take much skill to serve drinks and most importantly you will not need to know much Spanish, so if you are an English speaking worker, this is the type of job you should look for if you want a seasonal job in Marbella.

You can get work as a bartender, bar maid, glass collector, dancer, PR, promotion, DJ and security jobs such as bouncers or door supervisors. These bar jobs are typically very low paid however they have the benefits of free drinks and working in a party environment where everybody is out for a good time so they are a lot of fun!

Pareja Bar Noble Fuerte MarbellaA PR job in Marbella involves promotion such as standing outside a bar or club and handing out flyers or vouchers to encourage people to come into the bar or club instead of just walking past.

It takes a great deal of confidence get the rewards can be quite good because as well as a basic salary you get paid good commission and often receive free drinks.

To help you in your search for bar jobs in Marbella for 2016 we have included a number of the most popular bars and clubs in Marbella and also Puerto Banus, which is only a short distance to the West of Marbella:

5th Avenue in Puerto Banus, Bacchus in Puerto Banus, Buddha Beach in Puerto Banus, Buddha Marbella, Charleys in Puerto Banus, Colonial Cafe Marbella, Desvan in Puerto Banus, Dreamers in Puerto Banus, Glam in Puerto Banus, La Sala Banus, Le Privé Olivia Valere, Linekers Bar in Puerto Banus, Lola Lounge Super VIP, Mansion Club Marbella, News Cafe in Puerto Banus, Nikki Beach Marbella, Old Joy’s Pub in Puerto Banus, Olivia Valere – Golden Mile, Palush Discothèque, Plato 68, Polo House – Golden Mile, Portside Bar – Puerto Banus, Puro Beach Marbella, Room 101 Puerto Banus, Seven – Puerto Banus, Studio 10 – Puerto Banus, Suite – Golden Mile, The Claddagh Bar, TIBU – Puerto Banus, Tribeca 12, Vanity Marbella and XS Bar in Puerto Banus.

Driving Jobs in Marbella

Marbella one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Naturally in summertime the population booms with the increase in tourist numbers. These tourists need to get around and so there are plenty of transportation and transport related jobs in Marbella and the surrounding area. This certainly is one of the best places to look for coach jobs in Spain.

To give you some examples: most commonly there are taxi driver jobs in Marbella which involves mostly airport transfers from Marbella to Malaga airport and back. Also there are coach driving jobs taking tourists on excursions as well as airport runs. Try Marbella Transfers who operate a taxi service to and from the airport.

There is also some demand for van drivers because there are many companies supplying goods such as food and drink to local restaurants and bars so these companies need van drivers for delivery jobs. There is also a small number of other related driving jobs such as HGV jobs, again in the transportation of goods usually back and forward to the United Kingdom.

Security Jobs in Marbella

Marbella is definitely one of the best locations in Spain for finding a security job. This is because Marbella attracts so many wealthy people from all over the world who come here in the summertime to party.

Many rich and famous people have homes here and the town also attracts wealthy Spanish people as well as celebrities from all over the world. There is a need for bodyguards and close protection work.

In addition the many bars and clubs require security staff on the door, known as door supervisors or bouncers. The role of the door supervisor in Marbella would be to vet the people entering the establishment and ensuring the safety of the customers and clients inside the bar or club.


Back to our expat theme, many jobs are also possible in the real estate or property area. There are good possibilities for finding jobs for property lettings and sales will grow increasingly you will need to be fluent in a number of different languages and of course many of these sales jobs are paid on a commission basis.

Cleaning jobs in Marbella are popular because they require no language skills, no training and of course there are many villas and apartments being let out to holidaymakers throughout the year. Another spin-off in this sector are supplying services to these properties such as swimming pool cleaning, gardening and general maintenance.

Another popular type of job are sales jobs in Marbella. These commission only type positions tend to be for timeshares, property sales, villa painting, selling advertising space and other sales services such as telemarketing.

Marbella has many rich and well-off families that have a need for childcare. If you are a young female this is probably the best place to find au-pair jobs in Spain.

Other typical jobs you are likely to find would be Marbella jobs that cater to the large expat population, these include: hairdressing jobs, shop jobs, driving jobs, removals, restaurant jobs, health fitness and beauty related jobs, pet care jobs, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, insurance sales positions and customer service jobs.

There are few management-type jobs in Marbella, few marketing jobs, IT jobs, legal jobs, education jobs, media jobs, office jobs or executive jobs for professional people although there are some secretarial and administrative positions working for companies such as legal and financial companies. You also won’t find many care or nursing jobs available in Marbella.


There are opportunities in Marbella teaching English to Spanish people who naturally see speaking English as an advantage with so many British people living in the area, so they can be able to speak some English for their businesses and trades.

This work naturally is pretty patchy will probably need to be supplemented by earnings elsewhere. It would also help if you have teaching qualifications such as the internationally recognised TEFL.


Construction and building jobs in Marbella are one of the best ways of being able to move to Spain and find a job. This is due to the large amount of expats who live in Marbella. People like to be able to clearly convey what work they want done on their apartment, townhouse or villa and so they prefer to deal with tradesmen who can speak English.

If you are a tradesmen such as a builder, electrician, plumber, painter, tiler, plasterer, bricklayer, labourer or another construction-type worker then you are likely to find jobs in Marbella although wages are fairly low compared to the UK salaries and wages.


Marbella is one of the best places in Spain to look for jobs if you are an English speaking person who does not speak much Spanish (if any). There are many expatriate residents and international tourists who prefer to deal with staff in the English language. For example there are many families who are looking for help with childcare. So if you are looking for a job as an au pair in Marbella or as a babysitter you will find plenty of positions vacant.

To give you an idea of the potential types of jobs that may become available we have listed them below:

Pool cleaners, translators, beauty therapists, interior designers, singers, dancers, entertainers, gardening jobs, villa cleaning jobs, bar jobs and bar work, hairdressing jobs, shop assistants, cashiers and retail work in English and British goods shops, graduate jobs, taxi service, driving jobs including removals, restaurant jobs such as chefs, waiters and waitresses, part-time jobs, fitness jobs, beautician jobs, pet care jobs, personal trainers, health care assistants, voluntary jobs at charity shops, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, contractors, babysitting, nanny jobs, child care jobs, carer jobs, housekeeping, finance jobs, security jobs, accounting jobs, mechanics, insurance sales positions, hospitality jobs, customer service jobs, there are many English newspaper and magazines requiring writers and sales jobs in Spain etc – we hope this list gives you some idea of the types of jobs in Marbella that are the most likely possibilities when you are job searching.

If you are an employer who is searching for staff, please contact us with any job vacancies you wish to fill in Marbella and we will list them for free.

Below is a video showing off Marbella, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam!
    I’m looking for a Pilates and fitness instructor job, or Swedish masseus job in hotel wellness
    or fitness clubs.(I have a certificates).I have a good English knowledge, and Spanish beginner level.
    I can teach English for small kids as well.

    • Hello Perla!
      I saw your old advertisement for job. Maybe you need summer job and this year. I am Nikos, animation chief in Hotel Mitsis Faliraki Beach Rhodes- Greece and I am looking for fitness instructor for my team. We have a lot of Swedish guests during the summer and my wish is one Swedish girl in team. If you are interested for job, you can contact me at mail:

  2. Hi I am looking for a job in Marbella, not really anything in particular I have good experience with computers and telephones. I am also fully qualified in waxing and spray tanning, and have worked as an assistant manager. Only speak English and am looking to move over in January. Look forward to hearing from u. Bailey.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam
    I’m looking for a job in marbella, such as toilet attendant, kichen assistant, houeskeeping, dishwishers,
    cleaning, house made,elderly care, anything in particular and i have a good experience. i only speak english, and i live in san pedro. look forward to hear from u.
    yours faithfully charity

  4. Ana Selina Haberbosch says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Ana Selina, I am 18 and just graduated this year from school.
    I am a dance teacher from Germany and moving to Marbella in two weeks.
    I speak english, french and german and have experience with entertainment, children and youth. I also worked in the service for 3 years beside school.

    As a dance teacher I have organized workshops, shows and gained lots of pedagogical experience.

    Hope to hear from you soon !
    Kind regards,
    Ana Selina

  5. Molly Mary Simmons says:

    Hello there, my name is Molly, I’m twenty years of age and on the 15th Novenber this year I moved over to Marbella. I have accommodation sorted, all I need now is a job. I am looking for bar work, restaurant work, telesales, reception work, costume/fashion/styling work etc I would love advice, help or any suggestions anyone may have for me. Thank you!

  6. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking for a job in Marbella
    I have many years of experiance of driving< coach, buses and 7.5ton lorries also private driver.
    I would like to work for you company as I am a very hard working, trustworthy and loyal person.
    I hope to be given a chance to show my ability to you.
    Kind Regards

  7. Hello with smile on my face by the way my name is Maria 26 years old I live in San Pedro.i speak English and have a basic norsk language.i am filipina ,I have experience with in 4years to any kind of work specially I am flexible.if you want some references from my previous host family where I worked they are welcome to talk.thanks madam and sir.. Have a nice day to all..:)))))))

  8. Hi Everyone My names Jake im 23 years old and have 8 years of sales experience in the electrical cable industry. I have done stores work, Telesales, Key account managing and product buying in the past with one company in the UK. Im hopefully moving to marbella in july 2013 and would love to do the same as im doing now if not i am a quick learner 😉 ive had enough of life in th UK and need a new challenge

    Thank you for reading I hope to hear from you soon

  9. Hi. My name is Toni.
    I am a female (haha) also English I am 23 years old with cleaning experience and bar maid/supervisor also even waitressing and kitchen staff. I and a friend who is 21 are both looking for summer jobs in marbella, we’re both bubbly out-going likable people who do like to enjoy ourselves. We are currently looking for accommodation but as its a while away we should be ok in time for 2013 season or before.
    Look forward to hearing from you yours lovingly Toni x.

  10. Sara Lindsey Gittins says:

    Hi my name is Sara

    I’m an EUREPS level 4 Personal Trainer, Nordic Walking Instructor, Boot Camp Trainer, Nutrition Consultant currently in Munich. I have been to Spain 5 times in the last year and this time ie 2013 I’m looking for a position with a contract in Marbella region. I don’t speak Spanish but i have a good knowledge of German. I am looking at a voluntary live in position as well as i will need accomodation to start with. I am lively, energetic , honest, reliable. I have a clean EU drivers licence, can provide references and a Police Clearance (if needed).

    I have also worked in kitchens, hostels, offices, waitressing, pet minding. I would also like to do pool cleaning, villa cleaning/minding.

    Contact me via email or sms me on +49 173 491 6861

    As i have lived in spain i have a Spanish bank account and Spanish mobile number so i’m ready to go apart from the NIE.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  11. Rach knight says:

    Hi I am moving to marbella in April 2013 looking for work waitressing babysitting au pair nanny elderly care cleaner or hairdressing please Email me for rates. English and Spanish speaking x

  12. Hi, just recently returned from Florida, where we worked in the bar and restaurant industry, swimming pool maintenance and property mangement and real estate. We also ran very popular musical quiz nights within our bars and are looking to relocate to Marbella this Spring, if anyone has any comments or opportunities they would be most welcome.
    Our business in the UK was childcare and we had over 30 children regsitered and our licenses are still active also, both willing to work hard and put the hours in, please email and we will reply.

  13. william martin ochieng says:

    HI ,i am a proffessional chef trainned in all aspects of the kitchen i can work in any department i dont speak spanish but my english is very good but very good in pastry i am currently loking for summer jobs 2013 in marbella ready to start immediatelly .my email is .hoping to hear from you soon thanks .

  14. Sherri Anne says:

    Hi everyone, my name is Sherri I’m 17 years old, although mature for my age, looking for a job as a babysitter or nanny 🙂 i have a passion for kids, have always looked after children and have two younger siblings. I’m fun, outgoing, bubbly and am very good with children, if you know of anyone who may need me let me know 🙂 635250216

  15. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am currently seeking employment anywhere along the Costa Del Sol.
    I have many skills to offer such as painting/decorating, administration, computer work, gardening, events organisation, sales, advertising, proof reading.
    I am native English with and English degree and basic level of Spanish.
    Please contact me if you have any work available.
    Kind regards
    Matt (

  16. I’m Rocío im 21 years old. Me and my boyfriend (23) are looking for work. I have a lot of experience in bar work and I’m currently working as a bar supervisor. My boyfriend was in the army for 5 years but is currently working as a doorman on bars/nightclubs in Sheffield. We are looking for work for the summer period then work depending, we are hoping to stay in Spain instead of returning to England. My Spanish is basic but we are both willing to make the effort to learn the language. If any jobs arise in bars/restaurants/hotels/nightclubs please email me
    Muchas Gracias!

  17. Looking for outdoor work in Marbella ideally construction/garden maintenance regards

  18. wayne cooper says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am currently seeking employment anywhere along the Costa Del Sol.
    I have many skills to offer such as painting/decorating,
    construction/garden maintenance

  19. Holly sharp says:

    Best jobs for Marbella summer 2013

  20. Joshua Brown says:

    Hi I’m joshua I’m looking for bar pr or security work/ Doorman work because I have experience in all the above I think I would be good at any of the above because I’m confident and noticeable being 6,4 I’m not easy to miss ! My family also own a villa near marbella so acomidation will be no problem for me ! Thank you

    Joshua Brown

  21. janine cooper says:

    Hi, im a young acting/looking 47 year old. for the past 20 years i have been running my own pub/restaurant or care and support work for children, also occasionally in hospital or clients own homes. My grown p children have now all left home and i would love to do something just for me. the thing i have always wanted to do is work abroad, so now is my time, im ready to move over at a moments notice. im very versatile and can do most things, i have much life experience and a vast amount of customer/staff handling skills.
    i hope im the person your looking to employ, contact me for further details which i will be only too please to furnish you with.
    yours faithfully Janine Cooper

  22. Hiya,
    My friend and i both 20 years of age are moving out to marbella next week and are looking for some work. We both speak fluent English and little spanish but are keen to learn the language.
    Were looking for any type of work such as; bar work, waitressing, hospitality, Cleaning, Childcare and both have experience in all aspects.

    If you would like to contact us, my email adress is;

  23. Conner Dove says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I’m looking to find a job in puerto banus as a promoter just for the 2013 season. I’m 23, male. in England I’m a fully qualified carpenter. The reasons for wanting to work in puerto banus are I feel if I don’t do it this year I may never, I’m looking to have a great laugh with people I don’t yet know. Very hardworking more than happy to put the hours in day and night. Hope to hear back from some one. Thanks Conner

  24. Annemarie king says:

    I’m looking for a driving job. I have a pcv licence. Thanks

  25. Hola!
    Looking for a job in Marbella area. I have experience as a waitress, primary teacher and assistant of Consul in Embassy. I am not afraid of any kind of job but it has to be a decent one.

    Best regards,

  26. James Kabucho says:

    All i have heard and read about marbella is overwhelming. Would love to get a job here as a creative film producer, driver or any other english speaking job. Don’t hesitate to contact me on

  27. Hi my name is kelly me and my family are looking to move to cds looking for a permanent job in marbella/Puerto banus area
    I recently qualified AAT level 2 in accounts
    And am looking for an assistant accounting vacancy in an a accountants I only speak English so ideally a English speaking accountants ,if anybody knows of such vacancies please email me thank you

  28. Patrick Hill says:

    Dear all,

    I’m a young solo performer and sing a range of jazz/pop/dance music. I will be in Marbella from July this year taking a gap year and am looking to balance evening gig performances at bars and restaurants with another job.

    I would be happy to work as a waiter, bartender, in kitchens or in PR.

    I would also love to hear about any English Speaking Assistant opportunities, I have a general understanding of Spanish and, as a native English speaker, have vast English knowledge.

    Kind Regards,

    Please be in touch :

    Patrick Hill

  29. Michael Cresswell says:

    I have been a promoter in linekers bar tenerife and also at roadblock bar in kavos. I am looking for PR, bar staff or cooking work this year as i am also a qualified chef. I would love to find a permanent job. I am going to kavos this summer until september then I want to come to marbella for permanent. If anyone as any tips or advice or anyone to ask about even a trial? It would be much appreciated.
    also if anyone as advice on long term apartments or flat shares, this woul also be great.

  30. Michael Cresswell says:

    Also please get in touch with me at

  31. Killian Marmion says:

    I am an engineering student in UCD in Dublin and I’m 19 years old . This summer I will have finished my first year and I am looking for some part time employment for May, June and July. Any type of employment would be great and I have lots of experience as i have worked every summer since I was 16. Please get in touch with me via e-mail. Thanks,

    Killian Marmion.

  32. marcus bryan says:

    am looking for telesale work in marbella. i have worked in spain for 4yr on and off so i have a number for years in the telesales game i worked in the u.k for about 4yr too. so i am really good on the phone

  33. Isabelle Carlsson says:

    I’m a swedish young certified bartender 19 years old who’s looking for a bartenderjob in Marbella for the summer season 2013. Love to entertain other and make people laugh. Have many experience since i´ve been working for about 5 years. Right now i’m working in a hotel bar, as a shop assistant in a sportshop and as a receptionist and gyminstructor at a health and fitnesscentre. I also have worked as a waitress at a café.
    Went to a bartender education at Mallorca for 3 weeks in the summerseason 2012.
    Very social and likes to meet new people from all kinds of places and countries. Can take on jobs such as bartender, waitress or PR

    Kind Regards
    Isabelle C

  34. Hildegunn Sofie Malmedal says:


    I’m a 58 year old nurse, living in Norway. I have 22 years of experience in nursing, mainly at night, but also day/evening care, from nursinghomes and homecare.
    I’ m very tired of all the bad weather in Norway, and I would like to live and work in Andaluzia, where I’ve been several times, (Malaga, Cadiz,Jerez, Sevilla, Ronda and Marbella).
    I speak good english, but aslo a bit spanish, and would love to speak fluent spaish.
    I would most of all like to take care of an elderly person in his/hers own home. I’m aslo a very creative person, who have skills in several handcrafts such as silkpainting, acrylpainting, watercolour and more.
    I love the climate, culture (dance and music), of the region.

    Hildegunn S. Malmedal

  35. Laura Higgins says:


    I am an english student currently studying Marketing and Spanish. I am 19 years old and would love the opportunity to work in Spain through the summer. I have experience working in restaurants, bars and marketing agencies. I am also sporty, sociable and like to meet new people. I am an intermediate spanish speaker and would love the chance to expand my language skills.

    I am available through July and at the end of August/September so am looking for temporary work through the summer 2013.

    Please contact me if you know or have any job vacancies .
    Kind regards,

    Laura Higgins

  36. momo marbella restaurant looking for staff 632090427

  37. Oliver Dixon says:

    Hi there.

    I’m a professional nightlife photographer, looking to get out to Marbella and work in clubs and bars over the summer season – if you are an owner of such venue and are looking for someone to capture your nights and create great advertising tools for your venue then get in touch! would be looking to work as much as possible to make it viable.
    Contact me at: or 07805109283

  38. cherelle kenny says:

    myself and my friend are looking for summer work . we are irish college students and can start immediatley ! i have more than 2 years experience in retail and would be suited to any work involving the public. a reply would be greatly appreciated, thank you !

  39. Dilankari Subash Nanayakkara says:

    Dear Sir,

    I live in sri lanka and i looking forward to work in spain marbella in hotel area as a waiter or dishwasher or hotel cleaner or villa cleaner or like a pool cleaner i have a degree in hotel management and my father is also lives in spain for 22 years after completing my education i wish work in the same area where my father lives marbella spain and i’m only 23 years old not looking for higher salary because this is my first job
    and i’m good with well english speaking and writing as well and total knowledge of computers and hardware. so hope to get some reply from you as soon as possible

    thank you .

  40. VICTORIA says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing to express my interests in working in Andalucia, Spain beginning this summer, preferably in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Spain is said to be the 4th most visited place in the world, and where best to gain additional work experience than in a beautiful Spanish resort.

    I will be honoured to work in any department as this is my first Spanish position and I am open to new experiences. I speak, understand and write in the English language proficiently, as I grew up in the UK.

    I have experience in the Hotel, Retail and Administration sectors, I am a fast learner with excellent customer service skills and great communication skills.

    I look forward to hearing from all interested Employers.

    Kind regards,


  41. nigthclub SCREAM says:

    Do you need a summerjob- from 1- june- till 15 sept.?
    We are looking a pr’s for club scream puerto banus- marbella.please contact us: discoscream@

  42. Drew Colley says:

    Hi, My names Drew I am looking for Security work or door work in Spain, Preferably Marbella but anywhere in Spain would be ok. I have 12 Years experience as a Dog Handler and 16 Years experience as a Door Supervisor and hold my SIA licence as I still work in the UK at the present. Any help,advice or Job info would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks

  43. Michelle says:

    Estimado Señor/Señora,Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is Mishelle, i have 28 and living in Nueva Andalucía, i just finished hairdresser, beautician and a make up artist course. I’d like to start work in some hairsalon in that hard worker with pleasent personality and a passion for hairdressing, beautician- Akin care and everything fashion related. Because this is going to be my first job Im not looking for a high salary but Im more interested on having an experience in some good salón.
    Languages: english B1-B2
    spanish A2
    Italien. A2
    Slovakien – natural lenguage( can understand polish, ukrain,czeck
    For more informacion I can send you my CV.thanks

  44. Hi I’m a 20 year old male looking for bar work for summer 2013 in Marbella. I have previous bar experience along with waiter experience. Thanks

  45. Catalina Purdue-Pulido says:

    Hi my name is Catalina, I’m 18 and will be in Spain, Marbella for the month of August 2013. I just graduated from high school and I’m interested in working as perhaps a fitness instructor, waitress or bartender. I speak English, Spanish and basic German. I have work experience in coaching gymnastics. I’m a hard worker and very social. Thank you
    Regards Catalina


    I am fully qualified MODERN SU JOK ACUPUNCTURIST with 16 years experience.Acupuncture,cupping massage,moxa,magnet,seed,nail therapies. DIAGNOSTIC AND TREATMENT.ADVANCED PAIN AND STRESS MANAGEMENT.SUCCESSFUL STOP SMOKING .DETOX. APPETITE CONTROL PROGRAMS.Acute and chronic spinal pain,foot.ankle,knee,sciatika ,shoulder,sport injures,It also works extremely fo depression and anxiety.menstrual,menopause disordes.It excellent therapy for headaches and migraines. In fact it has became widely recognised as a most effective means of treatment in many chronic and serious health conditions.. What if yuo don’t like needles? No problem,magnets can be used instead. I speak english,russian,polish.,lithuanian. Kind Regards Stan.

  47. andrew kicke says:

    Hello, my name is Andrew, I’m 27 years old and live and work in South Wales. Im currently looking for Door supervisor/security work in Marbella for pubs/clubs/hotels.
    I have worked the door in various clubs around Newport and Cardiff for the last 5 years as well as security for live music concerts, football and boxing events, and some high profile ‘red carpet’ work at movie premieres in London.
    Any information regarding job vacancies in Marbella would be greatly appreciated.

  48. Hello there.

    I am seeking any positions in housekeeping, cleaning, dj’ing (drum and bass), divemaster or general maintenance with accommodation provided. I do not speak spanish, however I would be keen to learn at the employers request.

    I would also consider other options.

    Kindest Regards

  49. My name is Tom origin of the Polish car mechanic I have 15 years experience in the profession eight years working on Opel four years in the service fiat three years in the service volvo am conscientious and diligent repair all brands of personal cars looking for work in the Canary Islands.

  50. sophie-alice taylor says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very interested in finding work in Marbella over the summer period. I am qualified in beauty therapy, so I am trained in individual eyelashes, spray tanning, waxing, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, manicures, pedicures, facials, you name it.
    I am outgoing, fun and friendly, very confident and love having a good time.
    Thankyou for reading my inquiry , I look forward to hearing from someone soon.
    Many thanks,
    Sophie-Alice Taylor

  51. M I forhad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a student in Spain. I am very interested to do job in Bar or other suitable place for work in this summer session. I am very good in English.
    My contact number is: 631060565

  52. Hi,
    My names Eddie, I am a professional bartender/mixologist looking for work in the marbella/banus. I live near san pedro, I’m English but also fluent in Spanish and hold a clean driving licence. I have 6 years experience in bartending of which the last 3 have been as a bar manager. Feel free to contact me for my full CV at:

  53. I am looking for any kind of perment work, but I also hold an nvq level 2 in haordressing and have lots of experience, I also have experience in customer service, retail and bar/waitress work.

  54. Hi my name is Elis im a 20 year old guy from Sweden.
    Im currently living in san pedro and searching for jobs.
    would love to work in a bar, restaurant or hotel and im open to any sorts of work
    I have work with designing in illustrator and powerpoint both marketing and informational.
    But my true talent is filming and editing, i have my own camera with me plus a computer for editing.
    I filmed a information video for a health and rehab clinic in Sweden.
    If there is anyone with a job opening and need a good working man, you have found him!

    best regards Elis

  55. Lorraine Walsh says:

    Hi my name is Lorraine,i am 49yrs old and am looking for a job in Marbella or surrounding area, iam looking for work as a cleaner preferably holiday villas or hotel chambermaid, i hve 30yrs cleaning experience and have an excellent eye for detail, i am not afraid of hard work and am very reliable. please contact me on 07771988826.

  56. Doreena and Balazs says:

    Hi guys.
    We are best friends and planning to move to Marbella end of May for summer time we gonna need a job.
    Doreena (female)
    -working in a busy restaurants in central london as a :waitress, coordinator, host, manager last 5years in London

    Balazs (male 22yrs)
    -working in a busy restaurant in central London as a: Waiter, Barista, Host, Coordinator, Griller(kind of chef) 3yrs in London
    If you have any offer for us please don’t hesitate to contact us
    Many Thanks
    Doreena and Balazs
    passionate about fitness and gym and healthy food could be a trainer or security guy, waiter…anything! 😉

  57. jenny Lamont says:

    Hi I am a mature English speaking woman looking for childminding position in Spain. I am experienced in all aspects of child minding/ babysitting. I have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren which I have helped my children raise.
    Furthermore I have minded other children from out of the family.

    I am honest hardworking and very reliable.
    Will be prepared to do other duties when children are otherwise occupied (school, napping etc) My reasons for relocating to Spain is the warm weather.
    I would require a live in position and if offered would need a low salary to live on.
    Currently living in Ireland previously from South Africa.

  58. Camilla says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a third year Spanish and English Joint Honours student currently on my year abroad in Granada, Andalucía and am very much interested in finding work over the summer in the area where I can speak English (I am native) and practise my Spanish (currently level B2/C1).

    Any help/advise would be much appreciated via the email address provided.

    Kind Regards

  59. Johnathan Kelly (Mr. Johnny Beats) says:

    To whom this may concern

    Hello my name is Johnathan Kelly I am a 28 year old EDM Music Producer/Dj/Promoter. I have been doing this for a number of years and have traveled all across Canada doing so since I started. Playing many big venues with opening slots for big Canadian and World artists such as… Funkanomics(Germany) Parker(UK) Matt The Alien(Canada) Wickit the Instigator(Philidelphia) Defunk(Canada) and many others. I have a large passion for entertaining the crowd with styles from (House,Electro,Ghetto Funk,Bass,Glitchop) I believe that I could be a good addition to any nightclub for with the years of experience I have I am able to bring a crowd and keep them alive for hours. On top of that I am also a Journy man flat roofer by trade and am able to install any type of roof sloped or flat.. This too could be an option for me. Please if you feel intereste din anything that I have just said please feel free to contact me.

  60. Sam Palmer says:

    I am looking for any kind of work in the hotel/hostel industry, preferably including room and board. I arrive on the 29th May into Marbella and have 13 years experience managing hotels/bars/restaurants in England and am happy to do anything from cleaning, cooking, bar work, waitering to reception, maintanence etc. I am keen to learn Spanish and already have basic French, Greek and Swahili. I am very hard working, out going, friendly and honest. My Spanish mobile is 657409409.

  61. Scott & Koral says:

    Hi there I’m Koral (23) and my partner Scott (28) we are currently stopping in torremelinos visiting family, we are going to Marbella Friday 14th June hopefully to find a job 🙂
    We are very experienced Front of House in Restaurant/Bar with many years experience. Koral also has experience and qualifications working with children in a children’s nursery and Scott is also a professional Landscape Gardner. We are both confident,sociable and happy and always looking to gain new experiences.
    We both have C.V’s and Photos available on request, we also can come for face to face talk/interview, anytime as we are not far away.
    If you would be interested in giving us an opportunity please contact us by email or
    Thank you for taking your time to read this, and we hope to hear from you soon – Koral & Scott

  62. Ali Ender says:

    Hey, this is Ali (23) from Turkey with more than 7 years hospitality experience, i am coming to beatiful Marbella for study. During my study i am looking for part time work, might be waiter, driver&greeter, front office etc. CV is available on request.
    You may reach me by this email adress >
    Ali Ender

  63. Hannah young says:

    Hey I’m looking for a summer job this summer. I’d like any sort of job because I know the area really well because I’ve lived there for 4 years. Very interested in working abroad. 07772470813

    • Hello Hannah.

      I thought i would contact you to see if you are still searching an employment?
      I am curently hiring girls to dance in our club in Puerto Banus.
      If you are interested or curious contact me via phone or email.
      +34 638 183 993
      Kind regards Angie

  64. HI am susan massage therapist, anb a beautician. am looking for work in marbella. nany job, and house keeping,
    regards susan.

  65. heather buckley says:

    My daughters and I are looking to re-locate in 2014, does anyone know of work for an 18 year old who has a level 2 in childcare which allows her to work in a nursery or as a nanny, my older daughter is a fully qualified estate agent but we all have experience working in the catering industry.
    I am currently working as a receptionist for Vauxhall car dealership in the showroom.
    Sadly none of us speak spanish except hello how are you etc etc….

  66. danielle says:

    Hi my name is danielle
    I am looking for childcare work in marbella/ andalucia area. I have 7 years experoence working with children. I am nvq level 3 qualified. First aid trained. Im 25 fun reliabe and creative..

  67. Hello
    My name is Mette and I’m 19 years old and from Denmark. 1st of August I’m moving to the Malaga/Marbella area with two friends, and I’m looking for a job. Here in Denmark, I am currently working as a waitress in an Italian restaurant. I’ve worked there for a year. I speak danish and english fluently, and I’ve been studying spanish and french for 3 years. I also speak a little german. The reason I am going to Spain is to learn the language as fluently as possible. I am a smiley and nice person and I’m sure I’ll be a great employee.
    I can do many sorts of jobs, as waitering, bartending (I’m a quick learner), costumer service, baby sitting, shop assistent, office girl messenger-jobs (like copying and other small things), man-of-all-work-jobs, and I could keep on going.
    I have a drivers license.

    Best regards, Mette

  68. Hello my names Zoe and I am currently in Marbella! I am great with customer service and selling and would like to stay out here for the test of summer! I am a good team player competitive and bubbly 🙂
    Feel free to contact me via email or phone on 07969139329

  69. Deborah field says:

    My name is Deborah and i am currently looking for work in marbella. i am ready to start anytime now or next year on a long term basis. I was wondering if there was a live in position available as i would need somewhere to stay at first untill i find somewhere permanant. im a hard worker a very young 52 years old and very flexible with hours. If u think u may have something available for me i would love to hear from you. thank you and kind regards. ==Deborah

  70. Shafat Qureshi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am currently seeking employment anywhere along the Costa Del Sol.
    I have many skills to offer such as painting/decorating, administration, computer work, gardening, events organisation.
    I am native of India country and having Commerce graduate degree.
    Please contact me if you have any work available.
    Kind regards
    Shafat (

  71. Hola!! estoy buscando un trabajo como guardaespaldas femenino en Marbella, Mi nombre es Teo, tengo 44 años y soy de España. He trabajado 20 años como asistente del gerente de la estación para una empresa de aerolíneas, hablo español, francés e inglés con fluidez, soy una persona sonriente y agradable.
    Correo electrónico :
    Saludos cordiales, Teo

    Hi I’m looking for a job as female bodyguards in Marbella, My name is Teo, I have 44 years and I’m from Spain. I worked 20 years as assistant station manager for a company of airlines, speak Spanish, French and English fluently, I’m a smiling and pleasant.
    Best regards, Teo

  72. Lucas Berg says:

    My name is Lucas Berg, I live in Stockholm/Sweden. I am 20 years old, and 6’4. I have now decided to seek work abroad to widen my horizon a bit. My mother is British and my father Swedish, so I´m fluent in both languages and speak a little Spanish ( 1 year at school)
    I currently work as a Bartender and have done so, since 2011. Why I´m contacting you, is because my love of club music, which is my nr.1 interest besides exercise and travels. To be able to combine work as a bartender with a position one of the top clubs around the world, would be a fantastic experience. Marbella would be one of my first choices, if possible.
    I´m 6´4” and consider myself calm, reliable, honest, easy going and is able to handle stress very well. I have the possibility to accept a position on short notice and I can work a full season. Since I´ve noticed that you are worldwide I am also interested in the long term possibility, to work my way up within the business.
    I look forward to hear from you and can mail a more details about myself if you see a possibility for me.

    With this being said, any kind of job would be interesting, so please get in touch!

    Kind regards Lucas Berg

  73. Hi, looking for job. I know a lot of about golf, i have a barman license and also i used to work as a driver. Im willing to start after 1 month notice. Also i have learned business english and i think i have a pretty good english knowledge.

  74. Hi, looking for a job in spain, english teacher, aupair, secretarial ar waitress.
    i have 2 years work experience.
    My email is

  75. Hello!
    Looking for work on the cost. I live in San Pedro, I have been a secretary, waiter, P.A.,
    Send me an email if you know of any opportunities right now.

  76. Isabelle Carlsson says:

    I’m a swedish certificated bartender 20 years old who’s looking for a bartenderjob in Marbella for the summer season 2014. I’m currently living in Marbella since september 2013 and are working as a marketing executive. Love to entertain other and make people laugh. Have many experience since i´ve been working for about 5 years. I’ve been working in a hotel bar, as a shop assistant in a sportshop and as a receptionist and gyminstructor at a health and fitnesscentre. I also have worked as a waitress at a café.
    Went to a bartender education in Mallorca for 3 weeks in the summerseason 2012.
    Very social and likes to meet new people from all kinds of places and countries. Can take on jobs such as bartender, barback, waitress or hostess. Talk fluent Swedish, English, basic German and now taking private Spanish lessons.

    Looking forward to hear from You!

    Kind Regards,

  77. Dyrone Minors says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am currently seeking employment over the summer period or longer in Marbella, Spain I have experience in customer service and worked for serval high end Hotels in the Unite States and in Bermuda; Marriott Hotel in Boulder, Colorado also the Millennium Harvest House Hotel, while there I worked in the VIP concierge , PBX, Bellman Guest Service Representative, Line Chef (AM) Waiter.
    At the moment I have worked in Bermuda for some high end Hotels also The Elbow Beach Hotel, The Newstead Hotel; as Guest Service Representative, at current I am working at; RoseWood Tucker’s Point Hotel in Bermuda in Guest Service.
    I would love to work in Marbella as a waiter at any high end hotel along the cost or a life guard, or wherever you need employment during the summer months or longer, open!
    That you for your time.
    Sincerely, Dyrone

  78. Heger Karla Iasmina says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am looking for a job in Marbella for the summer and maybe long term as well.
    I have experience as a sales person, actually i have worked as a PR in Ibiza for a full season.
    I am 23 years old from Romania.
    Please fill me in about the possibilities, where can i send a CV?

    Kind regards, Heger Iasmina

  79. Mario Louis Zavizion says:

    Hi !
    Me 20y and my friend 23y are seeking for a job in Marbella , Barcelona or Málaga ! We can do anything .
    Our Previous work experience is in the general construction, warehouse worker, truck manager etc. ..
    We will review all offers 🙂

    Mario Louis Zavizion , Charol Novikov

  80. Hi!
    I am a 20 year old female currently at uni but looking for some summer work I am friendly and lively and looking to enjoy a month in the sun while working!! Preferably as a receptionist/catering for 2-4 weeks.
    I have 4 years work experience in hospitality from bar work to working in high end retailers.
    Let me know about any opportunities.


  81. sam floris marjot says:

    i am currently living in marbella and have no work. literaly looking for anything i can get my hands on. i am 19 and good working and i wish to be able to live on my own and hopefully being able to move up in the world. anything at all let me know. 0034662278208

  82. Charlotte Slark says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have recently relocated to Marbella and I am seeking Housekeeping/Mother’s Help/Cleaning positions. I have 8 years experience within this industry and I have been running my own Housekeeping business in London for the past 3years where I specialised in large houses and have some fantastic references/testimonials.

    Pleaae email me on if I match your requirements and I will be happy to respond with my cv.

    Kind regards,
    Charlotte Slark


  84. jamie warwick says:

    hi my name is jamie ive just recently moved to fuengirola im looking for bar work in 35 so not a young lad but im here to work hard. ive got exsperance in bar work and im good with the public. thanks

  85. Charlotte Slark says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have recently relocated to Marbella and I am seeking Housekeeping/Mother’s Help/Cleaning positions. I have 8 years experience within this industry and I have been running my own Housekeeping business in London for the past 3years where I specialised in large houses and have some fantastic references/testimonials.

    Pleaae email me on or call 604183873 if I match your requirements and I will be happy to respond with my cv.

    Kind regards,
    Charlotte Slark

  86. Sorescu Alin Cristian says:

    My name is Sorescu Alin Cristian and I would like to work in Marbella. I have significant experience in international Mixolgy competitions and bartending work in a number of different locations and have a wide knowledge of different kinds of drinks. With a courteous and pleasant manner, I am able to provide a high quality service to customers and work equally well within a team and on my own.
    Please contact me at
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Yours sincerely
    Sorescu Alin Cristian

    • Hi Sorescu,

      If you are still available, please sent me an email.
      renebercx at gmail dot com.


  87. Miss Charlie Simmons says:

    Dear sir or madam,
    I am a motivated, enthusiastic, hard working, loyal and professional individual working well as part of a team or under own initiative with an excellent time keeping and attendance record. Having always worked in a customer and sales based environment dealing with all levels of management and customers due to excellent people skills, I have most recently worked with children in both a home-based and nursery environment. I have full administration, organisational and computer skills and speak both English (fluent) and Spanish.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information at
    Yours faithfully,
    Miss Charlie Simmons

  88. Vivien Gaspar says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    I would like to apply for a Waitress/Bartender/Receptionist/Shop assistant or any other position in Marbella.

    I am Hungarian but I speak English fluently and Spanish in an intermediate level. I have experiences working for a Call center company (Avon), and also as a Bartender, waitress, so I know how the service sector works. At the moment I am working as a waitress in Malta,but I love Spain and really would like to return there, so I am available immediately, and quite flexible.
    I am a hard-worker, still young and enthusiastic,so it would be a perfect opportunity to return there.

    So if you have any job vacancies, please let me know.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours faithfully,
    Vivien Gaspar ( Tel: 0035699966189, e-mail:

  89. Gizella Fuleki says:

    Dear Sir/Madam!
    I will move to Marbella in April and I am looking for a job there. I based in London in the last 6 years and originally from Hungary. I have over 3 years experience in customer service/sales/tourism in London and also over 3 years experience in childcare in England/Spain/Belgium/Monaco. Ideally I am looking for retail position or receptionist position, but I am very flexible and happy to work in different fields too such as bartender, sales person, nanny, shop assistant, cashier or as an English teacher. I am also qualified TEFL English Teacher.
    I am almost 26, energetic, positive, reliable, hard working and well organized.
    If you have any vacancy which might suitable for me please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards,

    Gizella Fuleki

  90. Luis Currie says:

    English 21 year old seeks seasonal work in Marbella/Puerto Banus.
    Very limited Spanish.
    Very hard worker, looking for English-based job.
    Would consider PR work, bar work, dishwasher, car washer or ANYTHING which requires limited Spanish.
    CV can be e-mailed across if anyone has anything for me!
    Am here until April-01 searching for work.
    Thanks in advance!

  91. Claire King says:

    Im 30 years old and have been living across The Costa Del Sol for 2 years.
    I can speak basic spanish.
    In the uk i was a carer looking afer the elderly and children for 10 years.I have nvqs and various qualifications as well as testimonials from previous clients.I also ran my own family buiness in the form of a night club and am compentent when it comes to bar work, waitressing and customer service as well as marketing/promotions and adinistration. Iam available for imediate start.
    look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks in Advance
    Claire x

  92. Jack Brown-Lee says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a young and passionate person with the drive to succeed. I am currently living in the UK and I am looking for the opportunity to start a career in Spain or just get seasonal work.
    I know basic Spanish and I am currently learning to be fluent.
    I have work experience in restaurants, working at festivals and as a sales person.
    If someone can give me the opportunity I promise to excel in any job.

    Many Thanks,

    Jack Brown-Lee 07919668835

  93. Hello there,

    I am based in Scotland and I work in golf, I am looking for supervisor jobs in golf in the Costa del Sol and very keen on Sotogrande as I lived there for a while, I speak english as you can see and I am a spanish speaker, I have some knowledge about other languages and a vast experience in f and b, groups coordinator, leisure guide and working in events, I have a double degree in Tourism and I may come back to Spain soon to enjoy life!

    Thanks for your time and I talk to you soon.


  94. hi I am looking for a summer job for 2015.
    I would like to work in a hotel in a kids club or doing a sports job in a hotel or something similar to do with sport. I am currently studying a level 3 diploma in sport and I have completed my level 2 diploma. I have a gcse in French and I am fluent in English and I know a small bit of Spanish.
    if you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be great.
    thanks for your help.

  95. Hello!
    I’m looking for a job for Summer 2015, I’m from the UK. I am a trained Make-up Artist and Beauty Therapist, I also have almost 2 years experience in Customer service/Waitressing. I am looking to work as a Barmaid and maybe a Beauty Therapist on side, I’m not fussy!
    I am interested in travelling and I’d love to be given the opportunity to work in Marbella!
    If you could be back in touch it would be very appreciated!
    Thank you.

  96. Sangeeta says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am an Erasmus student, I just finished a year in Barcelona and had the best time of my life! I want to continue living in Spain so I am looking for a job after my exams finish in June. Im fluent in Ebglish and have a basic level of Spanish. I have had jobs in different bars and restaurants; so I have a lot of experience in waitressing, bar tending and cleaning. I also have a lot of early childhood experience (baby sitting, volunteering, ambassador jobs). Id be happy to do any jobs within those fields from July 1st- July 25th 2014. Please send me an email for further work experience information. Muchos Gracias!

  97. Petronela Cernejova says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    my name is Nelly and I am looking for a job in Malaga-Marbella.
    I have experience in travel tourism industry as a receptionist, sale agent for touroperator, bartender, waitress. Furthermore I have 2 year experience in procurement, I´ve been working for a big company organizing concerts, cultural and sport events.
    I am speaking english and german fluently. Spanish is not a problem as well.
    I am open, outgoing, talkative and always smiling person.
    If you know about any job vacancy in Malaga for sumer 2014, please let me know.
    I love spanish culture and I´m learning very quickly.

    • Hi Petronella,

      I believe your expertize can be a great value for me.
      If you’re interested, please contact me.
      renebercx at gmail dot com.
      ( I write my email adres like this, to prevent spam in my mailbox)


  98. Raquel Lee says:

    I am looking to move to Marbella on a permanent basis and I am interested in any sales, hospitality, promotions etc type of job. I am also looking for somewhere to rent long term, either on my own or sharing. Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

  99. I am looking for a holiday job in Marbella/Costa del Sol for 3-4 weeks from late July until end of August. Looking for a bar job or an administrative job in a hostel/camp, etc. Whatever that is not too boring 🙂 I am fluent in English, Russian and Croatian, my Spanish is at low intermediate level.

  100. Belinda Brookes says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Having decided to move to spain within the next coming months, I am eager to find employment. I am forty-five years of age, my children have grown up and left home, so now it is my time to pursue my career in Marbella. I am hoping to find work either in the beauty industry, has I have lots of years experience, (ITEC DIPLOM) I did work in a health spa here in the uk for many years and also had a small mobile business offering, spray tanning, manicures/pedicure among other treatments. I have also worked within the care industry for five years, as a care assistant/ care co-ordinator. I also have experience working with animals. I work well as a team member and am able to use my own anitiative, having excellent enterpersonal skills, I am highly motivated and feel I have the time dedication and maturity to succeed in any given role. I love the Spanish culture and look forward to the opportunity of working in Marbella. If you have any vacancies please get in touch with me.

    Look forward to hearing from you

  101. valentine says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I seek an opportunity to work in marbell starting from june september(october),i have worked in the past as a PR,barman,call-center operator,cleaner,sales promotion,hospitality.If you have any vacancy left please don’t hesitate to get back to me.I am available to travel anytime.

    Look forward to hear from you,


    • Hi Valentine,

      Would you be so kind to contact me if you’re still available?
      renebercx at gmail dot com.


    • benjamin says:

      Hello Valentine, we opened a new very nice bar/ nightclub in centre of puerto banus and look for PR workers and possibly other positions in the future.
      If you are interested please give me a call

      best regards

      Bertoldo Events

      • Bledi Cana says:

        Hello Mr. Benjamin can i ask you if its available still any place for me to work in your club…?
        i been working all my live in tourism im a profesonal in my job

  102. Belinda Brookes says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Mature, friendly, hard working lady, looking for employment in Marbella. excellent interpersonal skills, highly motivated lady. qualified as a beauty therapist and care assistant. willing to consider any work available. please contact me on 07443869398 or email

  103. Derek Nkansah says:

    Hi there,

    My name is Derek and i have just arrived from the Uk, I have worked in the security industry before and now i work for the DeVere Group as a sales coordinator.

    I am looking for work in marbella, puerto banus area and also somewhere to stay for long term

    Please call me if you have any vacancies in bars clubs etc

    0034 602408253

  104. Johan Peters says:

    I’m an experienced journalist/web editor. I write about health, lifestyle and tourism. I’m looking for a job with a local English speaking medium. I’m willing to learn the Spanish language, but it will of course take some time. I do have much experience with CMS and social media, am communicative and looking for a new adventure.

  105. Veronika says:

    Hello. I am looking for a summer job in Marbella, I am from Russia, I speak English, but I am learning Spanish now. I can work in a hotel, in bar, or as a baby-sitter, I have the experience .

  106. Veronika says:

    I am sorry. It’s Veronika again. I’ve forgotten to write the e-mail . My e-mail is, my tel. in Russia is +79134561036
    thank you in advance
    I can send my photo by e-mail if needed

  107. Emma Tensch says:

    my names Emma me and my friend are looking to come over from the uk and work in marbella/puerto banus area for the summer and we fly out on the 2nd of may we both have lots of bar work experience, i also have previous lap dancing experience and working as a shot girl we are both fully qualified carers, we are going to experience the summer and if all goes to plan would like to make it a permanent move.

    Thank you for reading and if you have anything please call me on: 07462993239

    • Hello Emma and friend,

      If you’re both still are looking for a job, please let me know.
      renebercx at gmail dot com.
      ( I write my email adres like this, to prevent spam in my mailbox)


    • benjamin says:

      Hello Emma, we opened a new very nice bar/ nightclub in centre of puerto banus and look for PR workers and also dancers.
      If you are interested please give me a call

      best regards

      Bertoldo Events

  108. Hello. I’m looking for a job in Marbella or near there. I am from Hungary. I speak english and I would like to learn spanish now. I can work in a bar or hotel. I have 8 years experience in bartending and mixology. I can take some other jobs. Driving, gardening, manual labor etc. I’m interested for all possibilities. I’m a hardworker, diligent, reliable person.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me if You have any jobs.
    I can send my CV and photo by e-mail if needed.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hello Greg,

      If you’re still available, please sent me your cv and photo.
      renebercx at gmail dot com.
      ( I write my email adres like this, to prevent spam in my mailbox)


  109. Hello to all that are looking for a job in Marbella/ Torremolinos.

    We’re looking for personnel..Promotor, Bartenders, Dj’s etc.etc.
    Interested? Please email me with pic, info about yourself and salary indication.
    renebercx at gmail dot com.

    Hope to hear soon from you.


  110. David Murphy says:

    Hi Guys
    Im Moving To Marbella Soon
    Does Anyone Know Any Good Recruitment Agencies..
    To Send My Details Too..
    Any Info Be Great
    Cheers Dave

  111. Hi ! We are a mature friendly couple moving over very soon and looking for a place to live . I have a TEFL Course and would love to teach people English in exchange for a large room, use of a kitchen + pool. My husband does cooking ,has worked as a caretaker as well as other work. I have also worked as a nanny and can do babysitting .
    I am looking for work myself /prefer to teach English but will also do sales .Please contact us if you can help us. Thank you.

  112. Stepan Lazarev says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking for a job in Marbella
    I have a work experince in PR for clubs and partyes in Marbella I could also work in bar. I know 2 languages Russian and English. Would be wonrerful if you would find a summerjob for me.
    Kind Regards

  113. Lucy French says:

    I am a marketing professional with over 6 years work experience. I am looking to move to in or around Marbella as soon as possible, but would like to find a job first. I only speak English, but willing to learn. I am also interested in other opportunities such as copywriting, or admin work.

    Many thanks,


  114. Claudia says:


    I am coming to Marbella with a firend of mine, both of us female, 23 years old.
    We are looking for a summer job starting July 11 till end of September.

    We do have very good knowledge of English,Spanish and French, advanced level all three.
    We want to work in/for a bar, pub, club, or on the beach for renting sunbeds, jetskis or on a yacht.

    Please let me know if you have any openings!
    Thank you very much!

    • benjamin says:

      Hello , we opened a new very nice bar/ nightclub in centre of puerto banus and look for PR workers and possibly other positions in the future.
      If you are interested please give me a call

      best regards

      Bertoldo Events

  115. Hi there. Two guys looking for bar job in Marbella from 11 of July. We have at least 4 years exp . working in cocktail bars. Fluently english and strong will to learn spanish very fast. Hardworking, perfect balance between speed and quality of work. Happy faces 🙂
    More and more about us after contact:
    See you in Marbella.
    Have a nice day.

    • Martins says:

      Did you guys get something or still Waiting , I am here already , just posted add on here , wanted to see if there is any point of waiting haha

  116. Martins says:

    I am currently in Marbella and I am Looking for a Bar/Restourant job round here , have worked in Hotel for past 4 years in Liverpool , but now willing to stay round here for a while .
    I do speak fluent English , Russian an Latvian , always positive and hard working , hopefull that there is some opportunities left hehe

  117. Evgenia says:


    I am looking for a job in Marbella, preferably in Nueva Andalucia for July and August. I have worked as a babysitter, waitress and shop assistant. But I am always ready to try something new.

    I am a young woman. Speak fluent English, Russian and Spanish a little. I am rather hardworking, very friendly, good looking, cheerful and sociable. You can contact me by my email
    Looking forward to hear from you,

  118. Lee Fisher says:

    Hello there,

    Im looking for a job in Marbella – particulary in sales as I have been in the selling industry for nearly 5 years now. That is my specialist area but please if could let me know of any jobs relating to that area – be very appreciative! Thanks, Lee.

  119. Kristella says:

    Hi ,
    Im fully qualified beauty therapist/ nail technician/ threader….with few years experience in very high standard beauty salons…looking for job in Beauty salons in Marbella/ Puerto Banus…at a Moment living in Marbella…. If anyone knows anything about some free positions….also have experience in catering and PR bar/ waiting fluent in languages like English/ Russian/ Latvian and basic Spanish. Been working in beauty salon in San Pedro for half year already so I have experience in Spanish clientele also. would really appreciate if you email me or contact me by this website my email is

  120. Hello,
    I am a girl from Lithuania, planning on moving to Marbella, and I am looking for a job in hospitality field. My first choice would be to work as a bartender, but I am open to other suggestions too. I speak fluent lithuanian and english, and a bit of spanish and russian. I had worked as a waitress in Birmingham, United Kingdom in the summer of 2013. Also I had worked in clothing shop called ZARA in Lithuania, in the summer of 2012 and I am working there now. Would like to move to Marbella in early September.
    I am sociable, fun, I like working around people and I learn really quick.
    My email:
    Lithuanian tel. nr.: +37065632562

  121. Nathalie Legras says:

    I’m confident that my experience of 10 years as a co-owner, customer account manager and leader of my team working with prestigious and challenging customers will make me a good candidate for any job in a retail shop, hotel etc…
    If you could let me know off any positions I will appreciate.
    I also speak french, being a French native.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Kind regards. Nathalie
    My email address

  122. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with Level 3 GP Referral as well as Circuit Training, HIIT Training, Insanity Training, Chair Based Exercises for the elderly and I am also a certified Counterweight Tutor (an evidence based lifestyle weight management programme). I have previously lived in Spain (Barcelona, Andalucía & Tenerife), and have my NIE certificate If anyone knows of any vacancies or help required in Spain, Southern France, Germany, Italy or Greece. Help, suggestions or contacts would be very much appreciated. Email me

  123. We are looking for attractive girls to sell our electronic shisha pens (eShishas) at events and locations around Marbella and Puerto Banus.

    The pay is comission based with girls making on average over 100 euros a night.

    We need chatty, confident and target driven girls to get in touch. Please email us at:

  124. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am professional dancer/choreographer, certificated PortDeBras instructor, well experienced fitness group instructor, participant of miss bikini and successful personal trainer. I am looking for similar job(s) in Marbella. May do also modeling. I am originally from Ukraine. I speak Russian, English, B1 French and started to learn Spanish which is seemed not so difficult. Worked with show-ballet in Turkey, can learn choreography fast, can also adapt fast to the new environmet. Friendly, communicative and social enough. Hope to hear from You soon 🙂

    Thanks for paying an attention to my post!
    Would be great to get job opportunities, for what i Thank You in advance. Contact me via e-mail: or find me on Facebook:

    Peace and love to all of you!!
    Best regards,

  125. Hi I am 25 years old and a fully qualified electrician with 7 years domestic site experience covering the majority of domestic electrics from full rewires to testing/fault finding and remedial works. I am looking to move out to and work in Marbella/ near Marbella in the next year. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  126. A mature and experienced manager in property operations management to include commercial and private properrty, good customer service and communication skills. Semi retired so lots of time, good work ethics, on time and efficient.
    Would like to utilise of skills and experience to ensure propsective clients or employers to achieve an aim and develope the business.

  127. Hi my name is Ryan

    I am looking for any information and advice as I am looking to emergrate to the Marbella area next year.

    I am a fully qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist and looking to find a job within that sector.

    Any information on how to go about job searches and advice would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance

  128. Hello my name is oliver,I born in Albania but I grow up in Greece and Italy at moment I work is Greece as bartender and personal lookin for job in marbella as as bartender as I been coin the lust three years bar work in flair..I can speak English ,greek ,Albanian and a bit Italian .
    Thank you

  129. sami ünsal says:

    hi i sami ünsal turkey istanbul I’m sitting and I’m trying my profession jewelry marbella, you want to work a full knowledgeable and professional jewelers I now in Istanbul z <n jewelers'm trying diamonds on the sales and manufacturing workshops on there is experience I marbella Looking for a job am interested to work with companies I would want to thank ..

  130. Kristella says:

    Hi, I’m looking for work in Marbella, speaking fluently English, Russian, Latvian, and convercional even fluent spanish. Looking for work in beauty salon, or as a sales assistant or café work in Marbella / Spain. If you know anything where is some free position I would be glad if you email me or text here…my email is

  131. Dirk Witte says:

    Security contractor, professional driver, street specific self defense instructor. I am looking for work anywhere in costa del sol. Years of experience in violent confrontation and security management.
    Speak English, French , German and currently learning spanish. Bars, chauffer, close protection or security infrastructure design. Not asking for big money just looking to move back to Spain. Very familiar with Costa Del Sol, Portugal, Morocco. 185 cm 100 kg fit and up for anything.

  132. Hi, My name is Melissa, 23 years old and am English speaking only.
    I am currently staying in Marbella with my family. I am looking to work while I stay here. I am a trained lay counselor with a special interest in working with Children.
    I am looking for short term jobs where I can work with children (babysitting, counselling, Au pair work). I am a conscientious hard worker and quick learner.
    If anyone is interested, I have my CV and references. You can reply to this comment or reply to my email:
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  133. Hello.
    I am looking for a summer job 2015 in Marbella, I am from Rumania, I speak English, and Spanish medium level and currently learning french … I can work in a hotel hostess , in bar, waitress or as a baby-sitter, I have experience … I am hardworking, very friendly, good looking, cheerful and sociable
    If you know anything where is some free position I would be glad if you email me or text here…my email is

    Thanks, Daniela .

  134. hi my name is lorrel I am 19 from Manchester I am looking for a summer job 2015. I would like to work in a bar, waitress or hotel I have experience. I am friendly out going person love meeting new people hardworking if you know anywhere is some positions I woud be happy if you email me
    thank you, lorrel.

  135. Kenny Cooke says:

    Hi, My name is Kenny. I currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. I’m a builder and would like to relocate to Marbella in the near future. High end Construction is my forte,’ Maintenance free designs are one of my specialties. I have many photos to send if you are in need of a contractor, construction manager, or carpentry crew. 865-223-4969

  136. Levi Lazaro says:

    Hi Guys,
    My name is Levi. I currently live in Amsterdam (Holland).
    I used to do PR and marketing. I also worked in different bars in the past. And im flying the 12th allready to Marbella. So i am able to set up meeting and my resume is ready to be sended. So let me know if you guys know anything :-), thanks alot !

  137. Bartolome says:

    Dear Sir/Madam!
    I’m looking for a personal trainer job in the hotel or waiter and security in bars.
    I am English, Polish and Spanish speaker, with experience in sports(martial arts, gym) and working in the bars.
    I am a good looking, outgoing person with enthusiastic attitude, and I currently live in Spain so I am available at any moment of your convenience.

    Kind Regards,

    contact me at

  138. Hi I’m James, 29, I currently live in England, I have ten years experience of gardening and landscaping, I’m self employed and am looking for potential job opportunities or lead within this field in or around Marbella, im hardworking polite punctual and hold a full drivers licence, if anyone has any leads or job opportunities please email me. Thanks.

  139. Christopher says:

    My name is Christopher Jung and I German with a Bachelors degree from the University of California Santa Barbara in Economics and Accounting. I have a medal and a certificate of Bi-literacy in English and Spanish from the state of California and speak professional German. My previous experience includes working at Bank of America as an analyst as well as in the finance department of a car company. I would love to work in a sales position selling luxury vehicles but anything related to sales or economics is where I thrive. Thank you.

  140. Hi,

    My name is Lee, 31, recently relocated to Marbella with my partner and baby from London(ish). I am looking for work in/around Marbella.

    I am hard working, creative, confident and adaptable

    I have TV and Web Broadcast experience, IT Support background, Telecommunications, Customer Service skills, Bar/Restaurant and hospitality experience, I am a professional Photographer/Videographer, Media experience, online gaming experience, pharmaceuticals experience and management experience. I thrive off new challenges and experiences and want a good job that I can enjoy here in Marbella or closely surrounding.

    I am open to most job positions part time or full time (except Telesales and PR). I am currently learning Spanish language with a teacher here in Spain, but for now we could say my level falls under Basic Plus. but learning quickly.

    I am always well presented and professional, fast working and thorough.

    Hobbies and Likes consist of: Karting, adventure days, beach walks, family time, cooking, photography and editing, skiing, camping, travelling, music.

    My partner Sarah, 28, has bar/restaurant management experience, TV studio manager experience, Scheduling, Admin, Extremely thorough and organised. and available part time.

    Thank you for your time reading this, please do get in touch with any opportunities.

  141. Highly motivated norwegian tourism student with good organizational and working skills looking for work in Marbella some months during the summer. I am looking for work in a hotel as a receptionist or in the kids club, entertainment department as I have a bachelor degree in Sport Management. I have languages skills in norwegian, english, spanish and basic german. If anyone has any opportunities please email me thank you.

  142. Alejandro and Carmen says:

    Hello we are a young couple marriage looking for a job with a nice rich family living in my partner as a hairdresser and beauty and myself as a waiter,driver or butler.
    Actually we are living in London but we miss home, we could help with tasks from home and kids also with the Spanish language because we are natives.
    Kind regards

  143. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Ingrid and I am 20 years old. I am a very positive and energetic girl with always a smile on my face! I am born and raised in Sweden but stayed for one year in Fuengirola where I studied at Colegio Sueco. I have also lived in Norway for 1,5 years where I worked as a seller in a clothing store, as a educational employee at a preschool and as a waitress in a restaurant and bar.
    My previous work in Sweden and Norway have often been in service. I am very service minded and outgoing.
    I am searching for a job as a waitress, hostess, seller or an summer au-pair.
    My family got an apartment in Marbella so accommodation is not a problem.

    I speak fluently swedish, english, norwegian and good spanish.

    I am looking forward hearing from you!
    email me on

    Best regards,
    Ingrid Sundqvist

  144. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have a variety of skills and experience all involving customer service in some capacity. I have worked as a qualified sports massage and injury therapist, as an administrator/receptionist, in call centres, bars and shops. I am happy to do any of these types of jobs and also welcome new challenges. I am familiar with Marbella and believe I have the skills, drive and passion to work amongst the energy, buzz and pace of what the costa del sol offers. I would love to hear back from you as I am keen to come over this summer if possible.

    Kind regards

  145. Dhrupesh Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am from India, I want to switch at Marbella for job. I can speak English very well. I am able to work any kind of.
    +91 8000077878.

    Best Regards,
    Dhrupesh Patel.

  146. D-Wine Marbella says:

    We are currently looking for experienced waiting staff for our restaurant, applicants must speak English and conversational Spanish. Please send your CV to the email address provided.

    • DaneBatinica says:

      Hi my name is Dane,
      I am working in kitchen for 14 years. I am looking for a job in the restaurant.
      I am coming from Serbia, excellent English speaking and writing and basic Spanish speaking
      regards Dane

  147. “hi my names jade I’m 27 yrs old. iv worked in bars and clubs in England but want to expand my horizons in marbella. I worked in aiya napa when I was 18 and I loved it. I have a friend who also wants to come and work abroad so we are hoping to find jobs close to each other where possible. I’m up for the challenge and would love the opportunity this year to work abroad before I start getting too old for it all lol. my email address is uk alternatively you can contact me on my mobile phone +447469760630 if you can help me find what I’m looking for. bar work or something of similar nature would be great but will defiantly consider other roles, so just ask, I’m waiting for your call x “

  148. Anthony Callaghan says:

    To whom this may concern,

    I currently live near Estepona and am looking for work. I have customer service skills, also hold a D1 licence for driving purposes. Also have U.K. police background for any security related jobs.

    Also available on mobile 00353871857781

  149. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have just completed 12 years in the ministry of defence and I have a variety of skills and experience such as HGV driving, administration and accounting experience also jobs involving customer service in some capacity. I have worked as a qualified logistics driver and as an administrator/receptionist, in call centres, bars and shops. I am happy to do any of these types of jobs and also welcome new challenges. I am familiar with Marbella and believe I have the skills, drive and passion to work amongst the energy, buzz and pace of what the Costa del sol offers. I would love to hear back from you as I am keen to come over this summer if possible.

    Kind regards

  150. Hi I am looking for bar work or pr work. I would also considor labouring or realy anything atol. I’m a 22 year old male who is working full time but want to try something new. Look forward to hearing back what yous have to offer me 🙂

  151. ANTHONY GIBSON says:

    Hello i am ANTHONY GIBSON, i am on here seeking for a reliable babysitter/nanny that

    will take good care of my lovely three years old daughter Lucy.

    Please kindly contact my private e-mail (

  152. Romeo Jr., Nieves Arcilla says:

    CAN DO:
    >Property Management, Caretaker or Administrator
    >Experienced in holiday rentals/office administration
    >Sub-contracts house reforms, gardening/pool maintenance
    >Sub-contracts housekeeping and cleaning services
    >Knowledge in Safety/Quality Control/Environmental administration

  153. Hello
    I’m looking for a job into Marbella. I speak English, Dutch, France and I’m learning Spanish.
    I look for a job into a hotel, waitress, driving, nanny, shops.
    I’m always open for suggestions.
    If you have a job you can contact me at
    I’m a motivated and hardworking person of 30 years

  154. Hy !
    i’m dj Micha looking for residence in Marbella
    Lounge Bars, Restourants
    I specially adore Bossa Nova, Nu jazz, Lounge classics
    African, afrobeat, bossanova braelectro,jazz latin ..
    uban, latin, brazilian classics and contemporary music
    contact me at :

  155. Hi I am looking for a job in Marbella for the summer 2015! I am very energetic and bubbly! I would love to work in a cafe, restaurant, hotel, cleaner, bar…basically I am very open to all type of work! Thank you!

  156. Hello!
    Looking for work on the cost. I live in San Pedro, I have been a secretary, waiter, P.A.,
    Send me an email if you know of any opportunities right now.

  157. HI ,i am a proffessional indian and tandoori cook. i dont speak spanish but my english is very good. i am currently loking for a job in marbella ready to start email is- .hoping to hear from you soon thanks .

  158. lorraine says:

    Hi, I’m moving to Marbella the end of May 2015 and I am looking for full/part time work.
    I am currently a waitress/bartender so working in that industry would be ideal for me.
    I also have plenty of experience working with children, I have studied Childrens Studies, worked in a montessori school and done 2 years voluntary work for a childrens helpline, so childcare would be a great job for me too. If you need someone to work for you and feel I may be the right person please don’t hesitate to contact me!

  159. Fabrizio Calio says:

    HI, I am Fabrizio.
    I am Security Guard SIA Door Supervior in UK, Club , Event , Pub and Hotel.
    I speak English , Italian and a bit Spanish.
    I am looking for job in Security in Spain. tel. 00447449280768


  160. Hi I’m a plumbing and heating engineer (not gas safe).
    I’m 30 years old. I have experience in all aspects of my job from bathrooms, wet rooms, heating systems, unvented cylinders and drainage. Looking for a new challenge

  161. I am a fitness instructor/kettlebell instructor/circuit training instructor/cycling instructor/beach football coach.i have experience in personal training ,consultations,gym inductions as well as inductions in outdoor activities.I am looking for work in spain..

  162. Good afternoon,
    I am a 50yr old woman from Scotland who has many years experience in administration, retail and sports development. I would consider a variety of opportunities that would support living expenses in order to gain experience in living abroad.
    I have good interpersonal and organisational skills and enjoy meeting new people and meeting challenges head on.

    If you know of any opportunities please feel free to contact me
    Kind regards

  163. Good morning,
    I am Emilio, a 27yr old guy from Italy who has 5 years experience in Hospitality Industry, as waiter, doorman, bellman, driver, receptionist.
    I have been living and working in London for 2 years and I am looking for a job in Marbella.
    If you think I am the right person to work with you don’t hesitate to contact me at
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  164. Hello, I’m a belgian Dj moving to Marbella the 1st of June.
    I’m looking for a place to Dj .
    If you send me your e-mail adres i’ll send you my Presskit.

    Kind Regards TEQ

  165. Hello Sir/Madame
    I am a 16 year old student, free for the whole summer and am able to work as practically anything. I am a enthusiastic worker and extremely reliable. Please contact me at

  166. Hi,

    I am a professional singer, jazz, soul, lounge & contemporary music, I also perform a Grace Jones tribute act. I was wondering if you could give me some information regarding entertainment agents or agencies in the Marbella area. As I am planning to relocate, I am also interested in other types of work in the entertainment sector as I am a qualified, tried and tested Event Organiser/Manager. I speak fluent German, good Spanish, and English of course. Any info would be helpful. Thank you.

  167. Kati Johanna says:

    I am a Finnish nanny / qualified practical nurse, looking to work in Spain. Excellent English and Swedish spoken. References, CBR, certificates and other documents available. Very flexible, open for all suggestions. Contact ; katijohannan(at)
    Kind regrads,
    Kati Johanna

  168. Joran Teraš says:

    I am Slovenian student, looking for a summer/season job in Marbella. I speak English fluently and I’m ready and prepared to work. I’m accurate and flexible, open to any kind of work and have a drivers license. Cleaning hotel rooms, toilets, picking seasonal fruit, anything that goes with knowledge of English, would fit me.

    Thank you

  169. danielle browne says:


    I am looking for hostessing/promotional work in Marbella

    I have just finished university as a physiotherapist and I am looking to fly out around 25th June until October 2015

    I do promotional work at many major events in England such as silverstone, twickenham, wembley and Cheltenham races

    I also do hospitality hostessing work for concerts and events at LG arena and the NIA

    I also do promotional sales and exhibiting work for brands such as Licor 43 at big shows, for example the good food show

    I am very hard working, enthusiastic and friendly

    Kind regards

    Danielle Browne

    • jemma daley says:

      Hey Danielle,

      I am manager of a shot girl company here in puerto bonus and we are currently looking for more girls to join our team in peak season. If you have what’s app you can contact me for more into on 07414680565 or my email that is linked to this.

      Thanks Jemma

  170. Cecilia says:

    Hi there,

    Im moving to Marbella soon and I would like to be informed about any job opportunity regarding to sales or more specifically at the front desk in hotels.

    I born and raised in Argentina, but actually living in the US.

    Best regards,

  171. Anne Love says:


    I am keen to live and work in Spain, particularly Marbella area (and surrounding).
    Currently I am selling property in Scotland. I also am a Beauty Therapist. I have done Care Work and Domestic Cleaning in the past. I would consider any type of work. I am a hard worker and conscientious in my work.
    I would be pleased to hear of any work in this area and property to rent.

    Kind Regards

    Anne Love

  172. Victor, Alex and Andrew says:

    Hi, we are 3 guys with 2 years experience as waiters at a high class restaurant looking for a full time job at a hotel or restaurant, we speak fluent english, russian romanian and a little german. We are open to any kind of work at any time of the day.

  173. Ben Stokes says:

    Telesales (Relationship Manager/Sales Coordinator) Marbella, Spain

    We are currently seeking to employ a number of experienced Telesales Professionals to work closely with a number of top performing Global Wealth Manager’s based in the Marbella area, operating worldwide.

    If you would like to earn £50,000 OTE in the sun, this is an opportunity for you!!!

    The role is for a Relationship Manager/Sales Coordinator and will involve reaching out to other expatriates WORLDWIDE by phone, to arrange appointments for financial planning reviews with our expert Advisers, primarily to review UK pension arrangements.

    The ideal candidate will have a track record of booking cold appointments by telephone.

    An understanding of QROPS would be an advantage, but not essential. What is essential is the attitude and will to succeed and the ability to learn.

    Leads/call lists are provided by our client and leads are pre-qualified for directly relevant business.

    We have several positions available and the position offers a small basic for the right candidates plus uncapped commission. OTE £50,000.

    If you are looking for a new role with huge potential and career advancement opportunities, get in contact.

    Contact Louise Smith or Ben Stokes


  174. Hi!
    My names Sophie I’m 20 years old and currently living in Elviria, I am a fully qualified hairdresser with additional qualifications such as colour with honours degree, colour diploma and peeking diploma. I have done hair for London fashion week and V festival. I am looking for a fun and funky salon to further my career.
    Thanks for reading, Sophie x

  175. Hello!

    I’m interested eldery care or disabled person care job, I’m also learning it at school. I’m interested where I can find job offers (webpage’s?) I have learned swedish classical massage two years ago. And I’ll try to learn spanish also, I really like that language.

    Thank You!

  176. Esa Isopahkala says:


    Finnish plumber looking for a work from Costa Del Sol Area.

    I am 35 years old man from Finland, speakin English very well, and have just start to learn Spanish. I am living in Monda, little village (18km from Marbella ). Im looking for a plumber work in Costa Del Sol area. I have work as a plumber since 2007 and have been working in Finland,Norway,France and here in Spain too a bit. I have a car for transport, but tools I dont have with me here.
    I will be open for anykind of work offers.

    Kind Regards,

    Esa Isopahkala

  177. Veronika Mořkovská says:

    me and my husband looking for living in Marbella. We are from Czech republic, in age31 and 34 .
    We both speak English and German, have driving licence, own cars.
    I´m education and product manager for Spa centre and beauty salons, I´m teaching Spa staff in Mandarin Oriental Prague, Chateau Mcely, Four Seasons Prague, Kempinsky Bratislava and much more salons in Czech and Slovak republics.
    I have 12 years experience in manicure and pedicure, I´m able teaching anatomy, dermatology, training protocols and treatments and also work in Spa.
    My husband is camera operator, director and also knowlege in editing on Mac. He works for international broadcaters and for Czech tv. His specialization are sports. He has many year experiences from different broadcasts like Olympic games in London, Marcialonga Italy, Europian championship in Football Prague 2015, Scotland, Norway- ski alps, Andorra- speed skiing and much more world championships in different sports,
    If you have some idea for us let me know.

    Kind regards
    Veronika Mořkovská

  178. jeffrey divina valconconcha says:

    hi.. i am jeff 29 years of age i live in marbella.. i am looking for a job like gardening, pool cleaner, part time jobs, petcare.. thank you and God bless..

  179. jeffrey divina valconconcha says:

    this is my contact number here in spain 604203324.. thankyou

  180. Stephanie says:

    Hi! My name is Stephanie I’m 22 years old and living in Scotland. I have plenty of bar and nightclub experience. I also have danced in nightclubs for over a year. Im looking for permanent work in Marbella in a bar or restaurant.

    Thanks x x

  181. Dear sir/madam
    I have just moved to Spain I’m living in puerto banus I will do any job I’m s very good worker and very reliable I have a great sens of humuer and very out going always like to help people and intract with them as well
    Kind regards

  182. Merilin Eberlein says:

    My name is Merilin and i’m 22 years old and i’m from Estonia. I have a lot of bar and restaurant experiences and last year i finished university (hotel management). I plan to move to Marbella this year. So i don’t speak spanish but i would like to start learning it when i’m in Marbella. I really would like to find job in this area. I like working places where i can communicate with people and give them best and professional service (hotels, restaurants, bars, golf clubs, caffes etc). I am always positive and i love to travel. If you are interested in me then let me know 🙂

    My e-mail:

    Thanks for reading,

    Merilin Eberlein

  183. Abby Scot Simmonds says:

    Superstar Personal Assistant looking to move to beautiful Marbella.

    I have 14 years experience of working as senior PA for some of the top media companies in London (Google, Sony Music and Burberry) to name just a few. I also lived in the paradise island of Bermuda for 3 years and worked for a law firm so I can also class myself as a Legal Secretary as well as a Personal Assistant. I’m hoping to find work in any type of business in Marbella and I would also be very happy to be a private PA in a household.

    I consider myself to be a very professional, friendly and helpful person and come with excellent references.

    British citizen. Degree educated. Available immediately.

    Many thanks
    Abby Scot Simmonds

  184. Hi guys
    My name is Carleen, in 27years old. I’m looking to move to Marbella early next year, I’ve been there on holidays all my life and know it very well. I speak Spanish and am a hair and makeup artist. Worked In London and have been working for myself the past three years. I also used to model and do a lot of pronotional work so this is also something I would be interested in. Would love if anyone knows of any jobs going or has any contacts in these industry’s. Fingers crossed.

  185. Hi,

    My name is Hayley. I am looking for personal trainer or fitness instructor jobs. I already have clients in the UK who I Personal Train and I run Boot Camp Classes three times a week. I am looking to relocate to Spain in the Marbella/Mijas/Coin/Estepona/San Pedro area and I would like to continue my fitness business there, either with Personal Training clients or as a fitness instructor in a gym. Any help, advice would be welcomed and ideally an offer of employment within an already established gym or as a freelance Personal Trainer. I have the correct diploma qualifications in Personal Training and Fitness Instruction and Nutrition and I also have the relevant First Aid qualifications. Thank you.

  186. Sean Dottin says:

    My name is Sean, I am looking for fitness instructor jobs/ gym management jobs, I am currently a fitness manager for LA Fitness in the UK & I have all the relevant qualifications… level 2 fitness instructing, level 3 Personal Training as well as my first aid / defibrillation & CPR, alongside that I am also a qualified nutritionist as well as level 4 physiotherapist. I am at current looking to relocate to Southern Spain Marbella/ San Pedro area with hopes of finding work there.
    I do look forward to hearing back from anyone with any info on what can be done or an employment offer.

    Many Thanks

  187. Alexander Fossdal says:

    Im a bartender/butler and restaurant manager seeking for a job i Marabella(part time) Good reference

  188. Hello there, I am Lisa from Austria. I finished the ccommercial high school this year and now i go to Marbella for one year as an au pair. I have much free time there so I am looking for a part time job. I would like to work as a waitress or barkeeper because I like to work with people. I have worked 3 summers at a restaurant in austria so I know how to deal with customers. I speak german, english, italian and a bit of spanish. I am looking forward to hear from you! Greetings from Austria, Lisa Schwarzl

  189. Hi my name is Chelsea, I am a trustworthy, confident, enthusiastic individual who would like to live and have a full time job in Marbella (or near by) I have worked as a customer service advisor, I am qualified in travel and tourism. I have worked as a overseas resort representative, support worker with adults, and a residential care worker with children and young people. Hope to hear back off you soon, kind Regards

  190. Hi my name is Chelsea, I’m 22 I speak fluent English. I am a trustworthy, confident, enthusiastic individual. Who would like to live and have a full time job in Marbella (or near by) I have worked as a customer service advisor, I am qualified in travel and tourism. I have worked as a overseas resort representative, support worker with adults, and a residential care worker with children and young people. Hope to hear back off you soon, kind Regards

  191. Hi my name is Chelsea and I’m 22, I speak fluent English. I am looking to live and work permetmently in Marbella (or near by) I have worked as a sales advisor and in customer service. I am qualified in travel and tourism, I have worked as a overseas resort representative, support worker with adults and a residential care worker for young people and children. hope to hear back off you soon. Kind regards

  192. Gabriella Karvak says:

    Hi there,
    I am Gabi, for now living in Budapest. I am fluent in Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian and English, conversant in German languages. I also know some very basic Spanish, which I am learning right now.
    Utilize me for my language knowledges as a translator, tour guide, holiday rep etc.?
    I have very good organising, people management skills, I am a good entertainer, talkative and active person, but I also worked in a business world, below my LinkedIn:
    I singer, so I can be even a karaoke singer in your bar.
    Thank you!
    Gabi –

  193. Good afternoon!

    I’m 20 years old, living here in Marbella almost 1 year. Currently I am seeking job for part-time.
    I would like to work at bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc.. I speak English, Japanese and bit of Spanish (I’ve been learning since last year). Also I like children. If you have any information please let me know below
    Thank you for reading. Kind regards.

  194. Hello
    I’m looking for a job into Marbella. cook -assistance or chef – kitchen helper ,waiter.or bar
    also have experience as waiter!!
    I speak English, Dutch, and I’m learning Spanish.
    I look for a job into a hotel , restaurant.
    i have more than 12 years experience in kitchen
    I’m always open for suggestions.
    If you have a job you can contact me at
    or by tel. 634339750
    I’m a motivated and hardworking person of 29 years

  195. Johnny Robinson says:

    Hi There, I am looking for a job in the Marbella area or close to it. I have 7 years of catering and hospitality experience including 5 years of managing busy pubs/restaurants in the south of England. IO have also got experience in working and organising events such as private parties, weddings and large function. I would like to stay involved in the organization of events however I am very adaptable and open minded. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  196. Hello,

    We are a DJ and a singer who are looking for a contract in Marbella.For about 1 and a half year till today we have been working on a project together to mix live vocals with electronic music which we now want present for you. We both have a lot of experience when it comes to Clubs and Bars and other events. Our work is our hobbies as well, so we love what we do and we gonna be happy to be a part of your entertainment.

    here you can hear some of our mixes we made together. Everything is live without any retouch.


    Feel free to contact us.

  197. Corey Jamison says:

    Hi there,

    I am looking into moving abroad! I am an enthusiastic 20 year old personal trainer from Belfast Northern Ireland! I have ran cross community programmes with paricipants over 60 people! I love the Spanish lifestyle and Spanish people! I’m looking to make a new start as soon as I can get a steady job!

    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank in advance.

  198. Hiya,
    I’m Jo, a professional administrator moving to Marbella in the next 4 weeks. I also have retail and bar work experience. I’m looking for a job in the Puerto Banus / San Pedro area, preferably full-time. I’m honest, reliable and flexible and can work any hours to suit. I’d consider any type of work to match my skills.
    I’m educated to degree level and have a postgraduate qualification in HR.

    Please get in touch !!

  199. hi i am senior hairdresser and body therapists i like to come to spain and work there if any one can help me please cll me +94777039658 []

  200. merlyn caringal says:

    dear sir/madam
    iam looking for a job in hotel,i had a 2 yrs experience in housekeeping….I’m honest, reliable and flexible and can work any hours to suit. I’d consider any type of work to match my contact number +34 611 329 456

  201. ANIL AGARWAL says:



  202. Dear sir/madem
    I am looking to work in marbella next year (2016)
    I am an almost fully qualified hairdresser and would like to know what opportunitys would be out there for me, i dont speak any spanish but am very willing to take spanish lessons.
    If you could get back to me via my email address or if anyone can respond to me that would be great.
    Thankyou, Georgia

  203. I’m looking to work and live abroad for the summer. Would prefer a less party area as I’m a mature 23yr old. I’ve little Spanish but willing to learn. I’m looking for sailing work or water sports as I’ve many certs. I would also like pub or waitress or au pair. I’m looking for the summer. Hopefully full time work if it is available.

  204. Hi
    I am a 23yr old mature female. I have very little Spanish but in the process of learning. Looking for full time work and accommodation in a less party area abroad for the summer. I’m involved in many sports especially water sports and am looking for a job in that area. I’ve no problem with maintanice and cleaning of boats etc. If not something like aupair work or working with children. I’ve child protection course done also. I would have no problem working in a pub or similar also. If anyone has anything I’d appreciate it.

  205. Hello,
    I am a mature male,English speaking only,seeking full time employment in the Marbela area, I have
    owned and operated several successful businesses over the past years.I am a very motivated, hard
    working,organized and very trustworthy..I have a very strong background in sales as well,always a
    top producer, I have strong people skills,very well spoken,quite capable of training and motivating others. Should you have need for person ,please contact me.

  206. Lauren Mosettig says:

    Hi, Me and my boyfriend are living in almería and looking to move to Marbella as we are looking for more work opportunities. I speak a moderate level of spanish with alevels in English,Spanish and media, I would love a job teaching English but I am open to any job offers. My boyfriend has a lot of bar and factory work experience and is open to any job offer. Jobs that come with accommodation would be ideal! Thanks, Lauren.

    07535185461 or 666347046

  207. Benedicto Espiritu says:

    Hi my name is Ben and my wife is Meriam originally from the Philippines but now british citizens, we are planning to work n marbella this coming summer , I have ten years experience as a chef and my wife 12 years as a cleaner housekeeper, at the moment we are in London, tnx my email is

  208. Dear Sir/Madam my name is Ivan from Bulgaria with EU passport and now i am in Marbella looking for job ….I have 10 years in entertainment also i became profesional DJ and dancer so if you have any posission for me this is my number: 677 167 375

  209. Dipesh Bhandari says:


    M dipesh i live in las chapas area before one year now i need job somewhere in marbella or not so far from my place i am ready to do any kind of work dish cleaner, construction, helper what ever I don’t mind I do actually my profession is IT more then 8 years working experience about internet networking in my country (Nepal) please can anyone help to get work plz contact otherwish I come to road after couples of month.

  210. Patrick Dwyer says:

    I am a highly qualified chef with experience on several continents, originally a South African and married to an Italian.
    Executive chef to several five star hotels, group executive chef to two major restaurant groups in South Africa and private chef to Sir Elton John.
    I moved to the Caribbean to take up a position as executive chef for a luxury five star resort near Aruba and later to Caracas where I opened a Michelin standard restaurant that was consistently named Restaurant of the Year by the American Chamber of Commerce and dubbed “best South of Chicago” by Gourmet Magazine.
    During my tenure in South America I catered for many dignitaries and the “jet set” including billionaire Gustavo Cisneros, Carolina Herrera, Luciano Pavarotti, Henry Kissinger and Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, from whom I received a personal letter of commendation from the Royal Palace in The Hague.
    As a celebrity chef I conducted food festivals throughout South America and the Caribbean. Free access to private jets allowed me to keep abreast of industry trends.
    I recently arrived in Spain from Cyprus where I was contracted to open a new fine dining restaurant in Limassol. The establishment, Viva la Vida soon moved to the number one position on Tripadvisor, rivalling even five star hotels.
    I worked in close collaboration with the owners to create a unique dining experience.
    I formed a brigade of seven talented and enthusiastic chefs de partie. This said, I have managed much larger teams during my career such as my position as executive chef to Cape Town’s most famous five star hotel where I controlled a team of fifty chefs.
    Owing to the severe financial crisis on Cyprus and the impact on the hospitality industry the restaurant Viva la Vida was not sustainable after many of the wealthy clientele left the island, and was hence forced to close. I was appointed as executive chef and head of Culinary Arts at a prestigious culinary college in Paphos before deciding to move to Spain. I am currently residing in Sitio de Calahonda, Mijas.
    I am searching for an opportunity to explore the full extent of my skills and experience confident that I would add value to any organisation that may be requiring the services of a top chef.
    My Spanish is fluent.

    Best regards,
    Patrick Dwyer
    Mobile: +34634338118

  211. Dawn Greenly says:

    Hi,I’m new here in Spain and I’m looking for part time work as a hairdresser. I am staying in Estepona, looking for a job in this area but can travel. I have many years of experience in cutting,colouring,and perming,and have worked in High Street salons in the UK and in recent years have had my own mobile business. I’m always enthusiastic to learn new skills and I love my job. Am City & Guids qualified. Am outgoing and looking forward to meeting new people. Will welcome your interest. Genuine people please get in touch.Many thanks for reading

  212. Joost de Reus says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m looking for a It Job. I can do everything with computers, TV , Telephones, Network , Building websites.
    I speak a little bit spanish and very good english. Am outgoing and looking forward to meeting new people. Will welcome your interest. Genuine people please get in touch.Many thanks for reading

  213. Robin Marr says:

    Hello! I’m looking for a part time summer job for 2016 in Marbella. I do live here and I speak English, Spanish and Swedish. Although I am studying here (15), I do have job experiences with Landcorp office (design office) and worked for a bit at Ally Winehouse to serve drinks.
    I’m looking for a small job to earn money whilst I’m off school, serving drinks or food, collecting glasses, club promotion ect. It would be convenient if it was in puerto Banus or Marbella….

  214. Robin Marr says:

    Hello! I’m Robin (female) I’m looking for a part time summer job for 2016 in Marbella. I do live here and I speak English, Spanish and Swedish. Although I am studying here (15),I do have job experiences with Landcorp office (design office) and worked for a bit at Ally Winehouse to serve drinks.
    I’m looking for a small job to earn money whilst I’m off school, serving drinks or food, collecting glasses, club promotion ect. It would be convenient if it was in puerto Banus or Marbella….
    Thankyou!!!! (

    • Hi Robin
      I have a lovely beach restaurant just before Estepona, I’m looking for a young female to work during the day serving drinks, cocktails, etc.

    • Robin Marr says:

      That sounds great! I just realized I wrote down the wrong email, my email is
      Sorry for such a late reply, but I am very interested in this opportunity. If you could send me a phone number or an email with more information, I would love to take it on. Thank you again, hope to talk to you soon!

  215. Marie Shepherd says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I live in the uk and have lots of experience in administration and have done for many years, from reception duties to working on a large construction as the only administrator. I will send my CV on request and can get references. I am looking to gain permanent employment and move out of the U.K. I hope someone has some administration roles available for a really hard working woman who is willing to commit to the right company.

  216. Marie Shepherd says:


    I currently live in Wales in the UK. I am fluent English and only know a little basic Spanish but I am will to learn Spanish if needed. I have been working in administration since leaving school so have over 10yrs experience. I have worked as receptionist to site administrator. I am a hard worker and now looking to gain permanent employment in Spain preferably Marbella. I will supply references if needed. I am a mature lady and work always comes first for me.

    If any suitable jobs are available then please contact me through my email and I will provide my current CV.

    I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

    Marie Shepherd

  217. Abbi Blake says:

    Hi I am Abbi,
    I’m 17 years old and I recently moved to Calahonda. I am looking for waitressing or bar tending work either full time or part time in the Marbella. I am also in the process of learning spanish. I have some experiencing waitressing and glass collecting. Would also be open to club promotion. I am very hard working and reliable.
    Very keen to start work, so please let me know. Thanks!

  218. Sophie Day says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Sophie Day and I’m a 17 year old student from Ireland currently looking for a summer job in the Estepona/Marbella region for the summer months (July and August) of 2016. I speak English, a little German and Spanish and have been living in Spain for 2 years. I’m looking for a part time job to earn money and gain work experience in an international environment. I have job experiences with Mayfair Academy and Abbey Financial Solutions. I also babysit and dog care on a regular basis however I’m looking for a job as PR, waitress or bar maid for new experiences. I’m confident, mature, hardworking and a fast learner.

    If any suitable employment positions arise please contact me via email or telephone. I can provide a CV and references if required.

    Thank you!
    Mobile: +34 694 425 222

  219. Hi there,
    I am looking to travel to Marbella in the summer and am wondering if anyone could point in the direction of full time work either bartending or waitressing, I have over 5 years of bar and waitressing experience and also have experience of working in Spain, I spent 10 months in Mallorca 2 years ago. Thanks in advance.

  220. looking for security work in Marbella.

    6 ft 3 18 stone train as a bodybuilder.
    10 years experience.

  221. hola.
    I am looking for Teaching English jobs in Costa Del Sol.
    I am a certified Math teacher in Philippines but i want to move in Spain with my British husband.
    taking TEFL at the moment.


  222. Richard Crawley says:

    Hi my name is Richard and I am looking for summer work in the Marbella and Estepona area for the 2016 Season. I would be happy to do a range of jobs from dishwashing to hotel work. I am hardworking, mature and responsible individual. Whilst I am 53 years old I have a very youthful outlook on life. I own a property just outside San Pedro.

  223. Mario Nakamura says:

    I am a 24 year old English and Japanese bilingual and dual national (EU citizen) looking for a job in Marbella or Fuengirola areas while attending a spanish language school. I will be living in Sitio de Calahonda from April 2016 with a family member and intend to stay in Spain until I feel I have learnt enough Spanish!
    Most of my employment experience has been in hospitality (jazz bar, cafes, mountain huts, ski hotel) so I would be comfortable in a bar/restaurant/hotel but I also love nature and have studied biology at Oxford with plenty of outdoors experience and some organic agriculture experience. I fell in love with Spain, its culture and interesting history after walking the Camino de Santiago back in 2012 and am hoping that being employed whilst learning Spanish will maximise my exposure to Spain and enable me to stay in Spain longer! Please contact me with any job vacancies! Thank you!

  224. Pilvi Kõluvere says:

    Hi! Iam Pilvi 56 years old from Estonia, looking for pastry work in Marbella area.I have experience 20 years in pastry,make birthday and party cakes often. I would love to learn Spanish very much, talk in Russian also. I dream to change my life and move to warm place, I like Spain and the people there.

  225. david posiadlo says:

    i am 27 year old Brazilian/Polish with dual nationality. i speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. I am currently working in London as a construction manager but i need a break. i want to go work in Marbella from the end of july 2016 untill Christmas. Im looking for a job in a hotel or a translator or something that involves using languages.
    Please contact me with any job vacancies


  226. EMMANUEL CHIDI says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I’m looking for a job in marbella, such as , kichen assistant, houes keeping, dishwishers, driving,
    cleaning, house anything in particular and i have a car and a drivers license. i only speak english, Spanish, a little French and am a Nigerian i live in malaga. look forward to hear from u. my contact 632-286-778 email.
    yours faithfully Emmanuel

    Uk based company opening a spanish office to manage
    european / uk transport operations
    NO EXPERIENCE essential, must have a great personality and good telephone manner, if you have worked in haulage before even better!
    Must be fluent in English as will be managing uk staff /clients, no need to speak Spanish
    located by Marbella car showrooms / entrance sign
    email your cv with photo and salary expectation to

  228. Rosemary Spearman says:

    Hi there
    My name is Rosemary,from Ireland,I’m looking for work in Marbella
    I am a qualified Beautician,Make up Artist…English speaker,
    Looking for work in any of the above…..or,Retail,or Hotel work.

  229. Louise O'Neill says:

    Dear Sir/madam
    I am writing on this page to find a job vacant from myself. I am currently living in Ireland and plan to moving to Mabella on October 1st 2016. i would be more then happy if i could go over to a job. I am highly interested in working as a Receptionist in a hotel/hotel I Recently studied hotel cratering and tourism as one of my subjects in school and found it very interesting. I have very good communication skills and i am very good on Microsoft word, excel, power point and publisher. i am punctual and have very good organisation skills.
    I look forward hearing from you,
    your serenely Louise O’Neill

  230. giulia corrotti says:

    Hi there
    My name is Giulia. I am an Italian waitress who has been working for past three years and a half in London in 5 stars luxury hotel, BROWN’S HOTEL, in other restaurants in the City of London and in Spanish tapas restaurant. I am fluent in Italian and advanced English, plus I can speak some Spanish as I studied the language for three years. I have always been ax excellent employee according to my managers and colleagues. I have good qualities as a waitress though, and I would be excited to work for restaurants and bars. My main aim is to practice my Spanish, therefore I am more than happy to accept most jobs, I’m not picky on this side. I really hope to hear from you soon, I am a willing person ready to work hard.
    Best regards,
    Giulia Corrotti

  231. Jessica Moynihan says:

    Hello, My names is Jessica and I am looking for SUMMER WORK. I am a 20 year old energetic student who loves working with people. I have worked in a public-facing role for the past 5 years therefor I am aware as to the responsibilities required when working with customers. I speak fluent ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH.
    I am a fast learner and quick on my feet.
    Many thanks.

  232. Leah Hyland says:

    Hi, I’m a 21 year old Irish student looking for work for June, July and August! I have had a lot of experience as a waitress, and a cashier both in Ireland and in America. I’m studying to become a teacher and have a TEFL course completed so any work with children or people looking to learn English would also suit me. I’m a quick learner and a hard worker. I am enthusiastic and friendly. Please leave me know of any work available. Thanks!!

  233. Good afternoon,

    My name is Elliot, I’m 28 and currently live in Aberdeen, Scotland.

    I’m looking to move to Marbella next month and I’m looking for job opportunities within the hospitality industry. I am a restaurant manager by trade and have worked for many great companies like Walt Disney World, Marriott and Trump International. I have 12 years experience within the food and beverage industry to offer and I’m very hard working. I can also speak basic Spanish.

    Any info or advice please email me on elliot

    Many thanks,


  234. Dear sir / madam
    Both my friend and I (21 & 25) are both looking to come to Marbella for a few months And are interested in any jobs you may have to offer? We both have bar and waitressing experience (waitressing preferred) or anything childcare related too? We are both fluent English I know basic Spanish but wanting to learn the language properly so If you have anything we would be so grateful, also if anyone has any accommodation recommendations that would be perfect too!

    Thank you for your time

  235. Neil Bagchi says:

    I am looking for Software and web development job at Marbella, So please let me know if anyone has any openings for this kind of job..

  236. Egert Tober says:


    I’m a 22 y/o Physical education student from Tallinn, Estonia. I’m currently looking for a job opportunity in Marbella. Would prefer anything sports related, like a personal trainer at a gym or a fitness instructor. But any other offer is just as good. I also speak fluent English.
    Thank you for your time!

  237. Martin Stamenov says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am looking for a hospitality oriented company where I could do my 10 months internship. I am currently a 3rd year Hospirality Management student (Stenden University, Netherlands). Preferably supervisory or management positions.

    Kind Regards,
    E-mail :

  238. Hello

    I would be interested in a job in spain for a few months (may-july) in 2016. Have experience as a medical secretary, and as a masseuse, along with a few other types of jobs so I would look at more types.

    Thank you

  239. Kristina Chebotareva says:

    I am 19 years old just finished high school in Switzerland. Have a month of experience in Monte Paraiso in Marbella as a waiter and help on the kitchen. Speak english and a bit of french. Looking for any job from end of may until beginning of August.
    Best regards.

  240. Jeff Said says:


    Please consider my application for any Front Office or Restaurant position. Preferably Front Desk Agent, Valet, Night Auditor, Server, Cocktail Server, Pool Server, etc. I have 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry and speak 3 languages (English, French, Arabic). I have worked for big hotel chains such as Marriott, Fairmont and I am very familiar with providing excellent customer service and going above and beyond for my guests.

    Thank you kindly,
    Jeff Said

  241. Christa Kakucs says:

    Good Evening,
    I am planning to move from London very soon and I am looking for a Beauty Lecturer full or part time position in Marbella.
I have had experience in Teaching, Customer Service, Beauty therapy and Management over 15 years. I been lecturing, tutoring, teaching and assessing Beauty Therapy and Nail Technician courses in England ( London) and in Hungary too. I been living in London the past 10 years and lecturing in two private beauty academy.
    I have PTLLS and A1 Assessor qualification and I am in a progress to get my DTTLS ad Internal Verifier (IV) qualifications too.
At the moment I am lecturing ITEC, NVQ , VTCT, BABTAC, ADVANCE level 2-­‐3 beauty therapy and 2-­‐3 nail technician qualifications.
    Any information or advice please email me on
    Kind Regards
    Christa Kakucs

  242. Dear Sir/Madame
    I am 24 years old and am looking to move to the south of Spain full time. I am a qualified pharmacy technician and also have many certs for water sports. I’ve great experience on the water also. I am looking for a job particular water based or one with sports or the out doors. I would also give bar work ago but have very little Spanish but am willing to learn. Of anyone has anything please get in touch.


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