Magaluf Jobs – How to Find Work in Magaluf in 2017

Magaluf is the best known holiday resort on the Spanish Balearic Island of Mallorca. Indeed it has expanded so much that it has merged with many of the surrounding towns most notably fellow resort Palma Nova.

Certainly Magaluf has got a reputation as a bit of a wild party resort where many young teenagers have got completely out of control. Magaluf is also known as Magalluf.

This is slowly changing. Magaluf is definitely a busy lively tourist resort in the same way that Benidorm is, but it is also extremely popular with families who come to relax on the beach and in winter with retirees looking for winter sunshine.

If it is night life you want then certainly the biggest club which is BCM Planet Dance in Magaluf is the place to go. This club rivals the super clubs of Ibiza with a capacity of 5,000 people and some big-name DJs playing here in the summer.

job-spain-graphicBelow we guide you on how to find jobs in Magaluf and at the bottom of the page we list any available job vacancies.

Employers, please note that you can list your vacancies for free at the bottom of the page.

Job searchers, Mallorca is a big island with plenty of jobs elsewhere apart from Magaluf.

Good alternatives for finding work are the capital of Palma as well as other popular beach resorts such as Alcudia, Cala Millor, Palma Nova, Puerto De Soller and Santa Ponsa.

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Where to Find Jobs in Magaluf

Most jobs in Magaluf will be found through word of mouth. The majority of jobs will be tourist related in casual positions such as waiting on tables and serving drinks in the many bars. Employers know that they will be inundated with job seekers come the start of the season therefore they have no need to advertise for staff.

Obviously if an employer is seeking a specialist position with certain criteria and qualifications then obviously they need to advertise the position widely. These sorts of professional jobs can be found on various job websites, job forums, classified jobs sections in newspapers and even advertised on radio stations.

You can also come here on what is known as working holidays to Magaluf. The companies we list below offer to bring you on a package holiday to Magaluf while at the same time helping you to find work.

The major companies for working holidays to Magaluf are Air Pro, Playaway Abroad and Sun-Kiss Travel.

Where is Magaluf?

Magaluf is located on the south-west coast of Mallorca (Majorca) on the bay of Palma. It is only about 15 miles (24km) from Palma Airport (Son Sant Joan International airport). Transfer time is approximately twenty minutes.

Magaluf has a mile-long good quality sandy beach with the popular promenade lined with shops, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Just off the beach is a small island known as Sa Porrassa. There are plenty of water sports available in Magaluf, including scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing and jet-ski hire.

The tourist season in Magaluf runs from April through to the end of September.

These summer jobs are very popular because only a limited knowledge of Spanish is all that is usually required. Unfortunately many of these jobs will be only available on a part-time basis.

The very built-up resort of Magaluf can be compared to major mass package holiday Spanish tourist destinations like Benidorm, Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

Magaluf is a place for young people looking for work, especially students and seasonal workers who come to work just for the summer. There are so many bars, clubs and restaurants that in peak season there is a need for temporary workers to cope with the influx of tourist numbers.

Water parks and theme parks also attract many family visitors to Magaluf. These include the water park Aqualand Magaluf, with exciting slides and flumes called the Kamikaze, Tornado and Black Hole.

The Western Water Park is themed around the Wild West with many rides suitable for small children.

Summer Jobs in Magaluf 2017

As Magaluf is the most popular tourist destination on the Spanish island of Mallorca there are thousands of jobs available in the summer. Of course demand is extremely high as well.

Searching for summer jobs in Magaluf will suit students looking to earn some money during the holidays while at the same time having a fantastic experience.

In the sections below we cover some of the main types of summer jobs and expand on them a little bit more. The most obvious one is working in a bar which is easy as you won’t have to speak much Spanish and pretty much anybody can do it.

There are lots of positions for waiters and waitresses in restaurants. You could even work behind the scenes in the kitchen as a kitchen help or cook or chef.

Working in a restaurant in Magaluf is a good job although you need to work long hours i.e. typically for an eight-hour shift you are likely to earn about €40. Now yes that does work out to be just five Euros an hour but there are perks such as potentially healthy tips on top as well as free food which cuts your living costs down.

Bar Jobs

If there is one thing that Magaluf is not short of it is bars!

BCM MagalufThere are literally hundreds of bars and pubs catering for the young tourists who come here to party and dance the night away – in the process getting very drunk by drinking all day evening and night.

Needless to say there are plenty of opportunities to get work in the bars.

The most obvious opportunities are working behind the bar as the bartender or barmaid. The prettier or more handsome you are the more likely it is you will find work!

Many bars in Magaluf are open all day but typically if you are doing the evening night-time shifts behind the bar you would probably start around 7 in the evening working through until closing at around 3am when most people have moved on to the clubs in Magaluf.

We often get questions such as:

  • How much can I earn in a bar job in Magaluf?
  • I want to work in a bar in Magaluf
  • Magaluf bar jobs – what’s the pay like?
  • Do you have any Magaluf bar job vacancies?

In the low season expect to earn approximately €25 a night, going up to about €50 at peak season.

A related bar job that actually pays very well is as what is known as a jelly girl or shot jobs in Magaluf. This job involves getting people to buy shots in a bar which is extremely profitable for the bar owner.

So much so that this commission paid job can actually earn you more than working behind the bar. One of the advantages of getting a job as a jelly girl is that the working hours of quite limited to the very peak times of the bar which typically is from 10pm until 2am, yet you can earn between €25 in low season and up to €80 in peak season.

You will also be able to find work in bars as singers and dancers as the bars have to compete for custom by providing entertainment.

Consider also working as a glass collector which is a pretty easy job to get because it also includes very menial jobs such as making sure the toilets are clean and working which can be quite a horrendous job as you will be cleaning lots of sick up off the floor and the wages are relatively low at €40 for a typical eight-hour shift.

Still if you want to work in Magaluf then this is certainly an option. At least you will get either free or discounted drinks and you will be working in the bar itself so you will be getting paid to be in a party happy environment.

While most of these bar jobs in Magaluf have the obvious bonus of free drinks thrown in, you can’t expect to be behaving as if you were on holiday. You are there to work and no employer will have any hesitation in firing you if you get completely plastered or drunk on the job, so be careful otherwise you might find yourself on a flight back to UK!

Working as a PR Rep

This is very simply a job whereby you try to attract more customers into a specific bar. The typical way of doing a PR job is to stand outside in the street and hand out discount vouchers to entice potential customers into the bar, pub or club.

Frequently this special offer is a bonus of free shots when you buy the normal price drink or it could be a discount off the normal price.

We say that PR jobs in Magaluf are the easiest type to get purely because they require no qualifications or skills. Most customers you are trying to attract are English-speaking so therefore you will not need to speak any Spanish whatsoever.

They are also quite easy to obtain simply because PR’s are paid virtually on commission only and therefore the bar owners have nothing to lose by employing you – if you are bad they can easily get rid of you and if you are good you make a lot of money by getting people into the bars.

PR graphic ( image hosted by you are fortunate you will be employed by a bar that will give you a fixed wage, certainly once you prove yourself you will probably be able to negotiate this yourself.

A PR in Magaluf will on average earn €40 per night as well as the additional perks which are usually free drinks.

So working as a PR rep is basically a subsidised holiday, certainly you’re not going to earn a lot of money but it’s all about the experience as you get to be right in the heart of the action and meet some great people and have the time of your life.

Without doubt most PR reps are good-looking women however if you are a man and you are chatty, confident and outgoing, equally your sense of humour could well get you a job as you are also likely to get people into the bars simply by being funny.

When working in Magaluf as a PR rep you will be working long hours, standing for most of the time and working hard at getting people in the bars so it’s definitely a job for the energetic and young. Confidence and an outgoing personality are absolutely essential.


These are the best nightclubs in Magaluf to search for PR jobs:

  • BCM Planet Dance Magaluf
  • Boomerang Night Club
  • Tokio Joe’s Night Club
  • Bananas Night Club
  • Fusion Night Club
  • Poco Loco Night Club
  • BCM Club Main Floor

These are the best bars in Magaluf to search for PR jobs:

  • Alex’s Lounge Pub
  • Club 21
  • Chaplin’s Pub
  • Lush Dance Bar
  • Mambo’s Terras Beach Bar
  • Three Lions Pub
  • Revolution Disco Pub

You won’t be able to get a job in advance of arriving in Magaluf.

Instead you simply have to take a gamble of arriving and asking around the bars until you finally get a job.

Try sorting a cheap flight and basic accommodation in an apartment for a couple of weeks to give you time to find work.

When Can I Start Work?

Definitely try to arrive well before the summer season and in this way you will leapfrog the others who arrive there too late.

The best time to arrive in Magaluf would be the end of May and beginning of June when the tourist season is starting to get busy.

This way you should have a job for the whole season if you want it. This type of job is ideal if you are a student or seasonal worker just looking for summer jobs in Magaluf.

Do I Need to Be Able to Speak Spanish?

It definitely isn’t necessary to be able to speak any Spanish to be able to find work as a PR rep in Magaluf. Most tourists in the resort will be young males and females from the UK or Germany. Very few will be Spanish.

You are bound to pick up a few useful Spanish words when you are in the job, especially as you will be paid on results (commission). So it is in your interest to be able to get as many people as possible into the bar that you are working for.

Apart from PR jobs there are other related types of jobs such as bar jobs in Magaluf as well as plenty of other opportunities for work such as cleaning in hotels, working as a waiter or waitress in restaurants.

Better still, consider working as a holiday rep in Magaluf as in this way you are likely to be employed by a large international company such as 18 to 30, Thomsons or First Choice and they will provide accommodation as well as a fixed salary job and all your meals!

As well as Magaluf there are smaller resorts on the island so you should look at our main page on jobs in Majorca/Mallorca as it lists all the resorts we cover such as Port de Soller, jobs in Palma and Palma Nova.

Getting Work in the Clubs

The biggest and most popular nightclub in Magaluf is BCM, famous for its internationally known DJ’s as well as the popcorn and foam parties. Other nightclubs in Magaluf include Boomerang, Bananas, Tokio Joe’s and Carwash.

All of these clubs will require staff such as working behind the bar, as table waiters and waitresses, as PR’s to go around the resort in the daytime in order to get people to come in to the club that evening.

There is definitely a need for DJs in Magaluf although most bars and clubs will not want you to play your own mixes but instead just to play the commercial dance music and pop music that customers are comfortable with.

Security Vacancies

All of these bars and clubs need to ensure the safety of their customers. This means they require doormen providing security at the entrance. A door supervisor job in Magaluf is also known as working as a bouncer or DS.

Try the major nightclubs as mentioned above.

Work for Dancers

If you are a dancer looking for work in a club then Honeys or Heaven nightclub in Magaluf is a good place to look for dancing work as they always have jobs for lap dancers and pole dancers in the peak season.

Heaven Nightclub – Local 13, Punta Ballena – Magaluf, Mallorca – CP 07181 Spain.

Holiday Rep Jobs

Instead of being a tourist, why not arrange a job in advance by applying to work as a holiday rep.

You can get paid while at the same time being able to enjoy yourself with all the fun and games that being a rep in Magaluf entails.

You can start searching for the 2015 season right now and have your job lined up by contacting the major tour operators such as Thomas Cook, 18-30, Thomson and First Choice Holidays bring in thousands of holidaymakers on package holidays.

Magaluf is the busiest tourist resort and is known to be rowdy and as a place for young people to party and get drunk. Needless to say a rep job is a busy one trying to cope with all sorts of alcohol-related problems as well as issues such as crime, burglary and lost passports!

Magaluf has other hotel-related jobs such as working as a receptionist or behind the bar or in the restaurants.

Cleaning Jobs

There are plenty of various cleaning jobs. The bars and nightclubs will require cleaners the day after to clean up the mess from the night before. This is certainly not the most pleasant job you can be doing!

The major hotels will require cleaners and chambermaids although most of these jobs do tend to go to immigrant workers from northern Africa or South America. Wages are very low and it certainly isn’t as much fun as working in a bar or nightclub.

There is a thriving holiday lettings and rentals industry in Magaluf and so villas and apartments will require cleaning on what is known as changeover day which mostly is on a Saturday in the season. You probably need to supplement this job with some other part-time work.

English Speaking Jobs in Magaluf

If you are looking for Magaluf jobs for English speaking people, then as well as the tourist related jobs as listed above there are other miscellaneous positions such as:

  • Working as a hairdresser
  • Working as a nanny or au pair
  • Retail & shop work
  • Driving jobs such as airport runs and taxi service
  • Building and maintenance jobs such as electrician, plumber, painter, tiler, plasterer, bricklayer, labourer.
  • Teaching English
  • Fitness jobs such as personal trainers or working in a gym
  • Beautician type jobs such as doing manicures or doing massages.

Useful Magaluf Contact Information & Telephone Numbers

Magaluf Tourist Information Office
C/ Pere Vaquer Ramis,1
07181 Magaluf
Tel: +34 971 131126

General Emergency – telephone 112.

Ambulance tel: 061
Fire department tel: 085
Spanish police general tel: 091

Calvia Fire Brigade
C/ Jaume I no. 121
07180 Santa Ponça
Tel: +34 971 690080

Calvia Civil Guard
C/ Miquel de los Santos Oliver no. 12
and in Palma Nova (by Post Office)
C/ na Boira
07181 Palma Nova

Calvia Police Station
Carrer d’Alicant. Polígon Son Bugadelles
07180 Santa Ponça
Tel: +34 971 003300


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  1. Chelaru Adrian says:

    Hello! My name is Adrian and I’m interested to work in Magaluf or any other place on the islands. I’ve been there a few times and I love all the clubs, pubs, bars, the people and I thowght to myself that I whould definitely love to work there. There’s a good vibe on this island and i like it. I have experince in work as a Dj for 10 ears. I played live sets on tv, radio and manny clubs. I can play any kind of music – from International music like radio and tv hits, R&B/ Hip-Hop, to House-music, Chill-house, Soulful-house, Deep-house, Tech-house, Minimal, Techno, even Karaoke and oldies.

    I cand easly be a weiter , bartender, even as a cooker in the kitchen 🙂

    I’m staying in Arenal so you can call anytime.
    Here is my facebook page

    Have a great day. Adrian Chelaru. 34631724993

  2. Darren says:

    November 28, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    I am licensed in cctv (frontline) also Door supervisor (Mechanical restraints certified)
    I have experience in door work in licensed premises, also retail security, event and festivals ,football security and static security.,I am very flexible and hold a professional attitude to the work environments that I am placed a good communicator towards customers with a mature firm but fare policy.
    I would ideally be placed as part of a team however I can use my own initiative if required to do so.

    contact 07971370542 or alternatively email

  3. Hi im looking to work out in magaluf for the summer 2014 im a mobile DJ in the uk and have 2yrs experience if anyone can help me please get in touch also my girlfriend wants barwork out there with me many thanks in advance

  4. Hi, I’m Aaron 19 from Dundalk. Have previous bar experience and looking for any type of work at all really. accommodation booked for a few weeks time. Really eager to get out and start working so anyone looking people for trials contact me I’ve solid people skills and am used to working in a high pressure environment as well being flexible with hours and pay thanks.

  5. Jan Husar says:

    I am 25 year old student from Czech Republic looking for job the best as a ENTERTAINER or BARTENDER in Balearic Islands. I have already bought a flight to Palma de Mallorca at 28.5. so I can start a soon as possible.
    I have good experiences with children and with work behind the bar. I am still positeve, communicative, social, flexible and responsible with a good command of English, German and basic of Spanish.
    Don’t please hesitate to contact me for more information!
    I look forward to hearing from you ;).
    Thank you!

  6. Martin Hynes says:

    Hi I’m Martin and I’m looking for work in a bar, club or restaurant in Magaluf this summer (2013). I have experience behind the bar and having been on a lads holiday to Magaluf last year I know what is required to get people into the bar with their wallets out! I’m sociable, confident and outgoing so I believe I would be the ideal candidate for this type of work. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Regards Martin

  7. Samantha Mcmanus says:

    Hiya my names Samantha am 16years old and was looking for a job am not sure if your allowed to work at 16 over Magaluf but worth a try’ I get along great with people very good at talking to strangers I love the whole meeting new people, different country experience think it would be great, and would be fantastic if you could get back to me on if I am able to work over there thanks bye.

  8. Hi there me and my partner Hollie are looking to come out this year 2013 in magaluf or Mallorca / Palma nova .
    We looking for hotel work / bar & club work /shop work/ waiter/waitress etc. any think going really. And if you no places of good working accommodation ..?
    Look forward to hearing back from any one
    Thanks chris

  9. hi myself and a friend are looking for work over the summer eithr in santa ponsa or magaluf , we would perfer bar work but not really fussed,we would do any work, would just ove the experience, if anyone knows of any vacanies me, thanks a mill i would appericate it 🙂

  10. Jordan McGovern says:

    Hey ,I’m Mr Jordan McGovern, me and Mr Nathan Larkin are looking to work in Santa Ponsa or Magaluf for the summer of 2013. We’re both from Dublin ,Ireland. Were 19 Both well looking in shape lads. I have Bar and restaurant experience( including Waiter, Bartender and Promotional work) and He has restaurant experience (including Waiter and Chef work) ..Were both willing to do most jobs. We have accommodation sorted in both Santa Ponsa and Magaluf. In early May we’ll be coming over to the Island to look for jobs and do trials if anyone wants to get in touch with us to do trials or knows about vacancies please contact me. Thank you.

  11. paul conlan says:

    im looking to work in magaluf for the summer of 2013…im a qaulified chef and also have a good experience of working in bars and clubs…im willing to do most jobs within reason…please could u contact me if any of the above jobs come up many thanks

  12. Andy Campbell says:

    im living in northern ireland but i want to move to magaluf permanetly and i would really like a job in a bar,club so please contact me if anyone has any jobs would really appreciate it thanks

  13. Jamie Louise says:

    i’ve booked my flights to Magaluf for the 21st of april to work the season.
    My dad runs a hotel/restaurant in england so i’ve been in this industry since i was 15. i can work bar, hotel and i’m very confident and friendly.. at the moment i am currently a supervisor opening and closing my own shifts as well as cashing up tills, i’m a team player but can also work independently. i have also done 2 years performing arts and dance at college securing a BTEC national diploma, as this has been a passion of mine from a young age. i am fun and love working in a lively environment .
    if you could give any advice i would be very grateful.

  14. hi I want to work in magaluf next year 2013 I have 12 years in the food industry so looking for bar or Chef work anybody no where to look?? brad

  15. Karl-Leigh lewis says:

    Hello Hunnies 😀 I’m 18 years of age and live in Cardiff, Wales. My name is Karl-Leigh lewis and I’m female. I’m looking to work away for the 2013 season in either bar jobs, pr jobs, shot girl, anything along those lines:) My first language is English. I’ve been looking to do something bigger and better with my life for about a year and these jobs are the perfect opportunity! I’m out there, I’m wild and love meeting and greeting new people! I also LOVE a drink and love it when I see people have had a good night thanks to me. I am a fully qualified hairdresser so to get a job in a hairdressers abroad would be the perfect opportunity for me. Would love for you to get back to me ASAP thank you Karl-leigh

  16. alexandra padovano says:

    hi! i’m looking for work in summer 2013.
    I am bi-lingual English and Italian speaker and also fluent in Spanish and French.
    I am looking for any PR, club rep or just anything really, i was lucky enough to go on a girls holiday in summer 2012 to Magaluf and i just know i had to return, i love the place, the atmosphere and the vibe of all the people!
    If anyone knows anything then please let me know,i am so enthusiastic about doing this!!!!
    Thank you

  17. I need to work in spain! all the gorgeous men live out there and I’d love to be involved with all the excitement of the summer. Anything where Im in the club dancing or outside giving out the leaflets.. whats that called? aslong as i can be seen 😛 and im involved with the tourists and everyone! ahh couldnt get me out there quick enough seriously! how do i go about it?!?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Steven Coutts says:

    Hi im looking for work in the summer of 2013! ive never worked abroad and think it would be a brilliant experience, im not fussy as to which type of work i do, i have various qualifications in different areas although i would like to do Pr or bar work! if anyone knows of any jobs to apply for let me know! thanks 😀

  19. Daniel Koch says:

    Hi, I’m a fluent English/Dutch guy that moved here (Mallorca) recently. I have knowledge in the beautiful French and German languages of course 🙂 I’m 19, tall, good looking and not scared to work my way the top with endurance and expertise. Looking for a bar tending job as I have been working the bar industry in many countries for 2 years now. Trying to pay of my diving instructor course. If any jobs arise would you please let me know. Thank you. Daniel

  20. joy o brien says:

    Hi me and my friend shauna are looking to work in either magaluf or santa ponsa for summer 2013,we are not fussy as to what work we do,preferably as prs for nightclubs or bar work whatever we can get! if anyone has any advice or know of any jobs please email me 🙂

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