Ibiza Jobs – Want to Work in Ibiza Spain in 2016?

Welcome to our page on finding jobs and work on the Balearic Island of Ibiza which is part of Spain.

Ibiza (also written as Eivissa) is a famous summertime destination for lovers of dance and club music.

Party-goers come here from all over the world just to experience the legendary nightlife and as such is a great opportunity to get seasonal work if you are a student.

Some people forget that Ibiza also has some fantastic beaches which are very popular with families. Many of these beaches have fantastic sand and the waters are crystal clear turquoise waters just like being in the Caribbean despite Ibiza only being 79 km from the eastern coast of Spain.

Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands. Popular with the hippy community during the 1960′s, Ibiza is best known today for its wild night-life, with clubs such as Space, Privilege, Eden and Es Paradis famous throughout Europe.

The island is more than just a party capital though – Ibiza also boasts some beautiful scenery, unspoilt villages of whitewashed houses, historic attractions and fine sandy beaches.

If we know of any job vacancies they will be listed somewhere on this page.

Otherwise sit back and relax we have a fantastic guide all about working on the wonderful island of Ibiza.

Just a word of warning, while there may be many jobs every single year on the island, the amount of people arriving looking for work is massive.

Plan ahead and start looking now and try get your job for next year’s summer season all lined up before you even arrive, we will show you how.

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Probably the most popular place in Spain to look for jobs and work is Ibiza. The only rivals would be fellow Balearic island Mallorca and the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.

Although it is only the third largest of the group of islands known as the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is sought-after for jobs because of its popularity amongst younger people as a party island with world famous nightclubs, bars and pubs.

Ibiza has a world-famous reputation for it’s nightlife and people come here from all around the world to go to famous clubs such as Pacha, Space, Cream, Privilege, Es Paradis, Amnesia and Eden to name just a few. Naturally many people will then want to find club jobs.

Even without the popularity of the nightlife that Ibiza has earned, the island is absolutely beautiful and would still be a popular tourist destination due to it’s fine sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, attracting families from all over Europe for their summer holidays.

In Ibiza Town, the capital, you will find some lovely quiet winding streets with plenty of unspoilt white-washed traditional houses and historic sights.

The most popular place to find jobs in Ibiza would be to look for jobs in San Antonio (also known as Sant Antoni) where most of the action and nightlife is located especially in the famous West End area where most of the bars and pubs are.

San Antonio is also known as San An but that is not the only place to look for work. Other resorts and towns are: Cala Llonga, Es Cana, Figueretas, Formentera, Ibiza Town, Playa D’en Bossa, Portinatx, Puerto San Miguel, S’argamassa, Sa Caleta, San Jose, Santa Eulalia and Talamanca.

Do I Need a Visa to Work in Ibiza?

Not if you are a EU citizen. However you will need a visa if you an American, Canadian or Australian or any other non-European Union country. Apply to the Spanish Embassy in your country for a three month visa.

Do I Need a NIE Number to Work in Ibiza?

If you are offered a job which comes with an official work contract then you will definitely need your N.I.E. number.

This is your tax identification number in Spain and stands for Número de Identificación de Extranjeros.

Go to the local police station and fill out the necessary forms. Some simple details are required such as address, name, passport number etc. You are usually issued with a temporary card there and then. It is helpful to have a copy of your passport and a passport sized photo.

Most jobs in Ibiza are paid in cash and therefore technically you are working illegally. It also means you won’t need a NIE number.

If you have an emergency in Ibiza we have a useful page with important Ibiza phone numbers which also includes contact details for airlines, ferry companies, taxis, buses and embassies and consulates.


Ibiza is the perfect destination for students and seasonal workers looking for temporary work during their summer break. As well as being paid you will be working in a holiday destination which won’t feel like you’re working!

Most of the seasonal work in Ibiza are to be found either in the busy resort of San Antonio or on the other side of the island in the capital Ibiza Town where the famous club of Pacha is located or the famous club Space in Playa d’en Bossa.

The most popular summer jobs are to be found in the heart of the action in the numerous bars, pubs and clubs.

These venues need people to tend behind the bar, man the cloakroom, collect glasses, distribute leaflets, as dancers, DJ’s, as PR’s, as security staff.

Hostessing in Ibiza can be a very rewarding experience and glamorous girls with lots of style can find it is a very lucrative profession with potential for great tips.

Ibiza has a great demand for DJ jobs.

If you are a dancer you also stand a good chance of finding an Ibiza dancer job in one of the top clubs such as Space, Pacha, DC-10, Es Paradis and Eden.

There are also plenty of restaurants which have the usual positions for waiters and waitresses as well as behind the scenes in the kitchen as chefs and cooks.

Some of the larger hotels in Ibiza will also require temporary staff for the summer in such roles as behind reception, cleaners, animators, entertainers or nursery and childcare.

The famous opening parties for the major clubs start mid May going through to the closing parties in mid-September.

Don’t expect to earn a lot of money, this is very much about the experience. Hopefully you will earn enough to cover your living expenses. If you are looking for a summer job in order to save money, then this is definitely not the place for you!


Most job vacancies in Ibiza are going to be bar jobs simply because the island is known to be one big party all summer long. Working in a bar is very straightforward, requiring little Spanish (if any).

Head straight for the west end area of San Antonio which has the highest concentration of bars on the island. If you are really lucky you might get a job serving behind the bar in one of the major clubs such as Pacha or Space.

You will probably have to be a stunning looking woman to get a job in one of the famous bars like Cafe del Mar, Cafe Mambo or Savannah on the Sunset Strip where people gather in the evening to watch the sun go down.

So how much does bar work in Ibiza pay?

Most jobs will be paid unofficially with cash, without a working contract so that your employers can avoid paying into the Social Security system in Spain and so you have no rights.

Employers know that there are plenty of other people out there willing to take your position, some bars paying as little as four Euros an hour but most will be six Euros an hour.

Our detailed guide on bar jobs goes into more detail.


If you are struggling to find work then you must surely be able to get work as a PR. The PR is short for public relations.

This is a promotional job whereby you try and attract more customers for bars, clubs and even restaurants. This will usually involve standing directly outside the venue and handing out leaflets which often offer cheap drinks and special offers such as 2 for 1 drinks.

These jobs are relatively easy to get because most of them are commission only, so the bar owners have absolutely nothing to lose by taking you on and everything to gain if you are good.

You will generally earn €30-€50 per evening which is just about enough to survive in Ibiza.


Finding work in hotels is possible but there are much better areas of Spain that we would suggest before looking at Ibiza. Of course there are plenty of hotels in Ibiza but it isn’t a mass tourist destination such as Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria or Torremolinos.

In these other major Spanish tourist destinations a higher percentage of guests arrive on package holidays where they need to be looked after by reps. With the unique attraction of Ibiza being the dance and club scene, many visitors are happy to arrange their own itinerary.

The other downside is that most positions such as receptionist will require being multilingual. Other more casual positions such as chambermaids are likely to be filled by immigrants happy to work for less than minimum wage.

We can however definitely recommend taking a look at our Ibiza Rocks jobs page because they do have hotel/hospitality jobs.


Many young people who are looking for work and jobs abroad think of finding a job as a holiday rep.

This is a viable option but there are better islands for getting jobs as holiday reps in Spain. This is because other islands attract more families who are the typical customers for the package holidays run by the tour operators such as Thomas Cook, Thomson, 18 to 30 and First Choice.

Ibiza is very much a destination for young people into their dance music and the party scene and mostly they organise their travel arrangements themselves. Having said this, of course there are organised holidays with reps on hand to look after the guests, so yes there are opportunities.

You have to work hard and part of your wages will be dependent on selling extra excursions and trips to the guests. The salaries are reasonable and most importantly, your expenses are covered such as housing, meals and drinks.


After bar work, restaurant in Ibiza is probably the best opportunity for casual work that you can find.

There are so many restaurants in Ibiza and there is a huge demand in the summer for waiters and waitresses.

Getting a job in a restaurant or cafe is very similar to getting a job in a bar. In other words these vacancies are just not advertised because there are so many people coming into the restaurants asking for work. The owners do not need to advertise.

In serving food and drinks and waiting on tables you would need to be friendly and outgoing and be able to smile even when the pressure is on. This is crucial to be able to get good tips because the basic pay is around €5 an hour so with tips on top you could actually do very well at this job. Most restaurants will give a free meal per shift.

Downsides? You will be required to work six days a week for about 10 hours each day. So while you might be working in Ibiza, you may feel like you’re missing out as the tourists go down to the beach or clubs.

It will be expected that you can speak some basic words of Spanish.

Chefs and cooks will be needed in the kitchens as well as dishwashers.


Selling tickets in Ibiza for many major events, parties and club nights may sound attractive but it a very hard job because the pressure is always on.

You will be paid only on commission which will vary but can usually be around €3-€4 per ticket so you need to sell a lot to make the job pay for your living expenses. The trouble is there are so many other ticket sellers out there saturating the market.

Advantages of being a ticket seller in Ibiza are that you can earn a lot if you are good at sales and you can work your hours to suit. As usual you often get free passes into the clubs as a worker. If you can’t get in free, see our page on buying tickets for Pacha.


Working in a bar, restaurant or club is fantastic fun because you are working right where the holiday action is but this type of job isn’t for everybody. As a complete alternative how about teaching English in Ibiza?

There are plenty of Spanish professional people who have realised that to make more money they need to be able to speak good English in order to get more business and customers.

Many locals speak Ibicenc, a dialect of Catalán but they are also competent in Castellano, which we recognise as Spanish.

More and more Spanish people are realising that learning English is of benefit for their children for the future.

It is quite straightforward and easy to go do a course in advance which will massively increase your chances of getting a job with a language school in Ibiza – try taking the internationally recognised TEFL or ESL course and in future years you could travel the world and teach English.

Most people teaching English in Ibiza do so as a part-time job and take on any other type of work they can get. If you are fortunate you could get a teaching post for an international school. A good school might pay a salary of between €1500 and €2000 a month but you would then have to rent an apartment which is usually €500 a month plus bills.

Useful Resources for Teaching English in Ibiza:

Morna International College:MIC was founded in 1973 – it was initially named the Morna Valley School after its original location and only recently moved to its current home in Sta. Gertrudis.”

IIS – “In our language school in Ibiza our Spanish, German and English courses always deliver maximum learning success.”


Ibiza job websites & forums – Any vacancies that we have to offer will be listed at the bottom of this page. Below we list some of the best websites and forums that we have found which list the latest jobs in Ibiza:

Ibiza Job Centre – “Ibiza Job Centre is the online portal that puts eager EU job seekers in contact with potential employers and gives companies the opportunity to advertise to a core of willing candidates.” Employers can advertise their job vacancies in Ibiza for €25 plus IVA – alternatively list your jobs for free on our site.

Ibiza Job Offers – “We decided to gather and publish all incoming information concerning working and summer jobs in this page.”

Word-of-mouth – Most jobs in Ibiza are gained by being there in person. Most bars and restaurants have so many people coming in and asking for work that they don’t need to actually advertise.

Local newspapers in Ibiza – The island has a number of free magazines and newspapers in English which typically have classified job advertisement sections.

Iber Empleos – “Whatever your professional profile, experience, training and availability, find your next job in any province of Spain”

Ultima Hora Ibiza – Daily newspaper for Ibiza.

Ibiza Sun: Available every Wednesday morning includes news, film and book reviews, classified adverts.

Recruitment agencies in Ibiza – Currently we are not aware of any recruitment agencies.

When deciding what job offers to accept try to take those that come with an official working contract which is usually for a duration of three months. An official contract entitles you to the free Spanish state healthcare system, free Spanish school system and unemployment and pension benefits.


San Antonio (Sant Antoni) is situated on the west coast of Ibiza, about 10 miles (16km) northwest of the capital, Ibiza Town. Known to holidaymakers as ‘San An’, this is the island’s liveliest resort with a host of popular nightclubs often featuring some of Europe’s best DJ’s.

As San Antonio is the most popular tourist destination on the Spanish island of Ibiza you will find many openings and and job vacancies in the catering trades such as for cooks, waiters, waitresses, dishwashers, bar jobs, hotel jobs, holiday reps, drivers etc.

Of course many of these jobs are seasonal in nature and are best for people searching for summer jobs in San Antonio. Bar jobs in San Antonio are the most common type of job available.

Many people start their night out on the ‘Sunset Strip’ to the west of the town centre. The most famous bar here is the Cafe del Mar, which helped to put Ibiza on the map as a major nightclubbing destination.

Other well-known bars on the strip include Cafe Mambo and the long-established Savannah. The biggest nightclub in town, Es Paradis, is located in the West End on Calle Salvador Espiritu behind the beach and promenade.

Close by is another big-name club, Eden, which regularly attracts top DJ’s such as Judge Jules. The West End is also home to many British bars, discos and kebab shops. A few miles east of the town are the two biggest nightclubs on the island, Privilege and Amnesia.

San Antonio does have some lovely beaches so it is a popular place in which to live. To the north of Sunset Strip is the small rocky cove of Calo D’es Moro, lined with several new bars and restaurants.

Beyond this cove is the small, lovely beach of Cala Gracio boasting fine white sand. Next to Cala Gracio is the Aquarium Cap Blanc, home to a variety of Mediterranean sea creatures including octopuses, lobsters and eels.

San Antonio’s main beach is the 800-metre s’Arenal, which stretches south from the ‘Egg’ sculpture on the harbour front to the promontory of Punta des Moli.


Ibiza Town is the capital of Ibiza and this is also a good source of work and jobs. It is also a lovely place to live and it has a beautiful historic old quarter full of old cobbled streets and plazas.

Historic sights include the walled citadel of Dalt Vila, which includes the Gothic cathedral of Nuestra Senora de las Nieves dating from the 13th century and the hilltop castle.

Nightlife in Ibiza Town is based around the Sa Penya district. Perhaps the world’s most famous nightclub (Pacha) is located here. Two popular nightclubs, Space and Bora Bora are not too far away in the beach resort of Playa d’en Bossa which has the longest Blue Flag beach on Ibiza.

This side of Ibiza is very popular with families and other resorts you can search for work include Santa Eulalia, a few miles north of Ibiza Town, Es Cana a small town and Cala Llonga.


Having covered the most popular types of jobs that you’re most likely to get in Ibiza we now briefly cover some of the other common types of English-speaking jobs that you might find.

Tradesmen and Construction Jobs in Ibiza

The building industry on Ibiza has certainly come to a grinding halt with much construction on hold until the economy picks up. Nevertheless people who own villas, apartments and townhouses still need skilled tradesmen such as plumbers, builders, electricians, tilers, painters, plasterers, bricklayers and labourers.

For more advice on working in Spain see our building jobs in Spain page.

Ibiza Property Jobs

Although fewer people are moving to the island there is still a thriving rental and lettings market which requires English-speaking estate agents and letting agents. There are plenty of spin-off jobs in the sector. Properties still need maintaining and so if you are a gardener or swimming pool cleaner there are opportunities.

With holiday rentals there is a demand for change and staff to clean villas and apartments. It is hard work and relatively low paying but a job is a job as they say.

Driving Jobs in Ibiza

Especially in the summer there is a demand for taxi drivers, shuttle bus and coach drivers to transport tourists from the airport to their accommodation. Drivers are also needed for excursions and day trips around the island.

A more interesting driving job in Ibiza would be working for one of the VIP services where you pick up DJ’s and pop stars from the airport and drive them to their hotel or club and back again.

You will need to be extremely reliable for these airport runs which can earn you €30 each trip you do.

Ibiza Angels Massages

You could work for the company Ibiza Angels providing massages to customers in the VIP areas of Ibiza’s top nightclubs. Training is given in how to perform a seven minute Indian head massage.

The massive advantage of this job is that you’re actually working in the clubs in the VIP areas so you are bound to meet some famous people.

The disadvantage is that you get paid on results, earning from your tips, so you might earn hundreds of euros one night and virtually nothing the next.

Jobs in Ibiza for Professionals

This really isn’t the place in Spain to be looking for professional or office type jobs. For those you should look to the major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia where many multinational companies have their Spanish headquarters. There are however some managerial, marketing, IT, webdesign, legal, media, office, executive, admin and secretarial work.

Ibiza Marina Jobs – Marine Jobs

With magnificent coasts and beaches, consistently warm temperatures, average winds and more than 2,500 berths for power boats and yachts, Ibiza offers the ideal conditions for nautical jobs such as sailing and crewing jobs.

The Island of Ibiza has eight marinas: Nautical Club of Ibiza, Nautical Club of Sant Antoni de Portmany, Port of Ibiza Town, Marina Coralmar and Marina of Santa Eulalia del Rio, Marina New Ibiza, Marina Marina de Botafoch and Port of Portmany’s Sant Antoni.

Childcare Jobs

This sector represents an excellent one for young women looking for jobs in Ibiza. If you enjoy looking after children then there are definitely positions to work as a nanny or Au pair.

Au pairs and nannies work for a host family where perhaps both parents go to work or you are working for families on vacation in Ibiza and they want to be able to relax while the children are cared for.

Working as an au pair in Ibiza is very poorly paid but you do get to live with your host family and so you have virtually no living expenses at all as accommodation and meals are provided. You will get some pocket money but this is a great opportunity to be able to live in Ibiza.

One of the major downsides of this work is that you will have to be on hand for the children most of the time so it will be frustrating if you want to be able to go out to clubs and bars.

Expat Jobs – English-speaking Jobs in Ibiza

As we have already covered, Ibiza is most definitely one of the best places to look for English-speaking jobs in Spain. A few words of Spanish certainly doesn’t harm your chances of getting a job but it isn’t necessary.

The vast range of nationalities working on Ibiza is absolutely incredible. There are lots of British, Aussies, Irish, Germans, Dutch, French, Scandinavians, Americans, Canadians, South Africans, Romanians, Russians, you name it!

In common with many areas of Spain, Ibiza has had a large influx of foreign residents, commonly known as expats or expatriates. These permanent residents often speak little Spanish and prefer to deal with English-speaking people.

So there is a great demand for goods and services which you could potentially provide by starting your own business or working in a job.

Some of the examples of vocations and trades that people have successfully carried out in Ibiza include:

Hairdressing jobs, retail/shops work, sales jobs, telemarketing, telesales, photographer, make-up artist, presenters, nursing jobs, personal trainer, beautician, pet care, computer services, business services, graphic design, computer repair, insurance sales, customer service jobs, journalists, writers etc.

Video of Ibiza

Below is a You Tube video showing the very best sights in Ibiza “Ibiza, also known as the White Island, is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, 79 km off the coast of Spain. The island, one of the 4 Balearic Islands, consists of cove beaches, high towering cliffs and is densely covered with pine trees. The island’s capital is Ibiza-Town, one of Europe’s oldest towns.”

Working in Ibiza Summary

We literally get inundated with questions all about working in Ibiza. People want jobs and they really don’t mind what type of work they get as long as they get to be on the island for one of the famous summer seasons.

Whether you are a massive dance fan and you want to get work in bars and nightclubs or you just fancy a bit of summer sunshine and the enjoyment of the fantastic beaches, there are plenty of job vacancies. The only trouble is there are thousands of people wanting them from all over Europe and beyond!

We hope we have answered many of the frequently asked questions below and at least given you a head start over your competition.

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  • Living in Ibiza
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  • Where to Find Jobs in Ibiza
  • Popular Types of Work and Job Vacancies
  • Holiday Rep Jobs in Ibiza
  • Dancer & DJ Jobs
  • I am looking for a job in Ibiza
  • Working in Ibiza Forums
  • Bar Jobs and Club Jobs on Ibiza
  • Jobs in Pacha, Eden & Space
  • Summer Jobs in Ibiza 2016
  • Part-Time Work and Jobs Ibiza (Eivissa)

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  1. Stephanie Powell says:

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    I’m Steph, i’m 20 and I’m currently studying a Law degree.
    Working abroad is something I’ve always wanted to tick off my list, I don’t really mind where I work, along as there’s sun, sea, alcohol and money!
    I’m a really bubbly person and I’d probably describe myself as quite glam as well, I think I’d fit in any of the following roles abroad quite well, bar work, PR work, restaurant work etc…
    I’m a really friendly and excitable person so I don’t really mind what the work is, I’m just up for a good time, to meet new people, get a fab tan and enjoy the summer of 2013 before I become a boring professional!!!!
    Please help ! 😀

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  2. Anke Mackensen says:

    I am looking to work in Ibiza for Summer 2013.

    I am a Thai Masssage Therapist but have also many years experience working in an office as a Personal Assistant so can do any type of office work, including managing staff. I am very organised and have a friendly personality and I am good with dealing with people.
    I speak German, English and Spanish. (I lived in Tenerife for a year).

    Thanks for reading this.

    Kind regards

    • Stephen Talia says:


      Urgent Needed Au pair,Chef,Driver,Home Nurse Apply with CV

      We are looking for a very special person to help us starting immediately with our Young family of 2 children, a boy and a girl. The children are Wonderful,fun and Adventurous. We are busy type work takes most of our time and want a caring Figure to work with us for at least 3 years contract. Hours during Term time are:

      Monday & Friday 08:30-09:30 15:00-18:00

      Tuesday 08:30-21:00 Total of 30hours.

      During school holidays all 3 days would be

      08:30-18:00, 29.5 hours.


      AU PAIR/NANNY: US Dollars 3000Mothly (weekly allowance US Dollars 100).

      HOUSE KEEPER: US Dollars 2000 Monthly (weekly allowance US Dollars 200).

      DRIVER:US Dollars 3000 Monthly (weekly allowance US Dollars 300).

      NURSE:US Dollars 3000 Monthly (weekly allowance US Dollars 200).

      CHEF: US Dollars 3000 Monthly (weekly allowance US Dollars 100)

      The employee will have his or her own bedroom with TV set and internet Facilities, with a personal bathroom, and also a car to drive around If necessary needed for leisure time. and also the employee can travel for holidays.

      Note before you contact: This job is located in GHANA not other country

      If you are willing to apply you should know you are applying for a job In GHANA, If you are applying from other country you need a Valid international passport.

      Reliable applicant should apply with complete CV .

      Contact Person :Stephanie

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      If you are interested in the job offer you can contact me via my private email

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  4. Hi my names ben I am looking to travel out to Ibiza may 2013 from England! I am a fully qualified Electricain looking to do electrical work. I don’t speak Spanish but I do understand a few words and pick up languages easy. I have a mate how is also looking to do some plumbing work out there with me also, he speaks flaunt Spanish. I have 8 years experience and looking at coming to Ibiza to maybe get some maintanance work on maybe some of the clubs, bars, villas or apartments. I wouldn’t mind maybe having second job aswell if needed. Let me know if anything available.

    • Hi Ben, I am setting up an office for my London based business handyman express in Ibiza. Drop me am email with you and your mates cv’s and we may have some work for you.

      Thanks rob

      • Hi Rob,
        I know this wasn’t directed at me, but I am a qualified electrician, if you are still looking for sparkys could I maybe pass my CV onto you? I’m arriving in Ibiza 30th April and would be available for work right away.

  5. Im moving to Barcelona in March 2013 to study spanish for 3 months, and then finish off the year working!!! hopefully on Ibiza, would love to c a page dedicated to jobs

  6. Andrew Pearson says:

    Hi my names Andy, I’m looking at moving out to Spain for the season next year possibly in May till about September/October.. I’m not too fussy about what work I am offered but really need something before I put all the plans in motion. Although I dont speak Spanish I believe that given a bit of time I could start to pick it up quite easy, I’m easy going and hard working plus I love to party hard this is why I’m applying to work abroad.

  7. Stuart Hughes says:

    I am a fun, friendly, out going and enthusiastic person who enjoys any challenge put in front of me, I strive on pressured situations

    I have 4 years of previous customer service experience from bar work to retail and now door supervision

    I am looking for Door Supervision work in the 2013 season starting from may till around september/october

  8. Looking to find out how easy it is to find work basically not funny would do anything. Me and my friend are looking to come over start of April and wondering how accomodation is also to find.

    I dont speak Spanish but would pick the basics up easy enough, Worked in customer service & have bar experiance.

    If any1 can help me much appreciated!!! 😀

    • Its easy to find work out there pr jobs, bar work, ticket selling and dancers are the most popular jobs and easy to get. Best to fly out end of may as this is when the jobs are most available and accomadation is easy to find.Thers a lot of hotels but to stay with the workers and have a good time you want to be in the workers apartments es vederer or es pon. Im going over in 2013 to do bar work will be the best summer of your life! hope this helped 😀

  9. hey ime danielle ime 23 years old and i would love the opportunity to work in ibiza 2013 i am avaiable to start work from early may right up until the end of the summer, went to ibiza last year and had an absolute blast would love the chance to stay over there and earn at the same time so please please get in touch because i dont know where to start thank uuuu xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi my name is Hayley and I am very interested in working in Ibiza next year around may / June time .
    I am a level 3 qualified hairdresser of 7 years but have admin and retail experience too . If anyone could help with oppurtunities in hair beauty or retail I would be extremely interested . Thanks

  11. Jack Murfin says:

    Hi I am looking for work as a door supervisor

    I am qualified door supervisor from England with a SIA licence. Looking to get work from May to September 2013 as I have always wanted to work abroad. Any help you could give me in finding a suitable job would be much appreciate.

    Thanks Jack.

    • Hi jack did you get any help finding security work in ibiza as I’m looking to do exactly that I’m also sia holder don’t no if needed there though many thanks if you can help and gave a good summer mate.Dominic

  12. Hi I would like to ask about living in Ibiza.. We want to move there but we dont know when looking for a houses or apartmans for rent ( for long term rent ) Thanks for help ..

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  14. Going to Ibiza end of may 2013 for whole season.
    Any jobs going let me know by email. previous experience hotel reception, admin, go go dancer, barmaid and waitress.
    If anyone interested joining sharing an accommodation and adventures let me know :)


  15. Hello – Considering making a move out to Ibiza a more perm thing in 2013 (we’ve spent the last two seasons in Es Canar) – We’re considering doing the following in a line of work, for me, Teaching (I know a little Spanish…) for my partner…. Healthcare/Lab Based Work… Does anyone know about how to find lab tech work over there?

  16. Hi , I’m Josh and I’m 20 living in Birmingham. Experienced barman as I’ve worked in a busy city centre nightclub and also a student union. I’ve also done some PR work for the nightclub too. Went to Zante last year and would love to work in a similar environment. After getting laid off last week in the nightclub , I’d love to know of any bar positions coming up in the future, I am available to work as soon as the season starts, as finding a job in the UK is just too difficult

    Thanks, Josh !

  17. Hi my name is Dominic I will be traveling to Ibiza in April 2013,I am looking for work for the season,i am afully qualified security gaurd SIA badge holder not sure if needed in ibiza, I obviously have exp working doors, VIP sector in south london.also a bonus is I have great knowledge of the island and worked as a pr/dj many years ago aswell as many holidays, also a few of my work colleagues are intrested as well so can maybe offer a working team,

  18. Work this summer 2013 as a dancer any info on auditions or things would be great x

  19. Hi

    What a brilliantly written article.

    Very useful..thank u for this.

    Moving out next summer for a year to teach primary school.

    Living in Ibiza is definitely a dream

  20. Phillip Jones says:

    Hi my name is Phill, I’m 23 and am planning on flying out in May :)
    I don’t speak any Spanish but i am doing my best to learn as much as i can!

    I’d be happy to do pretty much any type of work. Ticket seller, Promotion, Bar work, Flyering whatever i’ll put my hand to anything!

    I am also Qualified Carpenter and experienced building site worker/Labourer, with Valid UK Saftey Card. If there any English speaking builders out there? Not pinning my hopes on this to be fair.

    I am also a budding DJ & producer, regulary playing House/ Electro/ Techno/ Hard Dance/ HardHouse in my local area. I played two sets in V Club in June last year, One being 2 1/2 hours long to close the night. I’ve never had so much fun in my life :)

    If i sound like i can be of use to someone please reply or send me and E-mail and i will get back to you immediately. Can’t wait to get out there… 5 Months to go :)

  21. William McClure heron says:

    Me names William 25 from Liverpool I am looking for work in Ibiza never been to the beautiful island I would like to take any job offers in Ibiza from may all summer till September 2013 I would not mind working in the club helping out and other tasks I have wealth of experience in customers service , sales , admin done it all very confident determined to get the job done. Meet new people find out about them bring my qualities and experience to Ibiza willing to do anything to be there and improve my life. Thanks any offers my mobile is in the screen 07503751129 thank you Ibiza

  22. Iam a 34 yr mother of two grown up boys and now want a change in life, Iam a registered nurse and would like to know about any vacancies in Ibiza. I’ve chosen Ibiza as it is a lovely island, I’ve been on holiday a few times and I know for sure my sons would come and live with me.

    Would appreciate any info re: jobs.

  23. Hello,
    Looking to do season 2013 and fly out may- oct.
    just wondering how you could work at ocean beach club or dancing job?

  24. Tammy dexter says:

    Stilt walking looking for work in ibiza sanantonio bay! Coming out for the whole of summer. If you know of any stilt walkers need for the summer let me know would love a set place whole of summer. Check out my photos on facebook

  25. South african looking for boilermaker job

  26. Hey,
    Extremly excited for 2013 .20 yrs old and Looking for bar work throughout the season , ill be staying in sant antoni, from early may time to the end of september.
    I’m a fun, enthusiastic bubbly person, which alights when at work too . Fun loving person to be around and would love to have the experience to work out here .

    Thanks very much .
    Jen :)

  27. Franca bogatschnik says:

    Thank you
    Very good info

    I am looking for a job as a medical massage therapist,
    but i would start also in a hotel
    Maybe you can help.
    Kind regards
    Franca bogatschnik

  28. Lewis McLean says:

    Hi there, I’m a 24yr old Scottish male looking for work for the 2012 season, ideally in a hotel/bar. I’m currently in Australia working in hotels/motels as an all-rounder staff member but primarily maintenance. I’m physically fit and energetic and would describe myself as honest, reliable, outgoing, comical and confident. I’ll be looking to come to Ibiza anytime from April onwards and staying until the end of September.


    Lewis McLean

  29. Hi.
    I’m 21 years old Latvian girl. I’m looking for work for the 2013 season in bar or hotel.
    I really want to work in Ibiza and I hope that very soon I will be there :)
    My e-mail baibakoopa91@inbox.lv
    Thank You!

    Baiba Koopa

  30. Sarah Jane Tranter says:

    Hey! Im SJ im a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with a back ground in Dance. Im 23 years old from London but am currently travelling the world! I will be coming out to Ibiza in May and am looking for a fun, bubbly job where i can interact with people … anything you think may suit me please feel free to email or facebook Sarah Jane Tranter! Thanks x

  31. Hi,I’m a Fashion Stylist who’s worked globally,with over ten years experience in Catalogue,Advertising,Editorial & TV.
    I have also owned my own Boutique,I have Retail, Management,visual merchandising,event styling,Interior Styling skills also.
    I am wanting to relocate to Ibiza and would be happy working as a stylist for any Catalogue clients shooting in Ibiza, just as happy working for an Events company,equally working in retail,anywhere I can be an asset.Anyone need a talented stylist or extra special retail assistant?

  32. Craig Davies says:

    We are recruiting in Ibiza, Magaluf, Benidorm, Zante, Kos, Malia, Ayia Napa, Kavos, Tenerife

    ​We are currently looking for photographers to work a minimum of 2 days a week, taking photographs of tourists in the day and night, and selling them their photo. You will then send the photos to us through email or facebook with the customers address, and deposit 50% of the money to us through paypal or online banking, while you keep 50% of the days takings for yourself. We then print out the high quality photos, and send it to the customers address.

    A run down of the position –

    ​- You work a minimum of 2 days a week taking photographs of tourists on their holiday, in the day or night time, or both.

    – The next day you will send the photos to us through email or facebook along with the address of each customer so we know where to send the photos. You will need to make sure you send the correct address to us with the correct photo. (We only need the house number and postcode for the customer, we will do the rest).

    – You will also send 50% of the money to us through paypal or bank transfer the same day you send us the photos, and you keep the other 50% of the money for yourself

    – We then print out high quality photos, and send them to the customers address

    What we are looking for –

    ​- Experience in photography would be an advantage, but not required. As long as you know how to take a good photo, then we want to hear from you.

    – You must have access to your own camera. A SLR camera would be preferred, but not essential. As long as you have a good camera that takes good photos, then you can do this job.

    – Experience in Sales and Selling would be an advantage to yourself, but its not essential. Anyone can do this job.

    – It would be better if you have a paypal account for when you transfer 50% of the days takings to us, but we do accept bank transfer.

    – Our company is all about creating happy memories, and making customers smile. We are looking for enthusiastic workers to join our team.

    – You must be 18 years or over

    We require all our photographers to work a minimum of 2 days/nights a week, but you can work more if you want to. Obviously, the more days you work, the more money you will earn. Most of our photographers work 3 days/nights a week, and are earning around 500 – 800 Euros a week. You can also work any day/night that you prefer, but it has to be a minimum of 2 days/nights a week.

    ​Its easy work, and easy money. We sell our photos at 3 Euros each to our customers. If you think about the amount of people who go on holiday every year, its not hard. Everyone loves photos. If you sell 100 photos in one day, that’s 300 Euros, you keep 50%, which means you have made 150 Euros for one days work. Its very easy to take and sell 500 photos a week, which is a lot of money that you will be making.

    ​Our photographers have a good time selling photos. You can take photos while on the beach, or in a nightclub. Either way, this is an amazing opportunity.

    If anyone is interested please email us at storm-photography@live.com

  33. Hi there my name is raj n im from india been leaving here in ibiza since september 2012 and really looking for work as its soo hard to find one job,i have a expirience of working in clubs in goa(india) as bartender,ticket seller ,waiter and also worked in hotels …or also marine jobs as cleaning boats…
    if any help would be great.. thanx

  34. My names Holly Cook, im 19 years old welsh girl looking for for iun the 2013 sumer seasons, ideally in a hotel or a bar. i currently live in south wales,united kingdom. i currently work in a sport shop and attending college studying a cabin cre course but will finish in may 2013, I’m physically fit and energetic and would describe myself as honest, reliable, outgoing, comical and confident.confident. I’ll be looking to start work anytime after may onwards.

    Kind regards
    Holly Cook

  35. Hi Im Brendan,
    I am a 29 year old chef, with great experience in restaurants, private chefing and remote island work.
    I am looking for work in Ibiza, preferably private villa work, but I am not against restaurants or hotels.
    I have a passion for island life and would really like to give Ibiza a go, as Im sure I will love it.

  36. Yes!Ibiza Boat Party says:

    If you are enthusiastic, energetic, outgoing and want to combine your summer with the chance to work in a magical place, then Ibiza is the place to be next summer!
    Yes!Ibiza Boat Party casting season is open! If you believe you have the right profile, send us your résumé!
    We’ll be happy to hear from you!

  37. Hi all, My name is Andres. I am originally from Colombia but I currently live in Australia.
    I speak fluent Spanish and English, looking for work in Spain.
    Currently have experience in bar work and freight forwarding.
    Would love to have the chance and work in Spain.

  38. Maria Mansi says:

    Hi, my name is Maria, 20 years old and I am looking to come to Ibiza mid-May 2013.
    I currently study a combined Law/International Business degree. I have worked as a waitress and in customer service since age 13 and also spent 1 year as a Project Administrator in an office working simultaneously on multiple projects.
    I own a DSLR camera, recently worked as a music/lifestyle journalist in Paris and have a background in dance/ballet. I have also worked casually selling tickets to the biggest music festivals in Australia.
    I have a passion for house music and would love to have the opportunity to work the summer in Ibiza so please let me know if I could be of any use to you! My email: maria_mansi@hotmail.com. Languages: English (Australian), French (advanced), Spanish (beginner).

  39. Lydia strutt says:

    Helloo:) I’m Lydia I’m 19 and I’m coming to Ibiza with my best friend nick who’s also 19 were moving over on the 30th may with a few to find work over here we have both worked in the chain of night clubs fever/moo moo’s for well over a year now doing promotion and at work and helping create events for our town:D would be very great full for a thumbs up or help on the job front :p thank you :D:D:D x

  40. Hi I am a M.O.S Trance House DJ looking for gigs in Ibiza this year,
    Drop me a line if you need some trance in your life.
    Love and hugs
    DJ Panda

  41. Hi, I due to be coming to San Antonio bay in June and would like to know about any vacant bar work over in San Antonio Bay there might be please, I have good customer service skills from previous work industries and employment which I can make use of for in this new temporary seasonal work, I like a new challenges and I’m a sociable out going person where all these things correspond for in bar and clubs,
    I do not have an NIE Card yet and so I would like to know what procedure I go through upon things, weather I find the job first so then I know one will be needed relevant or if I have to get the NIE card before looking for a job, Its complicated in organising things in the right steps which I need a bit of a guide with please,

  42. Hi very nice article, i’d be interested in a PR job please. Could you notify me if you find anything?

    not sure if u need any infos but im 20 years old, live in germany, speak fluent english and spanish and really want a PR summer job :)

  43. Keshlah smith says:

    Experience executive chef with international cuisine and fusion of cuisines looking for a challenge in Spain

  44. Hi,My name is George .I’m massage therapist with over 10 y experience with many kinds of massage ,inc.Thai massage.

  45. Hi there!

    My name is Andrea, I am 41 and I am bilingual Italian – English and speak Spanish.

    I am a professional karate instructor personal trainer and One-to-one TEFL English teacher, as well as an Entertainment and education manager with 25 years experience in England and Italy.

    I have decided to change and relocate in Ibiza for Summer 2013

    I am very familiar with the island where I have spent several holidaya since 1990.

    I am currently looking for a position which may range from karate instructor, English teacher and management.

    Please contact me to receive my resume.

    Thanks for reading,


  46. Ibiza hungry says:

    Helloooo I’m jack I’m a qualified electrician hoping to get some work.have been working all over shop fitting for 5 years and want a change. I don’t speak Spainish but am sure I would pick it up in no time.willing to learn things if needed while I’m out there.would love to work in Ibiza

  47. Nadine Robertson says:

    Hi I am just back from Ibiza but looking to go back next month and work.
    I would like a job as a PR/ticket seller or a rep. I can speak some general spanish and fluent english.

  48. Jake Jones says:

    hello im looking for a door supervisor job in san Antonio Ibiza for the summer of 2014 if anything crops up e-mail with details.

  49. Hi. :)

    I’m a psychologist, trainer and coach presently living in Ibiza and I offer driving (have Audi convertible) and concierge services .
    I speak German, English, French and moderate Spanish (plus some Japanese) and I can also provide reception services or give lectures/talks/workshops on various topics like personal development, stress management, trauma recovery / self healing, the art of living. (I was working as a therapist and lecturer at the prestigious Klinik Buchinger am Bodensee – buchinger.com).

    Let me know if there is a need.

    Kind regards

    Ingo Michehl, M.Ed. (C.Psych.)
    Counseling Psychologist, HP PT, Certified Stressmanagement Trainer
    Tel. +34 602 69 38 39
    or +34 622 37 27 75

  50. Ionut Furcoi says:


    My name is Ionut known an John. I am a 2013 – Aviation Management graduated student from Coventry University UK, and I will like to get a job in the Ibiza Airport.

    John ( iontz_contract7@yahoo.com )

  51. Maren Frey says:

    Hi, I´m web- and printdesigner, with job experience about 20 years.
    Me and my dog, we want to live on ibiza – so I´m looking for a job in an advertising agency on ibiza.
    Feel free to have a look at my customers list and last works at http://www.blue7mediadesign.com.
    Kind regards, Maren Frey

  52. zafar iqbal says:

    hi i am zafar from lucknow india i am a looking a job any type rebuild of building flooring driving for ibiza it is such a feel like great life in whole world so plz find a job for me in ibiza likr driving & any jobs

  53. Hello,

    I am a personal trainer (intl license) and certified nutritionist. I am looking for a job a a personal trainer or nutritionist or both combined. If there are any vacancies at any gyms or hotels, please let me know at air380pilot@gmail.com

    I speak, fluent Swedish, English, Norwegian, farsi and basic Danish and Spanish.

  54. Dabekaussen laura says:

    ¡Hola!, bienvenido! And Buenos noches!
    My name is Laura, I am 18, Dutch and ready for Eivissa!!
    I’m saying buenos noches because Besides, Dutch, English, basic French and German I also speak basic Spanish and because I truly am a nightperson!
    I am very outgoing and I love to meet new people. Last summer I went to Eivissa and the image has ever since been on my mind. I really adore the clubscene but that doesn’t mean that I am irresponsable. I’m a person that knows how to have fun, but is also very reliable. I’d love to work in Eivissa in the summer of 2014. I don’t care with jobs are given to me, but I will tell you my qualities! I’m very talkative an can’t easily be intimidated. I love to talk with people and can be very convincing. I’m also not afraid of hard work. I would love to work in the clubs or be a waiter on the beach. Also selling tickets for clubs Seems very cool!
    Let me know if you are interested!
    I am available for the whole summer and september!
    Kisses! See you in Eivissa!!

  55. juan gutierrez says:



    Experience Ibiza the 2014 season, meet the international crowd, expand your language skills and make some money.

    As a PARTY PROMOTER you will be selling individual events or individually tailored party packages to the international audience.

    Your portfolio incl.: IBIZA BOAT PARTY, IBIZA OPEN BAR and all IBIZA CLUB TICKETS (Amnesia, Pacha, Space, DC10, Ushuaia, Sankeys, Zoo Project, Privilege). Make it happen and apply now !!

    We offer the best commissions and provide accommodations.


    – Spoken languages are very important.
    – 20 – 30 years old
    – Available from May – September 2014 (at least 6 Weeks available!)
    – An appealing & friendly outer appearance

    If you are interesting contact to info@ibizaseaparty.com or add me on Facebook

  56. Any bars looking for Bouncers to work for the season?? Let me know, been doing the doors 12 years in London and west end, need a new challenge!! Get in touch, thanks

  57. Cirque de la nuit Ibiza says:


    Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza is looking for staff 2014.

    Experience Ibiza for a season, have a backstage look behind the scenes, meet people from all over the world, expand your language skills and make some money.
    Your portfolio with us: Ibiza boat party, Ibiza pool party and all Ibiza club tickets (Amnesia, Pacha, Space, DC10, Ushuaia, Sankeys, Zoo Project, Privilege).

    Make it happen and apply now.

    Check out our promotional video here :

  58. João Brito says:


    My name is João Brito and I was born in 10-7-2985. I recently finished studies in Hotel Management (Lodging) in the School of Turism Portugal. Last summer I did a 3 month internship in a 5star beach resort and it was a fullfil experience for me. Before hotel studies I was 8 years related to psychology. I have finished my master in Clinical Psychology and have been developing work for 1 year in the university. Also, since 2003 till the present I work as a DJ and I’m also related to event production.
    I find myself very dynamic working with people. I like to learn and I speak portuguese, spanish, english, french and few german (I’m a easy language learner). I like also to get in touch with local culture and lifestyle, to learn the most I can. Not only to make an excellent work with the client but also motivated by personal passion. Never forgetting a good mise-en-place, I think my personal key is hospitality, tracing rapidly the needs of the client and giving the proper response.


    thank you for your time

  59. Teresa Staszak T Foxxx says:


    I’m Teresa Staszak, and looking for work as a DJ in Ibiza for the 2014 season. I will be traveling there in May to attend the recruitment auditions. I’m a hard worker and very enthusiastic especially when playing a set. The crowd fuels my passion to keep them bouncing to whatever I’m playing. Please review the links below for some of my work.


    Thank you for your consideration,
    T Foxxx


  60. hi im indian chef as i have very good experience about indian food as I have experience from five star hotels restaurant now looking job to change if further somebody need indian chef you can contect me at my email>

  61. Izabela Grundová says:

    My name is Izabela Grundová, I am 19 y.o., from Czech Republic, and I am looking for a summer job around Europe for me and my boyfriend. We got really interested in working on Ibiza.

    We are enthusiastic, hardworking, flexible, keen on meeting new people and getting new experiences. We could be available from July to August.

    If interested, please contact me via email and I can send you our CVs. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,
    Izabela Grundová

  62. grace morgan says:

    Hello! My name is Grace Morgan and I am a politics student from Essex.
    I am fluent in Spanish and French, and lived in the south of Spain for a year, teaching English and French in a private school, as well as holding extra classes for adults in the evening. I also have a TEFL qualification, and 5 years of restaurant and bar experience.
    I am looking to work and live in Ibiza from June until September this year.
    If anybody knows of any vacancies at all, please contact me!
    Thanks for your time,

  63. Tom McTernan says:

    I go by Tom and I am a 22 year old American graduating in chemical engineering. I’m living with my cousin near San Ann and am looking for a summer job to pay for my stay and the awesome island. I’ve worked various jobs and have good experience at handling crowds of people. I know how to get stuff done and am smart enough to have gotten the degree in engineering.

    I’ll be on the island at the end of May and will be staying until early August. Please send me an email if interested in hiring for promotion or bar tending job for the summer. I can send resume or CVs if needed.


  64. Claudio Sánchez Vidal says:

    I´m mechanic engineer diesel specialist, gearboxes, boat drive, IPS exetera
    I´m Spaniard and have a fully driver licence
    and have a Spanish notice licence “Patron De Yate”

  65. Claudio Sánchez Vidal says:

    Sorry i say Nautic licence “PY”

  66. hello !
    me and my friend are looking for a summer job in Ibiza.
    are there any positions availabale ? if yes, what can u suggest us ?
    ¡ Gracias :)

    • Hi. My name is Julia. I will be traveling to Ibiza in May. I am looking for work for the season. I will be happy to do any type of work. Bar work, Ticket selling, Hotel work, Flyering.
      Thank you!

  67. Hi Im professional Chef with nice CV, i like to spend summer on Ibiza, and improve my weak spanish.
    I have wide range of kitchen expierience, so You should check it out.
    Cheers Lukasz

  68. Hi! We are a fashion brand from Ibiza, we need someone to join our team. she would be in charge of receiving phone calls from clients, whatsupp, email, etc. She must have perfect english, spanish at least, happy and smily even talking on the phone! :) experience in social media advertising etc..This job it will start with around 5 -6 hours a day (monday to friday) and increase with the season. To start inmediatly.
    Please send cv to leandrotorres25@gmail.com

  69. Hi i’m a Dj/producer trying to make my way to ibiza — looking for work as a dj .. i can also do long term residency ! (deep house – tech house- minimal) TY

  70. Rachael Savan says:

    Hi, I am a professional dancer and I’m looking for work this summer in ibiza. I’m available to start immediately. If you have any email or contact details I could send my CV to that would be great!!

  71. Claire Louise Harrison says:

    I am currently working towards my TEFL qualification in the hope of moving from England to Spain, preferably the island of Ibiza to teach. I have GCSE’s in English Language and English Literature. I also have a Level 2 in Counselling qualification, and am currently studying towards my Level 3 CIPD in Human Resources.

    Please can you let me know if there are any opportunities available, I look forward to hearing from you


  72. hi im indian chef as i have very good experience about indian food as I have experience from five star hotels restaurant now looking job any country if further somebody need indian chef you can contect me at my email>

  73. shona fahey says:


  74. Good Afternoon Sir,

    I’m Silvana, i’m 20 and I’m currently studying a Law degree.
    Working abroad is something I’ve always wanted to tick off my list, I don’t really mind where I work, along as there’s sun, sea, and fun!
    I’m a really hardworking person and I’d probably describe myself as very positive and enthusiastic, I think I’d fit in any of the following roles abroad quite well, bar work, PR work, restaurant work etc…
    I’m a really friendly so I don’t really mind what the work is, I’m just up for a good time, to meet new people, to learn new experience, to learn about new culture and finally meet my dream land Spain.

    Looking forward for reply,

  75. Lucie Maskova says:

    Hello. I am Lucie,29 years old from Czech Republic. I would like work in Ibiza. I can look after children, be hairdresser, prepare food, care about old people or people with handicap, dogs. I am a nurse, I studied also social works and i did hairdresser course and make-up course. I worked in a hospital with old people, children and people with mentaly and fizical handicaps, i was teacher in forest kindergarten, au-pair in Germany, Schwitzerland, New Zealand. I can not speak spanish language, but I can learnt it.
    I am ready to work from now ;*

    Lucie Maskova

  76. Gareth Neilson says:

    Hello I am a 24 year old male looking to move to ibiza at the end of november. i am currently getting a feel for the job types in and around san antonio. I have previous experience in Construction, Driveing, motor industry aswell as haveing previous bar experience and hold a full valid SIA doorman license. If anyone knows of any vacancys or even has any advice i would be extremley gratefull.

    Thank you in advance
    Gareth Neilson

  77. Love the beach? 
    Love to party? 
    Love meeting new people? 
    If you answered yes to all of this, we want you! 

    We are looking for confident promoters that are hungry to make some money this summer. Imagine promoting the best clubs, events and boat parties in Ibiza!

    No experience is required but you must be over 18 years old, hardworking, motivated and ready to make a whole lot of new friends. 

    What we want to know about you: 
    • Languages spoken
    • Key skills (sales skills a bonus)
    • Where you are from 
    • Job experience 
    • Have you lived abroad before? 
    • How long are you available to work for?

    If you are ready for the best summer of your life, don’t wait send your CV, 2 photos and a description as to why you think you are suitable to: https://www.facebook.com/IBZJOBS

    HOW ABOUT 2???
    Thank you for listening

    Please contact me if you would like to see any documents/ references (mc-ryan@live.com)


    Ryan Mc

  79. Hola! 😀
    Im a 19 year ols swedish girl looking for a dancing job in Ibiza and im willing start work as soon as the season gets started! I’ve been in ibiza before and I have a little bit of dancing experience and IM SO INTO ibiza and absolutely a music freak. 😉


  80. we are a boat company in ibiza looking for a mechanic for the 2015 season with knowledge in volvo penta and mercruiser.
    if your interested please send cv by email to shikoba@gmx.com

  81. Great Article spainmadesimple

    I would just like to share my company Ibiza Intro to anybody reading this article.

    If you are you thinking of doing your first summer then we can help you out loads by getting everything set up for you.

    We have an Ibiza Worker package that’s ideal for people coming out by them self or in a pair. Your first months accommodation is included, every one stays in the same hotel which is great for you to make new mates (the hotels mental!) Whats also good is this gives you chance to view apartments whilst in Ibiza and meet the people you want to live with.

    What we also do is secure everyone who books with us a guaranteed job before they even arrive in Ibiza. If you’re thinking “I have no idea were to start” then don’t worry because that’s why we set Ibiza intro up. We have an introduction week were we get you sorted with stuff like your workers bands & club passes, NIE number & Spanish sim card, CV writing PLUS loads of other benefits which will make your summer as fun and stress free as possible.

    If you would like more info on the jobs we can offer get in touch with me on ryan@ibizaintro.com

  82. juan gutierrez says:

    Ibiza Sea Party, the most renowned company on the field of events organization and with 7 years of experience in Ibiza is recruiting highly motivated PR’s to work summer season from May till October 2015!
    Enjoy an unforgettable experience for your life working with people from several countries.

    We offer to the tourists activities packages with all inclusive with a competitive prices and high commissions.

    We organize & sell every day several activities/packs (Boat parties, Pre Parties on our associated Beach Clubs, official tickets for the best clubs, etc.). We collaborate with the best and most famous clubs in Ibiza (Ushuaïa, Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, DC-10, Booom, Sankeys, Ocean beach, Zoo Project, etc.).

    What will be my job as sales’ PR?

    You will be inviting tourists scattered on beaches, main streets, bars and hotels to our official events.

    What do we offer you?

    • Win whooping amounts of cash: high commissions daily paid and incentives.

    • Possibility to live in our low priced accommodation.

    • The best and most diverse products to sell with competitive prices. Collaboration with the best clubs in Ibiza.

    • Personalized coaching’s and sales workshops.

    • Work with people from all over the world..

    • Improve your professional skills and languages proficiencies in an incredibly environment, Ibiza!

    • Thrilling team events for our workers.

    • Season Passes and free entrances for the best and most famous clubs on earth.

    • Sales certificate given by our renowned events organization and promotional marketing company.

    • Recommendation letters for your professional future.


    • Preferentially between 20 to 35 years old.

    • Sharp communication skills (High level of English or minimum two European official languages).

    • Previous experience on customer service, friendly and attractive physical appearance.

    • Ability to work independently, outgoing, funny, self-confident, open-minded and highly motivated.

    • Interpersonal communication skills and target-orientated personality.

    • Special capacity to obtain the attention of the people.

    • At least on 1 month of availability to work from May to October).

    How to apply?:

    On our official website (www.ibizaseaparty.com) you can fill our form in the “Work with us” section or send us your CV for casting@ibizaseaparty.com.

    You can find thousands of followers on http://www.facebook.com/ibizaseaparty

    We will be waiting for you!!

    Ibiza Sea Party – Work Hard, Play Hard!

  83. Rich Raze says:

    Hi all!

    Anyone looking for work in Ibiza summer 2015?? Working with one of the best boat party/open bar/club ticket company in Bossa, then get in contact. Our boat party offers a full open bar w/cocktails for the duration of the party, BBQ, dancers, erotic games and more. English speaking is preferred and ideally must have experience in sales but all can apply. Any other languages spoken would help you out a lot….. check out the website


    Accommodation will be provided and will be top quality at a reasonable price (€250-€300 p/month)

    Role is commission based, however very good rates are offered (€10-€15 p/ticket sold) Commission is not capped so you can earn as much as you want!

    E-mail me at dj_raze@hotmail.com or add me on Facebook: Rich Raze

    If you want to get on board then send a CV and a few photos. Also tell us why you think you would be good for the role and also a short description of what you hope to get out of the best summer of your life!!

    Check out some of the videos!!
    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ibizaseaparty?feature=watch

    See you in the Sun!!


  84. Whats the job front like out of season would like a permanant move to Ibiza willing to do anykind of work. At the moment HGV driver with ADR and full CPC lus 27 hours off next cpc course. Could sit PCV licence if helpfull. Any help gratefull cheers.

  85. Nikki Snelling says:

    Hi, I live in Ibiza and have my own property here. I am looking for flexible work here on the island. I have had 15 years experience in recruitment and the music industry at home in the UK.
    Willing to do any type of work and available any days and hours, admin, driving, hotel rep etc….


  86. Hello

    I would like to set up my own business, namely colon hydro-therapy, can you suggest where and how I can go about setting up my own business? Many thanks

  87. jordan moore says:

    hey, I’m a professional cook, have been working as a chef the last 3-4 years although I am currently looking to gain experience abroad and specifically in spanish cuisine. i’m am not looking to find a chef position, just to gain experience and possibly find a more permanent situation. I will also be looking for spaces on the mainland, so if you know of other opportunities, i would be interested and appreciative of the extra info.
    14 years experience in the restaurant imdustry as well as customer service exp.
    near fluent spanish speaker seeking to gain U.S. certifications for interpretation in the near future as well.

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