Gran Canaria Jobs – The Honest Truth About Working in Gran Canaria, Spain 2017

Welcome to our page on finding jobs and work on the lovely Canary Island of Gran Canaria (Islas Canarias) which is part of Spain.

On this page you will find current listings of any available job vacancies in Gran Canaria as well as practical tips and advice on where to find Gran Canaria jobs in the year 2017.

Get looking now if you want to find a summer job on the island because they go very fast and well in advance of the season.

Near the bottom of the page you will find an account from Matthew Hirtes who lives on the island of Gran Canaria, who gives a specific tips on what types of work you can expect to find.

Specific latest job listings in Gran Canaria can be found near the bottom of the page.

We also cover other Canary Islands close to Gran Canaria, these include Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa, Alegranza, Isla de Lobos, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

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The island of Gran Canaria belongs to Spain and centrally located in the Canary islands. It happens to be one of the most popular destinations in Europe for short breaks and holidays where people just want to get some sunshine.

job-spain-graphicSome of the reasons Gran Canaria is so popular is because being Spanish, people know it is reliable and relatively safe yet it’s location is only about 130 miles away from Africa so the climate is much warmer than mainland Spain.

Tourists come from all over Europe but in particular from the United Kingdom (UK) and Germany (where Gran Canaria is known as Kanaren or Kanarischen).

Gran Canaria is a smaller island compared to it’s neighbouring Canary islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura. There is much to see although typically most of this will revolve around the beach so it isn’t the best island if you want to see lots of historic sights.

Gran Canaria is known as ‘the miniature continent’ because you can find plenty of variety such as lakes, mountains, beaches and even a pine forest.

The weather is generally warm and sunny with clear blue, cloudless skies.

When looking for work on this island naturally you are best heading to the south of the island where many of the major tourist resorts located.

The best known holiday resorts include San Agustin, Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.

The south of the island is the place to go for the best beaches and is relatively dry and barren.

Most tourists will simply stay by their hotel pool or go to the beach each day but the island itself has a wonderfully varied terrain including the large central mountains as well as tropical forests in the north of the island.

Average monthly temperatures range from 18°C in January to 25°C in August. This all-year-round climate has the advantage of making Gran Canaria almost as popular in the winter as it is in the summertime. This really helps when you are looking to jobs because most Spanish tourist resorts only offer seasonal jobs for the summer only.

If you are looking for the best beaches head for the resort of Maspalomas and if you are looking for lively nightlife then you need to head for Playa del Ingles.

The capital of Gran Canaria is Las Palmas which would also be a good place to look for work. This historic city dates back to the 15th century and has a population of over 400,000 people.

Most of the Spanish jobs advice on this page is aimed towards jobs in Gran Canaria for English-speaking people. This is because many of our readers are English, British, Germans or Americans who have a limited ability to speak Spanish and therefore are looking for English-speaking jobs in Gran Canaria.

Popular towns and resorts to look for Gran Canaria jobs include: Amadores, Bahia Feliz, Las Palmas jobs, Maspalomas jobs, Meloneras, Playa Del Ingles jobs, Playa Taurito, Puerto Mogan, Puerto Rico, San Agustin, Arguineguín and Mogán.


Bar work on Gran Canaria is the easiest type of work to find as there is a real need for bartenders and barmaids especially in the peak summer months. There are quite a few resorts but the most popular places to find bar jobs would be Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.

Without doubt if you are looking for a job in Gran Canaria or Gran Canaria jobs, then bar work and bar jobs are the most common type of job available and probably the easiest type of summer job to get.

Working in a bar, pub or nightclub doesn’t take much skill if you are serving drinks and most importantly you will not need to know much Spanish, so if you are an English speaking worker, this is the type of job you should look for if you want a seasonal job on Gran Canaria.

On Gran Canaria you can get work as a bartender, bar maid, glass collector, dancer, PR, promotion, DJ and security jobs such as bouncers or door supervisors.

These bar jobs are typically very low paid however they have the benefits of free drinks and working in a party environment where everybody is out for a good time so they are a lot of fun.

A PR job on Gran Canaria involves promotion such as standing outside a bar or club and handing out flyers or vouchers to encourage people to come into the bar or club instead of just walking past. It takes a great deal of confidence get the rewards can be quite good because as well as a basic salary you get paid good commission and often receive free drinks.

If bar work is not your thing consider catering work such as working in a restaurant as a cook, chef, waiter, waitress or dishwasher.


If you have a good grasp of Spanish and you speak English you have a good chance of finding a job in one of the many hotels on the island. Typical hotel jobs include work as cleaners, receptionists, singers, comedians , entertainers, animators, bar work and restaurant work.

Most hotel jobs will require you to be able to speak fluent Spanish. As well as Spanish and English it would be a great advantage to be able to speak a third language such as German especially if you want to work on reception.


Gran Canaria being a popular tourist destination has many job openings and vacancies in the catering trades such as cook, waiter, dishwasher, bar tender, cleaner, animators, dancers etc.

Many people come to Gran Canaria for the summer season looking for seasonal bar jobs in Gran Canaria and you will usually get a summer job in Gran Canaria fairly easily as long as you head for the mass tourist resorts of San Agustin, Puerto Rico, Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.

Gran CanariaDon’t forget that Gran Canaria is an all year round destination so it is possible to get work throughout the winter also.

These jobs are great for students. Typical jobs you could look for include PR jobs for clubs, holiday rep jobs in Gran Canaria and DJ jobs in Gran Canaria. If you are a dancer you stand a good chance of finding a job in one of the top clubs.

A limited knowledge of the Spanish language is ideal but not compulsory, making these kind of jobs fiercely competitive between all nationalities across the board.

Very popular on the job scale in this field are cleaning jobs in Gran Canaria as they are well paid, in abundance and all year round as people’s homes as well as villa companies require cleaners.

Work in the tourist industry is mainly done in shifts or split shifts. On the positive side you can spend your time off at the beaches of Gran Canaria but this type of work is really no good if you have a young family to support as the hours are long.

Make sure you budget to have enough savings to survive while you are searching for work. You will probably need to rent a small apartment which will usually start at €400 for a studio or one bed.

Property rental prices range from 400 euros (600 US dollars) for a small studio apartment to about 800 euros (1200 US dollars) for a larger one with several bedrooms.

There is also certainly an opportunity for driving jobs on Gran Canaria. These typically will involve providing a taxi service to and from the airport (known as airport runs).

Also there are some companies providing shuttle bus services around the island as well as a need for transfer reps and coach and bus drivers to take holidaymakers around the island on excursions.


For job adverts try the classified section in local newspapers such as English language newspaper, The Canary News.

Most jobs in Gran Canaria, especially the casual summer tourist type jobs would almost certainly be found by word-of-mouth.

Very rarely will these positions be advertised and you should come to the island and go from bar to bar asking if they need any help.

There are also radio stations, websites, job forums and recruitment agencies.

Try getting a job with an official contract which will entitle you to the Spanish state pension, a limited unemployment benefit and of course the Spanish national health service.

Just like anywhere else there are vacancies for lawyer, doctor, teacher, nurse, policemen, pharmacist and shop assistants etc.

Working hours in Gran Canaria are likely to be much longer than in northern Europe because of the traditional Spanish siesta.

It does very much depend on what job you take on, but a typical working day would be to starting at 10 in the morning with a break between one and four and then working through until seven or eight in the evening.


The intelligent way to find work and jobs in Gran Canaria is to apply for a job as a holiday rep in resorts such as Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. These rep jobs will be organised in advance of your arrival in the resort.

Working as a Spanish holiday rep in Gran Canaria is not as easy as it sounds. Problems can occur day and night with the guests that you are employed to look after and all sorts of emergencies can occur from medical emergencies to guests being robbed and losing their passport and possessions.

You would earn a good basic wage for being a holiday rep as well as being able to earn extra money if you are successful at selling excursions and trips to your customers. This should be relatively easy because Gran Canaria is a lovely scenic island with lots to see. Another major benefit is that you would be provided with accommodation and food included.

Resources: Try the major travel companies such as Thomson, Club 18-30 and Thomas Cook – all have been recruiting recently.


Although this page is all about finding work on the island of Gran Canaria, it is worth mentioning that there are good possibilities to starting your own business by going self-employed. This especially applies if you have a tradesman skill such as being a builder, electrician, plumber, painter or some other construction type skill that you can offer as a service.

You will have to make a social security contributions which are quite substantial in Spain. For everything that you charge you will need to contribute 18% back to the Spanish government in the form of IVA which is the equivalent to VAT in the United Kingdom.

It can be very expensive to start your own business but you are more likely to make more being self-employed than you would being employed in a job and there are many English speaking expatriates who will welcome services in English.


We have covered the tourist industry extensively which is obviously the main source of work and jobs in Gran Canaria. The next biggest sector for employment would be the real estate or property market.

The massive building boom in new construction of houses being sold to many people from all over northern Europe has slowed down enormously but this sector still employs many people. Although people may not be buying houses there is still a thriving tourist market which involves providing accommodation through the lettings market.

There are sales jobs going in estate agencies (inmobiliaria) and letting agencies who deal in villa and apartment rentals. There are also indirect jobs such as looking after and maintaining these properties involving gardeners, handymen and pool cleaners.

There are also many other unusual jobs that typically involve providing services to English speaking people on the island. We know that people have performed these jobs: cleaning swimming pools, gardening, villa cleaning, hairdressing jobs, shop and retail work, removals, fitness jobs, personal trainer, beautician, vets, childcare jobs such as working as an au pair, nanny or babysitter, computer repair, graphic design, insurance sales, telemarketing, telesales, engineer, customer service, hospitality, journalists, marketing, legal jobs, media jobs, office jobs, secretarial, admin, financial, carers, nursing, I.T. jobs.


Try obtaining a recognised teaching qualification before arriving in Gran Canaria – Teaching TEFL or ESL are popular and recognised throughout the world.

Gran Canary does have good possibilities for teaching English to Spanish islanders as discussed by Matthew Hirtes below.

Playa de Mogán, Mogán. Isla de Gran Canaria

Playa de Mogán, Mogán. Isla de Gran Canaria.

My Experience of Moving to Gran Canaria and Looking for Work

By Matthew Hirtes

Saturday the 22nd of February 2004 rocked our world. In the worst possible way. For that was the day our second son Alex, at just eight months, was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Following a half-year residency in Great Ormond Street Hospital, we took the decision to relocate to Gran Canaria for the extra family support. My mother-in-law, one sister-in-law and five brothers-in-law live on the island.

Despite this, my first year on the island was spent as a house husband.

Alex had to go for regular check-ups at the Materno (children’s hospital) in Las Palmas and he wasn’t allowed to attend nursery with other children.

But the beach was fine, so we were able to work on our tans. Thanks to his native Canarian mother Cristina, Alex acquired a browner hue than his father’s lobster-red.

When Alex was given the all-clear to start nursery, my days as a beach bum ended. I now had to look for work.

In England I’d worked in journalism but my must-do-better Spanish and relatively low pay forced a career change.

After a disastrous stint in a private school, I landed a position as a teaching assistant in a state primary in Bañaderos.

Unfortunately, that project lost funding due to the cuts last year, so all of us native English-speaking assistants found ourselves out of a job.

In the meantime, Cristina and I had opened our own language academy, Play School which teaches English to children aged from three to 12 through the medium of craft, games, songs and stories, along with the odd worksheet.

For those who live in the north of the island like we do, teaching offers the best employment opportunities.

Private bi-lingual schools will want to hire you for your ability to speak your mother tongue rather than any teaching experience.

I also know fellow expats who make a good living by giving private classes to the children of Las Palmas’ wealthier residents.

If you live in the south, the service industry beckons.

In the summer, it’s easy to pick up casual work at the English and Irish bars in and around Playa del Inglés.

However, bear in mind that in winter the profile of tourist changes with more Northern European and Scandinavian visitors. Here demand for English-speaking bar staff becomes rather thinner on the ground.

The alternative is to start up your own business. From medical clinics to schools to restaurants, the opportunities are there for any wannabe entrepreneurs.

If you settle in the less touristy north, though, acquiring at the very least a basic grasp of Spanish is essential.

To keep abreast of the latest expat developments on the island, check out Gran Canaria Noticeboard on Facebook.

If you’re after something rather less cyber, The British Club in Las Palmas’ Calle León y Castillo will allow you to meet up with fellow native English speakers face to face.

The Canary News is the only English-language newspaper based on Gran Canaria and editor Edward Timon guarantees a read that’s as informative as it’s entertaining.

…. Matthew Hirtes

Going Local in Gran Canaria: How to Turn a Holiday Destination into a Home, my latest book is now out. Hoorah!

Below is a video guide to Gran Canaria, Spain

If you are an employer who is searching for staff, please contact us with any job vacancies you wish to fill in Gran Canaria and we will list them for free.

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  1. Paula Melichercikova says:

    My name is Paula, I am from Slovakia, currently studying on college. I am 22 years old and looking for a job on Canary Islands. I would take pretty much anything available, bartender, waitress, housemaid, animator, whatever. I hope for a great co-operation and seeing you soon. 🙂

  2. Hello, I’m dan. In 25 , English and am looking for bar/club work over the summer. Starting anytime after mid April 2017. I’ve got Experience in bar work. I’m currently managing a small cocktail bar in a lgbtq club in Devon, England. I love the bar/club atmosphere and am looking to continue that in Gran Canaria (preferably in/ near the yumbo centre). If not, any other similar destinations you can suggest would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  3. My name is Larni and I’m a 16, 17 in summer student doing A-level Spanish. I would like to know if anyone would like an au-pair or nanny in Gran Canaria because I would love to have a short time in the summer. Also any waitress work/bar tender. Thanks email me on

  4. Hi, I am Matt. I currently live In England but I am in Gran Canaria many times each year, I speak English and also a bit of Spanish. I am planning on moving to Gran Canaria and I am looking for work on the island. I am happy to do any kind of work and I have had experience of working in shops and also roofing/building work.
    If anyone has any work please give me a call on 07905358072 or email me

    Thanks, Matt.

  5. DJ. Any kind of music avallible. I can work from 07.02.17. I love to do this, so i don’t rly care about sallary. Waiting for response

  6. Hi

    Im Peter from Czech republic, 35 yo., I want spent from February few months or more in Las Palmas, is any chance work there in IT or anything relevance, contract job, or few MD per week etc. ?I worked mainly 10 years like Java developer, analysis projecting etc.

  7. HI there!
    My name is Urszula from Poland and I am looking for a job in Grand Canaria. I am a physiotherapist after 5 years of medical study and I am looking for a job in the area of health.
    I am also a musician and all conections with yoga (job, practice, voluuntering) are more than welcome 🙂

    See you!

    Please send a messages via e-mail

  8. Katie Hulland says:

    I am Katie 25 , From Wales. I am currently looking for work abroad including: waitress, front of house, admin, receptionist, barmaid, beauty therapist etc.
    I will need accommodation for myself and my Partner as well.
    Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  9. Hi my name is Andrzej I am 32years young, I am currently looking for any kind af work. I have experience in restaurant kitchens and also as a professional cleaner and gardener. I am open to every ofeer and every kind of work. I don’t speak Spanish at the moment, but English,Polish and a bit of German. All hints and tips are welcome. Thank you.

  10. Hi my name is Paul I’m 34 years old and going to gran can from 18th April for one weeks holiday on my own. I am thinking of staying for the season and would like to see if anyone has any work available I have retail and customer service experience and also catering experience as well. I have a full drivers license and can drive a bus as well if anyone can help please get in touch e mail thanks

  11. Hi My name is Michael Im 30 years old i going to move to Gran canaria in january 2017 so i looking for full time job i speak english spanish and polish language.I have experience with assembly furniture production doors and windows and warehouse but im person who very quickly learn everything . please contact me if You have any jobs Thanks

  12. Nemanja Reljin says:

    Hello ,
    I am from Serbia, i speak English and Spanis looking for job in Gran Canaria.
    Have 5 years experiece as a personal trainer,in gym, hotel and ship, i will live now in Spain so i need full time job .
    My contact for job is –

  13. adriano hassan says:

    Hi im looking for job as animator if some one can halp me with that i work many years in egypt and greece

  14. Hi my name is Chloe I absolutely adore Gran Canaria! I’ve just come back from there yesterday 3rd time running! The people are lovely out there, which is why I’d love to work out there. Especially working in a restaurant or in a bar! Working abroad would be an amazing experience for me. I’d at least love to work for a season out there. Thank you

  15. kevin kelly says:

    Hi there my name is kevin i live in ireland at the moment but movng to Gran canaria and looking for a job as a TEFL Teacher just qualified native english speaker and also have a police clearance record for my job i do at the moment contact me on 00353862044422 or

  16. Mathias Pasquini says:

    Hello my name is mathias.

    I am French-American,I speak English, French as well as Spanish.

    I am looking to move to Gran Canaria this coming December of 2016 and I am looking for any job for a permanent job or part seasonal.

  17. Morgana Peci-Malik says:

    hello my name is Morgana, i’m 22 years old and looking for a seaosnal job starting between feb-apr 2017 until the end of the season(or longer). I’m writting to see if there are any good webistes where i can apply for the folllowing year, my experinece is based around hospitality and some retail work but am also willing to gain new skills and/or experience. i am fluent in english,spanish and italian. ideally i would be interested in looking into reception work or something revolving around hotel work or beach bars. I am currently working` a season in a healthy superfood juice bar on a beach in ibiza.
    Any advice on websites where i could start applying for jobs would be of great help! thank you!

  18. Aaron stobbs says:

    Hi My Name is Aaron I am staying in Gran Canary la palmsa I am chef needing help with work visa to stay I am very ecsperienced in all aspects of restaurant work very good with English and can draw crowd with my food I was award winning chef in Australia and specialized in weddings and large functions but can work any where in hospitality sector in very hard honest worker that is willing to work any hours for good earning to assist any hotel or company with anything in English work I only know little Spanish but willing to learn I have 20yrs ecsperienced in the hotel trade my email is please contact me if you want great chef and you can help me stay with work visa chef Aaron

  19. john lawson says:

    hi my name is john i want too live and work in gran canaria,,my work skills are painting / building, can plaster /render..i am an honest reliable,individual,i have experience in industriel cleaning,merchandicing.factory work,i am 47 years old.i am looking too come over in end of march.thank you for any suggestions.

  20. Hi there !:) my name is Szymon i’am 24years old i was born in Poland, i live in uk for almost 5years.. got 8years experience as a hairdresser, beetween that i was working at my friends company doing I.T Staff, got also short experience work in bar… Looking for any kind of job! plz contact me:)
    uk tel::07469978703

  21. Linda miller says:

    Im looking for any kind of work in puerto rico gran canaria. Im a fully qualified hairdressing lecturer in further education, but will accept any work, looking to sell my house and buy one over there. Its such a great laid back way of life over there, any offers id really appreciate.

  22. Hi,
    I am looking for a chef job in Gran Canaria.
    I am an Estonian chef with 3 years of experience, I also have experience as a sous-chef and a short experience as a head-chef.
    I can speak Spanish (lived a year in Ecuador), but I haven’t had a chance to practice for a while so I probably need couple of weeks to speak fluently again.
    I move to Gran Canaria on the 9th of February.
    My e-mail is:

  23. Momir Knezevic says:

    Hi I am 21 years old and looking for any kind of part time job here on gran canarya in maspalomas i am fluent speaker of english and french language i olso understand spanish and russian, so if anyone needs any kind a part time worker contact me on e-mail
    Thanks in advance

  24. Looking for a job in Gran Canaria for 2 persons as a waiter/bartender event planner ..10-7 years experience. we speack english. Italian. French. Little greek and little russian.
    Thank you
    hope that we will be there
    my e-mail address is
    thx you

  25. i am fifty years old i am restaurant manager and public relation the last 10 years . i speak fluent english swedish norwaygian greek bulgrian few german and rusian i am very good pr my phone number is 0035799640524 if your intersting for me please let me know

    • Two girls 19 and 22, speak english are looking for bar/restaurant work, both have experience.
      Preferably in Maspalomas/playa del ingles. Also musician who can play guitar.

  26. i am fifty years old i am restaurant manager and public relation the last 10 years . i speak fluent english swedish norwaygian greek bulgrian few german and rusian i am very good pr

  27. im from india .i am clear my male multipurpose health worker diploma.and i have 2year experiene in chemist shop. but i am job less.
    i still doing work plumber from previos 9 year.i am doing fantastic and hardwork.pls give me chance for job.pls cont me

  28. My name is Petra,  I’m from Ljubljana, and I have applied to work for a nanny/aupair in Tenerife

    I am a very warm, nice, active, creative, initiative, cardiac, smiling, positive, friendly and fun. Children are very fond of me and the parents are still very good catch. I have over 10 years of experienced in childcare.
    I practiced gymnastics for 13 years, I was 2 years assistant for training children from 3 to 6 years.
    In gymnastics we have each year also have camps where we stayed 10 days there, I mostly care for children aged 6 to 8 years.

    I like beach, sun, movis, music and a lot other sports. 

    I love children and I really like them as well as children enjoy the company with me an that is the reason why I started to work as an AU PAIR

    I was 6 months in Valencia, where I take care of a child aged 2 and 4 years

    and in London, where I was 3 months with children 1, 2 and 7 years old.

    After returning, I began working in the office as an administrator.

    Because we work with children it is a great joy after the retraining want to work in the nursery, so I decided that I still worked as a nanny.

    Last summer I lived 3 months in Istanbul, where I was the babysitter 9-month boy.

    From September to October, I was in kindergarten to working practice in groups 3 and 4 year olds.

    From the month of January and until today I take care of two boys aged 2 and 4 years. Every day they go looking in kindergarten and bring them home, prepare meals and are together until the arrival of their parents from work. If you are affected by them take care of me.

    A former partner with whom we lived together for 3 years a 10 year-old son from a previous marriage, who lived with us 🙂

    Each child is truly dedicate, as if it were mine.

    Looking forward to your reply

    Kind regards

    • Gyorgy Kopecsni says:

      Hi Matthew;

      I have a short question.
      I´ve been on this island Gran Canaria for 10 years and as now I have almost always had my free-lancing status, as musician, ertertainer, language teacher etc…
      Now, with my girl-friend we are both free lancing and we have opened a bar.

      Can we have someone from Sweden help us, like an apprentice (with no payment) for 1 week or 10 days (actually her 19 years old daughyter) under the umbrella of “Trabajo esporadico”(sporadic work) where according to my information one can get even paid a maximum of 1.500€/year and doesn´t need residency, social secrurity etc.
      Looking forward to your answer,
      Thanks in advance,
      George Kopecsni
      T: 690 761776

  29. carla billen says:

    Hey there,
    my name is Carla.I’m 50 years young.I love the island GC and come often.At least 3 times a year.I’m in love with the island and know already many people.A few sentences Spanish are not strang anymore. My question is if there is a possibility to get a job there? Maybe as a housekeeper or babysitter or nanny. My friend is also looking to come with me to the island,he’s looking for a job as PR or Marketing.Hope that anyone can give me a positive reaction on all this questions.
    I would be thankfull.
    Greetings from Belgium

  30. sergiu toplicean says:

    Hi, my name is Sergiu and I wish to work a summer job. I worked before as a bar tender, I am looking for jobs in bar or as an entertainer. I speak English and a bit of Spanish but I’m willing to learn much more. Looking forward to work togheter.

  31. John james says:

    Hi there my name is John James I am living in England now from Ireland
    I am a hairdresser/barber and looking for work in gran canaria
    I also do bar work to

  32. Hi Racheal
    I’m looking for bar work this summer season (july august) in Gran canaria
    Im based in Spain and am in posession of all the legal items needed to work
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you know anything about anyone hiring
    Regards, Dan

  33. justin michael says:

    hello sir,my name is justin from in india,i am looking for job

  34. Hello!
    I’m looking for a dance and fitness instructor job, job in hotel wellness
    or fitness clubs.(I have a certificates).I have a good English,Polish,Russian knowledge , and Spanish beginner level.
    I can teach English for small kids as well.

  35. Ryan Muskett says:

    I am looking to take a year or so away from the UK to get more experience and to also enjoy myself in another country. I have visited many times before as I have family living over her so accommodation wouldn’t be a problem. I am ideally looking for any possible bar work within Puerto Rico. I have the necassary experience of working within two different bars at the ripe old age of 19! If anyone does see this please give me a chance and you will definitely be getting a person who will give you 110% everyday that I would work!

    Please Email,
    Thanks – Ryan

  36. Hi there am looking to move to the Gran Canaria am in construction joinery an painter have been at it now for over 20 years looking for cheap apartment to rent an any empolyer looking for good hard working Irish man if you can help please Email thanks

  37. Hi, Myself and my partner are moving to Gran Canaria in November this year. He is Spanish and is a chief. I am from England. I have been a rep for Thomas cook for 5 years and previous i was a body piercer in the uk. We are both looking for for. We already have accommodation. I also have a back ground of Six Sigma and sales.

  38. Charlotte says:

    Hi everyone 🙂
    My name is Charlotte . I am 22 years old and I am English.
    I have currently came over to las palmas north of gran canaria and am doing some work experience in a hairdressers as my profession is being a beautician and hairdresser.
    However I would like to find a bar job of some some or waitressing /PR work during the evenings / weekends during the World Cup out here as I am guessing bars will get very busy.
    Does anyone know of where is best in the north to find this kind of work?
    I don’t mind if it low ish pay etc but I’m struggling with it being mainly a Spanish speaking area and need some direction 🙂 Thanks and you can email me on

  39. Hi
    I am a fully qualified Floorlayer , highly experienced in the flooring industry …..
    I have work on many large and small projects through out my carer, coving most aspects of interior floor coverings….Amtico, Karndean vinyls woods carpets carpet tiles etc…
    I currently live in London and always very busy with work and always fully booked through out the year..
    I consider myself as a high quality installer and would like to give my skills to the islands ….
    This would be a new challenge for myself and with a challange I will highly succeed ….
    I have many contacts in the flooring industry and would be a high asset to any flooring company in the world…

    Many thanks

  40. Martyn Leppington says:

    I am a fully qualified registered nurse with a experience in both critical care and my speciality cardiac care. also have experience in nursing home care and especially end of life and palliative care.
    If anyone can direct me in the way of nurse rolls in Gran Canaria ild be grateful.

  41. Bernie Monksfield says:

    Hi everybody,
    I am 50 years old and looking to relocate to Gran Canaria but wish to have a job offer on the table before I make the move. My family would follow me out at a more convenient time as we would have to sell our property first. I would be looking to rent a property while working.
    I have extensive managerial experience in diverse industries and have held positions such as Operations Manager, Production Manager, Business Development Manager with key core skills and transferrable skills also. I am currently learning Spanish to enhance my prospects.
    Please email me at to receive my current CV for your attention

  42. hi my name is Christy is threre any work on island I have experance in driving trucks shipping and golf course mantaince or if there are any rich mature ladies on island or travling to island that need help contact me at I am 44 and irish

  43. Caroline says:

    Hi. I am wanting/looking for any kind of work from the summer onwards if anybody can help. I have bar and cleaning experience and great customer service skills. I am looking a new challenge and would love to work abroad. I am 34 Thankyou

  44. Agnieszka says:


    I currently work in a media agency/online Marketing in Berlin. I ‘d love to move to GC/near Las Palmas. Looking for a Job in this field or new professional experiences. I speak fluently German,English,Polish and some SPanish and French.Greetings

  45. I live in the U.S.A. I know different types of trades body and paint on classic vehicles, ceramic tile on floors plumbing, paint,,handy man. is there any work for some one like me out there? contact me at

  46. hi my name is Christy from Ireland I am looking for hotel or bar cleaning work on island if anyone can help please email me

  47. Maryann Kristensen says:

    Hi there, what a great website! Lot’s of info!
    I do NOT want work in GC – I want to relocate to GC from Denmark.
    I don’t have the financial backup to check every place on the island before moving, so my question is:
    Where do I relocate (what places do I check out when I go to GC) if I want to be in a calm quiet town/area (not total-turist area) where there is a beach?

  48. Ian Duggan says:

    Hey guys, I am looking for DJ jobs in Gran Canaria? Where do I start?

  49. Hola everyone!
    My name is Michal and together with my girlfriend Karolina we are seeking some hotel job in July (not not necessarily on Canary Islands). We speak fluent English. I can also speak basic Spanish (have been learning it for six months already) and I am starting a private Spanish course now. We are both 21. My girlfriend would like to work as a cleaner/housekeeper, I can do that too, but I’m also up for some post that requires contact with people (to improve my Spanish) and that demands some creativity. We are trustworthy and hard-working, we are not going there for vacation – actually we want to earn money for our this year hitchhiking trip around Europe, so we are also eager to try other job options that time, as long as their are not beyond our qualificatons.

    If you are looking for cheerful, dedicated, creative employees like us, just let me know via e-mail 😉
    Best regards,

  50. Hola!! estoy buscando un trabajo como guardaespaldas personal por femenino en ! Mi nombre es Teo, tengo 44 años y soy de España. He trabajado 20 años como asistente del gerente de la estación para una empresa de aerolíneas, hablo árabe, español, francés e inglés con fluidez, soy una persona sonriente y agradable.
    Correo electrónico :
    Saludos cordiales, Teo

    Hi I’m looking for a job as female personal bodyguards i, My name is Teo, I have 44 years and I’m from Spain. I worked 20 years as assistant station manager for a company of airlines, speak Arábica, Spanish, French and English fluently, I’m a smiling and pleasant.
    Best regards, Teo


  52. I am a Project/Contracts Manager for minor constrcutrion works in the UK, and am looking for possible work options in and around Gran Canaria.
    If any one has any information or leads I could follow up it would be most appreciated.

  53. hi everyone, I teach spanish and english and live nearby the airport (alcampo, Telde) on the coast and 5 minutes away from the capital….I am looking for a responsible and nice people to help each other. I can also provide accommodation for a reasonable price..

    I am a very sporty and easy-going guy so get in touch either by skype or email:

    skype: clasesgrancanaria
    email: (0034) 646053 923

  54. michael kench says:

    i am a bus coach driver in the uk and seeking similar gran canaria or other islands.crb checked all legal courses cpc cat d,customer focussed anyideas please

  55. stuart phillips says:

    I’m a Very bubbly outgoing young lad looking to start working abroad and live an exciting new life in Grand Caneria. I have experience in Plastering, Building, Laboring Painting and Decorating and i also have a NVQ level 1 in Welding and Fabrication and a National diploma level 1 in Landscape Gardening. I would also be willing to do bar work, club repping anything please drop me an email on or on my mobile 07594211200 I’m grate with sales and amazing with people I can adapt to all different types of people and job roles which is a great advantage to me and too potential employer so please get in touch thank you.

  56. Hi i am looking at moving to Gran Canaria, I have Six years experience in the hairdressing industry and I would love to work in a salon abroad.
    My boyfriend has experience in sports and joinery and would be willing to do any gardening amd maintenance work.
    If any positions come up we would be very gratefull

  57. Hello,
    Im intrested in moving ASAP to Gran Canaria…I have Plastering qualifications and experience. Does anyone know if its easy to find work in the construction industry?

  58. Nick Burrows says:

    Hi im Nick – Very bubbly character, out going always in great mood wanting to start working abroad and live an exciting new live bar work, club repping anything please drop me an email on Very good at sales and amazing people person, can adapt to different types of people which is a great advantage!!! 🙂

  59. Two Lithuanian students are writing to suggest our candidacy, if You are looking for responsible employees. We are interested in being a part of personnel in the summer of 2013 (Exactly from middle of June to the end of August or Spetember.)

    We do not afraid any kind of job. It could be receptionist, waitress, housekeeper or job in the kitchen. Maybe you could offer other duties. We would like to help you.
    We would also appreciate information about employment and accommodation.
    If You would like to have more information about our qualifications and skills, contact us by e-mail:
    We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

  60. Hello I’m David, I would like to work abroad, it would be a great experience. I am very active, willing to work and learn new things. See you soon David.

  61. Danny buckley says:


    Just wondering is there any djn jobs going in a nightclub over there.. i play in nightclubs here at home in ireland but i wouldnt mind doing my job out there for a while…

    get back to me please 🙂

  62. barry hussey from england says:

    i live in gran canaria,for over a year,looking for work as a gardener,maintain property,also turn my hand to painting and decorating,also done the usual thing like run a bar for 5mths until owner sold.very good hourly rate,solid and reliable person,contact by e-mail or tel 0034-606958418

    • darran baker says:

      hi my names darran seen ur add am a maintance manager looking to work in gran canneria can put my hand to almost any trade contact me on my email asap thanks

  63. andy hartley says:

    am moving over in may of this year on a 12 month provisional move on the pretext of making it permanent,have 36yrs in catering in all enviroments,worked in amadores 6yrs ago in irish cottage and in europa centre in aplace called mambos,was then a kareoki place,am looking for work in the kitchen area,any work any days and any hours,am setting up initially in playa del ingles,with flexabilaty to move where the work is,please e/mail me for more information

  64. Hello,
    I am looking into any job part time or full, I have previous experience at customer service, office, worker, nearly anything. My girlfriend has previously worked as a waitress and food stores, making and selling snacks. Any job can be done. English/Greek fluent and looking into spanish lessons as well, if you have any offer please advise on Thanks!

  65. rachel hayes says:

    Already live in Gran Canaria. 27 years of age and hard workin. Part or full time needed

    • Lauren Eves says:

      Hello Rachel,

      Me and my friend are actually very keen to work and live in Gran Canaria, it seems so far fetched when you live here in England as it is a totally different life. However, we are young and keen to earn money no matter what hours. Do you know of any jobs that will take us on as we can’t speak much Spanish which makes finding jobs a lot more challenging.

      Regards, Lauren Eves.

    • Conor Bowman says:

      Hey Rachel,
      I am young and very very keen to live and work in Gran Canaria, I am a hard worker and will work no metter the hours, i dont talk much Spanish but learnt that the majority of the locals speak English, also, there are a lot of English visitors there per year. I would love to come out and work their. Please e-mail me if you would consider taking me on.
      Many Thanks, Conor Bowman.

    • Nicole Devlin says:

      Hi Rachel, I’m coming 27 and my dream is to move, work and live in gran canaria, particularly playa del ingles. I’m from Ireland. I’ve bar experience. I also sing, dance and play the guitar 🙂 if anybody can offer me something it’d be great. Thank u, ND x

    • ella higham says:

      Hi there,
      myself and my boyfriend have one way flights to Gran Canaria on the 15th December. We are looking for cheaper apartments to rent out whilst we get used to the area. We are wanting to stay in Playa Del Ingles as its been said that it is more likely to find work around that area. If anyone has any information regarding work or renting for 19 year olds please get in touch!
      Thank you, Ella

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