Fuerteventura Jobs – Insider’s Guide to Finding Work on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Welcome to our guide to finding work and getting jobs in Fuerteventura which is the most easterly of the Spanish Canary Islands and enjoys a special micro-climate due to being sheltered by Lanzarote to the north.

The second-largest of the Canaries after Tenerife it is situated just 100 km off the North African coastline.

If you are looking for jobs in the Canaries then we will be featuring job pages on other Canary Islands which include: Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa, Alegranza, Isla de Lobos, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

job-spain-graphicA popular tourist destination Fuerteventura has 152 beaches and is a very popular destination for wind surfers due to the trade winds.

Most resorts are family friendly and relatively calm in comparison with some of the noisier resorts elsewhere in the Canaries such as Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria.

Is It Hard To Find Work in Fuerteventura?

If you are looking at moving to Fuerteventura you will need to consider how you are going to make a living. Currently the island is in something of a recession and so times are hard if you are looking for work on Fuerteventura.

Many expats who were living here have gone back to the United Kingdom and Germany where they came from – this in turn has led many bars and restaurants to close leading to less vacancies and work opportunities.

We don’t mean to put you off but this is just the reality of the situation and we feel you should be aware of this before you sell up and relocate to Fuerteventura.

Summer Jobs in Fuerteventura in 2017

If however you are just looking for seasonal work for the summer season there is of course many opportunities because of the influx of tourists from all over Europe. The sort of work you will find is of course very much casual work which is often paid cash in hand and without an official job contract.

There is a great demand in the summer in Fuerteventura for people to work behind bars, as dancers and entertainers, DJ’s, promotional reps to get people into the bars and clubs, security such as bouncers and door supervisors, in restaurants working as waiters and waitresses or dishwashers and chefs, in hotels working on reception or as holiday reps looking after the customers of the major tour operators running package holidays to Fuerteventura.

If you are not officially employed on the island, make sure if you are a EU citizen you have applied for a EHIC card which would at least give you emergency medical treatment should you need it.

If you’re fortunate you will get a contract from your employer for a period of six months. This gives you the same rights as a Spanish employee, in particular free medical treatment at the doctors and hospitals.

Working Hours, Pay and Salaries – How Much Can I Earn?

Your employer will of course deduct National Insurance and tax. Wages in Fuerteventura tend to be in the region of €5-€8 per hour for most jobs. Although wages are much lower than they are in the United Kingdom, fortunately the cost of living is much less and you can still enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, being able to eat out and drink on a very small budget.

Working hours in Fuerteventura are unfortunately very long because it is traditional for the Spanish to take their siesta in the middle of the day usually between one o’clock and five o’clock in the afternoon. Most businesses will close down and reopen in the cooler evening hours, although of course this will not apply if you are working in a bar or restaurant which will be open all hours.

Bars and nightclubs on Fuerteventura will tend to open until at least two in the morning if not later so be prepared to work extremely hard and have very high energy levels!

Construction Work

There are some alternatives to work on Fuerteventura which do not involve work in the tourist industry. In particular if you are looking for building jobs or construction jobs you can potentially get work for expat companies who cater to the growing expatriate population on the island. These people tend to prefer workers who speak English as they themselves speak little Spanish.

So if you are a plumber, builder, electrician, tiler, labourer or bricklayer, if you are lucky you will find work.

Alternatively consider starting your own business and becoming self-employed.

You can either form a company known as a S.A. or most commonly you would work as a autonomo which means working as a self-employed individual who contributes social security payments each month.

These social security payments are high and for a family of four you’re likely to be paying approximately €250 a month.

After 15 years you will be entitled to a small state pension and of course the social security payments give you access to the Spanish national health system.

To work officially in Fuerteventura you must have an NIE number. Go to the nearest social security office with your original passport and copy.

You will have to fill in a form so it would be helpful if you learn some basic Spanish but the questions are relatively simple, you will need to provide basic information such as name, address, nationality etc. They issue the NIE number there and then and give you a temporary card.

Expat Jobs

Most expatriates who have moved to Fuerteventura speak limited Spanish and prefer to deal with English-speaking people. These are just some of jobs that people on the island carry out and earn a living from: cleaners, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning, gardening jobs, villa cleaning jobs, bar jobs and bar work, hairdressing jobs, shop and retail work, taxi service, driving jobs including removals, restaurant jobs such as chefs, waiters and waitresses, sales, estate agents, fitness jobs, beautician jobs, pet care jobs, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, insurance sales positions, customer service jobs, office jobs, secretarial, admin, carers, nursing jobs and I.T. jobs.

Teaching English

There are certainly better locations in Spain if you are looking at teaching English to Spanish people but as a means of earning some spare part-time cash on the island, this is most definitely one of the best. Language schools on the island will look for internationally recognised professional qualifications such as such as TEFL or ESL

Where To Find Work in Fuerteventura

fuerteventuraThe most popular towns in which to find work on Fuerteventura are Caleta de Fuste, Correlejo and Costa Calma.

Jobs in Corralejo

Located in the north of the island, Corralejo is one of the sunniest spots on the island of Fuerteventura. Here you will find white sandy beaches, the world-famous sand dunes and watersports.

This is the main place to go in Fuerteventura for nightlife and entertainment which makes it the best place to look for those bar jobs and summer jobs. The busiest area for bars and nightclubs in Corralejo is the Centro Comercial Atlantico on the main strip.

There are plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and clubs to keep you busy and entertained. Corralejo has a transfer time of 45 minutes from the airport.

Jobs in Costa Caleta/Caleta de Fuste

Costa Caleta previously known as Caleta de Fuste is a low-key resort just 15 minutes transfer from the airport with mostly low-rise whitewashed accommodation and a fabulous golden sandy beach.

Jobs in Puerto del Rosario

The capital of Fuerteventura is Puerto del Rosario. It doesn’t have much in the way of tourism attractions and so if you’re looking to find work here you should definitely be able to speak fluent Spanish and be looking for office and administration jobs mainly.

Jobs in Morro Jable

Morro Jable is situated in the south of Fuerteventura. Morro Jable is very popular with German tourists and job seekers who come here for the miles of sandy beaches and good bars and restaurants.

Fuerteventura jobs can be found by the usual means of internet websites, forums, radio, word of mouth and the classified section in local newspapers.

Fuertenews.com – is a new weekly online English language newspaper for the residents of Corralejo, Fuerteventura which has a classified job section.

Fuerteventura Video

Below we have a useful video which shows you what the island of Fuerteventura looks like with some of the most scenic places on the island on show.


Primarily aimed towards English-speaking people, we have attempted to help you find work in jobs on the Spanish Canary Island of Fuerteventura by covering the topics listed below:

  • About Fuerteventura
  • Living in Fuerteventura
  • Working in Fuerteventura for English Speakers
  • Where to Find Jobs in Fuerteventura
  • Are There Winter Jobs in Fuerteventura?
  • How do I Get a Job with Accommodation?
  • Are there any Fuerteventura job forums?
  • Popular Types of Work and Job Vacancies
  • Holiday Rep Jobs
  • Bar Jobs and Club Jobs on Fuerteventura
  • Summer Jobs in Fuerteventura 2017
  • Part-Time Work and Jobs Fuerteventura

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  1. Hi, I hope this reaches the relevant person who can help. My name is Brent I have recently moved to Spain from Australia and hold dual nationality of Irish and Australian citizenship and am seeking work in Spain, I would like to work in the Canary Islands(Fuerteventura or close to).

    I am seeking opportunities in, Digital marketing, Administration and service and sales roles. I am available to commence any assignments ASAP with a full time availability and am adaptable to relocate should the right opportunity arise.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time for further details.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hello,

    my Name is Miriam, 27 years old.I speak German, Englisch, French and learn Spanisch at the moment.I have a Diplom as a Entertainer-Animation.Worked as a Entertainer and Singer last year in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.
    I did a vocal music studium. I am searching for singing jobs in Hotels or work mainly for singings-shows as a Entertainer or Singer in Fuerteventura.
    Please reply, i am very interested and motivated.
    I moved right now to Spain, and be able to work now in the summer season.

    Best regards


    • they are looking for people to work in animacion in caleta de fuste in fuerteventura an ad was posted today on milanuccios

  3. Hi! Myself and my husband are looking to move here after enjoying our holidays here so much! i am wondering of the work opportunities, as i am an experienced entertainer and singer, and believe I could do very well (I was offered a contract just because I sang on karaoke one night!). My income wouldn’t be enough on my own though, unless I worked almost every night and also got a position during the day – my husband is a web developer, creates websites and currently holds a coveted position in a prestigious company in the UK – Are there any opportunities for somebody with his skills? If possible, I would also like to enquire about schools, as our son is in primary school – are there any that are b-lingual? We were hoping to move to Caleta de Fuste. Our Spanish is limited, but we have started learning again (I took Spanish as a language in college) Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Just reply 🙂

  4. Hello,

    I am Lucia, 29 years old, besides English I speak Norwegian, Slovak, Czech and actively learning Spanish at the moment at B1 level. I have work experience from the area of digital advertising, travel agency, marketing, event management, customer service, sports, surf camp and more. I am moving now from Galicia to Corralejo and I am in active search for work openings in the area. I have quality inter-personal skills, customer oriented attitude, ability to learn fast and to multitask. So I am really flexible and open to wide variety of work opportunities. Please contact me by replying to this post and I will gladly provide further details.

  5. tracy thomas says:

    I currently work as a branch merchandiser currently looking after Manchester city , Everton and Leicester tigers stores and stadium stores , I have worked in merchandising since 2010 but have done many things over my years , would love to move to caleta de fuiste or surrounding area we go there a min of twice a year, I was a fully qualified pub landlady , have worked in stores/shops , bars and restaurant’s , have been a cleaner and worked in an old peoples home as a carer when the children where young , Have worked as a supervisor in warehouses and run a Christmas hampers operation, am willing to do anything work wise , my partner currently works in a warehouse as a service operative but has also done brickwork ect also but is handy putting his hand at anything , I would love to move and gain work please get in touch if anyone has anything please xx

  6. Brian Marmion says:

    I am a fully Qualified Svq 3 Green keeper currently working at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland .Has anyone any contacts for fulltime employment on any golf course or football stadium !!! As I would like to move my family to the island !!! I have Golf course ,Football and bowling green experience!!! Get in touch please !!!

  7. Hi I am a door supervisor and fitness instructor. I am looking for full time door supervision job in Fuertaventura. I currently work in Cardiff city centre in a very busy nightclub. I am coming out to Fuertaventura in January so would be interested in meeting up with anyone looking for a professional door supervisor. I am SIA qualified also

  8. Timo Bergemann says:

    I forgot to mention that I am also practising Mixed Mattial Arts (Wing Tsung; Escrima; Teak Known Do; Judo) all together more then 23 years. So maybe a job in security relevant area might be interesting for me as well.


  9. Timo Bergemann says:

    Hello There,
    I am self-employed since 2008, beeing able to to most of computing jobs. Mainly I work as a Linux-Systemadministrator for different companies, but I am also able to work with Windows. As my middle time plane is pointing to Fuerteventura I am looking forward to get in contact with people there who offer jobs in the IT. In case you are interested in my support please write your request to info@hax-lab.net.

  10. currently in the middle of renting a property in costa antigu, will be permenant by the 1 sept 2014..
    will need a job..
    im currently a private cleaner, shop supervisor, and waitress, i work hard and long hours as i have nothing else to do lol so i figured i would do the same on a beautiful canary island,,which has been in my thoughts for many years..just had to wait for the boys to flee the nest..
    email me if you have a vacancy..i am bubbly and a people person and can turn my hand to pretty much anything! mkashby@gmail.com
    look forward to hearing from you, thanks for reading 🙂

  11. Kirstie says:

    Hey there everyone!
    My fiance and I are looking to move to Fuerteventura. We have our own (mortgaged) house here in the UK and will rent that out, should we find work in Fuerteventura.

    I am a qualified LEVEL 3 nursery nurse, but working as a private nanny at the moment, so have a LOT of experience with children. I am beginning to learn Spanish and will continue doing so, especially once we have moved over. My fiance is a qualified Quality Engineer, also specialising in Health & Safety.

    PLEASE contact me if you are offering any jobs that we are made for! We love Corralejo but love the island as a whole, so would consider living anywhere on the island :).

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  12. Laura Ryan says:

    Looking to move to Fuerteventura in January 2015 with my partner. We have our minds set on Caletta de fuste but accomadation seems to be hard to find . I dont think it would be hard to find a job once we are over there but still looking online every day to see if something comes up. Would really appreciate if any one has any advice or comments to help us get through this first step. He is a mechanical enginner working for Intel in Ireland. I work in a restaurant full time as staff rep and also teach dance classes varies hiphop,breakdance, commercial,zumba ect. Very friendly , motivated , organised and mature couple looking to experience and gain skills in Fuerteventura.

  13. Hi,looking to come out and work for a while and if goes well move in and make a home,so I am looking for a labouring ( ie building) /gardening work ,,,,so if you could help call me on 07753181333 or email-F A R M E R I N G @ H O T M A I L . C O . U K Thank you Jamie

  14. Jane Patrick says:

    I have recently moved to Caleta and looking for work. I am qualified with N.V.Q. 3 in Health & Social Care, specialising in people with learning difficulties, autism and challenging behaviour. I am willing to take on supportive role for both residents and holiday visitors. I have been in the capacity of supporting people for the last 30 years and have a vast amount of knowledge in barrier, and general nursing. Please contact on janepatrick01@outlook.com



  16. Hi, I am a social housing officer in Britain and need to escape! I have holidayed many times in Fuerteventura and always felt like I have come home! My great grandad was Spanish, wished I could have taken Dad there before he died, as I felt he belonged with the guys, outside, playing cards, smoking and no women, no worries LOL I am on my own now n thinking about following my dream/destiny to come there? I have been to night school to learn Catillian Spanish, to get by as an adult, but, THEY SHOULD TEACH A SECOND LANGUAGE TO OUR CHILDREN AT PRIMARY EDUCATION!! like they do in other European states! Feel so ignorant and stupd when i can’t converse. Just come back from Fuerteventura and keeping in contact with a lovely German lady who speaks fluentley 3 Languages, so jealous! Want to be there, worked in Estate Agency before and Hairdressing! E mail me if you have a vacancy would be great, Thanks.

  17. Alan Price says:

    Hi my name is Alan i,m a local disc jockey in the midlands area playing music from 60s 70s 80s and today i also specialize in mod ska northern soul reggae and motown i,ve being doing this type of work for about 10 years working at various locations such as The Castle Hotel in the Midlands,i would like to expand my knowledge of music to a bar or hotel in Fuerteventura

  18. Steven shepherd says:

    HI, I am a self employed door supervisor and protection officer , At moment I’m working on concerts and events and door supervision / bouncer I hold a sia licence
    My partner is a criminal Psychologist Currently working for the police, we are both looking to relocate from the uk to fuerteventura ,
    Thank you Steven shepherd .

    • Hi, I know you posted this along time ago but i was wondering whether you were successful in finding a job in fuertaventura as a door supervisor? im thinking the same thing but was wondering if there is a need for them over there. Could you let me know? Thanks.


  19. helen carter says:

    Hi I’m a nursery nurse and have a teaching assistant level 2 I live in Leeds west Yorkshire, I also have worked in a hospital house keeping and have excellent knowledge on health and hygiene. My husbad has all his top man cards and have worked in demolition for years and now he is a qualified asbestos stripper and up to date certificates for everything please get in touch with any available job vacancy in any field as we are wanting to move to fuertventura. Thanks Helen carter.

  20. angela hurley o meara says:


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