Benidorm – Where and How to Get a Job in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

This page is a guide to finding jobs in Benidorm including a list of job vacancies as well as suggestions on where to find work and what type of vacancies you may expect to find.

Working in Benidorm

Benidorm is a popular place to find work as it is a busy happening place. Benidorm is the major tourist resort on the northern Costa Blanca in Spain. You can reach Benidorm after a two hour plane ride from most United Kingdom airports. There are three international airports within a ninety minute drive to Benidorm being Valencia, Murcia and Alicante.

job-spain-graphicBenidorm is one of the most popular Spanish towns in which people are looking to find jobs. Being a tourist resort, it has many job openings and vacancies in the catering trades such as cook, waiter, dishwasher, bar tender, cleaner, animators, dancers etc.

Many people come to Benidorm for the summer season looking for seasonal bar jobs and you will usually get one pretty easily. Certainly this is the most common type of job available.

Hotel Jobs

There are also plenty of other jobs in the tourist sector notably hotel jobs in Benidorm such as holiday reps, cleaners, receptionists etc. Examples of hotels in Benidorm to search for vacancies would be Don Pancho Hotel Benidorm, Dynastic Hotel Benidorm, Flamingo Oasis Hotel Benidorm, Gran Delfin Hotel, Levante Club Hotel Benidorm, Mediterraneo Hotel and Melia Benidorm Hotel.

Summer Jobs

There are also lots of opportunities for summer jobs in Benidorm. It is however important to know that if you do choose to work in the tourist industry that the work is seasonal mainly from March until October and that the wages paid are about 60% of what is earned by your Northern European counterparts, although the cost of living is 90% of that of Northern Europe.

A limited knowledge of the Spanish language is ideal but not compulsory, making these kind of jobs fiercely competitive between all nationalities across the board.

Very popular on the job scale in this field are cleaning jobs in Benidorm as they are well paid, in abundance and all year round as people’s homes as well as villa companies require cleaners.

Work in the tourist industry is mainly done in shifts or split shifts. On the positive side you can spend your time off at the beaches of Benidorm such as Playa Poniente or Playa Levante. This line of work also takes its toll on family life and relationships so it is ideally for singles without partners or families as the hours are ad-hoc and long.

How To Find Work

Jobs in Benidorm can be found by the usual means of internet, radio, newspaper, word of mouth etc. There are a lot of competition for jobs so it is important that you apply for a job with a contract.

Benidorm Poniente beachThese kind of jobs will entitle you to the Spanish state pension, a limited unemployment and of course to medical care.

As your new employer will also be paying his fair share of these contributions he will make sure he employs the best candidate for the job.

Of course there are many other jobs just like anywhere else such as lawyer, doctor, teacher, nurse, policemen, pharmacist, shop assistant, laundromat etc.

Working hours differ greatly from Northern Europe due to the extreme heat. A typical Spanish working day starts at ten in the morning until one and then everyone has a siesta. Work resumes at four in the afternoon until around eight in the evening. Most of these jobs require a good working knowledge of the Spanish language.

It should be noted that jobs in the civil service such as teachers and jobs in the police force are reserved for Spanish nationals.

If you have qualifications as a teacher, in Benidorm you won’t be able to teach in Spanish schools but you can at the Costa Blanca International College in Benidorm or at the Lady Elizabeth Schools in Javea and LLiber, or at Xabia International College.

Starting or Buying a Business

Alternatively of course if you don’t fancy working for someone in Benidorm there is always the possibility of going the self-employed route, by setting up your own business in Benidorm. It is important to take note that you will need to pay at least three hundred Euros monthly in compulsory social security contributions as well as VAT or IVA which is due from the first Euro and on every Euro you earn.

IVA stands currently at 16% but is due to go to 18% from the first of July 2010. You have to come to Spain with good starting capital to be able to make a go of it. Alternatively of course you can always buy an already established business in Benidorm which can be easier on your nerves and wallet in the long run.

Where To Get a Job

Many jobs that are really popular with English people are in the real estate sector. Second to the tourist industry jobs, jobs in the construction industry have been the driving force in the Spanish economy over the last decade and of course there are many real estate agencies in Benidorm selling houses, apartments, villas, fincas, guest houses, hotels etc.

Benidorm at nightThere are almost as many real estate offices in Benidorm as there are bars and restaurants. Of course branching off real estate are the tradesmen associated with housing such as plumbers, electricians, plasterers, tillers, painters etc.

These jobs are probably amongst the most highest possible earnings and best paying jobs in Benidorm.

Popular self-employed businesses in Benidorm are specialty English shops and villa maintenance companies, villa rental and apartment rental agencies.

As there are so many villas and apartments in Benidorm being rented by owners and companies, so there are many companies (and therefore jobs) to supply services to service the properties such as gardening services, pool cleaning services and even just general care and maintenance.

So when it comes to getting work in Benidorm, the possibilities are endless whether self-employed or employed, even a little translating services will do just fine.

Jobs for English-Speakers in Benidorm

Most Benidorm jobs and positions will be in the tourist industry although mostly of a seasonal and part-time nature, these include promoting for bars and nightclubs, dancers, hotel work, club promotors and reps, catering jobs such as chefs and cooks, singers, bands, comedians, waiters, waitresses, airport jobs, villa rental jobs, tour and travel reps, blanket tour sales reps, car hire jobs and cleaning jobs. There will be some related driving jobs in Benidorm such as coach driving jobs and driving people to the airport and back as well as related driving jobs such as taxi jobs and HGV jobs.

Other job vacancies in Benidorm for English speakers will be in the property market industry in the areas where expats live although currently this market is very depressed with the recession. This includes sales positions which are almost always commission based as well as jobs for people in property maintenance companies – in other words construction jobs and building jobs for English speaking people.

benidormOther typical jobs you are likely to find would be those that cater to the large expat population in Benidorm and the surrounding area, these include: cleaning swimming pools, gardening jobs, villa cleaning jobs, bar jobs and bar work for barmen and barmaids, hairdressing jobs, shop and retail work in English goods shops, taxi service, driving jobs including removals, restaurant jobs such as chefs, waiters and waitresses, fitness jobs, beautician jobs, pet care jobs, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, insurance sales positions, customer service jobs, there are many English newspaper and magazines requiring writers and sales people etc..

There are few management jobs in Benidorm, few marketing jobs, legal jobs, education jobs, media jobs, office jobs or executive jobs for professional people although there are some secretarial and administrative positions working for companies such as legal and financial companies. You also won’t find many care or nursing jobs available in Benidorm.

Anyone searching for vacancies and I.T. jobs in Benidorm (IT stands for information technology) also will find very few opportunties available.

Holiday Reps

One very popular way of finding work and jobs is to consider working as a holiday rep. This is because many tourists visit Benidorm on what is known as package holidays. This involves booking a holiday with a major tour operator such as Thomsons or First Choice.

Holidaymakers pay a fixed price which includes a number of different components such as flights, hotels, food and airport transfers. on hand in a hotel in Benidorm is a holiday rep or representative who is there to deal with any problems, questions and the arranging of excursions and tours. A very demanding job energy-wise being a rep in Benidorm best suits people who are looking for a bit of excitement rather than a career.

Tradesmen & Construction Work

Construction and building jobs in Benidorm are highly possible because of the large expat population in Benidorm who need tradesmen who can speak English.

If you are a tradesmen such as a builder, electrician, plumber, painter, tiler, plasterer, bricklayer, labourer or another construction type tradesman then you are likely to find jobs in Spain although wages are fairly low at about €80-€130 a day.

Most Popular Places to Work in Spain:

Other Types of Work:

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  1. Tracy Waldron says:

    I am looking to move to Benidorm. I am single and mid forties, with plenty of experience in Administration/Office type roles, Customer Services etc. I also ran a small cleaning business for several years so would also be happy to take on house cleaning or office cleaning roles. I have also taken some courses in manicures/pedicures and spray tanning so would also be interested in getting a job in a salon.
    I am hard working, friendly and enthusiastic so please contact me if you have any job roles that I may be suitable for.

  2. Gary Ward says:


    I have been working in the media for over 30 years selling advertising in magazines and newspapers,and i am looking for similar work in the Benidorm area.
    If anybody out there has anything you can email me on
    I currently live in the UK but am willing to relocate.


  3. I’m andrew I am multi-skilled maintenance I have 30 years of skills, in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tilling, plastering, all to do with engineering maintenance, I’m looking to move to Benidorm in April 2017 email me,

  4. Moving to Albir in March and looking for work in or around Albir.
    I have a background in various areas of office work, as well as customer service experience, office administration and I.T. competency.

    As part of my varied roles for Lancashire County Council, I worked closely with families and individuals, often identifying other systems of support and working with multi agency teams.

    I am highly computer literate; I studied computing to A-level and utilised technology as an integral part of all my career roles to date. For example, I used Microsoft Excel to maintain and analyse records of attendance and usage of social care services. I also use Microsoft Word frequently when applying for funding and grants.

    Furthermore, I can offer excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. Presenting was a fundamental part of both my Project Development and Community Engagement work and could easily transfer these skills into other areas of work.

  5. Hi am Davison by name says:

    I am Davison I work in bernidorm in last summer at club stardust n a karaoke bar work for both club night and day as a bar man a a probaganda talking people to club my email 632269894 thanks waiting a positive response for job

  6. Hi am Davison by name says:

    Hello good day sir & madam am applying for the vacancy of a propaganda or a bar man in any restaurant or club around bernidorm am Davison am 21 an English +34632269894

  7. Paul Birchenough says:

    Hi. I am a qualified golf course manager and i am looking to relocate to spain with my family. I am 39 years old and looking for a opportunity to get into golf course maintenance in spain. Been involved with golf maintenance since 1994 and have relevant qualifications.does anybody know if golf clubs employ english greenkeepers. Or any opportunities in golf clubs thanks Paul

  8. Jenna Strange says:

    Hi guys.
    30 year old female have experience in catering, hospitality and pub work having fun a million pound sports bar,
    Have clean criminal history check and vehicle willing to make the big jump over to any part of Spain in search of a new adventure.
    Extremely articulate and personable.
    Can turn my hand to most things.

  9. Gareth watson says:

    Hi I’m a hydraulic fitter for plant machinery ..would love to find a job in benedorm…8f anyone’s after a forman team leader I’m available asap !!! I’m also English so.. get in touch

  10. We are looking to grow nationally.

    We looking for door canvassers to join our rapidly growing claims team. You will be given all the relevant tools and on going training to be successful in the role. Experience in field sales and direct sales would be beneficial but not compulsory as full training would be given. You will be working direct for the company, no agents or middle men. Top commission and uncapped bonuses, average weekly pay £800 per week OTE. For a immediate interview email your name, basic address and telephone number to

  11. Callum. Chisholm says:

    Hi I’m looking for a barber shop full time job in Benidorm or anywhere in Spain , I’m 19years of age , fully qualified , experience I have had my own barber shop for 9 ‘months looking to move away on my own to start a new life .

  12. David Martin says:

    I am a versatile, pro-active, board level executive with wide range of skills encompassing sales management, marketing, operation efficiency and corporate planning. Having worked in highly pressurised situations I can provide the necessary skill set to bring complex situations to a fruitful conclusion and successful closure. I have been instrumental in orchestrating and managing teams during complex and innovative sales. 15 years experience in events and hospitality. Moving to Benidorm as soon as I can find work

  13. Young English labourer/bricklayer from Oxford looking to move to Benidorm to experience a different life email me for more details about me etc

  14. Hi, im 22 and looking to work abroad through out the summer. I have a year of bar experience. Thanks in advance

  15. David Barker says:

    Hi, my name is Dave. I currently live in England working as a 17th Edition Electrician. My main experience is in the industrial/commercial sectors. I am looking to relocate to Benidorm in February 2017 and any work with my field would be appreciated. My email address is

  16. David Barker says:

    Hi, my name is Dave and hoping to relocate to Benidorm Feb 2017 or surrounding area. I am a qualified 17th edition electrician whose main experience has been in the industrial and commercial (hotels, schools, colleges, etc) sectors. Domestic electrical installation would be considered. Thank you for taking the time to read this and it would be nice to get a positive respose soon. Dave.

  17. David Barker says:

    I am a 17th edition electrician looking to start work in Benidorm/surrounding area in February 2017. My experience is mainly in the industrial and commercial sector but domestic would be considered. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  18. Jonathan smith says:

    Hello my name is Jonathan I’m am 35 looking for work in Benidorm . I have been Care for about 14 years and have work in kitchens. I will do any types work I do have a clean d.b.s my email is thank you

  19. Christine Reed says:

    Hi I’m looking for a vacancys in hotel work in Benidorm have own transport

  20. Hi, my name is Johannes! I am a 20yo very sociable, energetic and loyal young guy with the best years ahead of me. I come from Sweden, i speak English fluently but knows a bit spanish aswell. Been working with all from seller to Bar/Restaurant. I am now looking for jobbs in benidorm, I’m not afraid to work hard and maybe get some dirt under my nails. Learning something new is not a problem because I am a very easy learner and can handle stress. If you know any jobbopenings, or whatsoever, please don’t hesitate, give me a call or write me an Email.
    Thank you!

  21. Andy Gray says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy a property in Benidorm, I am looking for the following work, bar manager or a HGV/ PCV driver

  22. Christopher Onyemeh says:

    I’m interested in securing a position in the bar / restaurant business where my foreign language skills ability to develop good customer relations can be utilized to serve the customers effectively! But I can do any kind of job that’s available! My name Christopher contact: 632773708 /

  23. keeley balmer says:

    Evening, I am looking for work in benidorm , i am a fully qualified beauty therapist. i am living in torrevieja and looking for work in Benidorm . if you know of any thing please feel free to get in touch I am available from mid september, as im currently working In Greece.
    feel free to email me .
    Many thanks

  24. Hi my name is Afaq and i am 17 years old… I am currently living in !Spain!.. And i Speak English… I only worked for one month at a doner kabeb but i did not like that work much so i quit that job but now i am looking for a job any kind of job will work…… But mostly would love to work on a hotel or bar tender or for hospitality if any have any Kind of job Like this no matter where you are just contact me and i will think about it……

    This is my gmail ID……

    and this is my phone number…….


    I Am Available For 24/7.)

  25. We are looking for attractive and bubbly girls to join our promotions team in Benidorm this summer!! This is a fantastic opportunity for any girls who are interested in working abroad. Self employed work with flexible hours and excellent earning potential. Lots of money to be made girls!! Full training provided. Immediate start with shared accomodation.
    Please contact Frances on: 07495410770.

  26. Hi,all i am looking for work on the street cleansing side in spain,possibly benidorm.
    i have plenty of experiance cleaning the streets i am trained on the small johnson road sweeper
    i have done litter picking of the streets,parks,alley ways.also bulky clearance.emptying road side bins.
    i can drive upto 7.5ton on my licence in the uk
    at present o work for my local council as a grass cutter i am trained on kubota ride on mowers also hayter ride on mowers and ranson ride on mower.
    can provive excellent refs and work record.

  27. Ada White says:

    Hi, my name is Ada and I’m a 20 year old student. I am hoping to find summer work in an Irish or English speaking bar in Spain, as I am fluent in English and Irish, I can also speak French too. I have experience in retail, thus I am capable of working with people and serving customers. I am an outgoing person and I love meeting new people, especially from different cultures. If anything becomes available please feel free to contact me by email (

  28. Hi im a commis chef in manchester i would love to work in spain anywhere i would like to work in the kitchens of a hotel or a english reserant

  29. bronwyn mitchell says:


    Im looking to move over to Benidorm.
    I have 11 years experiance working within administration.
    If anyone has any jobs can you please email me

    Thank you

  30. Hi lm thinking of coming over to Benidorm and will be looking for cook/chef jobs please .l have been with the food industry for over 25 yrs and still have a lot to offer for my age please reply back to me if anybody knows or heard of something thank you

  31. Steve Barnes says:

    Hi there,
    I am looking for any kibd of bar, shop, sales work in Benidorm from the start of Feb 2016 and am in Alicante just now. I am an engineer by trade and have worked in sales for many years. I am hard working and well spoken, articulate and able to think on my feet. Any kind of work for me to live in Benidorm. Would appreciate some kind of accomadation help to start with. Please get in touch

  32. billy craig says:

    Hi my name is billy and i am a surgical appliance maker { leatherworker } been working for over 40 years now looking to work in benidorm in the same trade or bar work i have done waiter and food handling if you have a job please contact my by my email thanks

  33. Hi i would like to find a summer job in alicante/benidorm area.
    I am an 18yo who is about to finish school and planning to go to university, I am an open-minded, optimistic and sociable person
    I speak fluent english (Cambrigde Advanced Certificate passed woth grade A, C2 level), french on B2 level (attempting to pass DELF B2 in march), spanish on B1 level and polish which is a mother tongue. I am ready to start any kind of job, possibly with my friend who is also fluent in english and french. Please contact me via e-mail:>

  34. Darren Light says:

    I am moving to Spain on 31 January 2015. English speaking, looking to settle in the Alicante/Benido area.

    Currently a retail manager, English speaking, 44 yrs old, looking for long term work.

    I am a hard worker, experienced and will do any type of job.

    Professional blogger and writer also.



  35. DJ Harley says:

    Hi I am looking for dj or Karaoke work in Benidorm or Murcia or Marbella. I am a professional DJ and Karaoke Presenter and I have worked in many Countries. I have previously worked in Spain in Benidorm in bars and in Hotels and I have worked for Thompsons Holidays in Resorts and on Cruise Ships. I have also been a Stage Manager in a Professional Theatre and worked with many Stars. I have many skills in the Entertainment business and I am looking to move to Spain depending on the work I am offered. Contact Mark Tel 07833604895

  36. Matthew says:

    Hi would like to ask if any infomation on any job vacancies going I’m a qualified barber but I would consider doing anything as long as I find work such as bar work or cleaning swimming pools if some one could get back to me that would be great thanks Matthew.

    My email address….

  37. Hey i’m Deano,looking for work Benidorm hosting karaokes,singing sets,bar work,promotion even busking on the streets to survive in the sun. If anybody has any advice or contacts it would be most appreciated thankyou.

  38. hi i wondered if there were any vacancies for nursing (with contract) in the benidorm area. i particularly would like part time to begin with and eventually proceeding to full time. i do speak quite good spanish although it is a little rusty. i am looking to live in benidorm or close to the area in the near future but would prefer to have emploment in place first.

  39. hi i would like .to work and live in spain iam handyperson ./ painting decorating /ialso work with cars . please let me know permanentwork would be good with employer or hotel work thankyou david ps contact me

  40. joe Tomlinson says:

    Hi there im a 26 year old male living in Albir Spain ,5 minutes from benidorm, im currently looking for work , I’ve recently left the armed forces , I dont have my SIA badge but could go and do it if needed , if any work on the doors , or any work on bus or coach driving as I have my bus license my email is , or phone me on 722305111 many thanks .

  41. Do not come to search for permanent work in Benidorm unless you speak fluent Spanish or like telesales. €1,000 a month and a contract with an employer who won’t rip you off is considered good here.

  42. simon hassall says:

    hi my name is simon i have four years experience working in the hospitality industry i worked at wetherspoons where i gained promotion too team leader in the kitchen as well as on the bar

  43. Chloe O'Hara says:

    Hi I’m Chloe.

    Im 18 and thinking of moving to Benidorm with my partner. I’m currently looking for Admin/Secreteral/PA jobs. However i’m hoping to find a job there first as i dont want to be out of work. If there are any jobs suitable to my describtion could you please contact


  44. Peter Paradi says:

    Hello all Im Peter,
    I live in El Campello and im looking for a job in the restaurant/ hotel industry. I have over 20 years of experience in the same field as Im 39 yrs. old. Most recently I have worked in London and I was a General
    Manager for Cafe Rouge. I have great references from USA and from the U.K.
    Please send me an email if you can help me with a job. Thank You

  45. Dj Bassays says:

    Hi there I’m Dj Bassays and I’m looking for any kind of Dj work in Spain. I play Techno, Tech House and Deep House, if necessary I can work on my own Pioneer 2000 Nexus kit. I have been DJing for the past 3 years, previously have residency in the one of the best techno night clubs of my country capital city, and also residency in most popular summer party boat event series in 2013. Now I’m moved to Spain, (Denia) and i would love to get the opportunity to play somewhere around here. I’m not afraid of the distance, so Valencia, Alicante, e.t.c. will be good for me as well. Links to my latest mixes and my full Dj bio on request, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Just keep groovin! 🙂

  46. hi i am thinking of moving to spain with my family we have a daughter whos 9 and son 2 half my wife loves bennidorm but would need to work im a plasterer and was wondering what is the work situation like over there thanks

  47. Luke Chandler says:

    Hi, I’m Luke, 28, and I’m looking for work as a chef/cook (6 years experience) in the Benidorm area for the start of early 2015 (Jan/Feb time), full time hours and permanent if possible although I am flexible. I am only English speaking.
    If there is anyone with any help you can pass my way I would appreciate it.
    Thanks a lot.

  48. Hey,

    I am thinking of moving to Spain and would like to find a job within, administration, customer services, retail, waitress, bar staff, cleaner, Sales, Recruitment, Travel agent, I have very good customer service skills which I have gained over the years within my different roles which have been a travel agent, employment consultant, sales assistant and Hairdresser. I am able to be flexible with hours and ideally would like a secure permanent position within a good company. If you have a role which you think I would be good for, or know of anybody looking for a reliable employee please contact me on Thanks. (English Speaker)

  49. Im just wondering on how I apply to work in Benidorm either as a holiday rep or in a bar?

  50. Want a job as public relation benidorm,? We seek English speaking boy or girl.
    Payment everyday and commission on number of clients

  51. michael kench says:

    i am a coach bus driver seeking work full or part time driving or other very personable and well presented and mannered,thankyou

  52. Adam Richardson says:

    Hey i am 21 I have quite a few qualifications. Looking for a job in benidorm if you know that if theys any going will you contact me. Thank you. “”

  53. lynn jenkinson says:

    hi i am coming over to benidrom in april and would like to stay working does anyone have any vacencies in hotel ??

  54. hi I’m looking come to Benidorm for 6 months in January 2015
    I am NVQ 3 qualified in health and social care but also have leisure and tourism experience in bars and hotels
    any information that will help me start my journey will be much appreciated please email me

  55. diana slater says:

    looking for any jobs going in the benidorm area arrive on the 24th please

  56. Ian Duggan says:

    Hey guys I am looking for DJ jobs in Benidorm? Where do I start?

  57. Hello,,,iam a romanian lady and i ve been worked in Spain many years and lately in Dubai but my heart want to be at home for me HOME is Spain…iam currently seeking employment with a firm that will alow me to grow proffessionaly and advanced my experience to obtain challenging position utilizing in tourism, hospitality, sales ,costumer service..Also working in a powerful organization and practice my skills in a chalenging environment.I have brevet tourism atested and bachelor degree in Psychology.
    Thank you..

  58. Hi” I’m a EU citizen and lived in US for 30 years, I’m moving to Benidorm Spain in January and would like to have a job secured when i arrive. I’ve worked in the construction field remodeling homes,demolition,painting and carpentry for about 8 years. I also went to school to cut hair (barbero). I’m currently taking a tefl coarse to teach English. I also Speak enough Spanish to get by. Is there “anyone” who can help me out ?? If so my email is: Thank you

  59. damien winkle says:
  60. damien winkle says:

    plus i also build pc’s and repair computers and i have experience with reptiles for 18 yrs and im a landscape gardener aswell plus i leave the uk on the 27th august 2013

  61. damien winkle says:

    hi im 35 years old have been a DJ for 20 years i will be moving to benidorm on the 27th of august and my wife used to work in retail so please if there is anything out the for me please contact me on +347837572891 thank you hope you can help

  62. We have work in Benidorm, Any one who is interested please email me on and i will send you information on the work. It is on contract and basic wage, with commission as well, So if you are interested let me know, Thanks and good luck..

  63. Alexander says:

    I am a singer singing 50s60s country and irish music would love to sing in Spain anyone interested please get in touch….

  64. Jack Smales says:

    I am 18 years old looking for Dj work or karaoke host I’ve worked in pubs all over West Yorkshire I play a lot of Motown and northern soul and funk and 70s 80s 90s and charts let me k ow of any vacancys call me 07943 631078

  65. patrick mcclorey says:

    Hi I just love Benidorm and would like a good job there. I work in civil service and have good management qualifications. I don’t have any Spanish although keen to learn the language. Would love a job in some office or the public sector in Benidorm.

  66. Shaun Brady says:

    Hi…I retired last year from the Police Service, I’m currently a housing officer. Seeking a position in Benidorm…..anything considered. Thanks

  67. Mrs Sheila Darby says:

    Hello My husband John is looking for permenant /long term employment working as a Diesel Fitter for Heavy Goods Wagons ,John has fourty years experience ,we are looking to re-locate to Benidorm or surrounding areas ,john is sixtytwo years young and would consider working as a trainer or supervisor with other Fitters too once settled in employment we would move to live in Spain Regards Pls email any offers to Many thanks

  68. i am looking for coach driving work ,i have a pcv and csan start asap…any ideas would be appreciated.thanks

  69. hello i am living very close to Benidorm in Alfaz del pi i speak english and understand little spanish, i have been involved in many sport activities in my life which makes me more healthy and i am a kind of guy that can do any kind of job just because am a fast learner, i can work as personal trainer both for old and young once i can work in the mentainas department,,cleaner,nurse homes, security and many kinds of areas. i am a honest guy and easy going and i believe employing me to your company will be something that you will never regret kindly reply me back in my email adress best regards

  70. Alan love says:

    hi I’m 32yo with full SIA badge with 1st and avaced aid, including CPR and de-fib training, looking for DS full or part time jobs in all parts of Spain, willing to work multiple events/clubs/bars have experience in and around Scottish bars/clubs looking to expand my experience maybe get a tan doing it would love to work USA one day think this will help towards it full CV and SIA number on request ( )
    any questions plse ask, also i do NOT take alcohol or drugs, as I received Transplant (kidney) much thanks

  71. jason fawcett says:

    hi there, im looking for work in benidorm asap. i am open minded about the kind of work, anything from cleaning to bar work or hotel work. i have no commitments in the uk so flexability is not an issue.

  72. I am starting a new venture in alicante Spain I am looking for English speakers ,and exp hair dressers for a salon which has been going for six years now ,the client s are mostly ex pats,I would also be looking for fast food staff to work in fish and chip shop plaese contact me with reply

    • jordon rzymski says:

      hey, i’m from england and looking to work in spain for as long as possible, unfortunatly i am not an experienced hair dresser or barber but i am very hard working as i have worked in construction since i was 16 ( i am now 20) i’d be happy to get any kind of work really but i am living in england so i would need accomidation but i can pay for flights and head over as soon as i am needed.
      if you want to contact me via my email address please do
      and thanks.

    • Laura delaney says:


      my name is Laura i an working in the hospitality
      industry with 10years i an 27 years old my friend Tara is an experience hair dresser can i please forward on our cv

      kindest regard

    • laura delaney says:

      Hi Alex

      My name is Laura my friend Tara and i are looking to work in Spain i have worked in the hospitality section for 10 years, i am have experience in bar tending , reception , waitress , chefing i am 27 years of age my friend Tara has worked as a hair dresser for a couple of years can we please forward on our cv to you


    • K.Coleman says:

      Hi, Iam moving to Alicante in July permanantly, if you still have work available in chipper then please let me know.Thanks.Kerry

    • Brenda Doyle says:

      I am a fully qualified hairdresser living near Benidorm, if you are still looking for stylists I would be very interested. Thank you. 🙂

    • Emma Thompson says:

      Hello there
      are you still looking for people to hire in the hairdressers or fish and chip shop?

    • william croall and bernadette batterby says:

      Hi myself and partner are looking to move to Spain but need work first my partner is working at the moment in Waitrose , I’m 34 and my partner is 24 , have u any work available at this present time
      Your sincerely
      William croall

    • hi my name is Thomas had been qualified as Barber for three years with svq working at the same barbershop over this period and can do open Razor shave on face and head and in ladies self taught myself how to do a one lenth cut/ bob and graduated bob I am now looking to move to Alicante soon as you are looking for someone to work in your salon or even your chip shop please reply back to me thank you Thomas Meek

    • theresa chandiram says:

      I am relocating to Spain Alicante very shortly. I am in the process of closing down my hair and beauty salon which I have owned for the past 14 years. Looking to purchase a house with A Place In The Sun TV programe. I am highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of hair and beauty. would like to know of the possibilities of employment in Alicante.

    • DEREK IRVINE says:

      dear sir

      I am interested in your fish and chip idea I have been a chef for many years and have house in Alicante I am scots and in my 50s email lookforward to hearing more on this idea

  73. maureen daly says:

    I am going to start college this year to start something that will help me work abroad and move abroad with my family but I don’t no where to start. What would be the best thing to do or study that I no I would definately get a job in benidorm? I don’t no where to start but really want to turn my life around. Thank you. Maureen.

  74. kate johnson says:

    hi, i would like to work in benidom any season, winter or summer i live in spain i speak and english and spanish,i have diploma in cooking spanish food and any other kinds of food.and i can as well do other domestic work i will be very happy if u would help me get a job i really need it,thanks and god bless.

  75. Charlotte says:

    I’m thinking of moving and working abroad doing cleaning but I have a 5yr old daughter how are the schools over there and could I work as there will be just us 2

  76. julie ellis says:

    Hi i would like to be a Holiday rep i am doing my level 2 diploma in travel and torisum please could you help me thank you.

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