Jobs in Barcelona – The Honest Truth About Working in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world and as a place to live it has a variety that most other cities just cannot compete with.

No wonder many people thinking of working in Spain consider moving to Barcelona and finding a job.

Spain’s second largest city is actually the fourth most visited city in Europe because of the many famous tourist attractions such as the Gaudi designed Sagrada Familia, Saint Eulalia Cathedral and the Castell dels Tres Dragons.

We know Barcelona is rich in culture with many famous monuments and sites but it is also a fantastic place to live being located on the coast with wonderful beaches right in the heart of the city such as Mar Bella. For winter ski lovers you are only two hours away from ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

Few cities allow you so many options for leisure and culture. FC Barcelona are one of the most famous football teams in the world playing at the famous Nou Camp stadium – there are many possibilities for living the outdoor lifestyle and keeping fit.

Below we will give you a guide on what sort of jobs in Barcelona you can expect to find, particularly if you are an English-speaking person.job-spain-graphic

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Work For English Speakers

Most of the advice on this page is aimed towards English-speaking people looking for jobs in Barcelona.

Unfortunately Barcelona will be one of the hardest places in Spain to find work if you are an English speaker. Even if you are fluent in Spanish the problem with Barcelona is that they are fiercely nationalistic and speak Catalan and not what we know as Spanish, which is actually Castilian (Castellano in Spanish).

In the sections below we concentrate on the best possibilities for finding English jobs in Barcelona. As a general rule the city is best for finding professional jobs with major international companies based in Barcelona.

Alternatively you will be looking for work such as becoming a nanny in Barcelona or an au pair in Barcelona whereby you will be living with a family and looking after their children while they work. These Spanish families will be employing you so that their children also pick up the English-language.

There are other smaller towns in Spain which have large expatriates populations in comparison to the native Spanish population. In these towns there are better possibilities for working all the year round providing services to English-speaking people such as tradesmen jobs like plumbing and electricians.

We refer to towns such as Marbella and Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol or Torrevieja and the surrounding area on the Costa Blanca.

Realistically, working and living in Barcelona and getting a job there will require some knowledge of Catalan.

Barcelona Summer Jobs

There are much better places in Spain to look for summer jobs but because Barcelona does have a thriving tourist industry there will of course be opportunities in the peak summer months to find work.

You should be aware when looking for summer jobs in Barcelona that the month of August is actually relatively quiet because many residents go on holiday to other parts of Spain. So there is actually less work than you might think but nevertheless the influx of tourists means many bars and restaurants will require extra help.


Certainly if you are a student looking for work in Barcelona we would steer you towards the more popular tourist destinations elsewhere in Spain where it is much easier to find work in bars and restaurants.

Most summer jobs will be in the tourist trade such as serving behind the bar or waiting on tables in popular restaurants located in the city centre or on the beachfront. Some opportunities exist for cooks and chefs in the kitchens.

Other seasonal opportunities to work in Barcelona would include working in the many hotels and hostels located throughout the city and naturally which experience extra demand in the summer.

Hotel jobs in Barcelona working as a receptionist are very rare and you would need to speak Catalan as well as Castilian. More likely you would get work as a waiter or waitress.

Hourly rates of pay in Barcelona are likely to be around €5 an hour for seasonal and summer jobs.

Bar Work in Barcelona

One of the most popular summer jobs in Spain is working in a bar in a tourist resort. Barcelona will also fit into this category and the good thing is that you will need only to speak limited Spanish or Catalan in order to serve drinks and give the correct change.

As usual we would still advise that you are better off looking at the international tourist resorts on the Spanish islands such as such the popular Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

The Balearic Islands are also very popular especially Ibiza and Majorca/Mallorca.

All of these islands have busy resorts famous for their nightlife and packed with hundreds of bars catering exclusively to international tourists where you can even get a job without speaking a word of Spanish.

The best opportunity in Barcelona for work and jobs would be in one of the expat bars specifically aimed towards the foreign population. These will include popular English pubs and Irish bars.

We recommend asking for work in these Barcelona bars:

  1. The Queen Vic at Nou de la Rambla 24, 08001 Barcelona.
  2. George Payne Irish Bar – Plaza Urquinaona, 5 Barcelona.
  3. Flaherty’s Irish Pub – Plaça de Joaquim Xirau, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.
  4. The Quiet Man – C/ Marquès De Barberà 11 08001 Barcelona, Spain 934 121 219.
  5. The Temple Bar – Passatge Madoz 2, 08002 Barcelona, Spain, Tel: 933 179 432.
  6. Scobies Irish Bar – C/ Balmes 8, 08007 Barcelona, Spain, tel: 933 018 594
  7. George & Dragon – C/ Diputació 269, 08007 Barcelona, Spain, tel: 934 881 765
  8. The Shamrock – C/ Tallers 72, 08001 Barcelona, Spain, 934 124 636.
  9. The Philharmonic – C/ Mallorca 204, 08036 Barcelona, Spain, Tel: 934 515 043.
  10. Dow Jones – C/ Bruc 97, 08009 Barcelona, Spain, Tel: 934 763 831

Try also Mollys Fair City, O’Hara’s, Ryans Irish Pub Paradis, Flann O’Brien, Dublin Irish sport tavern, Hogan’s, Irish Rambler, Jules Verne, Paddy’s Lane Irish Bar, Temple Stone Bar and the Fastnet Irish Pub.

Sales and Marketing

Most of the towns we cover for getting jobs in Spain are tourist destinations, yet Barcelona offers something different in that it is headquarters to so many multinational companies.

Not many Spanish towns can compare to Barcelona for sales jobs. Major companies have vacancies in the sales and marketing departments and there are many businesses with call centres which will require English speaking people catering to the large expat population in Spain. Of course many of these positions require a degree of Spanish and Catalan.

IT & Computer Jobs

I.T. stands for information technology and there are a number of vacancies and positions for IT jobs in Barcelona predominantly working for international companies looking after their computer systems. These could include popular Barcelona employers such as American Express, Avis and Hewlett-Packard.

If you are a contractor or programmer and able to offer backend computer support you may be lucky enough to find a job in Barcelona living in one of the best cities in the world for lifestyle.

Of course one of the great things about IT jobs is that you won’t need to speak any Spanish at all.

What Work Is There in Barcelona for Expats?

Because Barcelona has the problem of the language of Catalan it means that to find work in the city requires a degree of skills and qualifications that are not readily found in the resident population.

barcelona streetsEnglish speaking people that we know of, who have found work in Barcelona have specific skills in graphic design, design, finance or fashion.

This is definitely the city to find professional jobs such as human resources, media, admin, customer service, secretarial, legal or accounting positions. If you are an executive or at board level see our Barcelona headhunters page to find top-level managerial positions in Barcelona.

The vast range of nationalities working in Barcelona is vast and you will find many Germans, Dutch, French, Scandinavians, Americans, Canadians, Colombians, Moroccans, Romanians, Polish, Russians etc.

Some other miscellaneous types of jobs that you might just be able to find as an English speaker would be in nursing, care, hairdressing, telemarketing, telesales, photographer, personal trainer, fitness, beautician, secretarial, admin and as a journalist or writer.

ESL/TEFL Teaching Jobs

We have discussed how difficult it can be to find jobs in Barcelona for English-speaking people but when it comes to your language, the obvious use is to look at a teaching job. Barcelona has many of the biggest companies in Spain with headquarters here so there are plenty of translation jobs in Barcelona.

For ambitious Spaniards looking to increase their income opportunities being able to speak English is very important in order to progress up to executive or board level.

Barcelona is also home to many international schools with English as the first language. At these international schools in Barcelona there are teaching positions.

A professional teaching qualification for teaching English such as the internationally recognised TEFL certificate (ESL and TESOL are also recognised) will go a long way towards being able to find well paying work.

Benjamin Franklin International School – A welcoming International School with over 40 nationalities in the heart of Barcelona, Spain.

Learn about Rachel from America who went through the International TEFL Academy certification and has been teaching English in Barcelona Spain:

Rules and Regulations

Most casual seasonal jobs will be paid in cash without a working contract, leaving you with no entitlement to any benefits such as free medical treatment if you are suddenly taken to hospital or fall sick.

Ensure you are employed on an official contract entitling you to the Spanish social security system and its free medical care and pension system.

You will not require a visa to work in Barcelona if you are a national of an EU European country such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland.

Other foreign nationals such as Americans, Australians and Canadians will be required to apply for a visa from the Spanish embassy or consulate in their own country before they can travel to Spain. This visa usually will last three months at which point you have to leave the country.

When deciding what job offers to accept try to take those that come with an official working contract which is usually for a duration of three months. An official contract entitles you to the free Spanish state healthcare system, free Spanish school system and unemployment and pension benefits.

An official job will require a tax identification number known in Spain as the N.I.E number for foreigners. This is relatively easy to obtain, just go to your nearest police station or Social Security office with your documentation such as passport or driver’s license. You will need to fill out a form and a temporary number and certificates will be issued to you.

Where to Find Work

Barcelona job websites & forums – there are plenty of Internet sites and job forums advertising the latest job vacancies. We offer this service whereby at the bottom of our page employers and job seekers can list their jobs vacancies in Barcelona.

Craigs List Barcelona – Craigs List is a global classified advertisement website which has a specific Barcelona section for jobs.

Other popular websites for finding jobs in Barcelona include Loquo Barcelona. At the time of writing we can see they have over 23,000 jobs advertised in these main categories:

  • Software / Internet
  • Engineering / Architecture
  • Healthcare
  • Design / Creative
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Office / HR
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Education / Teaching
  • Hospitality / Waiters
  • Hairstylist / Beautician
  • Logistics
  • Construction / Maintenance
  • Part-time / Internships

Word of Mouth – Most jobs in Barcelona will not be advertised especially those of a part-time nature or summer jobs in Barcelona. Many bars or restaurants will simply put a notice in their window asking for staff. It also helps to be in Barcelona asking around and making contacts.

Barcelona newspapers – The city has a number of free magazines and newspapers in English which typically have classified job advertisement sections.

One of the best-known is the Barcelona Metropolitan magazine. This is a free monthly publication in English with a classified job section at the back.

This is a great place to find those expat jobs specifically aimed at English-speaking people. The magazine is distributed at many popular spots throughout the city or you can go direct to their website.

If you can speak some Spanish or Catalan then the daily newspapers are definitely worth looking at because they all have classified job sections.

La Vanguardia

El Pais

Our main employment page also has some good job sources which would equally apply to Barcelona such as recruitment agencies or employment agencies.

Empresas de Trabajo Temporal (ETT) are recruitment agencies in Spain – mostly professional and admin work on temporary contracts.


Wikipedia Barcelona – Open source travel guide to Barcelona featuring up-to-date information on sights, history, climate, facts and figures, travel tips and more.

Ajuntament Barcelona – The official Barcelona website created by the City Council, is a channel of communication with all topics of visiting and living in Barcelona covered.


Below is a You Tube video showing the very best sights in Barcelona and why it would make a fantastic place to live and work.


We receive hundreds of e-mails from people wanting to work in Barcelona. In reality it is one of the hardest places in Spain to find a job despite it being the second largest city – you may wish to also consider the capital Madrid if you want to find work in a major Spanish city.

The problem stems from the fact that Barcelona speaks the language of Catalan which is spoken by very few people outside the region of Catalonia.

It makes finding work and jobs extremely difficult for foreigners and in particular English-speaking people.

You’ll find much more success in finding work in Spain on the many holiday islands in Spain or Costa del Sol which is full of expatriates and is more international.

Below are some of the main sections and frequently asked questions about finding work in jobs in Barcelona.

  • Is the cost of living in Barcelona high?
  • Are there jobs in Barcelona for English speakers?
  • Jobs in Barcelona for Americans
  • Where can I find jobs in Barcelona?
  • Popular Types of Work and Job Vacancies
  • Summer Jobs in Barcelona 2017
  • Part-Time Work in Barcelona

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  1. Veronika Stoevová says:

    Hello, I´m Veronika. i´m 24 and i´m from Slovakia. I would love to spend this whole summer working and living in Barcelona. Looking for job in hotels or bars. I dont speak spanish or catalan but english fluently
    and i´m quick learner. If you´re interested just send an e-mail.
    Thank you

  2. Jade Howarth says:

    Hello! I’m Jade and I’m from the UK I’ve just moved to Barcelona with my partner and I’m in the starting process of getting my NIE I have loads of experience in the hospitality industry, I have my college degree in hospitality as well, learning the basics of Catalan 🙂 any jobs going send them my way!

  3. Hello!
    I´m Jana,19 year old girl from Slovakia. I would like to find a job in Spain for the summer 2017. I am available from mid-june to mid-september. My previous experience: tourist guide in the castle, receptionist and barmaid in France; I would like to continue working in the sector of tourism (hotels, restaurants, tourist office,..) I speak slovak, english, french and I have a basic level in spanish (I´d be happy to improve my skills).
    If you know about some job, please contact me.
    Thank you!

  4. keresztes timea says:

    Hi! My name is Tímea, I’m 22 and I am looking for a job in Spain from July to September- October. I would like to work like a waitress in a hotel or a restaurant/bar. Experience: I have worked in Greece in a hotel and in a bar too. Thanks!

  5. Radakovitch Louna says:

    Hello, we are three 18 years old girls from France, and we are searching for an unqualified job from mid september to mid december 2017. We can work in every field because we’re very motivated. We speak fluent French, English but not very wel Spanish, but we can improve it quickly (we can still have a conversation).

  6. Dovile Blazonyte says:

    Hola, que tal? I’m Dovile from Lithuania. I spend two amazing summers in Spain. It was erasmus practice in Tossa de Mar, bar-restaurant. So this summer ( I’m and my friends ) decided to try another place (2-3 months) Will be nice in Barcelona… We funny, we have practise with spanish people and we are from Lithuania !
    p.s. we are finished tourism studies in college.

    Besos !

  7. Freya Saunders-Jeffery says:

    My name is Freya, I’m 23 years old and from the UK. I have recently graduated with a first class honours degree in Fashion Graphics. I am looking to relocate to Barcelona to work as a graphic designer in the fashion industry. If anyone has any information or tips on how to achieve this kind of role, I would appreciate it!

    Many thanks

  8. Oliver Szasz says:

    My name is Oliver. I´m from London/UK but my nationality is Hungarian originally. I’m a professional bartender/barista with 17 years of experience and working history in catering and hospitality. I have very strong skills in: Drink preparation, Latte-art, cocktail making, bar organisation, table service(including silver and/or mirror service) I’m energetic, friendly, hard worker, a team player, demanding about qualities, persistent and very fast. I get used to it to serve huge crowds instantly preserving a high quality standard and increase guest satisfaction. I’m looking for a full time job in Barcelona with immediate start
    I’m looking forward for any options available. English/fluent, Spanish/Intermediate
    Please contact me via email( or phone(+34)622197928

  9. Katie Hulland says:

    I am Katie 25 , From Wales. I am currently looking for work abroad including: waitress, front of house, admin, receptionist, barmaid, beauty therapist etc.
    I will need accommodation for myself and my Partner as well.
    Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  10. Any class 2 driving jobs going around Barcelona?

  11. Laura Mahoney says:

    I am a 34 year old professional British woman working in Saudi Arabia. I have a long summer vacation and wish to work in Barcelona for 2 months (between June 15th – September 15th). I have plenty of hospitality experience indeed. I have worked in about 9 bars, including a cocktail bar. I’ve worked in Greece, London and Wales. I have worked in restaurants too, including a very respectable Italian restaurant in the UK. I am learning Spanish right now, and already have basic Spanish. I am energetic, very polite, and quick on my feet. I would relish the chance to work in a fun, busy establishment once again for the summer. Please email me if you have any vacancies.

  12. Ben van Wichen says:

    Hola my name is Ben. I am a Dutch National.
    I have worked for many years in an international environment and I really enjoy working with the English language and I love to work with different cultures. At this moment I work at a backoffice and I feel that I can contribute the same administrative customer service anywhere. I am a very positive person.
    My background as back office employee; my professional experience as an operational analyst in an international environment and my general interest to live abroad. I consider myself a team player.
    I am a good listener. I can stay focused on ‘mind killing’ tasks. I am a pleaser and very service minded.
    I love to communicate. I am a team player. Change of work environment and to enrich my personal life. After 13,5 years, I miss working with the English language in a multi- cultural environment. I am curious for the ‘expat-life’. I think this will enrich my life. Available at

  13. Hi. My names Gavin . I am a chef and have worked in the industry for 14 years. I am moving to Barcelona and I’m looking for a full time position . I’m very dependable , hard working and well presented . I am fluent in English and learning Spanish . I hope someone can help. Thanks

  14. My name is SImone. I am a full time corporate yoga teacher at the moment. I am from Australia.I will be in BCN visiting close friends in March 2017 or much sooner if work becomes available! I would like to stay permanently if I can obtain work. I have intermediate/ advanced level spanish that will improve dramatically with immersion.I have taught all kinds of people and body types. Injured people, people with disabilities,trauma, young and old. The most useful knowledge I have though is how to help people who spend too much time sitting at a desk.

  15. We are looking to expand our team of dedicated and hard-working associates/shoppers in Barcelona to help with on-going projects.

    No previous experience required as you will be trained but must speak Spanish and English.

    If you are interested please send an email to and we will send further details.

  16. frederique dom says:

    My name is Frédérique en me and my husband are planning on moving to Barcelona somewhere next year… I am from Belgium and my my main job is contemporary dancer. I teach also a lot (kids and adults).
    Also I am a certified Pilates teacher.
    But I also worked many years in a restaurant.
    I hope to find a job and continue doing what I love to do which is dancing!

  17. Sumiet Rewa Raghuvansi says:

    Nameste!! This is Sumiet here from India. I am a chef by profession, have turned passion into a profession. I was living in Moscow for few years and was working in a niche indian restaurant, recently moved back to India, Looking for interesting opportunities to move to Spain. I am more of a creative chef and a chef who develops concepts in terms restaurants and food.



  19. Kacy Singh says:

    Hey! I am living in Toronto, Canada and I want to move to Barcelona by July 10th. I have experience bar tending, I am great with social media, I have extensive customer services skills. I am also open to other opportunities. Looking forward to hearing from you with opportunities!!

    Kacy Singh

  20. Justyna says:

    Hello! I just moved to Barcelona from Chicago and am looking for work. Prior to moving, I was working in procurement but I also have experience waitressing and bar-tending. I am also fluent in Polish. Please feel free to reach out with any opportunities. Thank you!

  21. Hi, My name is Linda and I am shortly graduating tourism student from Finland. I am looking for a job in Barcelona (starting from May). I currently live in UK and I have lived in Barcelona before. I have a lot of experience working in customer service. I have native Finnish, I speak fluent English and intermediate Spanish. I am willing to tell more about myself and I really look forward to hearing from you!

  22. Aisling Hanley says:

    HOLA, My name is Aisling and I am a “Galway Girl” from Ireland. I am studying business, in my final year. My friend and I hope to travel to Barcelona to experience the culture and lifestyle for the summer and perhaps a longer stay if we find work. I speak fluent English and some basic Spanish. I am currently in the process of expanding my Spanish vocabulary. I am willing and wanting to learn and discover new things. I work in a hotel in Ireland. I have experience in the food and beverage sector and I am an extremely helpful bubbly young lady. I would really love to hear from someone relating to a job opportunity. I am also very good with children and have babysat my neighbours children on numerous occasions. I must mention again my eagerness and willingness to learn and I really look forward to hearing from somebody in the upcoming weeks.

  23. Csilla Halász says:

    Hello my name is Csilla Halász, I am 23 years old from Hungary. For the summer I will move to Barcelona and that is why I write here, because I would really need a part-time job there. My profession is contemporary dancer, but I also teach kids for dance. I can work in any other sport activities or as animator or babysitter. I would work also in a pub,bar or restaurant. I have from theese some experience. I can speak English and I started to study spanish , so I hope for the summer I will have the basic from it. Help me please, if anybody can.

  24. Hi my name is Alan from Northern Ireland, after 33 years working for the same company I decided to move with my husband to Sitges, I am currently seeking employment, anything considered, I speak fluent English and very basic Spanish but wish to resolve this.
    My background- I was employed as The Purchasing Manager for a Laboratory company, strong in sales and purchasing, I have worked several part time jobs over the years in retail. I would dearly love to hear from someone.

  25. Siobhan says:

    Not very happy you call the language of catalan a ‘problem’. What is problematic about a region having an autoctonous language? More power to them for having preserved their culture and linguistic heritage, if you ask me.

  26. Keta Khan says:

    My name is Keta, I am 26 years old and I am looking to move to Barcelona in June. I don’t speak any other language other than English and I was born in the UK. I live in London at the moment and I am a Talent Manager for an events staffing firm. What are my options, can anyone help me find a job?

  27. Hey everyone , I’m a social energetic happy designer looking for a partime evening job as a barmaid or waitress. I have experience in Barista work and baking as week. I work well under stress so that’s no issue. I’ll be doing my internship in the mornings till 5 afternoon and I’d like maybe three times a week in evenings to keep busy as well. Contact me if there is anything available!

  28. Dan Kirkey says:

    i am looking for work in Brcelona,,as soon as possible, exp in landscaping, property maintenance, construction,building exp as a general contractor,also have retail exp;;

  29. Ashley Godsell says:

    Hola, my name is Ashley, I am a 22 year old from England and willing to take a step into the unknown, , I have lots of previous experience in retail, factory work and customer service, I am looking for work in the Barcelona area, I am willing to take any jobs and positions available to the employer, I speak basic spannish but I am sure to learn to be fluent, you can reach me on my email any offers would be much appreciate, kind regards, Ashley 🙂

  30. Hi 😉 My name is Monika , me and my friend looking for job in Barcelona in restaurant or hotel area , we have experience as a waitress and barmaid. We can also work like a volunteers in some hostels to learn new skills. We speak english and polish, and learnig spanish.

  31. Hello everybody and a Happy New Year!
    I’m Melina from Greece and I’d like to find a job in Spain, and especially in Barcelona. I’ve been in Barcelona twice and I like very much this city! It’s sunny, clean, colourful and with friendly people!
    I have studied Tourism Management and I have worked in Hotels as a waitress. Also, I have a 5 year old experience in sales. I have worked as a saleswoman and a Store Manager in womenswear and menswear. I speak advanced English & very well French. I want to start working, as soon as possible. If anyone could help me, please send me at Thank you! 🙂

  32. Vijay shrestha says:

    Hi I am looking for job in chef and can made thai and Indian cuisine. I have been 10 years experience in this field. I want to start job April 2016.thank you

  33. Hi. My name is Dino , im a very talented young chef that currently is looking for job in Spain preference in Barcelona.

  34. Anastasija says:

    Hello! My name is Anastasija. I am from Riga, Latvia. My native language is Russian. Now i am living and studying in Germany, but not sure that is what exactly i like and would like to do. As you understand my German and English are also on very good level. I am studying English and Sociology now. I would like to try to go to Barcelona and see how it’s gonna work there. I am looking for a job where you don’t need spanish. I will be improving this language for sure but need a bit of time. As I mentioned, I can speak good English; German and Russian. Also I have a good experience as a waitress, hotels, cleaning and looking for a small job like this. Write me if you find it useful. Would be nice to receive your responses and see if somebody wanna help me. Best wishes.))))))

  35. jordan moore says:

    hey, I’m a professional cook, have been working as a chef the last 3-4 years although I am currently looking to gain experience abroad and specifically in spanish cuisine. i’m am not looking to find a chef position, just to gain experience and possibly find a more permanent situation. I will also be looking for spaces on the mainland, so if you know of other opportunities, i would be interested and appreciative of the extra info.
    14 years experience in the restaurant imdustry as well as customer service exp.
    near fluent spanish speaker seeking to gain U.S. certifications for interpretation in the near future as well.

  36. Hi I’m Natalia and I’m moving to Barcelona next week. I’m looking for a job related to tourism, as I have previous experience working as a receptionist or something connected with NGO organizations or culture or languages. I will be grateful for any help!

  37. Hello. I’m Maria from Armenia. I have an experience in the field of tourism more than 8 years half of my experience i had in Dubai hospitality. Now I’m planning to move from Dubai and searching a job in the hotel as a receptionist.

  38. Correction to previous post:

    Hello Guys.

    I am Lisa. I am working in Barcelona in a really cool company based in city center.

    Recruiting for the following position:

    Inbound Calls – Must be fluent in French and know orthography. Monday – Saturday
    10 positions available.
    Sales – Must be fluent in French and know orthography.
    10 positions available.
    Sales – Must be fluent in Flemish and know orthography.
    10 positions available.
    Sales – Must be fluent in German and know orthography.
    10 positions available.

    Other languages are a plus. (Italian, Spanish, German)

    Contract: 25-39 hrs.

    Good Salary, Commission, Incentives.

    Monday – Friday

    No experience required.

    Please send cover letter and CV to:

  39. Hello Guys.

    I am Lisa. I am working in Barcelona in a really cool company based in city center.

    Recruiting for the following position:

    Sales – Must be fluent in German and know orthography. Other languages are a plus(Spanish,Italian) for work with inbound calls.

    Monday – Friday

    Good Salary, Commission, Incentives

    Contract: 25-39 hrs.

    10 positions available.

    No experience required.

    Please send cover letter and CV to:

  40. sebastian reifegerste says:

    hi i am sebastian 34 years old i am a professional master chef from germany .i had diffrent stationes in europe now i am actually for 2 years in barcelona i speak a bit spanish.i am searching for a job in the head of kitchen or at the bar . aswell i can organize events, exebitions, partys,

    my number 34 618 422 456

  41. Deeksha Aswal says:

    Hello, Im Deeksha from India. Looking Executive Assistant or Administrative job in Barcelona. Im married and have 10 months old daughter too. Presently working with Ericsson India Pvt Ltd from last 2 years in a same profile. Would appreciate if you can send me the required details @

  42. hello i’m andreea from roumania but living in paris for 5years i have a licence in tourism and a lot of experience in museums and tourism i would like to try a new experince inbarcelona which is such a touristic and cultural place Please email at

  43. Katie McCormack says:

    Hi! I’m Katie, I have recently moved to Barcelona and am looking for work. I am a native English speaker and have gained job experience in teaching, bar and waitress work, customer service and shop work. Recently graduated from university with a degree in Design, so I am very interested in Fashion and Design work. I would love a chance to have a great life here in Barcelona so please help 🙂
    Please email on


  44. Rufaro Mandigora says:

    Hi there, Im Rufaro, I’m 28 and Im Zimbabwean and have and Honours Degree in Brand Leadership. I am looking for a job that is within the lines of advertising and marketing. I would like a chance to get to see this wonderful city. Please email me on if there’s anything available.

  45. Narayan singh says:

    Sir Iam an Indian tandoor and curry chef and I am looking a chef job in spain I have long expriance I know besides indian food thai chinese continental and muti cuisine food also I worked five year in Riga Latvia and one year in lithuania viniuas and I cook delicious food if no beleive you can try.thank you if any indian rest- need indian curry tandoori or multi cuisine food cook send me mail or call me whatsep my mail is or whatsep 0037060913389 whatsep only on this number sep – tak available

  46. Maryam Majid says:

    I’ve been seeking advise from many different people about moving to Spain. I would like to have more information about the English teaching role aspect. I am 20 years old. If you could get back to me by my email address which is: would be very helpful.

    Maryam Majid

  47. Hi I’m an Irish 20 year old guy looking for part time work in barcelona, currently studying Architechtural technology in Ireland here for summer. Have bar , restaurant experience my only problem is my lack of Spanish. Email me if interested

  48. Rosa Walker says:

    Hi, I am an English native who has been living in Barcelona since August 2014. I am looking for either a summer job or a full time job starting from September. I speak basic Spanish. I am college graduate and currently working towards my TESOL qualification with Oxford House. I also have previous experience with teaching english to Spanish children. Additionally I have experience in retail. Please contact me if you have anything. Thank you!

  49. Ankit Aswal says:

    I am Ankit from India. I fell in love with this amazing city in my last visit. I am a human resource professional and have around 4 years of experience. I hold a PGDM in Human Resources. I can be contacted at…..pls help me in finding a job in this amazing city…:)

  50. Kristina says:

    Hello im Kristina, Im of Lithuanian origin but have lived in the UK most of my life. I have recenctly graduated with a degree in management and I am looking for a job within any business functions. I have experiences in sales, retail management, accounting and marketing.
    Additonally I speak fluent english and lithuanian and basic spanish and french. My email is

  51. Hi,
    I am an undergraduate in language, (Russian and Spanish) I am also fluent in French and English. I have some brilliant comunication skills, I have allready worked in press as well as restauration. I am searching for a job which I can fund the rest of my summer travels with while speaking spanish.
    Don’t hesitate to send me an email:

  52. Teresa Jones says:

    Hello I am Teresa, I am looking for work as a Receptionist for summer. I have a B.A and a lot of experience in customer service. I live in Blanes and I am English and speak Basic Spanish. My e-mail is

    • Hi,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


      • Anna Maria says:

        I am Anna from Roumania and I am currently in Cyprus for studies. I am really interested in moving to Spain and in finding a job there. I am graduating from a college in Cyprus in May 2017 and I am taking part in the Erasmus programme for college graduates so please contact me if any available position in my sector appears. My diploma will be in Secretarial Studies and Office Administration. I have work experience in other jobs but not a lot of experience in offices. I am serious, hardworking,quick learner and open minded.
        My contact email is :
        Thank you in advance

  53. Hi i am 21yr male from London moving to Barcelona in May
    I am studying Graphic Design at University and I am taking a gap year to live in Barcelona.
    I have had experience working in many Bars and Restaurants in London and im looking for part time/full time positions (preferably bar work).
    I am a sociable and hardworking person and enjoy meeting new people and can work well with many different types of personalities.
    My first Language is English and i can also speak basic spanish.
    Please email me at or text me 07505492094

  54. Hola!
    I’m hot young full of energy girl who is searching for a seasonal job in Spain. Big city as Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid or Malaga are preferable. I have education in tourism and hospitality in Lithuania, EHU, and Valencia, UPV. Experience in restaurant and hotel business, logistics; also a strip dancer. Languages: English and Russian (fluently), Spanish and German (basic level). Good and addicted worker if I have positive attitude and respect. Please contact me via email: or +37062400308. Available for all season 2015 from May till the end of fall.
    Thank you for reading my message!
    Have a nice day:*

  55. Anastasija says:

    I think I shall start with introduction. My name is Anastasija. I’m 20 years old and I’m searching for a job in Barcelona for summer (season).
    Looking for bartender/receptionist/quest relation position. I have experience, also abroad (last summer I was working in Greece). I’m responsible and hard-working person, good communication skills and much more.
    I’m from Latvia, my nationality – russian. I can start immediatly.
    If you are interesting write me back and we will discuss it, if you want on skype.
    I’ll be expecting to hear your reply.
    Have a good day!

    • Hi,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  56. Hello,
    I am Ahmed from Turkey. I am a -last year- undergraduate business administration student. I have a training agreement from Erasmus Office at my university to provide host institution. Is there any job for me with a start with 1st of January, 2016? I have over one year working experience in marketing sector in spite of my young age and my university education. Interested areas: marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, …

  57. Hi,

    I’m looking for work for the spring – summer period … I am a jack of all trades including computer skills and English / French language skills … good with sales and marketing as well … please do honk me in with those messages

    • Hi,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  58. Hello, I’m a girl from Lithuania. And I’m searching for unqualified job in Spain, maybe in Barcelona or in other cities. Can work from july to september.

    • Hi,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  59. Ophelie Aigoin says:


    My name is Ophélie, I am 31, French and have been living in England for 10 years (studies + work included).
    I have two degrees: one in English and one in Spanish, CAE, CPE and TKT.
    I am a French and Spanish teacher in a comprehensive school in England. I have a PGCE and QTS from Oxford university.
    I would like to move to Barcelona and work either in a school or as a translator.
    Thank you!

  60. Rahim Jalinous says:

    Hello! I’m a 26 years old young with the Master university degree of physics and i have IELTS language of 6.5 . i m looking for a jab in barcelona such as teaching english or physics or even receptionist in a corporation or company. i have a rich CV that i can deliver it. thanks

  61. Hello, I am a 21 year old MORSE (mathematics, computer science, economics) student, graduating in June, and looking for a summer internship/job in Barcelona. For now, I am interested in any position available. I am bilingual (French, Spanish) and completely fluent in English.
    If you know any summer job available, please let me know.
    Thank you !

  62. Rosa Walker says:

    English native currently living and working in Barcelona as an Au Pair.
    Looking for new work from June 2015 onwards.
    Previous experience in waitressing, retail and working with children.
    Basic knowledge of Spanish and also know the city very well.
    Open to doing more or less any job.
    If you know any jobs available for summer please contact me.

  63. Kelly Cameron says:

    Hello 🙂 I am Kelly, I am 20 years I old and i live in the UK. I really want to work in Barcelona, Spain. I have got experience in admin, reception and customer service I would be willing to take up any job offer that you have my dream is to work in spain and I am a very reliable person, very good time keeping, very good at adapting and very easy going! I have a level 2 and 3 qualifications in Business and Administration and would really appreciate just one chance to prove myself!

  64. Tilly Shoesmith says:


    Me and my boyfriend are planning on working in Spain, possibly Barcelona in a couple of weeks. We are both 19 years old and English. We have had a variety of different jobs that include customer servises, manual work and hospitality, however in Spain we would be happy to try out anything.

    Many thanks,

    Tilly Shoesmith

  65. miroslava zejdova says:


    I am from Czech Republic and nowadays I am student at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. I am looking for an internship in Barcelona in International Business Management field. If you know about something please contact me on my email.

    Regards Miroslava

  66. Amy Davidson says:
  67. Amy Davidson says:

    I am an upcoming graduate on the 12/12/2014 and am available to work ASAP after this date in and around Barcelona. I am graduating in Business & Management, with a current 2:1 and 67% Average from the University of Buckingham in the UK. I am also a student of Spanish currently at level A2, with a grasp of spanish and aim to carry on until I am fluent. I have experience as an operational assistant, retail experience in as a sales assistant, and a leisure centre assistant. I am keen to learn and develop my career with a strong interest in finance, I am looking for any opportunities you may have for me in a professional career or graduate scheme and I am open to all offers.
    Please contact me via email.

  68. Hello!

    Our company are looking for OPERATING MANAGER. Vacancy is for BARCELONA branch.
    Responsibilities include paperwork administration and contact with financial institutions.
    please contact me on


  69. Hi I’m a 19 year old girl, I’m studying abroad for a year and I’m looking for a part time job. I speak 4 languages, Russian, Dutch, English and Spanish. I have experience with stewarding, babysitting, organizing events leafletting and fundraising. I’m a very dedicated worker and never had any trouble juggling my academic, social and work life. I consider myself to be extremely social and easy going so if there are any jobs available that you think need my expertise please feel free to drop me a message!

    • Hi ladies,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  70. Hi im Spanish resident from Madrid that studied in New York, i got a Bachelor of Science in Business, a minor in Finance and a MBA in Technology Management. Ive got experience in the banking area, accounting and my last job was as a financial director for a telecommunications company in Costa Rica. I speak fluent english and spanish. Email me at : so i can send you fell resume and we can chat. Looking for any type of job in my field of expertise.

  71. Hello! I’m Fallon, 19 years old and currently live in the UK. I’m looking to relocate to Barcelona as I’ve completely fallen in love with the city. I have 3+ years of experience in customer service and retail and some waitress experience as well. I’m willing to take up any job offer and pick things up quickly with ease. Being dedicated and hard-working are two main qualities of mine and I always keep myself self-motivated and proactive. I would be an asset to any company and would really appreciate just one chance to prove myself. I look forward to receiving any replies. Thank you.

    • Hi ladies,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  72. I am qualified yoga teacher .i would like to take class there

  73. Jojo Omiwe says:

    Please i would like to work in of the cites in Barcelona. And how can i find any jobes? i speak spanish and english. I live in madrid,i am planing to move to barcelone to find a jobes there. thank you

  74. Hola! I am 32 years old Estonian girl. I have worked as assistant of accountant/customer service in Estonia 8 years. I am fluent in English and in German. My dream is to live and work in Barcelona. I am accurate and punctual worker and I would give my best. Please give me a chance. Un saludo!

  75. Hi
    Traveling from Dublin looking to move to Barcelona for a while
    I have worked in Call centre helpdesk jobs also worked for a year as a waitress in a pub



  76. Rosie Furnival says:

    Hi there,
    I am a 25 year old chef looking for work in barcelona. I have run a small kitchen, as well as catering for private functions such as weddings and christenings. I am fun, easy to get along with and hard working. I would be looking for a permanent position in a kitchen starting in August. I speak conversational spanish, but would like to become fluent. Please email me with any relevant jobs.
    Thanks a lot

  77. MICHAEL P. says:


    we are looking for an Group leader-director for an english summer camp in Begues, a small village in the Garraf about 30km from BCN in the hills above Casteldefels.

    It’s 3 weeks, June 29 to July 20.

    Responsibilities include coordinate teaching kids (7-14 year olds) and teaching one group for three hours a day and then accompanying them on their other activities during the rest of the day (including going to Port Aventura, kayaking, pony riding…).

    You get 1.5 days off and pay is 500€/week before tax.

    Accommodation is provided for to sleep there the nights.

    With CELTA or DELTA course of Cambdridge English or similar studies

    You need to be a responsible, active, sporty type who likes being with kids.

    Native English speaker with experience teaching children and teens, preferible in summer camps too.


  78. Bed Prasad Belbase says:

    My work fild is interior decorater.I do falls ceiling, filll puttin and make smooth on it,painting, assembling furniture and related of decorating work.if you are looking for a worker like don’t hesitate to leave me message.
    I’m seeking to get my field job in barcelona. my email adress is
    Ved Prasad

  79. Banafshé Hosseini says:

    Hello, my name is Banafshé and I am a 23 year old female from Toronto, Canada. My dream is to move to Spain this summer 2014 and start working, perhaps as an English teacher. I have plenty of experience, not only in teaching, but also in many other fields. I also speak French and Farsi.
    Please do email me if there are any jobs available, I am confident that I will be an asset at your institution.

  80. Hi,

    My name is Katy, I have a Master’s degree in History of Art from Christie’s Education (the London auction house) and I am looking for work in the arts sector in Barcelona. I have experience of working in luxury retail and managing a brand in a high-fashion environment. I am highly knowledgable in the fields of art and fashion and wish to find a career in Barcelona.
    I am a native English speaker, with basic French and Spanish language skills.

    Please contact me at f you have a suitable opportunity.

    Kind Regards,

    Katy Christensen

  81. constantinos says:

    Hi my name is constantinos ,
    i am looking for a CHEFS job in Barcalona from the 4th of feduary , iwill be relocating there from Australia . I have 8 y10 years experiance and willing to start in any position in the kitchen to start with and projcet my skillls to rise in the ranks . Iam english speaking ,greek italian little french and also basic spanish .
    KIND regards and thanks

  82. Mohammed NAsser says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I found this site interesting and would love to try my luck out. I’m Mohammed from United Arab Emirates , Age 27. I have 2 years experience of Customer Service and Admin assistant in HR , I speak English /Arabic and Hind but i would love extend my experience working in new fields such as Customer service ,Call Center, Receptionist , sales assistant or any other jobs can be found . I also have a hobby to draw so any work with drawings i could help too. I would be very happy and grateful to have any opportunity from Barcelona , Please contact me if there’s any quarries needed .

    Thanks and Regards,


  83. Robert McGrath says:

    I am a highly qualified Executive Chef from the American Southwest. I have been recognized as one of the Ten Best Chefs in America by Food & Wine Magazine; a winner of The James Beard Foundation Best Chefs in America Award; supervised the culinary operations for the Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations in the US; cooked in Monte Carlo for Alain Ducasse for Craig Claiborne’s 70th Birthday at Hotel de Paris & the Rothschild Villa in Cap Ferrat; authored a best selling cookbook; won an Emmy for my television program, Check Please! Arizona; have visited Barcelona several times (enjoyed El Bulli, Cal Isidre, Passidis del Pep, Quimet & Quimet, Colibri and many other fine Catalan restaurants (as well as wonderful little restaurants in Barcelonetta). I would enjoy an opportunity to bring my culinary skills to Barcelona an at the same time learn from the vibrant culinary

    • Chuy Cervantes says:

      Hey Robert, i’m traveling Spain via Austin, TX, and have ended up in Barcelona with the same hopes of making my way into a kitchen, hoping to learn as much as possible, with someone as qualified as yourself I cant imagine it would’ve been to difficult? Any luck, Advice?

      Thanks a Bunch,


  84. Chantelle says:

    Hulla 😀 i am chantelle and i am 20 years i old and i live in the UK. i really want to work in Spain i have got experience in bar tending, admin, and customer service i would be willing to take up anyj ob offer that you have my dream is to work in spain and i am a very reliable person very good time keeping and very good at adapting to jobs if if you could give me the chance i can prove it i am a very hard working girl! i really hope to hear from you soon!!

    • David McMillan says:

      Hi Chantelle,

      We have a telesales role based in Barcelona if that is of interest? Please send me your CV to and we will be in touch.


      David McMillan

    • Hi ladies,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  85. SANDEEP MAKKAR says:

    Hello sir, i am sandeep makkar. i have + from C.B.S.E. i am a bsc hotel management person. i was 12 month work in dubai THE MEYDAN HOTEL . I would like to work at abroad.

  86. tiziana says:

    Hi, my name is Tiziana, italian. i have been working in ireland for the last 6 years. At first as a manager in a shop and for the last year and a half in a credit card company. My English is fluent and i speak Japanese too. I own a university degree in translation and interpretation to and from Italian, English and Japanese. And i am a credited yoga teacher. I am studying Spanish at the moment in order to be able to work and live in Spain… and i would love to move there as soon as possible!

  87. Patrycia says:

    Hello my name is Patrycia i come from Poland but i live in Scotland 7 Years . I want to go to Spain and found job . I ve`got experience with Position : Housekeeper, Kitchen Porter, Waitress , I want found smomething this role . I am hard working women and punctually . For any more information about me please contact me by e-maill . Thanks

  88. Andre avontuur says:

    Andre Avontuur – Michael Jackson

    Play video
    Show in Spain, This Is It.
    Added on 3/31/2012

    Dear Entertainment Company
    My name is Andre Avontuur, 29 years old, and I come from Cape Town South Africa. I am a vibrant and energetic individual with vision and passion for entertainment.

    For the passed 3 years I’ve performed in Spain, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa Blanca with the show This Is It, a tribute to Michael Jackson.This was a very successful show which i have choreographed.
    I always enjoyed this very much, and we had a great show. Maybe you even know the show.

    Last year was my last year for the company I worked for, and I would like to work for another company this year doing what im good at, Michael Jackson.

    If you are still looking for a MJ act, I would like to get in touch, to talk about season 2013. On You Tube there is several videos of the show.

    This year i would like to present a solo Act. I am also very flexible if you would like to add members to the show to form a group.

    If you’re interested in working together this summer. Please contact me.

    Skype – Andreavontuur1234

    Contact number – +27 786 435 781

    For any more infortmation you would like to know about more in detail please feel free to ask.
    Kind Regards,

    Andre Avontuur

  89. Hi, i’m a lithuanian girl currently living in the UK. Hoping to find a job in Spain, prefer Barcelona, but other cities would be OK too, for the summer, such as a waitress, or any other that involves working with tourists or simply customer service. Hope to receive some offers. 🙂

    • Hi,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  90. Fanny Faragó says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m Fanny and I will finish secondary school in this year. I want to spend my summer in Spain, with relaxing and work as well. I would like to apply for any types of work there, mostly by hotels or bars. My best friend, Sophie Réti would go with me too. We speak english and german on intermediate level (with language exams). I hope there will be opportunities for both of us. We are responsible and flexible too, and we’re really good at dealing with people. It would be a great part of our summer, we’re not afraid of work. 🙂 If you interested in our help, just send me an e-mail, and I will enclose the CVs.
    Best Wishes
    Sophie & Fanni

    • Hi ladies,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


  91. Marius Farcas says:

    Hi, My name is Marius and I m an experienced HANDYMAN /GARDENER /CARETAKER. I am currently self employed in my own Maintenence business in England but would like to move to Spain…mainland or one of the Canary Islands. I am a fluent English speaker with a little knowledge of Spanish. I am 38 and single. If you have any job oppertunities in Property Maintenance or Construction I would love to hear about tham.

  92. Carmen Fratila says:

    Hi! My name is Carmen I’m from Romania and I am an ex-teacher of English with an about 25 years’ experience with children especially teaching English. I’d like to work and live in a Spanish family with children for looking after them and speaking English as well, and also to do some housework.
    I can speak and understand Spanish. I was in Barcelona in summer of 2011 for finding a job but unfortunately I didn’t know anybody there.
    If you are interested in further information about me I can send you my CV in English
    Hoping for a positive and a sooner reply, I wish you all the best.
    Thanks a lot!

  93. salman javed says:

    Asslam O Alaikum Sir my name si salman javed and i m 23 years old and i m looking for job as waitress/barmaid in Barcelona.i have worked last few years in restaurent in big city plz give me job and i wanted to start work from january.Thank you.

  94. Hola 🙂 I’m girl from Poland and I’m looking for job as waitress/ barmaid in Barcelona. I have worked few years in pubs and restaurant in big city (also in catering service and on weddings). I can start work from January. Thank you.

    • Hi ladies,

      If you are still interested in work then kindly email me and send your CV and photos. I have different work opportunities for young people all over Europe and all throughout the year so plenty of opportunities if you are serious and interested.


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