Get to Work in a Job in Spain in 2017 – The Honest Truth About Working in Spain…

This page is aimed at helping English-speakers trying to find work in Spain with the emphasis on finding a job in Spain in 2017.

You are most likely from overseas such as the United Kingdom, America, Australia or another European country and you are planning on moving to Spain.

If possible you want to get a job offer before you make your move and relocate.

So basically you are an expat looking for popular jobs vacancies in Spain and you are regarded as a foreigner in Spain.

The video below explains the differences between working in Spain compared to elsewhere:

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Spanish Unemployment is Over 27% – Can I Really Find Work?

When looking for job opportunities in Spain you may need to lower your expectations of what type of work you can find.

We know you want to find the best paying jobs and no doubt you have dreamed of a better quality of life but you must realise in advance that unemployment is high in Spain at over 27%.

Here is some great tips from someone who has lived in Spain for over 18 years:

Job opportunities are limited and much lower paid than in Northern Europe and the USA. Working in Spain can be very hard and low-paid.

If you are moving to Spain and looking for a job then you are immediately at a disadvantage due to the language barrier. Our immediate advice is to learn some basic Spanish.

Even if you speak fluent Spanish (Castellano) many regions of Spain have their own dialects – for example in the Costa Brava (Barcelona) area they primarily speak Catalan.

Even if you are fluent in the language, in Spain most jobs are given to locals who are often close family members or relatives.

Competition for a job with a contract, which comes with an entitlement to medical care, is intense and employers can afford to be very choosy.

There are many illegal immigrants from North Africa and Eastern Europe competing for low-paid, menial job positions.

As a foreigner competing against Spanish nationals for jobs you are immediately at a disadvantage when looking for work and certainly it would be best to concentrate on looking for English speaking jobs in Spain.

The most common types of English jobs on offer will be bar jobs, construction and buildings jobs, sales jobs and jobs in the travel and tourist sector such as hotel jobs, driving jobs and catering jobs.

At least if you are from the United Kingdom, as an European Union citizen you won’t have the need to obtain a work permit and apply for a residencia, something which many Americans, Canadians and Australians who want to work in Madrid and Barcelona have to overcome first. Also most UK qualifications will also not be recognised in Spain.

Job Search by Regions

If you know exactly where in Spain you wish to search for situations vacant, then you can search by regions in which we have specific pages on the most popular towns and cities.

These guides give you an idea as to what sort of jobs you can expect to find advertised as well as an overview of the town or city – after all – while finding work is important, it is also just as important to choose somewhere good in which to live in which you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Spain is a large country and there are very big differences between the various regions.

The Costa del Sol is probably the best area of mainland Spain to search for jobs. This very developed coast is the most popular area of Spain for tourism and has a large expatriate population and arguably the best climate in Spain which makes it a lovely place to live.

The very good weather contributes towards a longer tourist season which is a help because these do tend to be the most popular types of jobs and include work in hotels, cleaning villas and apartments as well as the usual bar and restaurant type positions.

Our most popular Costa del Sol locations for finding work include: Marbella, Malaga, Fuengirola, Nerja, Torremolinos and Benalmadena. There are also plenty of other smaller towns and resorts along the Costa del Sol but they are very much smaller places with fewer opportunities. This is also a good area for Spanish golf jobs such as caddies and golf pros.

Slightly less popular are the Costa Blanca and Costa Brava areas which tend to comprise a series of former fishing villages with good sandy beaches but less job possibilities.

The best places to find jobs on the Costa Blanca include Torrevieja, Benidorm and Alicante while on the Costa Brava the extremely popular tourist resort of Lloret de Mar is a good choice as is Tossa del Mar, Sitges and Salou.

The best areas in Spain to find jobs for professionals and executives would be the major cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and to a lesser extent Seville.

In these Spanish cities you will find offices of major multi-national companies. There are good opportunities for working here in IT as computer jobs do not require many Spanish skills.

If you are searching for summer and seasonal work then look at the islands of Spain which has more of an all year round season due to better weather and climate. This would apply more to the Canary Islands than the Balearic Islands as the Canaries are closer to Africa than mainland Spain.

If you want long-term work in Spain and not just seasonal work look to the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria (with the most popular resort being Playa del Ingles).

The Balearic Islands are also very popular especially Ibiza and Majorca/Mallorca (with the most popular resort for jobs being Magaluf).

Ibiza and Mallorca are full of possibilities for jobs as holiday reps, bar jobs, dancers, pr jobs, DS’s, waiters, waitresses, chefs, restaurant jobs, hotel jobs and many other tourism related situations vacant.

The islands are also good for water sports and marine jobs such as dive instructors, windsurfing teachers, sailing, crewing and boat maintenance.

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Here is some experiences from Anna who has moved to Spain talking about some of the pitfalls:

Interesting follow up later from Anna – quite a shock after the last video!!!:

Spanish Job Regulations – Visas and N.I.E. Number

Do I Need a Visa?

If you are from a European Union country you are fortunate that you are entitled to work in Spain without applying for a visa. Other foreign nationals such as Americans, Canadians and South Americans must get a visa in advance of their stay in Spain which will last three months.

Do I Need a N.I.E. Number?

Many people in Spain are employed illegally, without a contract and therefore do not need a NIE number. This number is your tax identification number in Spain (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros).

To get an N.I.E. number in Spain, go to local police station or social security office and fill out the necessary forms. Some basic details are required such as address, name, passport number etc. Obviously the form is in Spanish. You should be issued with a temporary card on the spot.

Helpful information on getting NIE and residency in Spain.

Salaries and Pay in Spain – Employment Conditions and Working Hours

We are always being asked – what are the best paid jobs in Spain, what job offers are available and how much can I earn in Spain?

It is generally recognised that wages and salaries in Spain are lower than most other European countries however the cost of living is also comparatively lower.

The Spanish also tend to work very long hours due to the traditional siesta break in the middle of the daytime.

Always try to get the job that comes with an official working contract as this entitles you to state health care. With a contract your employer will have to contribute social security payments on your behalf. The only other way you will be entitled to free health care is if you become self-employed and pay into the social security system yourself.

For example if you have a salary of £30,000 and you find an equivalent job position in Spain you may be paid about €20,000 – and although the cost of living in Spain is lower – it isn’t that much lower!

If you are in a legal job your employer will deduct national insurance (social security) and tax from salaries.

Not only do jobs in Spain pay less you also tend to work longer hours. Most jobs start at around 9am some 10am with a long lunch break of two hours before resuming until 7pm or 8pm.

While you may have a long lunch hour for what is known as siesta time – if you have a young family then that is no consolation as you won’t see them much until the weekends.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many people who come to Spain searching for employment, a job and a better quality of life end up finding a job that is low paid and comes with longer working hours than they used to work back home.

Many people end up disillusioned and end up leaving Spain for financial reasons.

Be prepared to be flexible and completely change career direction. Most job vacancies are found through word of mouth and in local newspapers.

You will find the best possibilities for finding English jobs would be in the coastal areas which have large expat populations and therefore companies catering to the needs of these expats.

These areas primarily are the Costa del Sol (especially Malaga, Marbella, Nerja, Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Torremolinos areas) and the Costa Blanca (Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm jobs, Calpe, Javea, Moraira and Denia areas).

To give you an idea of the most popular areas of Spain that people speaking English are seeking and searching for work – we get a lot of people emailing us asking where they can find job vacancies in Benidorm, Calpe, Torrevieja, Alicante, Malaga, Murcia, Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Estepona, Torremolinos, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Lloret de Mar and Tossa del Mar.

These areas are the most popular for expat jobs, so look for jobs in Costa Blanca and jobs in Costa del Sol where most expats live. Also look at the slightly less popular areas of Costa Brava, Costa Almeria and Costa de la Luz and many people live in Spain but go across the border into Gibraltar each day to work.

Expat Jobs

Other typical jobs for English speaking people you are likely to find would be jobs that cater to the large expat population in Spain, these include: pool cleaners, translators, beauty therapists, interior designers, singers, dancers, entertainers, gardening jobs, villa cleaning jobs, bar jobs and bar work, hairdressing jobs, shop assistants, cashiers and retail work in English and British goods shops, graduate jobs, taxi service, driving jobs including removals, restaurant jobs such as chefs, waiters and waitresses, fitness jobs, beautician jobs, pet care jobs, personal trainers, health care assistants, voluntary jobs at charity shops, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, contractors, babysitting, nanny jobs, au pair jobs, child care jobs, carer jobs, housekeeping, finance jobs, security jobs, accounting jobs, mechanics, insurance sales positions, hospitality jobs, customer service jobs, there are many English newspaper and magazines requiring writers and sales jobs in Spain etc – we hope this list gives you some idea of the types of jobs in Spain that are the most likely possibilities when you are job searching.

There are now many expat radio stations and newspapers in Spain so these businesses are looking for media people as DJ’s, presenters, writers, journalists, web design, photographers and sales positions selling advertising space.

One of the problems with jobs in Spain is the seasonal aspect – for example getting holiday jobs and summer jobs in Spain such as bar work in Spain or being a waiter or waitress is fine in the July and August but come October you may find you are out of a job!

Still if you are a student these jobs could be great fun over the summer. Many of these jobs will be on a part time basis.

7 Top Tips For Finding Work

  1. Have at least six months money as savings to live on while you try finding work in Spain.
  2. Learn as much Spanish as possible BEFORE you move to Spain as this massively increases your chances of finding job opportunities.
  3. Jobs for English speakers are limited so be prepared to turn your hand to anything to get a foothold in Spain and accept any jobs that are available.
  4. Be prepared to work much longer hours as jobs in Spain start earlier and finish later.
  5. If you are looking for work in Spain for English speakers be prepared to work for a lot less than you are used to as wages, job benefits and perks are much lower in Spain.
  6. Learn a new skill, especially something practical and use it to get a job or start your own business.
  7. If you have a skill or vocation, consider starting your own business in Spain, then you are in control. Also consider working from home. Most expats end up self-employed (becoming an autonomo) in order to earn enough money to survive in Spain.

Useful Resources for Finding Work

You will find plenty of professional jobs advertised on websites such as ours. Sadly, for most of the tourism jobs you will actually need to be here in Spain in the resorts and ask around going from bar to bar or from restaurant to restaurant in order to find work.

Be prepared to be flexible and completely change career direction. Most job vacancies are found through word of mouth and in local newspapers.

So where else can you find job vacancies, openings and postings? Try reading the classifieds sections of expat newspapers and contact recruitment agencies, job centres, human resources, or employment agencies. Here are some useful sources that we know of:

The major newspapers have job classified listings:

Costa Blanca News (English expat news).

El Pais (national Spanish newspaper).

Empresas de Trabajo Temporal (ETT) are recruitment agencies in Spain – mostly work of a temporary contract nature. Mostly professional and admin vacancies.

Global jobs website Monster has a specific Spanish online version.

Info Jobs – Website with thousands of Spanish jobs online. InfoJobs is the leading online job opportunities in the Spanish market, both for the number of visitors to its website and the volume of jobs listed. – Spain’s leading job search site for executive jobs, director jobs, Spain recruitment, bank jobs, IT jobs and travel jobs starting from €60,000. Experteer also offers access to executive headhunters, the highest paid jobs and job vacancies.

Most Popular Types of Work in Spain:

Helpful Pages on Moving to Spain:

Guide to Moving to Spain

Long-Term Rentals & Lets


I Hate Spain

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Please clearly give us all relevant information as people may be looking at these adverts and listings from other countries and may wish to travel to Spain to apply for these positions. So it is vital that as much information is presented at this point, such as:

Location of job.
Qualifications required.
Language skills required.
Salary and any benefits.
Working hours.
Any holiday time.
Does the position come with an official contract?
How long is the contract or job for?
Description of ideal candidate and qualities necessary.




  1. kamlesh sonawane says:

    Hi I’m looking for work to start March 2016. i am a front-end web designer and have 7 yrs experience. I am wishing to move to Spain and am looking for a salary of 1300 euros per month to cover living expenses. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would be most grateful.

  2. Hi
    My husband and I are looking to move to Murcia around Easter 2016 with our son who is 11 as near to San Javier as pos as my parents live there.
    We are both looking for work, he is a Window and Door Fitter also brick laying. I am a qualified Bookkeeper here in UK but know the Spanish don’t use us as much so any office work. Or Virtual Assistant.
    We need to make 2000+euro’s a month.
    We are able to move sooner if the right work becomes available.

  3. HI
    Looking for a driver to take your goods to Spain? or back to UK….
    LGV Class 2 driver available to drive your car, van, hgv….
    Can do at very little notice… you book crossings, have insurance etc, I can do the long haul drive for you!

  4. Ann Cheetham says:

    Hi, I am moveing to the costa blanca in the next 6 months and I would like to know if there are any care, support job vacancies in the costa blanca area. I have 17 years experience in working with brain injury adults and working with teenagers in care. Hope you can help me, thanks Ann

  5. Jo Shires says:


    I am about to move to Marbella (San Pedro / Puerto Banus area) and would like a job earning at least 1000 Euros per month. I am single, have no dependants, loads of people / office experience having worked in HR & Recruitment here in the UK. I also have retail and bar work experience. I’m flexible and hardworking – can anyone help me ? I already have accommodation secured with my friend.

  6. Linda Sartaputna says:

    Hi. My name is Linda and I am 22 years old. I am currently looking for a job basically anywhere in Spain. I am Latvian and I lived in England for 6 years working as a production assistant and this summer I spent in Crete working in a busy bar. If you have any opportunities please dont hasitate to contact me 🙂
    Thank you

    • Hi Linda,
      Our company provides Intensive Spanish Program “live and stay in Spain”. We are based in Mallorca where are many summer jobs opportunities. You can speak Spanish and work in 4 weeks. Check our webpage for more details. Best Regards, Susana

  7. Lori Addison-Simmons says:

    Hi George,
    Cna you recommend jobs that are family friendly as i have two daughters and they need to be in education. Also which area would be best to bring them up in Spain? I will be taking my UK car and driving to Spain which documents do i need to cross boarders etc apparantly its 19hours drive lol
    Thanks Lori xxx

  8. Lori Addison-Simmons says:

    Hi I’m looking for work to start next March 2016. I am wishing to move to Spain with my daughters and am looking for a salary of 1300 euros per month to cover living expenses. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would be most grateful. I have little to no Spanish language.
    Lori x

  9. Hello Expats,

    In brief, we are currently casting for hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation-based businesses in Spain for UK Channel 5 show called The Hotel Inspector and are specifically looking for businesses that may need the help of The Hotel Inspector.

    If you are not familiar with the show, The Hotel Inspector features hotel industry expert Alex Polizzi visiting businesses that are struggling in one area, and perhaps more. Anyone interested in taking part should email hotelinspector @ (no spaces) or phone the Twofour production company on 00 44 1752 727654.

    With thanks,
    The Hotel Inspector

  10. Elizabeth George says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam

    I am a Bsc Nurse (2007) Have more than 7 years’ experience. Currently working as a staff nurse in Paediatric long term ventilator care unit ,Amana long term medical hospital, Alain, Abudhabi. Have excellent written and communication skills in English.

    I am looking a job in Spain.I like to work there. If any opportunity let me know. If my experience and qualification is fit to your requirement, please give me an opportunity to serve you in your esteemed organization.


  11. Hi I’m John , currently living in la Marina , I’m looking for a full time job in and around the area , I’m 48 yrs old and have an NIE NO and social security no .
    My previous experience is law and order in the UK and also shop management , I can speak a little Spanish but not much , I have my own transport and also willing to learn a new trade or use my legal knowledge , management skills and excellent written skills , statement taking , understanding legal documents etc .

  12. Lori Addison-Simmons says:

    Hi i’m Lori a single mum from Stoke on Trent looking to move to Torrevieja in the next 12 months with my two girls. I am running my own online cosmetics business but am also looking for addition work in Spain (daytime hours only) and in that particular area of Torrevieja.
    Anyone with any advice please contact me i would be most grateful
    Lori xxx

  13. says:

    I’m moving to mijas. I am a sports and dance coach. And I have experience in life coaching.

    • Ana Green says:

      Hello, I too have a similar background to yourself. I am now working with a global health and wellness company as a business owner as my previous skills compliment the business hugely. I have built a successful team in the Uk and am now looking for like minded individuals to develop the business over in the South of Spain as that’s where my Spanish base is. The opportunity is based on a self employed basis with flexible working and up-capped earning potential. If you are interested in learning more please contact me. Many Thanks, Ana

  14. Hi myself and husband would be very intrusted in this opportunity we are looking to relocate abroad is this position still available could you send me further information

    Kind Regards


  15. Hi, am a 48 yr old Scot, single, living in UK, HGV driver, been going to the same town in the Mar Menor area for 8 years and have been thinking of moving there for the last two years or so. A relative has a small apartment in Los Narejos which i could base myself at initially, I’m fully aware of the unemployment situation in Spain, and my spoken Spanish is basically from a “teach yourself Spanish” book and what I’ve picked up as I go along, so id be looking at working for the ex-pat sector, but not neccesarily driving (I’d happily never do it again!)
    I’ve done a few radio shows, i write pub quizzes, cook a mean pot of chorizo meatballs…..
    Anybody know of any newspapers/websites that may give me a few leads?

  16. sarfraz Ahmad says:

    Hi My Name is Sarfraz And i Am Moving To Spain As Soon i have much experience in photography If Any Photographer Jon Is Avilibe In Spain At Real Madrid Just Mail Me I will Apply

  17. Hi, I am 35y old native polish living last 12 years in Ireland move to tenerife with wife and child, looking for any job in tenerife, Have huge experience in logistics companies like DPD, like to work under pressure, I also have very good interpersonal skills based on live experience.

  18. Hi Tamara thank you for your advice and it was definitely taken on board but we are not looking to set up a business we are looking to move to either Spain or Portugal and need to secure jobs.

  19. I am a highly experienced general nurse with specialist qualifications in critical and coronary care nursing. I am wishing to relocate to Lanzarote temporarily with the possibility of making it a permanent move. I have a lot of transferable skills thanks to my vast experience having worked for the NHS(UK) and the HSE(Ireland) for over 20 years. I also have 8 years experience working with P&O cruise liners providing emergency and routine care for holiday makers and also the crew that lived on the ships.
    I am in the process of learning Spanish.

  20. Hey everyone,

    I’ve recently moved to Alicante and looking for work. I have years of customer service experience working as a retail manager and as a cabin crew manager with British Airways. I have the CertTesol qualification in teaching english but don’t have much teaching experience. I can speak some Spanish and I’m currently learning more. I’m looking for any employment opportunities within teaching, retail, hospitality or customer service. I have my own car and can travel. If anyone knows of any opportunities then any info would be greatly appreciated.


    • We are a multinational Digital Marketing agency and have an opening for a telephone based customer service agent / Lead Qualifier in our Denia office.

      This is a chance to join a rapidly expanding company with great rate of pay with many benefits. WE PAY A MONTHLY BASIC WAGE – WITH NO SALES OR COLD CALLING INVOLVED!

      The role comprises of confirming potential customer’s information, ensuring they have a genuine needs for one our products or services and then sourcing the right company to quote for them.

      It is a fast paced position working in real time. I am looking for someone with exceptional customer service skills; they must be computer literate, have strong multi-tasking abilities and needs to be self-motivated.

      It is a full time position 10.00am – 18.00pm Monday to Friday. There is no sale or cold calling involved; I am looking for somebody available for an IMMEDIATE START. I will be interviewing over the next few days.

      Please send me a full copy of your CV if you would like to be considerer for an interview this week.

      • Uyo Jummai Ani says:

        Hi, still looking for a customer service agent? Would you employ someone with call centre and customer care experience from Nigeria? English is my first language and i’m also a skilled writer and have worked in other relevant industries. Only email me if your answer is yes. Thank you.