Work and Jobs in Spain 2015/2016

This page is aimed at helping English-speakers trying to find work in Spain with the emphasis on finding a job in Spain in 2016.

You are most likely from overseas such as the United Kingdom, America, Australia or another European country and you are planning on moving to Spain.

If possible you want to get a job offer before you make your move and relocate.

So basically you are an expat looking for popular jobs vacancies in Spain and you are regarded as a foreigner in Spain.

The video below explains the differences between working in Spain compared to elsewhere:

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Basically we are a job centre, employment agency and recruitment agency rolled into one.

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Spanish Unemployment is Over 27% – Can I Really Find Work?

When looking for job opportunities in Spain you may need to lower your expectations of what type of work you can find.

We know you want to find the best paying jobs and no doubt you have dreamed of a better quality of life but you must realise in advance that unemployment is high in Spain at over 27%.

Job opportunities are limited and much lower paid than in Northern Europe and the USA. Working in Spain can be very hard and low-paid.

If you are moving to Spain and looking for a job then you are immediately at a disadvantage due to the language barrier. Our immediate advice is to learn some basic Spanish.

Even if you speak fluent Spanish (Castellano) many regions of Spain have their own dialects – for example in the Costa Brava (Barcelona) area they primarily speak Catalan.

Even if you are fluent in the language, in Spain most jobs are given to locals who are often close family members or relatives.

Competition for a job with a contract, which comes with an entitlement to medical care, is intense and employers can afford to be very choosy.

There are many illegal immigrants from North Africa and Eastern Europe competing for low-paid, menial job positions.

As a foreigner competing against Spanish nationals for jobs you are immediately at a disadvantage when looking for work and certainly it would be best to concentrate on looking for English speaking jobs in Spain.

The most common types of English jobs on offer will be bar jobs, construction and buildings jobs, sales jobs and jobs in the travel and tourist sector such as hotel jobs, driving jobs and catering jobs.

At least if you are from the United Kingdom, as an European Union citizen you won’t have the need to obtain a work permit and apply for a residencia, something which many Americans, Canadians and Australians who want to work in Madrid and Barcelona have to overcome first. Also most UK qualifications will also not be recognised in Spain.

Job Search by Regions

If you know exactly where in Spain you wish to search for situations vacant, then you can search by regions in which we have specific pages on the most popular towns and cities.

These guides give you an idea as to what sort of jobs you can expect to find advertised as well as an overview of the town or city – after all – while finding work is important, it is also just as important to choose somewhere good in which to live in which you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Spain is a large country and there are very big differences between the various regions.

The Costa del Sol is probably the best area of mainland Spain to search for jobs. This very developed coast is the most popular area of Spain for tourism and has a large expatriate population and arguably the best climate in Spain which makes it a lovely place to live.

The very good weather contributes towards a longer tourist season which is a help because these do tend to be the most popular types of jobs and include work in hotels, cleaning villas and apartments as well as the usual bar and restaurant type positions.

Our most popular Costa del Sol locations for finding work include: Marbella, Malaga, Fuengirola, Nerja, Torremolinos and Benalmadena. There are also plenty of other smaller towns and resorts along the Costa del Sol but they are very much smaller places with fewer opportunities. This is also a good area for Spanish golf jobs such as caddies and golf pros.

Slightly less popular are the Costa Blanca and Costa Brava areas which tend to comprise a series of former fishing villages with good sandy beaches but less job possibilities.

The best places to find jobs on the Costa Blanca include Torrevieja, Benidorm and Alicante while on the Costa Brava the extremely popular tourist resort of Lloret de Mar is a good choice as is Tossa del Mar, Sitges and Salou.

The best areas in Spain to find jobs for professionals and executives would be the major cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

In these Spanish cities you will find offices of major multi-national companies. There are good opportunities for working here in IT as computer jobs do not require many Spanish skills.

If you are searching for summer and seasonal work then look at the islands of Spain which has more of an all year round season due to better weather and climate. This would apply more to the Canary Islands than the Balearic Islands as the Canaries are closer to Africa than mainland Spain.

If you want long-term work in Spain and not just seasonal work look to the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria (with the most popular resort being Playa del Ingles).

The Balearic Islands are also very popular especially Ibiza and Majorca/Mallorca (with the most popular resort for jobs being Magaluf).

Ibiza and Mallorca are full of possibilities for jobs as holiday reps, bar jobs, dancers, pr jobs, DS’s, waiters, waitresses, chefs, restaurant jobs, hotel jobs and many other tourism related situations vacant.

The islands are also good for water sports and marine jobs such as dive instructors, windsurfing teachers, sailing, crewing and boat maintenance.

If you are searching for work in the year 2016, be sure to subscribe to our latest job alerts by putting your name and email address into the special newsletter box (top right of page).

Spanish Job Regulations – Visas and N.I.E. Number

Do I Need a Visa?

If you are from a European Union country you are fortunate that you are entitled to work in Spain without applying for a visa. Other foreign nationals such as Americans, Canadians and South Americans must get a visa in advance of their stay in Spain which will last three months.

Do I Need a N.I.E. Number?

Many people in Spain are employed illegally, without a contract and therefore do not need a NIE number. This number is your tax identification number in Spain (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros).

To get an N.I.E. number in Spain, go to local police station or social security office and fill out the necessary forms. Some basic details are required such as address, name, passport number etc. Obviously the form is in Spanish. You should be issued with a temporary card on the spot.

Helpful information on getting NIE and residency in Spain.

Salaries and Pay in Spain – Employment Conditions and Working Hours

We are always being asked – what are the best paid jobs in Spain, what job offers are available and how much can I earn in Spain?

It is generally recognised that wages and salaries in Spain are lower than most other European countries however the cost of living is also comparatively lower.

The Spanish also tend to work very long hours due to the traditional siesta break in the middle of the daytime.

Always try to get the job that comes with an official working contract as this entitles you to state health care. With a contract your employer will have to contribute social security payments on your behalf. The only other way you will be entitled to free health care is if you become self-employed and pay into the social security system yourself.

For example if you have a salary of £30,000 and you find an equivalent job position in Spain you may be paid about €20,000 – and although the cost of living in Spain is lower – it isn’t that much lower!

If you are in a legal job your employer will deduct national insurance (social security) and tax from salaries.

Not only do jobs in Spain pay less you also tend to work longer hours. Most jobs start at around 9am some 10am with a long lunch break of two hours before resuming until 7pm or 8pm.

While you may have a long lunch hour for what is known as siesta time – if you have a young family then that is no consolation as you won’t see them much until the weekends.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many people who come to Spain searching for employment, a job and a better quality of life end up finding a job that is low paid and comes with longer working hours than they used to work back home.

Many people end up disillusioned and end up leaving Spain for financial reasons.

Be prepared to be flexible and completely change career direction. Most job vacancies are found through word of mouth and in local newspapers.

You will find the best possibilities for finding English jobs would be in the coastal areas which have large expat populations and therefore companies catering to the needs of these expats.

These areas primarily are the Costa del Sol (especially Malaga, Marbella, Nerja, Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Torremolinos areas) and the Costa Blanca (Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm jobs, Calpe, Javea, Moraira and Denia areas).

To give you an idea of the most popular areas of Spain that people speaking English are seeking and searching for work – we get a lot of people emailing us asking where they can find job vacancies in Benidorm, Calpe, Torrevieja, Alicante, Malaga, Murcia, Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Estepona, Torremolinos, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Lloret de Mar and Tossa del Mar.

These areas are the most popular for expat jobs, so look for jobs in Costa Blanca and jobs in Costa del Sol where most expats live. Also look at the slightly less popular areas of Costa Brava, Costa Almeria and Costa de la Luz and many people live in Spain but go across the border into Gibraltar each day to work.

Expat Jobs

Other typical jobs for English speaking people you are likely to find would be jobs that cater to the large expat population in Spain, these include: pool cleaners, translators, beauty therapists, interior designers, singers, dancers, entertainers, gardening jobs, villa cleaning jobs, bar jobs and bar work, hairdressing jobs, shop assistants, cashiers and retail work in English and British goods shops, graduate jobs, taxi service, driving jobs including removals, restaurant jobs such as chefs, waiters and waitresses, fitness jobs, beautician jobs, pet care jobs, personal trainers, health care assistants, voluntary jobs at charity shops, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, contractors, babysitting, nanny jobs, au pair jobs, child care jobs, carer jobs, housekeeping, finance jobs, security jobs, accounting jobs, mechanics, insurance sales positions, hospitality jobs, customer service jobs, there are many English newspaper and magazines requiring writers and sales jobs in Spain etc – we hope this list gives you some idea of the types of jobs in Spain that are the most likely possibilities when you are job searching.

There are now many expat radio stations and newspapers in Spain so these businesses are looking for media people as DJ’s, presenters, writers, journalists, web design, photographers and sales positions selling advertising space.

One of the problems with jobs in Spain is the seasonal aspect – for example getting holiday jobs and summer jobs in Spain such as bar work in Spain or being a waiter or waitress is fine in the July and August but come October you may find you are out of a job!

Still if you are a student these jobs could be great fun over the summer. Many of these jobs will be on a part time basis.

7 Top Tips For Finding Work

  1. Have at least six months money as savings to live on while you try finding work in Spain.
  2. Learn as much Spanish as possible BEFORE you move to Spain as this massively increases your chances of finding job opportunities.
  3. Jobs for English speakers are limited so be prepared to turn your hand to anything to get a foothold in Spain and accept any jobs that are available.
  4. Be prepared to work much longer hours as jobs in Spain start earlier and finish later.
  5. If you are looking for work in Spain for English speakers be prepared to work for a lot less than you are used to as wages, job benefits and perks are much lower in Spain.
  6. Learn a new skill, especially something practical and use it to get a job or start your own business.
  7. If you have a skill or vocation, consider starting your own business in Spain, then you are in control. Also consider working from home. Most expats end up self-employed (becoming an autonomo) in order to earn enough money to survive in Spain.

Useful Resources for Finding Work

You will find plenty of professional jobs advertised on websites such as ours. Sadly, for most of the tourism jobs you will actually need to be here in Spain in the resorts and ask around going from bar to bar or from restaurant to restaurant in order to find work.

Be prepared to be flexible and completely change career direction. Most job vacancies are found through word of mouth and in local newspapers.

So where else can you find job vacancies, openings and postings? Try reading the classifieds sections of expat newspapers and contact recruitment agencies, job centres, human resources, or employment agencies. Here are some useful sources that we know of:

The major newspapers have job classified listings:

Costa Blanca News (English expat news).

Sur newspaper in English (covers the popular Costa Del Sol region of Spain).

El Pais (national Spanish newspaper).

The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain lists international companies operating in Spain.

Empresas de Trabajo Temporal (ETT) are recruitment agencies in Spain – mostly work of a temporary contract nature. Mostly professional and admin vacancies.

Global jobs website Monster has a specific Spanish online version.

Info Jobs – Website with thousands of Spanish jobs online. InfoJobs is the leading online job opportunities in the Spanish market, both for the number of visitors to its website and the volume of jobs listed. – Spain’s leading job search site for executive jobs, director jobs, Spain recruitment, bank jobs, IT jobs and travel jobs starting from €60,000. Experteer also offers access to executive headhunters, the highest paid jobs and job vacancies.

Most Popular Types of Work in Spain:

Helpful Pages on Moving to Spain:

Guide to Moving to Spain

Long-Term Rentals & Lets


I Hate Spain

Live Job Listings

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Your job adverts must be genuine and related to Spain.

Please clearly give us all relevant information as people may be looking at these adverts and listings from other countries and may wish to travel to Spain to apply for these positions. So it is vital that as much information is presented at this point, such as:

Location of job.
Qualifications required.
Language skills required.
Salary and any benefits.
Working hours.
Any holiday time.
Does the position come with an official contract?
How long is the contract or job for?
Description of ideal candidate and qualities necessary.


  1. Lukasz Ksiazek says:

    Welcome. At this moment I’m in Madrid and looking some part time, seasonal work in this city.I’m 30 years from Poland. I have already some experience at fruit farm works, factory industrial and build construction jobs. I’m looking forsome physical jobs.I can start working immeditialy.If You have some free vacancies please sent to my addres e-mail any information. Thank You for an answer.

  2. Vici Hughes says:

    I am 28 and have lived in the canary islands most of my life. I am currently out of work and have been so for over 4 months. I have experiance as an Anamator/childcare/entertainment and bar/waitressing I have found it very hard to find work since my previous work contract ended. I also speak fluent Spanish. If ther is anyone out there who can point me in the direction of any work in the south of Tenerife i woulod be very greatful.
    Thank you

  3. Daniel Cobourne says:

    Hi, my name is Daniel, I have worked in spain before in Cap salou in a local bar called The black swan were i worked as a prop…Im just wondering the easiest way of getting employment for the summer of 2013 in main Salou this time, any advice would be much appreciated,

  4. Veselin Vasilev says:

    Work with machinery for production of PVC and aluminium windows and doors and installation of finished products. -Operating automated machinery
    -PVCU welding
    -Corner cleaning
    -Edge deletion -Bench Assembly using hand held or air driven tools, handmade double glazing etc.

  5. Giles Wilson says:


    I live in Andalusia, Spain Im ex UK military and am looking for security work?

  6. Yeung-way Hedges says:

    Hi, I am a city and guilds fully qualified electrician based in London, I’m interested in moving to ibiza and getting a job in my trade. If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful, thanks.

  7. Hi
    Im looking to move to Spain this year, and will be looking for a mechanical/electrical maintenance supervisor/manager role, either on mobile basis, or large static sites.
    If anyone can supply any leads, it would be appreciated.

  8. John Melville says:

    Hi ,I am from Scotland I have a property near Torrevieja i am moving over permanately from April 2013 I am a carpenter [joiner ] I also cover suspended ceilings and metal stud partitions I am also handy with painting ,paper hanging ,basic tiling and making made to measure wooden or padded material window pelmets all at very reasonable rates .If you are or know of anyone interested in my services please contact me on or UK mob 07799666268
    Thanks John.

  9. jennifer fullam says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer and me and my cousin Niamh are going to Spain for the summer to work, we gave an apartment in Torrevieja.. we would mostly be interested in bar work and we are very hard working and determined and also like to have fun. My e-mail is please get back to me as soon as possible in how I can find a job like that..

  10. laura delaney says:


    My name is Laura Delaney , my friend Tara and i are moving over to spain (le zenia , ala camte , torrevieja) to sought out bar work, table service ,waitressing we can adapt to any position .

    i am currently working in a hotel in tipperary ,i have completed a degree in hotel management ,but my passion is bar work , available immediatly to start.

    please consider two very bubbly , lively , energetic , professional ladies .

    kndest regards
    laura delaney

  11. Alix Lawley says:


    My name is Alix Lawley. I am currently living and studying in Spain and am looking for bar/hospitality work to last until the end of August. I have an intermediate level of Spanish. I have job experience working and interacting with various people of all ages and have good communication and team-working skills. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any jobs available in the Malaga area please contact me at Thanks.

  12. Sharon Best says:

    Hi my name is Sharon Best and I have recently moved to Orihuela Alicante. I am a qualified childminder with five years experience. I also have worked in creches as I have the papers to do so. I would really appreciate if anyone needed childminding to contact me as I am looking forward to going back to work again. I also spent over ten years working in a bed and breakfast and would like the possibility of waitressing, cooking and cleaning. Would anyone know how to get into cleaning flats, vilas appartments ect as I am very interested. If anyone knows of anything in this area could they please contact me by email:
    Thanking you

  13. dave ellis says:

    i am moving to cludad quesada in april i will be looking for work dont mind what i do in the uk i drive a 40ft coach for a private school i have a full clean driving lisence i am allso quite good at diy have a go at anything can anybody help with a job

  14. I am 27 years old from Ireland,I currently Workn in Madrid as an English Teacher,But Julyn and August there is no work.I have experience in Catering and come from a Sales background.I weould like to work in bar or as a waiter.I would consider any job as long as I get the opportunity to work for the summer somewere in Sunny Spain.

  15. Joe O'Brien says:

    Hi! Im Joe! Im 22 and I’m a hairstylist from Ireland! I have been thinking about moving away for the summer season for a while now and decided to give it a go ! I specialise in cutting and styling womens hair and have done a lot of photoshoot work and fashion show work ! If anyone wants to know more of if any other Irish people are on here looking to meet popel before they go then get in touch :)


  16. Hello Everyone,
    I have decided to write in here as I am looking for VOLUNTEERING OPORTUNITIES IN TENERIFE. I went on internet in order to find some but there’s not many resources. So far found one company but they offer volunteering for people up to 25 y.o. I am 30. I looking for volunteering with animals preferably but can be with comunity as well. Please if anyone have some good resources let me know. This is my first step to moving to Tenerife and hopefully finding a job in NGO on the island:)
    Thank you a lot

  17. Lucie Rebecca says:

    Hi im Lucie. I am a qualified English Teacher who has worked in Spain, Brazil and Greece. I have a Cambridge CELTA certificate. I have a degree in Media/journalism and have written for two Spanish magazines. I am English born in London. I also speak Portuguese and basic Spanish. I am looking for work in an English School or private lessons in the Coasta Del Sol area. I will also consider the Canary Islands. I can provide references from Spanish employees in Spanish. Many thanks, Lucie.

  18. Hi all,

    Never really thought about moving to Spain, until recently due to our recent bad weather. And I thought do I really want to spend another winter here in over crowded, rude, expensive, cold south east England? I’m 46 and have no assets or ties. Places I fancy most are Galicia, Segovia, Murcia, Almeria, Granada and Malaga. I work in the plant hire industry at the moment as a small engine/tool technician, though also I did obtain my TEFL cert in 2006 which was a weekend course. Suppose in many ways now work is getting more limited for would be expats with limited Spanish. Though I am starting to learn Castillian and Galician (Gallego).

  19. michael kench says:

    i have a cat d psv coach/bus licence seeking full time work driving on costa blanca,any ideas who to contact.full recent crb and nvq in driving,basic spanish,thankyou..michael

  20. michael says:

    we are seeking a return to spain,have been back in uk for 3 years and miss spain.i am a qualified coach /bus driver and seeking same in spain,any ideas please ..regards michael

  21. John Cooper says:

    Hi everyone. I am looking to work in Benidorm, Tenerife, Gran Canaria. I want a full time position. I have experience in call centres. I have worked within insurance for a good 6 years and I currently work as a service centre agent for an insurance outsourcing company in the IT department. Please let me know how to go about it or if you have any ideas on jobs In the above area.

  22. Ian murray says:

    Hi i am looking to relocate to benidorm area i am a bicklayer but have experience in most trades kitchen s bathrooms and plastering including K.REND PAREX and most render s if there is work out there please sen details

  23. Hi , i’m thinking of going abroad to work for a while , i’m 25 and i’ve been a DJ for about 8 years . . I have been working for my dads entertainments company for the last 10 years, doing bouncy castle’s, karaoke’s and dj work . .

    Please let me know of any vacancies going . .

    Thanks :)

  24. Craig McDonald says:

    HI.i am thinking of moving back to spain.I have worked as an aerial and satellite installer in the telecomunications industry for more than 15 years.Please let me know if any vacancies,
    many thanks

  25. julian edwards says:

    hi all, we are on our way to live in spain , santa pola, alicante, want to work or start a pool cleaning / window cleaning round, 8 yrs window cleaning exp and own my own spa, would complete a pool cleaning qual,

    any help or advise please email me


  26. Rosemary says:

    Hi there
    I am thinking about going to the costadelsol region of spain in august with the aim of finding work out there,i will rent for a month just to suss the situation out,can anyone give me some advice as to how i will find work as a cosmetic sales assistant or work in a chemist shop?? I’v choosen this area because there are so many ex pats,i don’t want the hassle of learning spanish

  27. hi im currently living in alacante staying in several hostels i came on a one way ticket from uk with a friend curently working in a resturant in alicante but am looking to move to benidorm as my spanish is less than fluent and looking for a lively city , im looking for rep bar or resturant work bubbly outgoing individual i havel level 1 and 2 in travel and tourism also i have a diploma in holiday rep thanks would be great to get some emails loving it out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. christiaan says:

    Good morning

    I’m Dockx Christiaan, and I just moved in Oliva
    After selling my house in belgium.
    Earlier this year I started in Spain as an independent electrician what I was in Belgium for more than 20 years.
    also i have more than 5 years experience in installing solar panels (about 700 installations done)

    If I could do something for you please let me now!

    Thanks in advance


  29. Alta Husselmann says:

    Hi there
    Me and my friend are planning of moving to Costa De Sol – going to the to the costadelsol region of Spain in September with the aim of finding work out there, we will rent for a month just to suss the situation out, can anyone give me some advice as to how I will find work as System Analyst (Oracle based) and my friend currently working at Harley Davidson in South Africa my friend is also in the furniture buying and selling fields. We are. We are both had working and trustworthy and can adjust our lives to any situtiation. I also do catering and cooking Gilliam Pretorius []

  30. Kirsty & Leanne says:

    Hi me and my friend are planning to move to Spain for the summer and are looking for work we are both qualified hairdressers level 2 and 3 and would love to work in salon although we’re very easy going & will be happy to try something new ie, bar work, resturants, hotels ect we would love a reply thank you.

  31. Madeleine Smith (Maddie/Mandy) says:

    Hi I am looking for work in Tenerife. I have always been a people person and have worked as a police officer, an holiday representative and now work as a teacher. I am a hard working person, calm with a great sense of humour. I worked in Ibiza and all over Tenerife when I was a rep and deputised for the Airport Manager at Tenerife South Airport and dealt with overbookings, complaints, illness. I have also sold and guided excursions. I also have experience of estate agency. I was a very successful negotiator, I also have admin experience, have valued properties, conducted viewings, prepared brochures, auction catalogues and advertising pages. I am a qualified English teacher with history as my second subject. I speak fluent Spanish and have GCSE and A Level Spanish and have taught it in schools. Because of my calm nature and sense of humour I have taught many special needs classes and bottom sets. I have differentiated work and prepared programmes of study and have taught, in addition to English and history, geography, RE and citizenship. I have also worked as a private tutor visiting students in their homes, helping them with their studies, confidence and self esteem. As soon as I arrived in Tenerife I felt like I was home and am now in a position where I can return. I hope you will consider my qualities and that I am the employee you are looking for. Thank you

  32. Anthony Needham says:

    Hi I am coming too southern Spain next week and looking for work as a chef . I have 20 yes experience from hotels to restaurants and running my own kitchen . I worked in Tenerife for 7 yrs so have picked up some Spanish . If anyone knows or has a vacancy can they E mail me on or tel 07706882158 . Thanks .

    • STEVEN WHITE says:

      We’re always looking for interesting minds, skilled thinkers who are ready to relocate to London and to work at The Ace Hotel after undergoing enlistment training in current job opportunities at our 5 star hotel, as the management intends to increase its man power base due to an increase in the number of customers.

      Employment Type: Full Time Basic Monthly Salary: £3,000GBP – £6,000GBP depending on level of experience and position being offered.

      Available Positions: Conference & Banqueting Operations Manager, Food & Beverage Team Manager, Account Manager, Cashier, Bartender, Assistant Manager of Front Office, Receptionist, Guest Relation Assistant, Room Attendant, Foreign/International Language Interpreter, Marketing Assistant Manager, Cafe Attendant/Manager, Computer Operator, Internet Service Expert & Casino Dealer.
      If Interested kindly send your CV/Resume via email to

  33. Hi,

    My name is ganesh.I am indian.I am looking for work in spain.heavy driver/bus/ I am working in qatar.I have three year experiance.please any one help me.thanks

  34. Hi, I ‘autonomo’ andsince 2001when I come to Madrid from ukraine I and y team specialise in all aspects of building work from the decorating of one room or the exterior decorating of your property to a full refurbishment, extensions, conversions, kitchens and bathrooms fitting, carpentry , flooring, tiling.
    Feel free to contact me of that.
    Best regards, Andres.

  35. Good Morning,
    I work for a uk based facility management company who have recently won a contract in Malaga to clean an office building. This includes office cleaning and window cleaning.
    at present i require a tempoary cleaner to clean the office in the month of November and to cover any sick periods of the current cleaner.
    In addition to this i need a window cleaner to clean the external windows of the office. the office is located on the 2nd floor but the windows can be cleaned from within the office. These windows are to be cleaned on a monthly basis for a 2 year contract.
    please contact me if you are a qualified window cleaner in the malaga area who is interested in this regular monthly work.
    likewise if you are interested in the cleaning of the office please contact me
    i look forward to hearing from you

  36. Mrs Harvey says:

    My son is looking to do some seasonal work next year in Spain once he has got is SAI Door licence. Can anyone say if there is a lot of this type of work in Spain? Or are there certain areas better than others. How much an hour would you expect. Please contact on


  37. i workman from algiers i have 13 years in aluminium and pvc i looking for a job my phone 213553691267 thank you good loock

  38. Mohsen manafi says:

    I am a UK citizen general physician .I have the britain liscence for general medical practice.I have planed to move to coasta blanca.I need some information for finding a job in Alicante or Torrevieja.

  39. Mateo S. Haun says:

    Buen dia,
    Hola, soy de los EE.UU. y soy profesor y tutor de idiomas (español e inglés) para todos niveles. También, tengo experiencia como traductor, interprete, cocinero y mesero. Tengo mas de 30 años experiencia en el mundo laboral y me gustaría vivir una vez mas en España con preferencia a Andalucía. las Baleares, o las Canarias pero considería otros áreas donde trabajar y vivir. En el pasado había vivido en Sevilla y Madrid. Ya reconozco la dificultad que existe para conseguir trabajo hoy día en España y todavía más para un estadounidense pero les escribo de todos modos y si desean mas información de mis datos se me puede comunicar por correo electrónico.
    Gracias y atentamente,

    Mateo Haun

  40. Catalunya Casas says:

    We are a villa management company based in Castellar del Valles (35km North East of Barcelona) and we are seeking a Reservations Assistant to join our growing team. The placement is full-time employment.

    – Fluent English and French spoken and written. One of these languages as a mother tongue is necessary.
    – Computer skills – email, Word, Excel
    – Excellent telephone manner
    – High responsibility, diligent and willing to learn
    – Strong motivation and willing to work as a team or individual with positive attitude
    – Extremely organised, good attention to detail and remains calm under pressure
    – Creative writing skills.
    – Well groomed, pleasant personality and guest service oriented
    – Previous experience of working with international guests in villa resort or hotel brand is an asset.
    – Social media marketing experience.
    – Dynamic & vibrant individual with excellent guest interaction & communication skills
    – Able to start immediately.

    The work week/ hours are Saturday to Wednesday 1pm to 10pm.

    If you meet the above requirements and willing to become a key player in a dynamic team, please apply here with your CV and cover letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate and your desired salary to

    • Hello …I am from India …I speak as well as write english very well…I need a job.. I aM 19 YEARS old…i shall be very thankful to u…please contact me as soon as possible

  41. David Charles says:

    Do you speak English & Spanish ? ( Spanish Not Essential But An Advantage )

    We are looking for reliable, presentable and confident people for sales positions within the Costa Blanca. The number one online restaurant guide is long established and ever growing.

    You will be responsible for face to face client meetings and to generate new business by selling advertising packages for restaurants to be included on our website. Previous sales experience would be an advantage. Initially the role would be on a commision only basis – with an excellent commission package (this could involve a basic salary for the right applicant who can prove they are beneficial for the company).

    The hours are flexible and may also be suitable to work alongside another job. You must have you own Car, Laptop and Mobile Phone.

    There will be opportunities to progress into a management role in the future as we will be expanding throughout the whole of Spain – and then into Europe.

    Contact us ASAP for any further information. or +34 693 019 051

  42. Bernard Hushion says:

    Hello to everyone, I am thinking seriously now of coming to live in Spain would love Majorca but very expensive, firstly would like to no if there may be any work doing gardening landscaping this is the business I run now in the UK so I have all the tools to do the job right away I/e looking after peoples gardens and mobile homes and caravan sites ect.
    I have also for some forty years been a Dj in Greater Manchester as a professional Dj done the night clubs, the private party’s, and radio.
    I am a single guy so would be able to come over very soon , I have been told elche and Benidorm are good places for my type of work can anyone advise.
    e mail mobile + 44 (0) 7958 68 51 41

  43. I´m looking for waiting staff for the seasson 2014.
    In restaurant or Cocktail Bar
    From 1st of May to the end of october.
    In calas de mallorca
    2 years minimum experince
    cv and photos to

  44. hello
    robin here i am based very close to benidorm and looking for day and night work ie entertainments ….. also travel and tourism ….. i would like to visit you and explain the work i am able to do for you and endulge to make the companys and tourists happy.
    i am a very good rep and ents person i am a bloke who is english … speak spanish … french … english and am a exellent worker and organiser .
    i look forward to your information and i will visit you
    ok robin …….. mobile 605421043.

  45. Positions available for TeleSales/Customer Care positionsin Golf del Sur office!!! Basic + Commissions , Minimum earned 1200E /Month
    Schedule M-F 2pm til 9:30 Pm
    Retention Department for telecommunications company.
    Very Easy Sales .. Training provided to right candidates –
    Some Sales Experienced needed or Outgoing personality.
    If Interested in position please send email or call 672-170-940 for contact details

  46. hi Eva here. Iam looking for job on season 2014 (maid, kitchen assistant) in Ibiza. I worked in Ibiza at season 2010 San Antonio. Have N.I.E. Iam speaking english, little bit spanish and german.

  47. Rachael Knight says:


    I am looking to relocate back to Spain/Gibraltar/Spanish islands.

    I have lived in Spain (Benidorm) for 3 years in my teens attended a Spanish state school for 2 years and I have worked in the bar industry.

    I am currently in the UK and looking for any office/admin/hotel work I shall be re-locating with my partner and 7 year old daughter we are ready to move, however, we would need a job between us before we get on the plane!

    I speak conversational Spanish (castellano) and looking for any permanent position.

    I have registered to all recruitment agencies in Costa del sol and Gibraltar and we are flying out on the 19th June to see if we can meet/network with potential recruiters.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    my email is

    thanks in advance

  48. Any fitness instructors jobs ? Classes and personal training. Romanian, English fluent, italian fluent, spanish improving, hungarian and some french speaking. A lot of experience in the field ? Currently on a cruise ship as a fitness instructor ( Royal Princess) but planing to move to Spain.
    Thank you !

  49. Cristina says:

    Are you a native English speaker or have bilingual/near bilingual proficiency in Shakespeare’s mother tongue? Are you eagerly waiting to use your communication skills in a highly interactive way? Do you enjoy learning on the fly?

    We are looking for a passionate enthusiastic professional to work side by side with our media production team in our own studio, carrying out tasks regarding diction, intonation and pronunciation.

    Interested? If you think you fulfil these requirements, have what it takes to be our studio proofreader and are curious about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We are really looking forward to meeting you and would be more than glad to receive you in our office. Please send us your CV at

  50. I am an English citizen at the moment, but planning on moving to Spain.

    I am 23 & have experience in bar work, waitresing, cleaning, childcare and admin/customer service. I’m enthusiastic, organised and have good communication skills.

    I’m highly motivated and eager to learn, willing to try new things and turn my hand to anything. Extremely excited to be moving to Spain, I’m just hoping to see what job opportunities may be available to me once I get there.

    Will consider anything as I am very adaptable. Any job offers or suggestions or if anyone knows of anything that may help me out, please e-mail and let me know.

    Thank you


  51. Isabelle says:

    Hi, i am a an English female looking for some seasonal work during the winter in a bar/hotel.
    I speak moderate Spanish and fluent English, i have bar-tending experience and experience in the hospitality industry.
    I am looking for work in the canaries, or any resort that is lively during the winter season, i am looking to start during September, and end mid April.

  52. It would be in the best interest for all those who are planning or thinking of relocating to Spain in search of Jobs. At current situation one cannot find a job since the unemployment rate touched to 27% and 58% aged between 16-26.

    Although many would suggest to learn the language but in reality it is nothing but just an excuse. Even if you speak Spanish well it does not guarantee you a job. REASONS – the Spaniards themselves cannot find jobs in Spain, thousands are moving to other European countries looking for jobs, secondly, then they would ask for work experience, thirdly, there is no longer entry level jobs for graduates, in fact they can only be offered internships but a handful are available and you would find for one position 500 people applied. The entry level position are mostly now given to people who have experience of more than 5-10 years. Yes, it sounds horrific and terrible but this is the reality.

    According to my analysis it would take Spain around 12-15 years to recover from this hideous recession and most importantly they have to change their MENTALITY. Through their life they have always emphasized on Spanish and now a days even an engineer or doctor cannot speak basic level English. Why am I saying it ? Simple and easy, Spain could have had lots of Multinational companies operating in different cities but again due to their Mentality foreign companies are reluctant to invest in Spain. Things would have been different for them and people in Spain would have had the urge to learn and speak English but in reality it is totally opposite.

    English is not spoken or taught just because it is used in the US or UK but rather it is an international language and this is perhaps the best solution in terns of doing business. Even if you go to China you would find that almost every speaks Mandarin but they do have a good grasp on English and they are doing business and communication in English. Think about the Richest countries in the world like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even United Arab Emirates, their mother-tongue is Arabic but when it comes to business they always prefer to be executing them in English.

    Spain is perhaps the 2nd most beautiful country after France and they have abundant talents and it could be utilized but only if the mentality of the Spaniard changes. I wish them all the best and hopefully they would recover soon and would create jobs for the so called LOST GENERATION.

    Learning a language is not a simple joke. It takes huge effort, patience and most importantly age plays a vital role. One cannot expect someone above 30 to have a good understanding of the language within few months. Even if you consider Spaniards living in Australia or New Zealand, despite living their for 10 years still they find it difficult and their level of English is still considered Below Standard but HEY! still they are working right ? English is perhaps the most difficult language to speak but one does not needs to be proficient in order to be a good speaker because it can be understood by a native or normal speaker whereas languages like Spanish, German or even French, if you are not highly proficient then it would be quite difficult to make others understand. I hope this would be an informative info for all those to get the real picture rather than fake hopes.

  53. Hello :)
    My name is Maria,im 25 yrs old,from Bulgaria.I have been a waitress for 10 years-have been working in bars and restaurants in Bulgaria,hotels in London-Park Plaza Westminster Bridge,Hilton Waldorf,Hilton Trafalgar,L’Meridien,jewish weddings..Have been working in a spanish restaurant in Los Narejos,Murcia as help in the kitchen,in Bulgaria as a help in the kitchen..Im speaking fluent English,a bit Spanish,Russian and Nederlands taal.Now i live in Torrevieja,Alicante,comunida Valencia..Looking for a job as i have been baby sitting and a live in aupair,pet sitting and walking also in London..

  54. Looking for a good grill chef to work in Barcelona.
    Must have English and Spanish, start asap.

  55. Hey there mates..It’s Farooq 30 years old guy from Pakistan.I have worked in some call center for 3 years and those were English Call centers.I can speak American Accent so you guys could you help me out if there’s any opportunity for me.

  56. Jamie Simkins says:

    Hi I am looking to work in Marbella Spain. I am English and I am a fully qualified vehicle technician with over ten years experience. If anyone can help please give me an email. Thank you.

  57. Blair Grippaudo says:

    Hello I am an American/ Italian Hairdresser/make-up artist, with 10+yrs experience, looking for work in Madrid. I’ve been living and working in London for the past year and am moving to Madrid in December. Please let me know of any available opportunities.

  58. Encarni Solís says:

    I am looking for an english language native to work as a speaker assistant in a private school called British language school in Marmolejo, a village in the province of Jaen in the South of Spain.

  59. Hello ,
    I am looking for a Job working as a BMW technician or team leader in the Barcelona or Madrid ,
    My experience general repair .suspension ,body – trim and diagnose electrical problem using ISIS OPS
    Been working on BMW for than 20 years .
    Currently in South Africa ,IF any one in motor industry give a lead and opportunity to in Spain ,

  60. Hi, my name is Patricia, but I prefer to be called Pat, I am English and I have lived in Spain for 8 years and have only learnt the very basics of Spanish.
    I am looking for part-time work to help with the cost of going to school to learn Spanish. I am looking for either English conversation, light house work duties, walking and feeding the animals and running errands.
    I live in Molina de Segura, Murcia and enjoy walking, so walking distance would be great, if work is more than 5km from my home I have a bike. I do drive and have a car, but prefer not to use unless really necessary. Anyone interested in offering a happy and energetic English lady a job, please drop me a line.

  61. Hi my name is wesley ,looking for a job as a Mechanic or a Diagnostics Technician I have 20 year experience in the the motor trade with Ford ,
    Mazda ,and BMW ,Look for a job in Madrid or Barcelona ,My e mail
    please e mail me ,

  62. Hello I am returning to Spain in April 2015. I am looking to teach English and swimming in Granada for the long term, if anyone had any advice on schools or sports facilities to check out it would be much appreciated.



  63. My partner is a Gardener , I work in school kitchens we looking to move to Spain with our 2 young children, but need job and somewhere to live near to schools .
    Does anyone know of anything going about .
    We both in our 40s

  64. Digvijay Kumawat says:

    hi my salf Kumawat digvijay kumawat i m iti electrican i have 2 year expriyance in prodution in ericsson pvt. ltd. n rajesthan electronic instrument ltd so search aa job in another country who give 80k salry per month thnx n my mobile no. is +918058254136

  65. Digvijay Kumawat says:

    plz do help anyone

  66. Caroline Richards says:

    I am a qualified dog groomer and have been
    looking to relocate from UK over to Spain.
    Grooming since 2009 and would happily
    work in a salon where Spanish and English
    customers use, i speak basis Spanish.
    i would be moving over with my own small
    dog. I drive and obviously have all my own tools.
    please contact me by email if you are considering
    employing an English groomer for your salon.
    Regards, Caroline.

  67. Kim Steenhoven says:

    Hi there, I am English and living with my mum in Spain. I am fully qualified Hairdresser. Looking for work in Pilar De La Horadada, Pinar De Campoverdi or any surrounding areas. I also have experience in working with horses and training them. I have experience in Customer Services and have Pathways training to be a Health Advisor. I would appreciate any help in finding work. please email me.

  68. Will Hobson says:

    Hi, I am an experienced small engine mechanic and tool fitter, working on chainsaws, lawnmowers, power tools etc Looking for the same or similar in Almeria province in south east Andalucia. Anyone know of any leads like sports grounds, hire firms etc.



  69. Will Hobson says:


    I still currently live and work in London worse luck!

  70. Will Hobson says:

    Above comment please. My e mail is

  71. Beatrix Ban says:

    I have got a beauty salon in Fuengirola (near Marbella southern spain) and I would like to sell it. There are 3 tables for manicure and 2 chairs for pedicure and a room for beauty treatment, massage. The salon has been working for 4,5 years,. The salon has got licence for hairdressing and selling jewellery. Leasehold.. The salon is 2 minutes from beach and hotels. Price is 20,000 Euro including furniter, fittings, stock etc everything as it is. You can make money from day one. Interested email

  72. Steve Walker says:

    I am a qualified UK Nurse just moved to Partaloa, nr Albox in Spain, I have 24 years Nursing/Caring Experience in Hospitals and within the Community, I have endless Clinical Skills and an up to date. Curriculum Vitae, I already have an NIE Number in Spain and am seeking suitable employment in the Caring profession, whether that be Privately with Ex Pats or within a Clinical setting, if you can offer any work or are in need of assistance in the home be it with Home Help or Personal Care please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards
    Steve Walker
    Registered Nurse
    Dip Nursing

    0034 684 333 442

  73. Hi i am moving to Spain Feb 15, i have run my own pub and restaurant over here for years and was looking for bar or restaurant work in any coastal area of Spain pref Costa blanca, anything concidered pls email me if you can help

  74. Tanya Westlake-Cook says:

    I am living in the Mazarron, Costa Calida area of Spain & seeking employment ASAP.
    I have worked within the travel industry for over 13 years & most recently within the control room for the Police back in the UK for 9 years.
    I am very computer literate, keen learner, not the type of person to chop & change jobs all the time.
    I appreciate I will have to do something totally different to my previous experience, this is fine as thrive on new challenges.
    Very much a people person but would like to stay away from sales unless a Estate Agent / Travel role.
    Full CV available on request.
    Learning spanish currently – so basic spanish at the moment!
    Please get in contact via email
    Many thanks

  75. Tommy James says:

    Sisu Boutique Hotel & Sleek Night Club 2015
    Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the Sisu & Sleek team in 2015?
    We are now taking CV’s for the following positions:
    -Door Cashier
    -Sales Personnel /Public Relations
    -VIP Team / Security
    -Bar waiter
    If you think you have what it takes to be apart of our winning team then please send your CV with a recent photo attached to

  76. I will be relocating to Murcia Region in Feb 15 and I am looking for business minded people of all nationalities to become an affiliate within the health and wellbeing industry. Work from home but with an international marketplace. You will have the opportunity to work hard and fix your own income level. A web site with a fully integrated shop and training tools will be provided along with mentoring and support.. Positions available throughout Spain . Language is not a barrier as Web site is multi language format .

    • Dane Morris says:

      Good morning,

      I have just seen this advert and was wondering if you were still looking and if so, would it be possible for you to provide me with a little more information?

      Kind regards

      Dane Morris

  77. steven devlin says:

    hgv driver looking for any driving work in Marbella or close as
    class 2

  78. for the guy who wrote […] Even if you speak fluent Spanish (Castellano) many regions of Spain have their own dialects – for example in the Costa Brava (Barcelona) area they primarily speak Catalan. […]
    Many regions of Spain have more then one language like in catalonia we speak catalan and spanish, in Galicia they speak Gallego and Spanish and in Pais Vasco they speak Euskera and Sapnish as well, those are NOT dialects are proper languages!!

  79. antonio nadal lupiañez says:

    Working in Spain?

    We are looking for experienced, reliable full-time, hard-working, flexible, happy, smiley
    people for Restaurant and Café bar in Calas de Mallorca.

    The ideal candidate should be a person wiht outgoing personality to be comfortable working in a busy environment.

    Everything we do as a business is built on the enthusiasm and professionalism of the people in our
    team roles. So if you have a passion for serving food and drinks and putting smiles on people’s
    faces, this is the job for you.

    Ideally aged between 20 and 35 years old and looking for a new challenge in Spain?
    Available from May or June till September or October.
    Sent your CV/resume and photos to

  80. we are a boat company in Baleares who look after peoples boat and are looking for a boat mechanic with knowledge in Mercruiser and Volvo penta, please send CV to email address

  81. HELLO,

  82. Hi,

    I am from Bulgaria. Currently living in Tunisia, Sousse and searching for opportunities on some Spanish island and everywhere else. TU, Credit expert, Raw material Planner, Purchasing Assistant, Procurement Specialist, Business Process Management Specialist…
    + 216 252 97 667

  83. Hello. My name is Kurt André and i am a 29 year old guy from norway who lives in fuengirola spann. I have experience as car salesman, car mechanic, Carpenters, genreally counstruction work and i also have a lot of experience with animals. I am a real handyman so all physical work is interresting. Can start imidietly so send an email to if you have work for me. Best regards

  84. Nawrin Akhter says:

    I am moving Madrid from 20 march . I am looking job . I have mixed experienced like graphic design , visualization , sr association , art & craft teach , English teacher . I am specialized in Design software , Mac , painting , exhibition , gallery work also.
    Now i am looking job in Madrid . And its very urgent . I am graduate & 24 years old.
    My mail id is , skype id akhternawrin
    Please contact as soon as possible if you can help me regards job in madrid.
    best regards

  85. Hi I am a city and guilds time served plumber/heating engineer and I am a good all round property maintenance person , I can tile, plaster, basic electrics, fit doors and windows, roofing and roof repairs, and I am moving out to costa blanca south villamartin area at the end of april if you can help me find work I would really appreciate it , I am an excellent worker and always work to a high standard, my number in the uk is 07591236640 and my email is, many thanks keith

  86. Hi my name is ashlie i have just moved from manchester uk to denia with my family i am looking for a job within the childcare sector i have my Level 3 in childcare i have 8 years experience with working with children. Excellent reference. Can do nursery work. Nanny baby sitter . My email is I have experience in working with ages new born to age 12. . Please feel free to send me an email.

  87. Anthony Callaghan says:

    I have moved from Ireland to Esterpona and looking for coach driving job or security work if possible. Any one got some suggestions as not had a chance yet to start learning Spainish but am a quick learner.


  88. Hi!
    I am looking for happy and smiley people for an English school in Valladolid.

    Ideally aged between 20 and 70 years old.

    Sent your CV/resume to

    Hasta pronto :)

  89. Les Maloney says:

    I Am a builder,bricklayer,stonemason looking to move and work in and around Benidorm Spain, would be grateful for any feedback regarding English/ British builders currently looking for a hard working skill full strong man, turn my hand to any task and have a wealth of experience in construction. Need a new challenge in life and after many holidays to Benidorm would love and embrace the chance to settle down to work and live here. ASAP

  90. saqib swa says:

    hi im saqib I just moved from dubai united arab emirets I hav 8 yrs experienc in driving job I hav ltv and hv bus lisences of UAE plaz if u have vacancies then plz cont, 923025164544 or waziri466@

  91. Christina Dominguez says:

    I am a highly experienced nurse with a great interest in dementia care. I am looking for employment in Spain as a live in carer or day carer. I have a lot of transferable skills thanks to my vast experience having worked for the NHS for 30 years, I have been and still am involved with education and training, redevelopment and setting up of the temporary staffing office, discharge liaison and care of the elderly.

  92. Oliver Yorke says:

    I am a 22 year old British student, have finished University in London and am looking for a summer job in Catalunya because my family live in there. I have lots of work experience, especially dealing with the importance of customer service and tourism previously working summer seasons between School and University terms.
    I can work any hours over the summer season and have my own mode of transport. So, if you know of anyone looking for staff or have a job opportunity, email me on
    Thank you

  93. A native English speaker to work for the social media department in our agency is required.

    The Community Manager will work closely with the Customer Support, Marketing, and other internal teams to build a vibrant member Community that encourages member participation, disseminates information to both members and prospective members, and represents our brand.

    Experience and Skills
    · 2 years of marketing or community manager experience
    · In-depth knowledge and understanding of online community platforms and their respective participants and how they can be deployed in different scenarios
    · Enthusiastic about the brand
    · Creative, diplomatic, cool under pressure and fantastic interpersonal skills
    · Patience and a sense of humor
    · Strong communication skills
    · Strong organizational, planning and project management skills
    · Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and verbal format, and build and maintain relationships
    · Team player, with the confidence to take the lead and guide other departments when necessary
    · Ability to juggle multiple initiatives simultaneously
    · Ability to manage, prioritize and meet numerous deadlines in a fast-paced, results driven environment.
    · Ability to work both independently, and as part of a diverse, dynamic team.
    · Prior experience working for high growth software or technology company a plus
    · Action oriented. Accountable. Curious. Innovative.

    About Tierra Virtual
    We are an interactive agency specialized in web design, web apps, mobile applications.

    We love the web.

    Internet is a really fantastic thing. It’s the most surprising innovation of recent history which will change and improve our world and our lives… and we want to be part of it, but always actively, contributing, sharing and creating new things. Quality, beauty and creativity are important to us, we really want to make an effort to honor these principles. We think that this way we can feel better and more fulfilled, using open web standards, collaborating with them so that in some way we can give back what other people have altruistically have given to us.


  94. Lorraine brown says:

    My husband and I moved back to the UK after living in Spain for six years. We both have PCV license’s and at present work for a large bus company. We are looking to move back to Spain to Benalmadina in the very near future. Can anyone tell us if there are any driving job vacancies in and around this area please.
    We are not fluent Spanish speakers but can speak very basic Spanish. Please contact if you have any information . Thank you

    We are looking for a happy person who loves cooking has ambition and drive. Could be a couple.
    Wonderful opertunity for the right person
    Please phone Mel on 0044 1672516736 or 0044 (0)
    7789906088 or e-mail me

    • Hi myself and husband would be very intrusted in this opportunity we are looking to relocate abroad is this position still available could you send me further information

      Kind Regards


  96. Paul Rogers says:

    I have recently become a victim of a break up in a relationship, I have always loved to work in spain and would like some information on how to go about it, I have experience in many sectors being, An entertainer (karaoke & discos ) Bar work,ive also worked as a recruitment consultant for a national driving company, I have experience on forklift trucks which i done for 3 years and have done many other roles.
    since being with my partner her dissabilities incouraged me to learn the industry as a carer so have done a lot of courses helping the dissabled with their day to day routines.

    I speak fluent English and because of the times spent in spain found it relativity easy to pick up day to day lingual. I am a quick learner and will be interested in anything to get my feet in the door, seasonal work is also doable as i would like to retuen home and see my son.

    can anybody hep me in the right direction. Im ready to work A.S.A.P

    Iam 35 years old and have a lot of life experience, I have a full valid driving licence and a full motorbike licence.

  97. Hello, I’ve been living in Sevilla, Spain for the past 4 years. I have NIE and i am looking for a Job right now in the tourism sector. I did Tourism courses here in Spain and also Waiter and Personal Hygiene courses.
    I speak very good castellano.

    My mobile: 634258303


  98. Hi, I have been living in gran canaria since February 2015, I am a 36 year old male with vast experience of construction machinery and agricultural works, the last 10 years I have been self employed in the uk as a landscaping company with my own 360o excavators and skid steer machines with uk licences to drive most construction machinery and tractors etc, I am not frightened to get off the machinery and help labour either! I am learning Spanish and living here with my partner hopefully for a long time now, I drive a car and have my NIE anybody requiring any of the above please get in touch, thank you I do have a Spanish telephone number on request.

  99. Emma Brown says:

    My boyfriend and I are looking to travel to the world next year and with Spain being on of the destinations on our list, I would just like some advice on how we would go about looking for jobs where we will be able to live together. The great thing is my boyfriend has bar work experience and I have waitressing experience. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help as I really don’t want to miss out on any opportunities that arise for next year! We have no qualms on where we work as we would like to see as much of the world as possible. Please drop me an email with any information that could be helpful!
    Many Thanks,

    • Hi ya Emma, in my opinion, any Canary Island could be perfect, wheather, money and many English customers, on theother hand, South ( from Málaga to the right hand side, all coast have a lot of English touris as on the East like ( from the Almería to Barcelona ) Both region as i had mention are on the coast and were even during winter time, many English people scape from the Uk´s snowing/rain.
      The life in the areas i had mention are more common to the perfect weather for mi, not getting so down like UK and always nice time to enjoy during day/nigth time seatting in a terrace with your glass of wine.
      I´m spanish, i live closer to Madrid, I love Spain, but I would like to say is not Wonderland, the cost of live is so different than the Uk life, but your bank account is not getting to much at the end of the month.
      For example part time job could be around 500€ monthly and full time a 1.000€, to let a flat maybe 300€ it´s depends many things (area, facilities, bus, supermarket, shops) and houses over 400€, al rents here in spain are monthly. If you bing your car here, remember you are allow to drive the first 6 months, after that you must need to sell your car in UK and buy other spanish, here the second hands cars are not expenses.
      So hope you can made your wish guy´s, in the meanwhile, i could suggest to you to learn same spanish words, may you dont need it but is better to show the spanish you are here and interested in theire culture, everyone will appreciate your effort.
      I would like to say sorry for my english, is not the good one, but i hope to see you same time in same of the areas i has been mentioned.
      Bye guy´s and good lucky

      • Lori Addison-Simmons says:

        Hi George,
        Cna you recommend jobs that are family friendly as i have two daughters and they need to be in education. Also which area would be best to bring them up in Spain? I will be taking my UK car and driving to Spain which documents do i need to cross boarders etc apparantly its 19hours drive lol
        Thanks Lori xxx

      • Lori Addison-Simmons says:

        Also i want to beable to take my cats and dog with me is that possible? And can they travel in the car with us when going?
        Thanks again Lori

  100. Hi,
    I have recently arrived in Puerto Del Carmen and am looking to gain permanent employment here on the island. I have been working For BT Openreach in the UK for the previous two years as a Multi Skilled Calomi and UG Customer service Engineer, Installing and repairing telephone lines and Broadband. Previous to BT Openreach I was an Aerial, Satellite and CCTV Engineer for twelve years and was also a Government Registered Digital Installer during the recent Digital Terrestrial Switchover in the UK. I also have experience building workstations and servers and installing the relevant software for each individual machine, although it has been a while since I undertook this type of work.
    I am a quick learner and would consider any type of work as I am looking to make the move permanent and bring my wife and son over as soon as is feasibly possible.
    Curtiss Locke
    Tel 634 065 834

  101. Tonio Bugeja says:

    Hello, my company is interested in hireing 2 people of spanish nationality.
    Worker to operate manual lathe and milling machine, metal machining. Must speak good english
    Also CNC machine operator- loader/unloader.
    Please send cv by email. Sucessful candidate will be helped to settle down in Malta.
    This vacancy is also advertised on the ETC malta website.

  102. Steve and Elaine says:

    Hi we are a couple looking for work in Spain any area considered i am a breakfast and grill chef and my husband is a mechanic but is very good in the kitchen or maintenance areas, we managed a catering business for over 8 (eight) years and achieved 5 stars for health and hygiene every year, i have my level 2 catering certificate and we are available almost immediately, our aim is to move to Spain in the near future and are looking for work to be able to do this, not sure whether it’s easier to move first or secure jobs first.. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from an employer soon ….

    • Steve and Elaine says:

      Me again….. my husband has just informed me he would like Spain or Portugal areas ……….

      • Hi Tamara thank you for your advice and it was definitely taken on board but we are not looking to set up a business we are looking to move to either Spain or Portugal and need to secure jobs.

    • Tamara Rey says:

      Hi Elaine,

      I hope you can find it soon. BUT… Have you already done your homework? You need to visit areas or different regions to give you an idea where is the best place to set up your business. Search the market. Learn Spanish. I suggest you find a job and then try to set up your business. Good luck guys! 😉

  103. Hi all
    Looking to do a 6 month trial in Alicante region or Lanzarote prior to a permanant move.
    I am a hgv driver with full ADR and CPC. Dont really need to do this kind of job as I will work anywhere.
    I am trying to learn a bit of Spanish I would also be looking at a long term rental in these areas any help would be great thanks .

  104. Hey everyone,

    I’ve recently moved to Alicante and looking for work. I have years of customer service experience working as a retail manager and as a cabin crew manager with British Airways. I have the CertTesol qualification in teaching english but don’t have much teaching experience. I can speak some Spanish and I’m currently learning more. I’m looking for any employment opportunities within teaching, retail, hospitality or customer service. I have my own car and can travel. If anyone knows of any opportunities then any info would be greatly appreciated.


    • We are a multinational Digital Marketing agency and have an opening for a telephone based customer service agent / Lead Qualifier in our Denia office.

      This is a chance to join a rapidly expanding company with great rate of pay with many benefits. WE PAY A MONTHLY BASIC WAGE – WITH NO SALES OR COLD CALLING INVOLVED!

      The role comprises of confirming potential customer’s information, ensuring they have a genuine needs for one our products or services and then sourcing the right company to quote for them.

      It is a fast paced position working in real time. I am looking for someone with exceptional customer service skills; they must be computer literate, have strong multi-tasking abilities and needs to be self-motivated.

      It is a full time position 10.00am – 18.00pm Monday to Friday. There is no sale or cold calling involved; I am looking for somebody available for an IMMEDIATE START. I will be interviewing over the next few days.

      Please send me a full copy of your CV if you would like to be considerer for an interview this week.

  105. I am a highly experienced general nurse with specialist qualifications in critical and coronary care nursing. I am wishing to relocate to Lanzarote temporarily with the possibility of making it a permanent move. I have a lot of transferable skills thanks to my vast experience having worked for the NHS(UK) and the HSE(Ireland) for over 20 years. I also have 8 years experience working with P&O cruise liners providing emergency and routine care for holiday makers and also the crew that lived on the ships.
    I am in the process of learning Spanish.

  106. Hi, I am 35y old native polish living last 12 years in Ireland move to tenerife with wife and child, looking for any job in tenerife, Have huge experience in logistics companies like DPD, like to work under pressure, I also have very good interpersonal skills based on live experience.

  107. sarfraz Ahmad says:

    Hi My Name is Sarfraz And i Am Moving To Spain As Soon i have much experience in photography If Any Photographer Jon Is Avilibe In Spain At Real Madrid Just Mail Me I will Apply

  108. Hi, am a 48 yr old Scot, single, living in UK, HGV driver, been going to the same town in the Mar Menor area for 8 years and have been thinking of moving there for the last two years or so. A relative has a small apartment in Los Narejos which i could base myself at initially, I’m fully aware of the unemployment situation in Spain, and my spoken Spanish is basically from a “teach yourself Spanish” book and what I’ve picked up as I go along, so id be looking at working for the ex-pat sector, but not neccesarily driving (I’d happily never do it again!)
    I’ve done a few radio shows, i write pub quizzes, cook a mean pot of chorizo meatballs…..
    Anybody know of any newspapers/websites that may give me a few leads?

  109. Jordan Coffey says:

    Brand new lead and marketing generation company in Madrid are looking for hard working individuals to join their team in their office.

    You will be responsible for collecting data on the web and inputting that data into spread sheets.

    No experience is necessary as full training is provided.

    We offer a basic salary of 1300 Euros per month.

    This is a full time position so we are looking for candidates that can work during the hours of 10.30am until 19.00 Monday to Friday.

    Please send your CV to

    • Lori Addison-Simmons says:

      Hi I’m looking for work to start next March 2016. I am wishing to move to Spain with my daughters and am looking for a salary of 1300 euros per month to cover living expenses. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would be most grateful. I have little to no Spanish language.
      Lori x

  110. says:

    I’m moving to mijas. I am a sports and dance coach. And I have experience in life coaching.

    • Hello, I too have a similar background to yourself. I am now working with a global health and wellness company as a business owner as my previous skills compliment the business hugely. I have built a successful team in the Uk and am now looking for like minded individuals to develop the business over in the South of Spain as that’s where my Spanish base is. The opportunity is based on a self employed basis with flexible working and up-capped earning potential. If you are interested in learning more please contact me. Many Thanks, Ana

  111. Lori Addison-Simmons says:

    Hi i’m Lori a single mum from Stoke on Trent looking to move to Torrevieja in the next 12 months with my two girls. I am running my own online cosmetics business but am also looking for addition work in Spain (daytime hours only) and in that particular area of Torrevieja.
    Anyone with any advice please contact me i would be most grateful
    Lori xxx

  112. Hi I’m John , currently living in la Marina , I’m looking for a full time job in and around the area , I’m 48 yrs old and have an NIE NO and social security no .
    My previous experience is law and order in the UK and also shop management , I can speak a little Spanish but not much , I have my own transport and also willing to learn a new trade or use my legal knowledge , management skills and excellent written skills , statement taking , understanding legal documents etc .

  113. Elizabeth George says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam

    I am a Bsc Nurse (2007) Have more than 7 years’ experience. Currently working as a staff nurse in Paediatric long term ventilator care unit ,Amana long term medical hospital, Alain, Abudhabi. Have excellent written and communication skills in English.

    I am looking a job in Spain.I like to work there. If any opportunity let me know. If my experience and qualification is fit to your requirement, please give me an opportunity to serve you in your esteemed organization.


  114. Hello Expats,

    In brief, we are currently casting for hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation-based businesses in Spain for UK Channel 5 show called The Hotel Inspector and are specifically looking for businesses that may need the help of The Hotel Inspector.

    If you are not familiar with the show, The Hotel Inspector features hotel industry expert Alex Polizzi visiting businesses that are struggling in one area, and perhaps more. Anyone interested in taking part should email hotelinspector @ (no spaces) or phone the Twofour production company on 00 44 1752 727654.

    With thanks,
    The Hotel Inspector

  115. Linda Sartaputna says:

    Hi. My name is Linda and I am 22 years old. I am currently looking for a job basically anywhere in Spain. I am Latvian and I lived in England for 6 years working as a production assistant and this summer I spent in Crete working in a busy bar. If you have any opportunities please dont hasitate to contact me :)
    Thank you

  116. Darren Vranjes says:

    Currently writing a blog full time. Looking to move to Spain, Alicante area soon and want to continue writing for English speaking publication, radio or freelance.

  117. Hiya,

    I am about to move to Marbella (San Pedro / Puerto Banus area) and would like a job earning at least 1000 Euros per month. I am single, have no dependants, loads of people / office experience having worked in HR & Recruitment here in the UK. I also have retail and bar work experience. I’m flexible and hardworking – can anyone help me ? I already have accommodation secured with my friend.

  118. Ann Cheetham says:

    Hi, I am moveing to the costa blanca in the next 6 months and I would like to know if there are any care, support job vacancies in the costa blanca area. I have 17 years experience in working with brain injury adults and working with teenagers in care. Hope you can help me, thanks Ann

  119. HI
    Looking for a driver to take your goods to Spain? or back to UK….
    LGV Class 2 driver available to drive your car, van, hgv….
    Can do at very little notice… you book crossings, have insurance etc, I can do the long haul drive for you!

  120. Hi
    My husband and I are looking to move to Murcia around Easter 2016 with our son who is 11 as near to San Javier as pos as my parents live there.
    We are both looking for work, he is a Window and Door Fitter also brick laying. I am a qualified Bookkeeper here in UK but know the Spanish don’t use us as much so any office work. Or Virtual Assistant.
    We need to make 2000+euro’s a month.
    We are able to move sooner if the right work becomes available.

  121. kamlesh sonawane says:

    Hi I’m looking for work to start March 2016. i am a front-end web designer and have 7 yrs experience. I am wishing to move to Spain and am looking for a salary of 1300 euros per month to cover living expenses. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would be most grateful.

  122. hi i like to work in spain looking for job for me as a senior stylists 20 years experience ,, dubai maldives all so i work four years…i am wishing move to spain,,,hope any one can help me to come …and get job yhanks ryan – [ ] call +94777039658… and i can paid the money ,,,,

  123. The English Garden Restaurant says:

    We are a small fine dining restaurant ( 50 covers ) in Mijas costa / Marbella.
    We have the highest level of Quality,Presentation and Service that has made us one of the most successful personal dinning experiences in the area after only 18 months.We require a passionate, loyal ,experienced and talented chef to take over our small kitchen from early December 2015.This is a permanent year round position. This is a totally hands on position working with the owner who is determined to achieve 100% satisfaction for the clientèle.You can see the current menus on the website
    Please send your C.V. and a covering email to

  124. Robert Imber says:

    Hi, I am a Control and Automation design engineer with programming experience in many PLC’s such as Rockwell,Siemens,Mitsubishi and Codesys systems such as Lenze,Beckhoff and Elau.
    I presently deign electrical and electronic systems and develop software for PLC’s and PC’s using VB and Python.

    I am looking for a similar position in Spain with an international school nearby for my son to attend who is 13 years old

  125. Alesia Kamar says:

    Hola!I`m 22 years old and I`m searching for a job in Corralejo since January. I can speak English well, also studying German and Spanish . I`m actually ready to almost any kind of job , especially connected to communication with people – hotel jobs, bars and restaurants. Have 3years experience of working in one of the best restaurant in Belarus but I always ready to try something else.

  126. Hi my name is Fabian,
    I’m a German guy looking for a job in BARCELONA.

    Right after graduating from the ‘Master of Arts’ in education I moved here from Germany recently to stay for some years. Besides my studies I was always working with kids, disabled and/or older people in the field of education (teaching, handling, caring, playing,etc.) and have experience for almost 10 years. I really like being in contact with people and would consider this as one of my strengths. I could work full-time or part-time. I’m fluent in speaking either Spanish, English or German. Pick me up, if you are interested.


  127. Hi ,
    My name is cliodhna I am looking for a summer job in Spain either in camp sites or bar work etc
    I am a student and want to work aboard for summer
    Thank you!

  128. hi,my name is wendy and i’m looking to find work in the cambrils area of spain, i have worked in catering, but now work in homecare, i know there must be a lot of people in the area looking for homecare, or catering assistants, live in homecare is what i am looking for to start. I hope you find this useful

  129. hi i am searching for bar job in spain .i need full time jib if any one interested send me mail i also known english.thanks.

  130. merlyn caringal says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I’m looking for a job in marbella, stay in or stay out,such as housekeeping,caregiver or anything in particular and i have a good experience. i am a filipina, only speak english, and i live in san pedro. look forward to hear from contact number +34 611 329 456

  131. Hello,

    I am American looking to move to Barcelona or Madrid. I am looking for work as a Low voltage Technician. I have 16years of expertise with Fire Alarms, Security Alarms, and ip cameras. I am also NICET level II certified with Fire Alarms Systems.

    I am not a fluent Spanish speaker but can speak very basic Spanish.

    I am a quick learner and would consider any type of work as I am looking to make the move permanent.

    Any job offers or suggestions or if anyone knows of anything that may help me out, please e-mail and let me know.

    Thank you

  132. Jessica Waggott says:

    Hi there,

    My husband and I have recently moved to Spain and are looking for work. We both have experience in hospitality. I am South African and he is British. If anyone knows of anything for either of us please contact me on or him on

    Thank you !

  133. Hello,

    I am Lucia, 29 years old, besides English I speak Norwegian, Slovak, Czech and actively learning Spanish at the moment at B1 level. I have work experience from the area of digital advertising, travel agency, marketing, event management, customer service, sports, surf camp and more. I am moving now from Galicia to Corralejo and I am in active search for work openings in the area. I have quality inter-personal skills, customer oriented attitude, ability to learn fast and to multitask. So I am really flexible and open to wide variety of work opportunities. Please contact me by replying to this post and I will gladly provide further details.

  134. this moment i am in Barcelona and looking some part time.i am from uk.i have alrafy some experience at fruit farm works,factory industrial and build construction iobs.i am looking forsome physical jobs. i can strat working immediatly. if you have some free vacancies please send meto my adress email

  135. Hello
    We are a currently a daytime Cafe/Bar in Arroyo and looking for
    – British/Spanish chef/cook
    – Waiting staff to sell and serve our delicious coffees and food.
    Both positions offer a flexible start Dec-January, Regular hours, Daytime hours with room to possibly increase hours into the evening shift in the future.
    Good command of English is a must. Spanish speaking is an advantage but not essential as a willingness to learn is just as important.
    Interviews will ideally take place in mid-November.
    Please send your CV /Information via email to: or telephone 00 34 78 79 426 683

  136. Andrew Groves says:

    Hi, we are looking to move to Torrevieja next year (2016) and will be looking for some kind of employment. I am a time served Printer having worked in the print industry for 40 years plus and my partner has worked in retail, mainly supermarkets for many years. Any tips or advise would be gratefully received.
    Thanks in advance.

  137. Gary Coward says:

    Hello all,

    I am a 23 year old (fluent in Spanish & English) and I am looking to move to Madrid ASAP to continue my career. I have experience in IT, healthcare, finance, and software, and I am open to all opportunities. If you know of any opportunities then please send me an e-mail at and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Thanks in advance,

  138. Hi, I am a professional Dancer and I live in Spain , near Marbella. Please could you tell me how I go about finding work either in a nightclub or in a beach club?


  139. Alan Currie says:

    Hello all, my name is Alan, i am a fully qualified personal fitness training instructor,i train/exercise people of all ages, i am aged 60 .My area of expertise is helping people with muscular problems via massage therapy,back,neck and shoulders is my main area of success,i have earned myself an excellent reputation here in cumbria,south west scotland.I intend coming to Spain again this winter ,like last to the Denia area,my intention would possibly be long term should i manage to build up a client base and find myself the necessary work. Should anyone from this area find themselves in need of my services i will be available from early January onwards. Thank You in advance, Alan R. Currie

  140. Carlos Montana says:

    We have a restaurant in Torrevieja which is known for good food and atmosphere. We are about to increase opening hours and therefore need one chef and one waitres. Waitres becuase the others on the floor are all men. Our restaurant is mainly visited by people from northern europe so some language skills are required on the floor. Some spanish is a must.
    The chef must have competance on meditteranen food. Religion is not relevant, but must be able to taste the food we serve. Must be able to work independently. We are open all year.

  141. Hi. My name is Dan and for the moment I am living in Valencia. I am currently looking for a job basically anywhere in Spain in the private intelligence and security sector. I worked in the Intelligence sector (counter-terrorism – case and field officer) for the last 7 years.
    If you have any opportunities please dont hasitate to contact me.
    Thank you

  142. International Law Firm located in Alicante City is pleased to offer a position for a Tax

    Lawyer, English and experience in the Tax field absolutely required. Please, send us

    your CV to

  143. paul taylor says:

    hi my name is paul I am looking for work in Benidorm from dec 15 I can do dj work bar work karaoke hosting painting and decorating warehouse work I have forklift licence first aid qualified anything considered realy thanks for looking

  144. Kate Langley says:

    Hello! My name is Kate, I’m 22 years old and have recently come to Truyols just outside of Balsicas! I have came from the UK with my partner in search of a nicer life and to seek employment. i have 4 years experience working with the mentally disabled, elderly & pysically disabled. I have experience & qualifications in Dementia/alzheimer’s, Downs Sydrome, Parkinson’s, Stroke Care, Schizophrenia, Sundowns ect. I also have qulaifications & knowledge in food safety, moving & handling safety guidelines, safeguarding vunderable adults, dementia care, The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards act, The mental capacity act, infection control. I have full experience with personal care, assisting to feed, catheter bags, Stoma care, communication barriers ect. I absolutely love my work and would love to continue, whether elderly care or younger children! I am an extremely caring person always putting others before myself. If you, a family member or you know of anybody that may need help maby to get washed and dressed in the morning? Someone to keep the baby happy whilst your at work all day? A little help with lunch? Someone to clean the house to save you the job? Nobody’s walked the dog this week and your finding things a little difficult? Or maby you just want a chat, a cup of tea & a friendly face to keep you some company, I’m the girl for you! Fully English speaking although very eager to learn some Spanish! My email is
    Thanks for reading! Prices to be discussed depending on what is needed :-) I would be willing to travel anywhere up to 15 minutes away Balsicas, Roldan, La Torre, Torre Pacheco, San Javier, Mar Menor, San Pedro, La manga ect! But would travel further if you could drive as I do not drive!I

  145. vanessa meadows says:

    Hi. I am looking for work in gran canaria. Bar work,waitress,retail. I am 48 yrs old and would like to start work straight away. I have worked in retail/ shop worker for 30 years and would love to try something new. I am single so can move to gran canaria in 2 weeks.i just want the opportunity to try something different. I can do work samples if that would help. I am a happy out going female. I need a new challenge. My Spanish is basic but desperate to learn more. I want to have a better life so moving from England to spain is my priority. Thank you.

  146. Hi,Good looking boy+experience looking for animation job in Balearic Islands,thx!

  147. sunny vijaykumar bhatt says:

    hi my name is sunny vijaykumar bhatt…i am from india…looking a job in spain. i can do any job like waiter, security guard xyz…i can do the best.

  148. Laura Shelley says:

    I am a fully qualified lifeguard and was lookin at doing it in Spain, any help or info would be great.

  149. bev silkreeves says:

    i am 43 year old female now living in near Nerja looking for work cleaning or anything really i only speak English at the moment but have enrolled in Spanish lessons my partner works away most of the year so am available most days i am hard working and reliable just need something to keep me busy i am easy going and would consider anything

  150. Steve Marston says:

    Are you a couple looking for work? I have a holiday villa near Campello/Muchavista and need to hire a couple to manage the house for me on a self employed basis. You will be required to meet and greet guests, be on call in case of problems, do a full top to bottom tidy and clean of the house each week after each rental, wash and iron all the bed linen and towels each week after each rental, check guests out, do maintenance work like painting, decorating, fix small plumbing/electrics issues, arrange for contractors for larger problems and just generally manage the house. Payment will be based on a fixed price for each set of weekly guests, around 250 Euro plus an hourly amount for maintenance. You must speak English and ideally also Spanish and be close by to Campello/Muchavista and willing to be on call. If you are interested, please call me on +447766974969

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