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Malaga Gestoria Services

Business Address: Malaga

Telephone: 0034695749717


Type of Business: Free Legal Advice, Gestoria & Translation Services

Towns or Areas Covered: Malaga

Best Features: Free Legal Advice Online Legal FAQ’s Centre 24 Hour Emergency Translation Services Gestoria

Main Description: We know that dealing with the Spanish Legal and Administration system can be daunting. Our mission is to give the best advice and referrals to lawyers right for your needs.

We provide a 24hr emergency translation service to assist non-Spanish speakers when they find themselves in hospital or the police station.

We aim to become the no 1 resource for people visiting or living in Spain to rely on for just the facts not fiction in regards to new legislation and administrational updates.

To apply for work as a translator you must be fluent in Spanish and anyone of the following languages: Dutch, German, Swedish or Russian. To apply visit the website and apply on the contact us form outlining your experience, available hours and areas you are available to cover.

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