Crime in Tibi, Alicante, Spain

Crime in Tibi Alicante Spain Questionaire:

From: Karen Smith

Where do you live in Spain?

Tibi Alicante

Is there crime in Tibi?


What type of crimes have you heard about?

Burglary of (usually) empty properties in the outlying areas

Do you feel safe in your town?


Is the area safe for children?


Is crime more or less in Tibi compared to the UK (or wherever you lived before)?


If someone was thinking about moving to Tibi, would you recommend they move?


Favourite thing about living in Tibi?

Quality of life

Additional comments Crime has increrased since the “crisis”, mainly burglary of homes and sometimes shops in the larger towns near us. We live out in the campo and the main targets seem to be unoccupied homes in this area. The local police force has been cut, and we get a lot less visits from the police and guardia riding round checking. We used to get at least one a day, haven’t seen them for months now. Still feel safer here than the UK though, even when I go into Alicante city. Safer than Birmingham 🙂

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