Crime in Pego

Crime in Pego Spain Questionaire:


Where do you live in Spain?

Pego Alicante

Is there crime in Pego?


What type of crimes have you heard about?

Pickpockets and burglaries

Do you feel safe in your town?


Is the area safe for children?


Is crime more or less in Pego compared to the UK (or wherever you lived before)?


If someone was thinking about moving to Pego, would you recommend they move?


Favourite thing about living in Pego?

it´s quiet, clean and pleasant.

Additional comments I know there is crime here – both in our local town and opportunistic burglaries on the urbanisation (sorry to say this is mainly targeted at holiday makers, who leave reccas open and purses/valuables in vulnerable places) but here I can walk my dog in the dark – and feel safe. If there is a problem the neighbourhood comes to the rescue. We don´t have drunken louts terrorising old people. We can go out for a drink in peace at night, and walk the streets in safety. In the UK, we lived in a small market town, and I wouldn´t have dared do any of these!

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