Sticky Vicky – Where to See Her in Benidorm & Who is Sticky Vicky?

Guide to the Sticky Vicky entertainment show which you can see in many of the popular bars, clubs and venues in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Benidorm is famous for its varied entertainment and vibrant Benidorm nightlife. Probably the most famous act in Benidorm, or should we say, infamous, is the Sticky Vicky show.

poster-sticky-vickyFor visitors to Benidorm Spain looking for a taste of traditional Spanish culture we suggest visiting a show at the Benidorm Palace instead, however for younger visitors and especially Benidorm stag parties and Benidorm hen parties, no visit is complete without catching a Sticky Vicky show.

NEWSFLASH – We are getting many people asking if Sticky Vicky is dead. Our enquiries so far haven’t been able to establish whether Sticky Vicky has died – if you know one way or another please do let us know by email.

What is the Sticky Vicky Show?

We must point out that the Sticky Vicky Benidorm show is for open-minded people as the show is of an adult nature and Sticky Vicky appears naked and nude.

Without ruining the surprise element of the show, Sticky Vicky is a lady who performs a series of magic acts with razor blades, ping-pong balls, beer bottles and fire, amongst other props – and where these items appear from will shock you!

Please only watch the video below on the understanding that you are aware that the Sticky Vicky Benidorm show contains lots of nudity and is strictly for over eighteens only.

Where Can I See Sticky Vicky Performing?

As far as we know Sticky Vicky does not appear anywhere else in Spain other than Benidorm. So now you are probably wondering where Sticky Vicky is performing in Benidorm in 2015 and where you can see the show.

Venues where you can check out whether you can see Sticky Vicky when you are visiting or on holiday in Benidorm include popular bars and clubs such as Jokers, Chaplins, The Palladium Bar, Zodiac, Exess, Panchos and The Rose and Crown Pub.

She tends to be on somewhere every evening and often does a couple of different venues each evening.

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Venue: Red Lion Benidorm

What Night: Thursday 24 July 2014

Rating: 5

Review: “Well she is not dead ! I seen her Thursday and her daughter Wednesday ! Lots of fun.”

Latest Sighting from Niloc in 2016

“I saw the show at the Stardust on the 14th of April 2016 and rated it 5 out of 5 although note that it is now her daughter doing the show.”

Who is Sticky Vicky?

The Sticky Vicky act was performed originally by a woman named Vicky Leyton (real name María Victoria Aragües). At the time of writing I believe she is nearing 75 years of age and her daughter (Demaria Leyton) also performs the show.

There is some confusion because other performers have taken the Sticky Vicky name and started their own act (and website) so there are now a number of different versions of the Sticky Vicky Benidorm show – but you will most definitely know if you are watching the ‘real’ Sticky Vicky as you will definitely need a strong stomach to watch the act!

Another performer (María Rosa Pereira, known as Sexy Barbara) actually registered the name Sticky Vicky as her trading name and so the real Sticky Vicky (Vicky Leyton) couldn’t use that name anymore.

If you want to see the real and original version go see the act advertised as Vicky Leyton.

Here is the official Sticky Vicky website.

As of January 2010 the Valencia Provincial court has granted Vicky Leyton the right in her legal battle to win back her artistic name (Sticky Vicky).

Further Resources:

Photos & Videos

The photo below is of the younger Sticky Vicky (sexy Barbara).


Sticky Vicky Pictures – the image and photo below is of the real Sticky Vicky (Vicky Leyton).


Page Summary: If you are looking for all the complete information on the famous adult only show in Benidorm in Spain then you are in the right place. Sticky Vicky is sometimes mistakenly called Sticky Vicki, Vicky Sticky, Sticky Vikki, Sticky Vickie and even Sticky Licky!

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